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  • The Gaza border is a theater of cultural resistance
    • chocopie: I've seen photos of the reading chain, which was during the first or 2nd week. Al Jazeera English shows a lot of what's going on. The BBC doesn't mention it at all; perhaps during the first week, but not since and certainly not on their "flagship" BBC Radio 4. I never watch their TV news. No point, unless `i want to be annoyed and frustrated.

  • Killing Palestinian protesters turns into a PR debacle for Israel
  • 'The Siege' gets US premiere at last, in blow to 'Israeli propaganda machine'
    • Why the Exclamation marks Annie?!!!??? Was just wondering if you'd seen the most recent!!!

    • Have you seen this one Annie, from 47Soul? It's their latest video release. Four young men, one born in Jordan, one in the West Bank, one in '48 and one in the US. I think two of them first met on You Tube and all four later connected.

      I saw the band on Monday evening and The Siege when it was on in London. I agree with everything Phil said. Very different from Assaf, but equally brilliant in their way `in my view:

  • Netanyahu's diplomatic charm offensive in Africa is bound to fail
    • That's the problem: "Africa's most brutal regimes" will be more than happy to be bribed by Israel. I hope James is right, but fear that he may be wrong. I hope that Africa proves my fears unfounded.

  • Trump uses Barcelona attacks for incitement to mass murder of Muslims
    • The caption says he called the Manchester attackers (it turned out to be one) "...losers." It was probably when he was seeing Mahmoud Abbas, so that, if so, would explain it.

  • If you can't say 'equal rights,' I can't work with you
    • Yes, Annie, Mooser makes me laugh too, though I was slightly peeved that he tended to agree with Robert Cohen's detractors on this thread! But that's Mooser perhaps...oh well, go with the flow :)

    • Mooser and YoniFalic: two commenters I normally love and respect. Excuse my impudence, but a lovely person such as Ilan Pappe was born in Israel and in the introduction to "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" he used the words " beloved country." I repeat: he was born there. Do you think that he has no right to live there? If so, you're no better than the Israeli Zionists who hounded him out of his job at the Hebrew University and subsequently his country. We need a bit more reason in the discussions on this thread methinks! At least not everyone in this comment thread was so quick to judge as some. And as for Keith, well, I expected nothing more nor less from him.

    • What a shame CigarGod! If that's your opinion then there are many wise words to miss out on.

    • Yes, Joseph, his writing is always thoughtful and well-reasoned. It's a pity that some commenters on this site can't think and reason before coming ups with all these accusations. Still, that's what our adversaries want: to "drive a wedge between" activists in the movement.

    • I too thought it was a good piece Donald. Not injected with the humour that's sometimes there, but this was a short speech. The first piece of Robert's I read was "How to deal with those pesky BDSers". I loved it. We need to laugh sometimes in order to be able to carry on! He's with us all the way; in fact, in my opinion he IS one of us. And yes, there are some people he can't work with; I have that problem too sometimes, you know, the divisive types. But whereas I can't work with some in the Palestine Solidarity Movement all the "I can't work with you" statements that Robert made are aimed at the British Jewish community. I think some people need to sharpen their powers of comprehension quite honestly. As someone once wrote about Robert: "Bless you Robert. You have the knack of saying the most difficult things in the kindest possible way." I totally agree. Bravo and Bless you Mr Cohen.

    • Of course he acknowledges the right of return; how much do you think he can pt in a short speech? I've read enough of his articles over the years to think he's an excellent, kind, caring person. And I'm NOT Jewish!

  • Jewish resistance to occupation is also fighting for the future of Judaism itself
    • @Festus @Keith: I'm not Jewish, but what's wrong with fighting for the future of Judaism as they see it? It doesn't mean people aren't fighting for the rights of the people of Palestine because they only care about Judaism. I think it's because these people have a conscience. I'm with Mooser all the ever.

  • UN last hurdle before Israel can rid itself of the Palestinians
    • Annie: she always reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, so that's what I call her: it helps me, if only slightly!

  • Freed to travel, Barghouti will receive Gandhi award on Sunday at Yale
    • My fears exactly Eva: given the 'new law' will they disallow re-entry to Israel as he's clearly a BDS advocate and only has resident status? I hope not. Perhaps they think it's better to keep him there most of the time than disseminating the BDS message worldwide. In any event, it's absolutely fantastic that this wonderful human being will be able to receive the award in person. No more can they cry, "Where's the Palestinian Gandhi". (Of course, we know there are many Palestinian Gandhis, but no-one deserves it more than Omar. :) Congratulations Mr Barghouti!

  • Israel steps up dirty tricks against boycott leaders
    • PS> The link above also gives the texts of the excellent testimony from five Jewish Labour Party members in support of Ken. As for Corbyn, yes, as a former patron of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, we are horrified how he has been cowed into silence. Tom Watson? Yuk! He's detrimental to Corbyn. Many, including myself, feel like leaving the party as a result, but this would mean that our adversaries would win, so we also have to resist this too.

    • Although the BBC, this morning (Today Programme Radio 4) only interviewed Lord Levy regarding Ken's suspension for a year, he predictably was horrified that KL was merely suspended and not expelled, they did at least, for once, mention the letter signed by 30 Jewish Labour Party members in support of Livingstone and even mentioned four of the names who signed another letter as in the link below: They will not silence us, even if they rarely give any of us a platform...

  • 6,000 runners take part in the Palestine Marathon, demand freedom of movement for Palestinians
    • Ossinev: re Eddie Izzard No it wasn't a mistake; what would he have seen running the marathon? Not the day to day grind of oppression, humiliation and occupation, that's for sure. People need to know that it is way past the time when performers "talk" to their Israeli audience; people have been talking for decades to no avail. I am quite sure that had Eddie known how many people had been banned from running by the Israeli regime, he might have thought again about his intended actions. He probably thought he was being 'balanced', but as we know, there is no balance. By playing Tel Aviv, he's normalising the totally dysfunctional situation that prevails there. He certainly wouldn't have played Sun City. We know he's a person of conscience for the most part, but perhaps he will think twice if invited again. And I am sure he will be warmly welcomed to run in the marathon (if it's still being allowed to take place, that is...).

  • 'BDS is a terrorist movement' - exposing David Collier
  • Character assassination as a tool to silence a Palestinian activist
    • I agree with everything you say Annie. I too have met Malaka and find her to be all those beautiful things you have mentioned. Not only that, I was at a meeting where she spoke recently and she spoke to/about the wonderful work of a Jewish Israeli activist who I also know and who was also in the audience. Another Israeli friend of mine, who met Malaka at Exeter a few months ago, had nothing but praise for her, saying that she's so talented that she could do anything, but spent all her time trying to help her people. He's so right. It's not often, if ever before, that you hear a Jewish Israeli call a Muslim Palestinian from Gaza "perfect". So there you have it; The more lucid, sincere and effective a human rights advocate for the people of Palestine is, the more they'll be attacked, smeared and intimidated. We must continue to support one another no matter what. Thanks Annie for your fine words. Malala deserves nothing less.

  • DC hip-hop group releases 'Search My Bag' music video inspired by interrogation at Ben Gurion airport
    • Thank you so much guys! It's excellent! Stupid b******s, yet more amusement for us and negative publicity for them!

  • Rights group: Israeli online incitement towards Arabs doubled in 2016
  • Kal Penn's primetime shoutout to Palestinian refugees is gift that keeps on giving
  • After building a protest movement, West Bank village of Nabi Saleh steps back from weekly Friday protests
    • Dear Danaa,
      I take it you've read 'Goliath'? I think Max Blumenthal knows full well what you have written about the "semi-sparta-like garrison state mentality", and he has written volumes about Israeli flaws and cruelty. I also think that he knows full well that there are few Israelis with whom he has "commonality". There are, however, some Israelis who ARE aware of the utter cruelty and who we can ALL have commonality with. Blumenthal, in my opinion, is also fully aware that Gaza is a ghetto. He has consistently advocated for BDS for quite some time now. Yes, he has spoken about anti-semitism, but it does exist, though only marginally, I would say in the solidarity movement; and when it is exhibited by anyone it is always called out. It's very sad to see such criticism of him when he is always being attacked and smeared from the those he speaks out against. I say all this as a non-Jewish English person.

  • Miko Peled's viral video
    • He just did just! In London last night. :) His talk was better than ever. Superb. And it was filmed so hopefully will be 'out there' soon.

  • Palestine and the anxiety of existence
    • Elliot, when professor Salaita talks about "exacerbating the conflict", isn't he talking about people's internal conflict, whereby they cannot reconcile certain things? "So let us return to the original question: what to do when somebody expresses a visceral attachment to the idea of Israel. There is no universal response, but we can deploy a basic strategy: allow the Zionist’s internal conflict to exist. In fact, exacerbate it. That internal conflict isn’t an imperfection to be ameliorated, but a failure of imagination to be overcome. It’s not a matter of assigning blame to a person raised on an ethnonational narrative. Anybody committed to justice has to unlearn reactionary narratives, whether instilled by parents, teachers, peers, clergy, executives, politicians, directors, writers, or broadcasters, or all of them in tandem." - See more at:
      Regarding Israeli Jews never talking to Arabs, such as Steven, I'm not so sure that's true; certainly, that's how Miko Peled learned how to reconcile his inner conflict. For others, it's because they have been there and seen, and whilst that may be upsetting for people, it's ultimately a way of healing.

    • No. Not at all Hophmi and he's certainly right on projection!

    • Quite. One would think a car bomb or a bomb left somewhere would be far more dangerous. After all, a suicide bomber can only do it once, whilst others, like those manning F-16s can do it again and again.

  • Video: Scenes from a bloody Sunday in Palestine
    • That newsweek reporter is a disgrace. He simply spouts what he's been told, not that that is any thing new, of course. Clearly he doesn't know how to use such words as 'alleged', or border police 'claim' etc. This great 'moral army' - I'm assuming they claim the same for their police - can't even disarm a fourteen-year-old girl? Unbelievably despicable. Yet, we have to feel sorry for their ugliness: they can't be very happy; I suppose that's what comes from being told that everyone hates you from a very young age.

  • 'Other ways of being Jewish are available' -- a poetic response to expressions of hatred on Facebook
    • No RoHa, I noticed it too. Has anyone tried the link to the letter to Anne? Whether I'm here or the other site I simply get error 404.

  • Saudi court overturns death sentence for Ashraf Fayadh; new sentence is 8 years and 800 lashes
  • New Jersey teenager threatened with legal action by high school over pro-Palestine activism (Update)
    • Yes, Annie, it's called 'Prevent'. There have already been instances where kids in schools have been 'called out/in'. In one instance a child was called in for taking a leaflet supporting Palestine to school; perhaps about not buying Israeli dates, though I can't quite remember. Another instance was how a kid had to see a 'Prevent officer' because, whilst talking about the environment in school, he used the word 'eco-terrorism'. It appears that even when the kid is deemed to have done nothing to worry about,they are stuck on that list for a long time. Furthermore, the UK government is now saying that it's going to tell local council which companies they cannot boycott/divest from. David Cameron actually said specifically that councils were not going to be able to boycott our friends in Israel or British arms companies. It's not simply about 'terrorism', this whole strategy is a way of attempting to shut down dissent and as many different groups and organisations as possible need to combine to fight this.

    • Yes, Annie, it's called 'Prevent'. There have already been instances where kids in schools have been 'called out/in'. In one instance a child was called in for taking a leaflet supporting Palestine to school; perhaps about not buying Israeli dates, though I can't quite remember. Another instance was how a kid had to see a 'Prevent officer' because, whilst talking about the environment in school, he used the word 'eco-terrorism'. It appears that even when the kid is deemed to have done nothing to worry about,they are stuck on that list for a long time. Furthermore, the UK government is now saying that it's going to tell local councils which companies they cannot boycott/divest from. David Cameron actually said specifically that councils were not going to be able to boycott 'our friends in Israel' or British arms companies, doubtless using the word 'defence'. It's not simply about 'terrorism', this whole strategy is a way of attempting to shut down dissent and as many different groups and organisations as possible need to combine to fight this.

  • Hamas releases video of Gilad Shalit in captivity, and at the barbecue
    • @CigarGod: my thoughts exactly.

      @talknic I too belong to the talknic appreciation society; I've emailed a lot of your links to myself so that should it be necessary, I'll have the info at my fingertips, so to speak. The maps are superb too....

  • Suddenly, comparing Jewish state to ISIS is OK
    • But brilliant @David44 for finding that! I get their point!

    • ISIS has burnt the Palestinian flag; they hate Hamas because they were democratically elected and want a Palestinian state, both of which are anathema to ISIS/ISIL/IS/Da'esh.

    • It's true that,
      "What the West Bank occupiers/colonialists are doing doesn't exemplify the teachings of Judaism" anymore than what ISIL/IS is doing exemplifies Islam. But Israel calls itself the "Jewish State", hence #JSIL.

  • Israeli ambassador flings Nazi label at Israeli leaders, after latest authoritarian step
    • Mooser: Again I laugh!

    • Oh dear Greg, the mask slipped there: you couldn't help but bring in the 'Jew hating...' comment. I once read a comment somewhere by a Canadian lady, who said she had been, until a year earlier, a neutral bystander; but having looked into the situation, blah blah blah...the haters...blah blah blah...I pointed out to her that I was surprised that she had come to her conclusion after only having looked at the issue for a year because I would have thought that one would need at least five years, at minimum, to become fully apprised of the situation. At that point I added that her use of the term 'the haters' had revealed who she really was. Way to go Greg.

    • Diasp0ra: Me too! Also what echinococcus said about the 'ten-volume Russian novel' above had the same effect. We have to laugh sometimes to enable us to keep going. And now I've seen MDM's comment, that too!

  • In rare move, Palestinian police kick Israeli soldiers out of West Bank town
  • 'Valentino's Ghost' makes comeback after 4 years of suppression
    • RoHa: Ha Ha Ha!

    • See my comment below as to where you can see it now. I think its the 2012 version. It was on Al Jazeera English...

    • Excellent! :)

    • You can find it on Al Jazeera English website. Sorry American's I understand you can't get it! Anyway, for those who can, write the title in the search engine, and it will come up along with 'featured documentaries'. I went onto featured documentaries and then 'advanced search'. Scroll down and you'll find parts 1 and 2. I recorded it (2012) version, I think, last August, but only watched it recently and realised that I only had part 2! Anyway, happy to have found it again so I can watch it all!

  • As unrest grows, Hamas proposes controversial solution to unpaid public sector salaries
  • The rise of psychological trauma in occupied Palestine
    • Not only was it an exercise in intimidation, but, particularly in the first video, a training exercise for newbies as well. Yes, despite the polite 'goodnight' at the end of the second video: ugly.

    • xanadou: Children were also educated at home during the second intifada when universities and schools were closed y the occupation.

  • Executed: Dania Ersheid, 17, from Hebron
    • Excellent response Talknic

    • I think extrajudicial execution is accurate. Murder is also accurate, but murder has many motives, 'crimes of passion' for instance, whereas extrajudicial execution horribly highlights the chill factor. Either way: awful

  • Chaos in Jerusalem is a warning of things to come
    • Yes, Mooser! :) I don't think Ivri has JC's observation skills, somehow!

    • "..stable and normal...."?? I've always thought that Israel's arrogance will be its downfall. It just can't stop taking, taking, taking, pushing and goading, pushing and provoking and as for normal: simply view any video of a 'normal' festival day (of whatever religion) and see the chaos and bossing and shooting and shouting of the masters!
      As for 'small and vulnerable country facing a solid Arab-world monolith around it', Israel has always had more military power and military backing from some of the world's biggest arms dealers. And, of course, the so-called Arab monolith has been compromised for a very long time. "Plucky little Israel" was always better armed and organised than the new dictatorships springing up around it, which were emerging from centuries of colonialism and were not militarily organised and had not been trained by the Brits and weren't being supplied by the Czecs, French etc.

    • Jonathan said that a Palestinian leader in Israel spoke of civil war. That's a fifth of the population; and if they try to rein the rabid settlers in........I can certainly see what he's saying. I think it's an excellent article and he sees the possibility of Israel imploding on itself, which I think has been coming for a long, long time.

  • NPR fails to mention occupation-- while Barghouti says in Guardian it is 'root cause' of violence
  • Duma murders fail to penetrate the Tel Aviv bubble

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