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I quit my Jewish membership. It was easy and without costs.

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  • The New York Times tries to make the Ahed Tamimi story go away
    • 3. Slyly slip in the following paragraph: “That her family appears to encourage the children’s risky confrontations with soldiers offends some Palestinians and enrages many Israelis.”

      Yep. To confront the occupiers not only offends some of the occupied, but also many of the occupiers. Even Goebbels couldn't come up with such a propaganda.

    • Catalan "I will accept the demands of BDS, so that there can 7 million more Muslims in Israel ..."

      That's not a problem, because Israel is a democracy with equal rights, right? It would be different if it was a racist Apartheid Junta.

      But BDS doesn't demand every refugee to return. The vast majority of them is not even interested. It just demands the RIGHT to return for those who wish to.

      You would demand the same rights for Jews that fled or were expelled, wouldn't you?

  • 'We should exact a price' from Ahed Tamimi 'in the dark,' Israeli journalist says
    • "Her uncle and her cousin killed. Her mother shot in the leg and on crutches for most of a year. Her parents and her brother taken from her for months at a time. And never a night’s rest without the possibility that she might wake, as she did early Tuesday morning, as she had so many times before, to soldiers at the door, in her house, in her room, there to take someone away.”

      That's nothing. She slapped an innocent Jew who was just standing around with no hostile intent!!! That's unforgivable.

    • @ DaBakr

      You are absolutely right, DaBakr. Nobody, I repeat, nobody has the right to resist the occupation opression of your Jewish Apartheid Junta. Only Jews are allowed to resist.

      It's not a century of Zionist settler colonialism and half century of Zionist brutal martial law that made her and her ascendants feel that way. It must be something else.Hate? Jealousy? Whatever makes you feel Jewish, DaBakr.

  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • It's his birthright, Mooser. Convert to Judaism, disenfranchise one Palestinian for free.

    • Mooser: "“Jackdaw”, for a guy who lived in the US til he was 55, and only got to Israel a few years ago, you have picked up a lot of information."

      So what? For more than 2000 years he managed to preserve Jewish culture and Jewish history (and his tan, despite being undead for two millenias) and now he finally returned home.

    • Steve Grover: "Lorde will reverse course and will wind up singing in Israel because BDS against Israel is a constant failure. She’ll even ask for forgiveness from her Israeli fans."

      Yes, Steve. One day she will bend the knee and accept the moral superiority of her Israeli fans.

    • Jon s: "• Maintained a continuous presence in said homeland, albeit as a minority."
      • Continued , fom their homeland, to produce significant contributions to their religion and culture.
      • Preserved the memory of the homeland in customs and traditions, in their studies and their poetry, prayed for a return to the homeland at least three times a day.
      • Were often victims of persecutions in their countries of residence, leading to a horrific genocide in which one third of the defenseless people were annihilated.
      • Returned to their homeland with peaceful intentions, without intending to disposes the existing native population.

      ….so if you find a similar situation somewhere in the world, let me know, and I’ll consider supporting those people."

      ROFL. Sure. Why didn't you just say that you only support Jews?

      There's NOTHING universal about your description. NOTHING humane which could be applied to all humans. Like for example:

      I support every native's right to return to her or his country. I don't support to keep refugees expelled.

      And btw. "Returned"? Which Jew who entered Palestine under British gun left and then returned? Do all Christians have a right to "return" to "their homeland"?

      Re: "... with peaceful intentions without intending to to disposess the existing native population"

      Who are you trying to fool, Jon s? Zionism has always been about taking over the whole of Palestine and putting it under Jewish domination.

      Allready in 1891, the Zionist Ahad Ha'am: "[They] understand very well, what we are doing and what what we are aiming at."

    • RoHa: "So this “historic homeland” stuff applies when a “people” fulfills a whole list of conditions.

      And the only “people” which fulfills those conditions just happens to be the Jews.

      Who’d have thunk it?"

      Yep, the only thing that is missing is that Jews write down these conditions and then claim that these were God's own words. That would be even more authorative when it comes to the Zionist interpretation of international and human rights law.

    • @ RoHa.

      That is exacly what he claims. If crimes against humanity like settler colonialism were committed in other case in the age of colonialization then Jews have the right to do the same in post colonial times. I wonder what his attitude is regarding genocide. Netanyahu would probably point to the bible.

    • jon s: "I’ve always supported Palestinian rights."

      Like I said: "jon s is not programmed to answer questions which indirectly prove that Zionist claims and arguments are utter nonsense. Especially not, if you ask him if Palestinians have EXACT THE SAME CLAIMS AND RIGHTS."

      jon s: "Yes , my ascendants arrived before the mandate.

      Well, in this case they automatically became citizen of Palestine when Palestinians became a constitutive people in 1925. And you - even according to the PLO's redefinition of Palestinian citizenship - have the right to be(come) a Palestinian citizen. It means that you are not an invader. It doesn't mean that you don't support invaders. Cause you claim that "No Jew is an invader in the Jewish historic homeland." which is of course utter nonsense, cause it would mean that everyone who has converted to Judaism or is a descendant of converts could claim that her or his "historical homeland" is in Palestine and has therfore the right to settle there without the majority consent of its mixed native population, including those that your Apartheid Junta keeps expelled to maintain Jewish dominance. And it still wouldn't mean that s/he ever was a citizen of Palestine pre 1948 who had the right to determine Palestine's future. More than half of the Jews in 1948 weren't.

      jon s: "As to consent of the native population, no such consent was obtained, any more than in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand..."

      Exactly. The creation of Israel in the post Nazi era was a crime against the right to self determination of the colonized native population. While the whole world was heading for post-colonialization after 1919 and with the introduction of the mandate system Zionist colonialism went into the opposite direction. It just shows how backwarded uncivilized and morally corrupted Zionist settler colonialism and its supporters are. They have to refer to similar crimes that happened centuries ago as if this could legitimize their own in modern times. Even when it comes to the rights of an occupied population Israel goes back to Hague Law of 1907 instead of applying the Geneva Conventions.

      And Jews never became a constitutive people and never automatically transfered their nationality to everyone who was a citizen of Palestine and habitually resident. Instead they adopted a similar approach like Nazi Germany and differentiate between "nationals" (aka Jews) who have full citizenship rights (like citizens in other countries) and "citizens" which do not. They even perveted the term "citizen" do distract from Israel's genuine institutionalized racism and Apartheid character.

      So. No consent, no constitutive people, no equal rights. And you call Israel a "democracy"?

    • RoHa: "Is Wales their “historic homeland”?
      Do they have a moral right to go to live in Wales?
      Suppose they all began pouring into Wales, throwing their weight about, and taking over the country. Would the current residents of the Rhondda be mistaken in regarding them as invaders?"

      jon s is not programmed to answer questions which indirectly prove that Zionist claims and arguments are utter nonsense. Especially not, if you ask him if Palestinians have exact the same claims and rights. He is just programmed to repeat them over and over again. Doesn't cost much brain and is adapted to Israel's low average IQ.

    • Jackdaw: "... Palestinians refuse to compromise ..."

      The facts on the ground prove who has been refusing to make compromises since the Basel Congress in 1897 or the Biltmore Programm in 1942. It's no surprise that the declaration of Israel writes about "redeeming Eretz Israel".

      Jackdaw "... with their Jewish neighbours ..."

      The settlers?

    • Nathan: "However, ending the occupation would mean that the country will be partitioned between two political entities ..."

      Not necessarily. It could mean the dissolution of the Zionist Apartheid Junta and giving up Jewish exclusive control over the whole country instead of maintaining the ethnic cleansing of Nonjews to maintain a fake majority of Jews.

      Nathan: "Well, it is possible to end the conflict with Israel, and in so doing life would obviously improve for everyone. "

      Sure. It is easy for Palestinians to end the conflict. But its not for the Zionist Apartheid Junta which wants to control the whole country while committing pogroms and expulsions against the natives to be maintain a fake majority of Jews.

      Nathan: "Another example of a poor point is the comparison between the pogroms in Eastern Europe and the plight of the Palestinians."

      That's true. The Nonjewish Russians were not settlers who wanted to take over the whole country by committing pogroms and expulsions against the natives to become a fake majority.

      Nathan: "The Palestinians on the other hand are in an armed conflict."

      Yes. The armed conflict was forced upon them by Zionist settlers who wanted to take over the whole country by committing pogroms and expulsions against the Palestinians to become a fake majority and simulate fake majority ruling (aka democracy).

      Glad we could clear it up.

    • Sibiriak: "Given that various sources are estimating a return to a positive net migration rate, why would one would want to single out 2015 and draw conclusions from that limited data point?"

      I only presented the latest verified and not estimated data.

    • DaBakr: "Who exactly is the fool?"

      The one denying that Israel is becoming more and more isolated.

    • I agree with DaBakr regarding Einstein. Zionism can pervert even the mind of the most intelligent Jews. It makes them loose all their humanity.

    • Jackdaw: "I interact with more Arabs in a day, than you do in a year."

      Mhm. Torturing Arab children?

    • Jon s: "I’m not an invader. No Jew is an invader in the Jewish historic homeland . And I’m sure not an “illegal squatter”."

      That's Jon s supporting the rights of Palestinians to return to their homeland. Good boy.

      Btw. Since you are not an invader. When did you or your ascendants arrive in Palestine with the consent of its native population? It must have been before mandate times, right?

    • Nathan: "If Sigmund Freud is really on record as having said in 1930 that “I do not think that Palestine could ever become a Jewish state…” – then you should erase him from your list of “prophetic comments."

      Yes, he couldn't imagine that Jews would be able to acquire their nationals goals through settler colonialism, terrorism, massacres war, expulsion, dispossession, denationalization and disenfranchisement when it comes to Palestine's Nonjewish citizens.

      Do you think that he was naive, too?

    • Mayhem: "The Palestinians instigate attacks against Israelis driven by state-sponsored hate and incitement ..."

      Oh, and I though that Palestinians were defending themselves against settler colonialism that started its terrorism in the late 1930s.

      Mayhem: "... because they can’t get their way and having learnt from the regimes that were fuelled by anti-semitic fervour against Jews they now follow suit."

      What Jews do, if they can't get it their way is documented since the 1930s. And nothing has to do with defending themselves.

      Mayhem: "The ‘Palestinians’ missed the boat by reneging on frequent opportunities to strike a peace deal with Israel ..."

      The 'Jews' don't want peace. They want at all of Eretz Israel without resistance and they don't want two equal states but at most a "homeland" for Nonjews which is nothing more than a demilitarized and Jewish controlled bantustan. They don't want 55%, nor 78% of Palestine, but 100% under their exclusive control allthough they are a minority in hist. Palestine even without the Nonjews they keep expelled. They don't want to share Jerusalem. Racist as they are they don't want anybody to "return" but wannabee descendants of ancient Hebrews. They don't want equal rights in Israel. They have nothing to offer what is theirs and which they haven't acquired through war or confiscation.

    • Jon66: "What about Olmert’s plan?"

      Oh wow, like in 1947 there was a iniquitous plan that only benefitted Jewish interests and the "Arabs" rejected it, again?

      Israel's plans for Palestinians are:
      - Give up your rights under international and human rights law.
      - Accept our violations of international and human rights law.
      - Only then you will have something like a state which is in fact a demilitarized and Israeli controlled bantustan. In othe words: A modificaton of our occupation of "Eretz Israel".
      - If you don't, we are going to keep you under military law and oppression.

      Regarding Olmert's plan:
      "President Bush and Condoleeza Rice told him then that no agreement would result from his offer. Even a leftist like me would have objected to the signing of an agreement at that time, given the total lack of political support in Israel."

      " When Rice writes that Israel would retain “Jewish neighborhoods” of Jerusalem, this means that large settlements in occupied East Jerusalem would have been annexed to Israel. According to the map of Olmert’s plan released by Ha’aretz, these included the massive settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, which all but bisects the West Bank.
      Other major settlements Olmert would have retained for Israel included Ariel and other major colonies in the northern West Bank, which would have denied a Palestinian state real territorial contiguity.
      According to Ha’aretz, much of the land Olmert reportedly offered Abbas in exchange for crucial areas of Jerusalem and the West Bank was carved out of the barren Judean Desert, south of the West Bank.
      Olmert reportedly offered to allow the return of only 5,000 Palestinian refugees, a tiny fraction of the 4.3 million who are registered with the UN. This issue alone would have made it nearly impossible for Abbas to gain support for the plan among the Palestinian people.
      According to Rice’s account, Olmert demanded that Abbas sign his map without consulting his own advisors and legal experts, and refused to allow Abbas to take a copy of the map to the Palestinian negotiators. It would have been unusual and irresponsible for Abbas to unilaterally sign an agreement in secret and without first consulting his team.
      The negotiations brokered by Rice, which began at the 2007 Annapolis conference, were not designed to produce a final peace agreement. Rather, these talks had the less ambitious goal of a “shelf agreement,” to be implemented at a later date.
      By the time Olmert made his offer, he had been under investigation for corruption for months and was fending off calls for his resignation. Olmert’s political weakness at the time casts into doubt his ability to conclude a peace agreement."

    • Sibiriak: "They’re not.

      Israel’s Net migration rate"

      Well, the CIA has the same estimated number for 2017. A real number from 2015 is -2.0:

      Article from 2017:
      "More Israelis left Israel than moved back in six year record
      16,700 left and 8,500 came back in 2015, in first year since 2009 that more Israelis exited than returned. ...
      The latest figures for the immigration balance are for 2015 because the statistics bureau figures for immigration only include Israelis who have lived outside of Israel for a continuous period of one year or more, so they have to wait a full year to do the calculations. "

    • Neil Schipper: "... an armed guardian of the state ..."

      A a state terrorist on foreign soil.

    • Jackdaw: "Over a million Palestinians, Israeli citizens, live quiet, meaningful lives. They live with hope and dignity in the Jewish State."

      I know that Israel can't be compared to Theresienstadt, but your propaganda somehow reminds me of it.

    • Mayhem: "Israel doesn’t have to justify actions to prevent bloody-minded ‘Palestinians’ from destroying it, adopting whatever security measures necessary to protect its people."

      And according to Mayhem the Palesinians, too, have the right to do the same to bloody-minded ‘Jews’ that they did to Palestinians since 1948 and to destroy Palestine. Am I right, Mayhem?

      By the way. Who is more bloody-minded? Bloody-minded Jews or bloody-minded Palestians? Factors could be massacres, , dispossession, destruction of more than 400 villages, aquisition of territory through war, achievement of a majority through massacres, expulsion, denationalization and revoking residency rights; illegal annexation, occupation, settling in occupied territories, stealing recoures like water and farming land, confiscating land, kidnapping and torturing children ... etc. At last but not least: Kill ratio.

    • That was just the left wing of Zionism aka supremacist right extremism.

  • Palestinians celebrate resounding Trump and Israel failure at the UN
  • Armed by Israel, Honduras's illegitimate regime returns the favor at the U.N.
    • Re: Guatemala who voted "no".

      "As such, it is no coincidence that Israel has always been the first to offer humanitarian aid to Guatemala after natural disasters.

      The Jewish state owes a debt of gratitude to the Central American country.

      Many well-informed Guatemalans I met proudly reminded me of their country’s role in the establishment of the State of Israel.

      One was Jorge Garcia Granados, the Guatemalan ambassador to the UN, who was a member of the UN Special Committee on Palestine and lobbied for votes on behalf of the Jewish state. In fact, Guatemala was among the first countries to recognize Israel. In doing so Guatemala created a “butterfly effect,” bringing many other Latin American countries to join in the support of the establishment of the new state. ...

      Israeli influence and involvement are very prominent in Guatemala, and include civil infrastructure, water purification solutions and modern agriculture technologies. But it is especially felt in the field of security. Many Israelis coming from elite combat units in Israel, and with a significant security background, realized that their experience is a great added value in Guatemala. As a third world country struggling with significant challenges of personal security and public safety, many Israeli security companies were established to help combat these problems."

      US foreign aid to Guatemala in 2016: $297m.

      More than twice as much as the aid for Honduras. And again Israel indirectly gets money from the US by aiding Guatamala's security and civilian projects.

    • So Honduras gets $128m from the US to buy weapons in Israel.

      Which basically means that US aid to Israel is even higher then what it directly gets.

  • How a Palestinian girl from an occupied village emasculated the Israeli army
  • Trump threatens to cut aid to countries voting against Jerusalem decision at UN
    • Haley is lying:
      “Our poll also shows that 63 percent of all Americans oppose moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, including 44 percent of Republicans.”

    • MHughes976: "I would like Israel to state formally what terms of compromise it would like the Palestinians to accept."

      It's not fixed, it's more a process:
      1.) Tell Palestinians which international and human rights they have to give up or which violations of international law and human rights and crimes against humanity, land and resource grab they have to accept and call this "compromise".
      2.) If Palestinians don't accept, prolong occupation and Apartheid.
      3.) If Palestinians accept, say "Houston, we have a problem" and increase your demands in 1.)

      That's "peace process" Israeli style.

    • Catalan: "When and if the Palestinians choose the path of compromise there will be peace."

      Yep. And "compromise" means:
      - Israel gets about 80% of Palestine
      - Israel exclusively gets all of Jerusalem
      - Palestinians give up their rights under international law and human rights.

      That's what Zionist Ubershmocks call "compromise". Where is their compromise? Not to violate more international law and human rights? To allow Palestine to have a pseudo state that's controlled by Israel?

      Who are you trying to fool, Catalan? Everybody knows that Zionist want to keep control over all of Palestine. Ben Gurion's proposal to the UN was to put all of Palestine under Jewish control and only release it into independence AFTER a significant Jewish majority was achieved. When asked if he would force to implement his racist plan he said that he would if the UN would accept his plan. The UN didn't. So Ben Gurion and his terrorist thugs used terrorism and expulsion to enforce the partition proposal. In late 1948 the Zionist Apartheid Junta in Palestine asked Great Britain if it was ok to also take the rest of Palestine. GB didn't like it and the Junta was preparing to become a member in the UN. Finally in 1967 the Junta expanded its control all over Palestine.

      And you, like the Zionist Ubershmocks, asks Palestinians to compromise. Either you are deluding others or you are completely delusional. What is it Catalan? You pervert the truth and put it on its head like a typical Zionist.

    • @ Catalan

      Glad you like keeping people occupied. Don't forget to iron your Betar Youth brown shirt.

    • @Rob Roy

      What? Anti-Semantic? Most of the Zionist commenters are anti-semantic. What they say makes no sense at all.

    • Comical Danny is just the racist equivalent of an antisemite:
      "In his own speech Israel’s UN ambassador, Danny Danon, said UN members who backed the resolution were being manipulated. “You are like puppets pulled by your Palestinian masters,” he told the session."

      Imagine someone would describe the US as puppet pulled by its Jewish, Zionist or Israeli master.

    • Adopted

      Yes: 128
      No: 9
      Abstention: 35

      What an international clusterf*** for US and Israel. Even US bullying countries and the arrogant idiot Comical Danny calling everyone that isn't in line a Palestinian "puppet" didn't help.

    • What do you expect? Haley only talks about what US citizens want. And comical Danny talks only about what Jews allegedly want.

      None of these criminals can base their ludicrous claims and views on international law.

    • Wow. Haley now even threatens the UN with witholding funds.

      "The United States will remember this day in which it was singled out in this assembly," Haley said. "We will remember it when, once again, we are called up to make the world's largest contribution" to the UN and when other member nations ask Washington "to pay even more and to use our influence for their benefit."

      But let's see how these countries are going vote:!/image/330053159.jpg_gen/derivatives/size_1496xAuto/330053159.jpg

    • And also:
      "On November 25, 1947, the ad hoc committee approved the partition recommendation of subcommittee I, by a vote of 25 to 13, with 17 abstentions. While sufficient to carry the plan in the subcommittee, this margin was short of the two-thirds majority that would be required for passage in the General Assembly.

      By this time the United States had emerged as the most aggressive proponent of partition. Most European countries, including the Soviet Union, supported it, but most Third World countries viewed it as an infringement of Arab rights.

      The United States got the General Assembly to delay a vote "to gain time to bring certain Latin American republics into line with its own view". Officials, "by direct order of the White House," used "every form of pressure, direct and indirect," to "make sure that the necessary majority" would be gained, according to former Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles. Members of the U.S. Congress threatened curtailment of economic aid to several Third World countries.

      As a last-minute compromise, and as a major concession, several Arab states proposed a plan for a federated government in Palestine. Similar to the Special Committee's minority proposal, this plan called for a federation with Jewish and Arab components. Colombia asked the General Assembly to refer the matter back to the ad hot committee for further efforts at producing a solution acceptable
      to both the Arabs and the Jews of Palestine. There was little reason in the fall of 1947 to believe that the delicate political arrangement by the partition plan could find the necessary level of
      cooperation between the Jewish and Arab communities.

      But the General Assembly proceeded to a vote on the partition plan. On November 29 it adopted a draft resolution embodying the partition plan as Resolution 181. The resolution narrowly gained the
      required majority of two-thirds-33 in favor, 13 opposed, and 1o abstaining.

      Included in the countries that switched their votes from November to November 29 to provide the two-thirds majority were Liberia, the Philippines, and Haiti. All heavily dependent on the
      United States financially, they had been lobbied to change their votes.

      Liberia's ambassador to the United Nations complained that the U.S. delegation threatened aid cuts to several countries. Some delegates charged U.S. officials with "diplomatic intimidation". Without
      "terrific pressure" from the United States on "governments which cannot afford to risk American reprisals," said an anonymous editorial writer, the resolution "would never have passed! The fact such pressure had been exerted became public knowledge, to the extent a State Department policy group was concerned that "the prestige of the UN" would suffer because of "the notoriety and resentment attendant upon the activities of U.S. pressure groups, including members
      of Congress, who sought to impose U.S. views as to partition on foreign
      delegations."" Zionists packed the public gallery during the November 29 meeting to urge adoption of the partition plan." Several delegates said the resolution "would have been carried in no
      other city than New York."

      Quigley, Case for Palestinem, p.36-37

    • See also:
      Report by the Policy Planning Staff on Position of the United States With Respect to Palestine top secret
      [ Washington ,] January 19, 1948.


      The General Assembly, in adopting the recommendation for partition, left unanswered certain questions regarding the legality of the plan as well as the means for its implementation. Nor did the General Assembly, in the circumstances prevailing at the time, have an opportunity to explore the last minute announcement by the Arab States on November 29 of their willingness to accept the principle of a Federal State in Palestine6 which they had previously opposed. There was no indication of any real effort by the UN toward conciliation between the Jews and the Arabs.

      ... Without U.S. leadership and the pressures which developed during UN consideration of the question, the necessary two-thirds majority in the General Assembly could not have been obtained ..."

    • Its 1947 all over again: Same happened when the US rigged partition plan voting.

      "Reports of pressure for the Plan
      Liberia (Vote: For): Liberia's Ambassador to the United States complained that the US delegation threatened aid cuts to several countries.[78]
      Philippines (Vote: For): In the days before the vote, the Philippines' representative General Carlos P. Romulo stated "We hold that the issue is primarily moral. The issue is whether the United Nations should accept responsibility for the enforcement of a policy which is clearly repugnant to the valid nationalist aspirations of the people of Palestine. The Philippines Government holds that the United Nations ought not to accept such responsibility". After a phone call from Washington, the representative was recalled and the Philippines' vote changed.[72]
      Haiti (Vote: For): The promise of a five million dollar loan may or may not have secured Haiti's vote for partition.
      France (Vote: For): Shortly before the vote, France's delegate to the United Nations was visited by Bernard Baruch, a long-term Jewish supporter of the Democratic Party who, during the recent world war, had been an economic adviser to President Roosevelt, and had latterly been appointed by President Truman as the United States' ambassador to the newly created UN Atomic Energy Commission. He was, privately, a supporter of the Irgun and its front organization, the American League for a Free Palestine. Baruch implied that a French failure to support the resolution might cause planned American aid to France, which was badly needed for reconstruction, French currency reserves being exhausted and its balance of payments heavily in deficit, not to materialise. Previously, in order to avoid antagonising its Arab colonies, France had not publicly supported the resolution. After considering the danger of American aid being withheld, France finally voted in favour of it. So, too, did France's neighbours, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands."

      The US also delayed voting until the necessary 2/3 majority was "ensured".

      So much for the "legitimacy" of Israel.

  • Israeli forces shoot boy in face, arrest cousin for protesting, her mother for looking into it
    • Emet: " But of course, when it comes to issues that are anti-Jewish, anything goes."

      Wait. Is the behaviour of the Zionist Apartheid Junta's terrorist wing anti-Jewish? Or is it Jewish and its criticism anti-Jewish?

  • Michael Oren says Palestinian activists stage 'kids in American clothes' to provoke Israeli army
    • Jon66: "Israel did not occupy those territories between 47-67. What prevented the Palestinians from declaring statehood during that time in those areas?"

      The state of Palestine allready existed under mandate. So there was no need to declare a state. You don't get that the Zionist Apartheid Junta's declaration of statehood in Palestine was a secession from the state of Palestine by Zionists terrorists. It was a junta that first terrorized the mandatory goverment into dissolution and then took over as much territory as it could through war and expulsion. It was nothing else than a racist paramilitary and terrorist coup d'etat. Or to put it short: JSIL.

    • Just call him Zionist and you hit all your descriptions.

    • Jon66: "Coincidentally, the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem were not “occupied” in 1955. The Palestinians could have had their state in those areas at that time."

      Indeed. Only Jews have a right to territorial integrity of "their" country. Nonjews have to partition theirs on Jewish demand.

      Jon66: "The final peace treaty with Germany wasn’t agreed to until 1990. Only then did the Allies renounce their rights. After the war, Eastern territories of Germany were transferred to Poland.

      What "rights" did the Allies "renounces"? And what does this case have to do with Zionist settler colonialism and violently enforcing an Apartheid state unto the natives of a country?

    • The Zionist Apartheid Junta is the spiritual successor of states who endorsed kin liability in the past.

    • Mooser: "“Jon66” what makes you think Israel is equivalent to the Allied Powers after WW2? Aren’t you punching just a little above your weight?"

      I'm puzzled, too. IIRC it was not the Allied Powers, but the Nazis who aquired territory through war, illegally annexed it and illegally settled in it (it was charged with the crime of "Germanization of occupied territories" at the Nuremberg trials) and also differentiated between nationals and citizen.

      That's what the Geneva Convention writes about settling in occupied territories: "[The clause] is intended to prevent a practice adopted during the Second World War by certain Powers, which transferred portions of their own population to occupied territory for political and racial reasons or in order, as they claimed, to colonize those territories."

  • In video tours of Palestine, Nas Daily plays native informant
    • Documented schizophrenia?

      Catalan: "Also, spaghetti was first mentioned in the Talmud in 5th century AD, therefore, credit is due to the Jews."

      Catalan: "Either way, what are you saying? That people should give a thanks to Italy every time they eat a pizza? What kind of provincial nonsense is that? Pizza is a type of food, like Swiss cheese, or Feta. It’s not a trademark, like Gruyere or Champagne. I study from all – Zen Buddhism, Mathematics, History, I don’t care where it comes from."

    • Catalan: "Also, spaghetti was first mentioned in the Talmud in 5th century AD, therefore, credit is due to the Jews."

      What credit? That Jews were the first who found it important to WRITE about pasta? ROFL.

    • Your constant ludicrous accusations of hatred are as hateful as it infantile. Your deliberate attempt to distract from the real reasons of the criticism in this article is pathetic. It doesn't get lower than this.

      Btw: "Poll: 58% of Israel students plan to emigrate"

      Seems that Israel might not be the place to be for people who got a "first rate education".

    • jons: "Nas Daily does not see the situation in black-and -white and does not promote hatred and violence . He won’t become popular on Mondoweiss."

      Yeah, he should promote the black and white propaganda and the hatred of violence that your Apartheid state needs to prolong its occupation.

  • Team Trump adds insult to injury for the Palestinians
    • ROFL. Israel's international shyster Dershowitz and his perversion of truth and international law.

      Israel's acceptance of 181 was only lip service. Ben Gurion's proposal to the UN was to put all of Palestine under Jewish control. Guess what happened between 1947 until 1967 and only through war and expulsion? Dershowitz is a liar when he claims that Jordan's occupation of the Westbank and East Jerusalem was "illegal" (allthough it was on behalf of the Palestinians against the Zionist onslaught) and Israel's is not, but only "disputed" allthough belligerent. It may be "disputed" in the Kahane Continuum, but it isn't in this universe. And Obama didn't deem anything "illegal" that is not condemned by the UN and the International Court of Justice since 1967.

      So think twice before you mention this shyster again.

    • Facts on the ground: "Israel almost entirely halts citizenship approvals for East Jerusalemites"
      The government claims to offer citizenship to eligible residents who came under Israeli sovereignty after 1967. In fact, after many years in which applications were handled relatively efficiently and about half were approved, the process has now all but stopped

  • US vetoes UN resolution on Jerusalem, as Muslim states recognize East Jerusalem as Palestine's capital
    • Mayhem: "Funny how nobody bothered to complain when East Jerusalem was under Jordanian rule and synagogues were being destroyed and holy sites desecrated."

      Yes, it's funny, because nobody bothered to complain when your Apartheid Junta took control over Palestine and did not only destroy more than 400 villages:

      "During the 1950s, the nascent state and IDF set about destroying historical sites left behind by other cultures, particularly Muslims. This policy was so indiscriminate that even synagogues were destroyed. ... Ben-Gurion wanted to erase everything that had been, to erase the Islamic past."
      read more:

      And nobody bothered to camplain when your Apartheid Junta destroyed a third of Gaza's mosques.

      You are so funny.

    • David: "It was not the State of Israel that obtained control of territory within the partition borders, because the State of Israel was not declared until the Zionists had obtained control over it."

      So Israel never obtained control of territory within partition border. Really?

      David: "As such, it has a right to continue to exist."

      Creation and recognition are not entitlement. And not all countries recognize Israel.

      So far not a single internal legitimation. And in 1947/48 the case was deliberately not transfered to the International Court of Justice, because everybody knew that it wasn't legitimate.

      Btw. Israel's declaration not only violated 181 (timing of declaration), but also Sec Res 46 (April 1948.)

    • David Gerald Fincham: "... Israel exists as a state because it satisfies the requirements of the Montevideo Convention."

      De facto. But based on what legitimacy? A referendum? A constitutive people (nationals= citizens)?

      David: "But there is certainly a concept of illegally acquired territory which, as you say, applies in Israel’s case to all territory it has acquired outside the partition plan borders it declared on 14 May 1948."

      Oh, so only that part has been illegally acquired. How was the other part acquired? Without war and expulsion?

      David: "It has as much right to exist in peace and security as does Israel. "

      Wait a second. Let us first examine what right Israel has to exist, before declaring that the State of Palestine has "as much right" to exist Palestine. Try to argue that Israel has more right to exist in part of Palestine than the State of Palestine has in all of Palestine. And try not to differentiate between Jews and Nonjews, but base your arguments only on civic and human rights.

      David: "I am not sure what you mean by this phrase. The State of Israel is not a physical object."

      Like the "destruction" of South Africa under Apartheid. It means the dissolution of its Apartheid regime. Not to confuse with the literal destruction of Palestine, more than 400 villages, more than 1000 mosques since 1947 or the want on large scale destruction of Gaza by the Zionist Apartheid Junta.

    • An interesting thought:
      "Egypt – which proposed the draft resolution condemning Trump’s decision on behalf of the Palestinians, the Arab and the Islamic states – could have included the US as a country that violated the international consensus on Jerusalem.

      This way, the US would not have been able to veto the resolution – paragraph 3 of Article 27 under Chapter V of the UN Charter stipulates that “any member that is a party to a dispute must abstain from voting”."

      But I guess that in that case someone else may have vetoed it.

    • "That is, a two-state reality is a necessary step on the way to a one-state solution."

      That wasn't the case in Southafrica which is not different from the Zionist Apartheid Junta and its Nonjewish Bantustans.

    • Oh boy. The US and Israel overplayed their cards. They both hoped that they could turn an illegal reality into a recognized reality and that the rest of the world would follow. Israel dragged the US and its nepotistic president into violating international law. Now both states stand even more isolated than ever before, Israel's 'lawyer' has lost its pseudo honest "broker" role and the rest of the Security Council is even more united against them. And this probably brought the muslim world more together than muslims could have ever done themselves, Turkey is leading this process and Russia is lining up for the broker role. What a ultimate disaster in US' and Israel's foreign policy.

  • Detained Palestinian teen in viral photo to be sentenced in a court with a 99.74 percent conviction rate
    • ROFL. What constitutes a "doubt" for a military prosecutor who doesn't need to prove his case, because military law is different from civilian law? The Palestinan had to proof that she or he was innocent. If he or she couldn't that creates "no doubt" in the eye of your beloved racist socioopaths.

    • Let's be honest. She slapped and kicked two soldiers multiple times. The terrorist wing of the Apartheid Junta has shot Palestinian children dead for less. Let's wait and read how she was abused in its turture dungeons.

  • Israeli Jews 'will never accept' giving vote to Palestinians -- liberal Zionist leader
    • Yonah: "It is not rationalization if you see it as survival. ... the existence of Israel is seen as survival for israeli jews."

      Without Israel there would be no "Israeli" Jews. Your logic is circular.

    • "Liberal Zionism" is code for covert Apartheid.

    • Mooser: "Does He not say He is a “jealous” God, and an “angry” God?"

      Yes, a truly spiritual role model. Like the "spiritual" teachers that praise him, his anger and his jealousy.

    • Brewer: "Nathan.
      What is it you mean by “A Jewish State” ... "

      Well Brewer, that's easy. He can't just say state. He has to put a exclusive adjective in front of the word to make sure that everybody understands that this is a "racist state", because Jews are not a even a constitutive people, but only a group of Israeli citizens who want to dominate over Nonjews through genuine inequality and violating the rights of the latter. Like keeping them expelled and denationalized so that Zionists ensure that they win every election of this fake democracy.

      Brewer"... and how do you establish who is and is not a Jew?"

      That's the catch-22 of his beloved Apartheid Junta. Those who have the right to immigrate under the "law of return".

    • Nathan: "The Jewish state exists because the Jews living in Israel insist that there be a Jewish state. "

      And by "insisting" you mean acquiring territory through war and terrorism and massacring, expelling, dispossessing, disenfranchizing and denationalizing Nonjews. And of course you believe that Jews have right to do all of this.

  • The Chanukah of fire and occupation (is not about ancient times)
    • Boris: "Thus, your comparison of Israelis to Nazis is invalid, and, based on EU definition of antisemitism, is antisemitic."

      Oh, there are more then one "definition"? Let me guess, two Zionists, three definitions? ROFL.

      But you ignore the main parts.
      1.) "Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews."
      2.) "Contemporary examples of anti-Semitism ... COULD, TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE OVERALL CONTEXT; INCLUDE ... Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis."

      So first of all you have to prove that Jonathan made hateful remarks against Jews AS SUCH. And only then you can claim that these remakrs included a comparison of the policy of the terrorist wing of your beloved Apartheid Junta (whose spoke person spoke of "selective" targeting) to that of the Nazis.

      Or put it short: Where and how did Jonathan claim that Jews (as such) are Nazis?

    • Of course. Israel is allready investigating. So I guess they will find something that will justify the killing. If not they will claim that the Israel's institutionalized terrorist was afraid. He was a sniper, they are afraid from far away.

  • Anti-Christianism
    • Nathan: "There’s no understanding why anyone would complain about founding a state for a particular people."

      Sure. If the people become a constitutive people and extend their nationality to everyone who is either habitually residing in it or legaly immigrating. But Jews are not a constitutive people.

      So here we go again, Nathan, because you either don't understand it or are simply in denial.

      This is what NORMALY happens since 1919:

      Kurds, Catalans, Scotts, Kosovarian or who ever strives or thinks about striving for independency holds a referendum to see if a simple or a 2/3 majority of those who are habitually resididing in the territory accept this territory to become independent.
      The Jews didn't.

      When the new state is created in this territory everybody who is habitually residing in this territory will become ipso facto citizens of this state and part of its nation.
      Israel didn't, but expelled most of its residents.

      Citizens of newly created states are equal. Everybody enjoys full equal rights that come with citizenship.
      That's not the case in Israel which has a fake concept of citizenship. While all citizens theoretically enjoy THE SAME rights, only Jews actually enjoy FULL rights. That's why Israel doesn't consider "Israeli" to be the nation of Israel, but only Jews.

      So try making a case why any "people" in the post Nazi era of international and human right law should have a right to create a state without holding a referendum, without granting every habitually resident citizenship of the newly created state, without becoming a constitutive people and including everybody into this nation despite of faith and heritage and without explicitely granting every citizen full, equal rights. Try making a case why instead any people should have a right to create a state without asking its future citizens, without granting everybody citizenship and instead expelling them, by acquiring its territory through war and by making a racist artificial distinction between nationals and citizens to privilige the former.

      You will fail and you know it. So please stop making your ludicrous revisionist case for your Apartheid Junta. I hope you understand now why I call Israel this way. It is the most accurate historical description.

  • Ibrahim 'the half bodied,' an icon of Gaza skirmishes, loses his other half for Jerusalem
    • Seriously mcohen? An article by Alan Dershowitz? You gotta be kidding, right? Any of his lies you want me to debunk in particular by citing relevant Security Council Resolutions since 1967 and an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice?

      Obama didn't change anything into illegal that wasn't allready illegal since 1967. It's not "disputed" only because your Apartheid Junta and its shysters want it to be.

    • mcohen: "Well i see it differently."

      What a surprise. Let's see how you are going to justify murder this time.

      mcohen: "regardless of who pulled the trigger ..."

      Yes, that's the general attitude in the Zionist Apartheid Junta.

      mcohen: "... he made a decision to martyr himself before the un vote."


      Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender. A behavior of perpetrators of wrongdoing (especially sexual offenders), when accused of attacking their victim, reversing the roles of victim and offender.

      Just add that you will never forgive him for being murdered by JSIL.

      mcohen: "4.the palestinian leadership must take the deal trump is offering."

      Yep. They must subjugate to the will of Jews who claim to represent all Jews.

      mccohen: "5. i support all countries to move there embassies to jerusalem."

      Of course you support war crimes. And if a war crime becomes systematic/wudrespread it becomes a crime against humanity.
      You support crimes against humanity.

    • Naftush: "Pathetic is as pathetic does."

      So you are self aware.

      "Palestinian flags were hoisted all over the territories long before Oslo and a fortiori after."

      Before Oslo the flag was banned and Palestinians were imprisoned. And sicve Oslo some were still targeted and punished by the terrorist wing of the Zionist Apartheid Junta. Even in 2013 they detained and interrogated Palestinians for raising Palestinian flags on their cars in Jerusalem and eight others were pulled over by traffic police and fined 250 shekels ($65) for having Palestinian flags on their cars."

      Naftush: "The author claims that this man lost both legs for doing this and that he had been targeted. Possible but unlikely, like the rest of the article too “good” to be true."

      Pathetic Naftush, absolutely pathetic. His brother made the claim. But he must be a liar, because nobody has lost any legs after being targeted by Israel's institutionalized terrorists, right?

      Naftush: "f you had been the contributor, I bet you’d have identified the shooter as a medic just for the pathos value of it."

      Of course. Because it would be also to good to be true that Israel's medics murder defenseless Nonjews, right? Possible , but unlikely. Like you being honest.

    • Naftush: "Its weakness is that there is no IDF policy of shooting people dead for raising Palestinian flags."

      ROFL Cause we all know that the IDF only follows policies. Especially its medics.

      What a pathetic attempt, Naftush. Really pathetic.

  • Hamda Zubeidat, 60, dies when Israeli soldiers burst thru her door after midnight, hurling stun grenades
  • Israel passes 'anti-infiltration law' to speed up the deportation of African refugees
    • Dimadok: "TW, Jerusalem residents can apply for citizenship also ..."

      Sure, they "can" apply. As Nonjewish Israelis "can" apply for building permits or that they can apply live in an "only for Jews" community.

      Dimadok: "... , which they are doing more and more."

      You know, that you "can" keep in touch with reality, don't you? The numbers are going down, the vast majority declines to apply and the numbers of approvals have gone under 3%.

      "According to statistics obtained by The Times of Israel (PDF), between 2003 and 2013, Israeli citizenship was denied or delayed to about half of East Jerusalemites who applied for it. However, over the past three years, the processing of citizenship applications for East Jerusalemites has come to an almost complete halt. Between 2014 and September 2016, of 4,152 East Jerusalemites who applied for citizenship, only 84 were approved and 161 were rejected. The rest of the applications are pending — formally, still being processed."

      "Over the past decade, 2,641 of the 7,168 applications were approved, for an acceptance rate of 36.8 percent. By contrast, in 2015 the acceptance rate was 2.9 percent.

      Yeah, you "can" try to hide the ugly side of your Apartheid Junta. But you won't succed.

    • dimadok: "Off course bedouin too, thank you for asking.
      As one who served with them in IDF, ate, slept and fought with ones, I am particularly proud that Israel gave and continues giving Bedouin citizens their rights, contrary to any Arab state where Bedouin live, except Jordan."

      Oh, which other state than your beloved Apartheid Junta doesn't recognize their villages and has destroyed them more than 50 times?

      You must be very proud having served as a state terrorist.

    • dimadok: "@Talkback.
      You are full of it my friend.
      Show me one Arab country where there are a functioning and living Jewish communities and we can talk about apartheid."

      Why don't you show us ANY country besides your beloved Apartheid Junta that has to keep people expelled to maintain the dominance of its self declared fake "nation"? So much for being full of it.

      dimadok: "Meanwhile, 20% of citizens of Israel are non-Jews and enjoy full rights."

      No, they don't. Only "nationals" (aka Jews) enjoy full rights which citizens normaly enjoy. Your Aparheid Junta has even perverted the concept of citizenship in a similar way the Nazis did.

      Meanwhile it keeps millions of Nonjews expelled and denationalized who should have been Israelis according to customary law and human rights and as reflected in the partition plan which the Apartheid terrorist allegedly "accepted".

      dimadok: "BTW, Jerusalem residents can apply for citizenship also, which they are doing more and more."

      That's understable since your Apartheid Junta has no problem to revoke their residency rights to persue its Apartheid ethnic cleansing policy. It allready did in 14.000 cases and has ethnically cleansed another quarter of a million since 1967 and the Oslo accords from Gaza and the West Bank.

      dimadok: "It includes pogroms, revolutions, fight for independence, state antisemitism, street hate of Jews etc.
      It gives me a long perspective on what Israel is about and why it serves as national home for Jews."

      Yes, it's the change from being a victim to becoming a perpetrator.

    • Jack Green: "None are Jews because Israel takes in all Jewish refugees."

      Which proves the institutionalized racism of Israel. It doesn't take in Nonjews who fled or were expelled from its territory, but Jewish refugees and expelees who were not even living in this territory. Does it get more racist? Compare this to Germany after 1945 who allowed EVERYONE despite their faith and heritage to return to Germany after they had fleed from or were expelled by Nazi Germany.

      Jack Green: "Also, let’s remember that 6 million Jews died because majority-Christian & majority-Muslim countries refused to take in Jewish refugees."

      That's blatant holocaust denial. They "died", because they were murdered by Nazi Germany. And please feel free to elobarate how Zionist Jews lobbied goverments (for example the US) to prevent taking in Jewish refugees to make sure that Palestine will be their only and unwanted destination.

      Jack Green: "Israel was created to be a majority-Jewish country because majority-gentile countries had failed to provide safety for their Jewish citizens. If Israel takes in too many gentiles, it will no longer be majority-Jewish. Unfortunately, there still is a need for a majority-Jewish country because Jews are still targeted for being Jews."

      Unfortunately this goal can only be accomplished by targeting and failing to provide safety for the Nonjewish citizens of Palestine who should have become Israeli citizens, but were expelled by Jews.

      To you really believe that Jews have the right to expell, dispossess, disenfranchise and denationalize others like Nazi Germany and prevent their return? That Jews have the right to create a state without any referendum and against the consent of those who are concerned? And without even becoming a constitutive people like the Americans, the British, the French and any other state in the world which is not an Apartheid state? Do you really believe that Israel - like Nazi Germany - has the right to differentiate between nationals (aka Jews) and "citizens" to privilige the former while discriminating the latter and create institutionalized racism?

      You represent/support the worst of all. Those who didn't learn anything from the Holocaust when it comes to universal human values. You just represent/support those who became the next perpetrator of crimes against humanity and who violate against international law and human rights. Who conquer territory through war and become a majority through massacring and expulsion the native populatiom. Who steal land and resources and illegally annex or occupy territory and settle in it. You represent the worst or settler colonialism and its inherent racism, terrorism and oppression.

      Shame on you and every racist inhumane scumbag you represent and support.

    • dimadok: "Israel interests are focused on self-preservation as independent, sovereign state for all of its citizens, enabling Jewish national self-determination, cultural preservation of all inhabitants and protection of Jewish history and education."

      Yes, full bore Apartheid. All Israelis are citizens. But some citizens are even more citizens than others and called nationals (aka Jews). Only Israeli nationals have all rights that come with citizenship in other real democracies. And yes, national self determination only for Jews. Cultural preservation of all inhibitants? What a pathological lie. Israel razed more than 400 villages, destroyed more than 1000 mosques in and since 1948 and expelled or revoked citizenship/residency rights of more than 1,25 million Nonjews. And yes, only protection of Jewish history and education while Palestinian history is criminalize. Like I said, full bore Apartheid.

      You just have to be proud, don't you?

    • Dimadok: "Unfortunately, it is never enough when it comes to Israel and that is precisely why Israel should and does consider its own interests and its own citizen as the priority, contrary to some selective implementation of the international law."

      ROFL. Which implementation of international law is selective despite the Zionist interpretation?

  • Neoconservatives may finally get their war with Iran, from Donald Trump
    • Kay24: "The irony is, Nikki Hayley was so outraged about “finding” Iranian weapons in Yemen, she forgot to mention that weapons “Made in the USA” could also be found easily, at the hands of those bombing, and killing, innocent civilians in Yemen, the good ole Saudi’s."

      Israel's hipocrisy has infected the US. And 'finding' allegedly Iranian weapons right now to divert from the backlash of their Jerusalem policy is more than ludicrous.

  • Child of 12 is roughed up, then detained, by Israeli forces in occupied Hebron
    • Nonjews should thank god that the selfdeclared "Jewish" kind of "democracy" is restricted to a small territory:

      "The soldiers then cuffed [Fawzi al-Junaidi] with plastic cuffs that caused bruises and lacerations in his skin, and blindfolded him, before taking him away, after he lost his shoes, and again, started kicking and beating him, while hurling insults.

      The child stated that he asked the soldiers to bring him his shoe, but they removed his other shoe instead and forced him to walk barefooted.

      He was later placed in a dark room, while some soldiers poured cold water on his feet before repeatedly stomping on them.

      The soldiers continuously beat and clubbed the child, causing cuts and bruises to various parts of his body, and tried to send him to Etzion military base, north of Hebron, but the administration there refused to receive him due to his serious injuries.

      He was moved to an Israeli hospital ..."

    • And their deportation to Israeli jails is just another war crime in the endless list of this Apartheid Junta.

    • Institutionalized and racist child abuse. Typical for the Zionist Apartheid Junta in Paletine.

  • A Thousand Voices for Truth. Add Yours!
    • Well Emet. Here is some info on Hamas for you.

      "We established Hamas to fight the Israeli occupation, which invaded our country, Palestine, displaced us, demolished our villages and cities, massacred us and occupied our homes."

      Seems noble, doesn't it? Wouldn't you fight an occupation which invaded your country, displaced you, demolished your villages and cities, massacred you and occupied your homes? You would, wouldn't you? And you would rightly call THIS "defense" and not the mentioned atrocities and crimes against humanity commited by Zionist invaders.

      "[We fight Israel, because] it occupied our land, killed many of us before, during and after the 1940s and expelled us from our homes."

      Understandable isn't it? You would do the same, wouldn't you?

      "The Israelis, or let me say the Zionists, are those who occupy our land and who violate our rights. Those who are still committing atrocities against us. The Jews are followers of a religion that we respect. We are not hostile to Jews per se, wherever they are, but we are hostile towards the Zionists, whether they are Jews or not, because of their attachment to Zionism, which is not Judaism."

      Fair enough. It's not against Jews as such, but against those Jews who commit atrocities and crimes against humanity against the Palestinians. You would do the same, wouldn't you?

      "Question: If one day you have liberated Palestine, would you allow the Jews to live with you?

      Answer: Of course, we would allow them to live with us even if there were millions of them. We do not have any problems with the Jews. If you look back at history, Jews lived relatively prosperous lives under Islamic rule whenever and wherever it was.

      Before the Zionist occupation of Palestine, a lot of Jews lived with the Palestinians in our land as they are now living with the Arabs and Muslims in other countries."

      Who knew? Contrary to the Zionist Apartheid Junta Hamas doesn't want and need to massacre, dispossess, disenfranchise or denationalize anyone. And I always thought they were racist scumbags, too.

      At last but not least:
      "Hamas has never thought, and never will, about targeting people who do not raise guns against the Palestinian people. At one point, though, Israeli aggression against the Palestinians increased and reached an unbearable degree. At the same time, the security cooperation between the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority undermined all resistance efforts. It was as a direct result of this that the Hamas military wing carried out these kinds of bombings in an attempt to deter Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.

      However, the Israeli occupation does not care about civilians. We do not use its combat rules. It is not just us, but also the rest of the world, who know that Israel was founded on the bodies of Palestinian civilians and that it has never stopped targeting civilians. Despite this, we do not follow its example in our resistance to its military occupation.

      Today, as we have other effective resistance means, we do not use such bombings. It was a stage in our past and we have moved on."

      Now what do you think about that? And let me tell you that Hamas offered Israel a couple of times to stop targeting civilians on both sides, but Israel refused to accept this. That's understandable too. No violence, no settler colonialism. We all know that the Zionist eternal goal to conquer all Palestine could have never been achived by peaceful means without the consent of the population. Zionism is not only inherently settler colonialism and racism: It's inherently violence and terrorism against civilians, too. And you know it, no matter how much you and your beloved Apartheid Junta need/s to spin it.

  • 'Leftist' Israeli general threatens to 'tear the Palestinians apart' and 'toss them across the Jordan'
  • Times super-Zionist Bret Stephens commits fallacy and falsehood, on Jerusalem
    • Eljay: "And I agree that Israel should continue to exist."


      Eljay: "But unlike you Jewish supremacists, I do not agree that it should continue to exist as a deliberately and unapologetically oppressive, colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist state."

      How else?

    • eljay: "– retain a religion-based identity (by accepted the identity that’s associated with being descended from someone who underwent a religious conversion)"

      I agree with your definition, eljay. But Zionists will always challenge yours with their definition of a "people". And by using this ambigous term they are claiming that Jews are a people as the French, the British, the Americans, etc. and therefore have a right to national self determination, too.

      So instead of using your definition of what you think Jews are, why don't you use a legally relevant definition of what they are not?!

      Jews are not a CONSTITUTIVE people lilke the French, etc. They do not represent the whole population which lives in a certain territory. And they are never going to be one. And this contrary to any other group of people striving for national self determination. If the Scots, Catalans, Kurds or anybody else what to have an independent state, they - as a people - will become a CONSTITUTIVE people. From simply being a "people" they will become a nationality, the nation of a state. And anybody who acquires the citizenship of their state will become a member of this constitutive people (aka "nation"), too. Jews simply can't do that and they never will, because at the end of the day they ARE a religion based group and only allow others becoming a member by religious conversion.

      And people don't have the right to national self determination (which means a state) who don't want to be its constitutive people of the statte, but only the dominating ethnic or religious sub group.

      What do you think?

    • Nathan @ Misterioso: "Even if it would be clear to that, indeed, there was an ancient Kingdom of Israel, you would still be against the founding of modern Israel."

      ROFL. Since when does the existence of an ancient Kingdom justify a terrorist coup d'etat to create a state within a state without the consent of its population? Are you pro-ISIL or only pro JSIL?

      Nathan: "So, what is the point of all the nonsense that the kingdom lasted only 75 years? "

      Oh really? So Zionists want to create an exclusive claim based on only 75 years of ruling thousands of years ago? ROFL. That's beyond crazy.

      Nathan: "A state is founded, and that’s it."

      Might is not right. That's your problem. You justifcation is only based on colonialism and its inherent violence against the native population, and that’s it. The foundation of this setter entity in the post Nazi era is as anachronistic as any reference to the bible from you or your King of the Nutters.

    • oldgeezer: "That’s cool. I never knew I could learn to speak aramaic or arabic and become a semite. I guess I’ll do that and claim to be indigenous."

      Of course. If you learn to speak Hebrew you become Israeli, too. And that's exactly what echi meant, right?

    • catalan: "Why is it important to have ancestors who have lived in the proximity of one’s current residence?"

      Ask Zionists. This ridiculous and pathetic bunch of people argue that Jews have an exclusive right to Palestine, because they (and only they) are the descendants of ancient Jews and the Nonjews of Palestine are not. In their tiny brains the think that this would be somehow legally relevant and that a couple of hundred years of ruling thousands of years ago would outweigh Paletinian presence for the last thousand years. See Netanyahu pointing to the bible as if this would outweigh international and human rights law of the 21st century. Backwarded racist barbarians. I wouldn't be surprised if this nutcase would argue that Jews have a right to commit genocide, because it is written in the bible, too.

    • Nathan: "If Prof. Levine thinks that the Jews are not a “recent nation”, ..."

      For the second time. He argues that the IDEA that Jews are a nation is a recent IDEA.

      Nathan: "The book of Prof. Sand is really quite unimpressive, but it is an attack on the legitimacy of Israel – so by definition it’s a great book."

      ROFL. Because Nathan thinks that Prof. Sand books attacks the legitimacy (the what?) of Israel it is by definition "really quite unimpressive".

      Nathan "Prof. Levine didn’t notice that a “recent” nation is nevertheless a nation – and it slipped by the editor as well."

      For the third time: He argued that the IDEA that Jews are a nation is a recent IDEA.

      Nathan: "I think it’s fine to remind everyone that other Jews sees themselves as an ancient nation. No one has a monopoly on identity."

      More important. Jews are not a nation in the relevant legal sense, because their is no Jewish nationality which could be acquired by becoming a citizen of any state. They are only a (sub-) "nation" within citizenship and therefore as such don't have a "right" to a state in Palestine. Contrary to the Palestinians who have been a constitutive people from the get go. Jews are not the people of Palestine and they are not the people of Israel either. Israel doesn't have a constitutive people according to its supreme colonial Junta court.

    • Annie: "note how for nathan the center of everything revolves around him, jews and jewish narrative."

      Well, since Zionists in general can't base any of their ludicrous claims on universal human values they have to resort to judeocentric supremacism.

      There's no way on can support Zionuism withough assuming that Jews are more privileged than Nonjews in Palestine. Being a Zionist you just have to be racist whether you like/know it or not. Unfortunately to far to many Jews think or believe that they have a right to be racist.

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