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  • Contradicting Israeli officials, family of Tarek Abu Khdeir says he was attacked while in uncle's Jerusalem backyard
    • Baloney, Yonah. as a veteran of more marches than I can count, the use of face coverings is one of three things: (1) the protester is young and stupid and wants to look "cool.". that, however, is the very rare exception. (2) people who do not want to be photographed because they feel retaliation by the authorities merely for expressing their views. And in this day of facial recognition software, this is becoming more and more important. that is rare but becoming more numerous. (3) The third, and most numerous, of course, are people who are experienced and who expect to be hit with teargas. This is such a common occurrence at Palestinian protests, & given the barbaric overreliance one such weapons by the Israelis, that I would be surprised that any one marching in protest to anything Israeli government does isn't wearing some face cover.

    • So the Zionist lies continue. No surprise.

  • 'Let's talk about Zionism,' is message at July 4 parade in Wellfleet, MA
    • Well, call me cynical, but this sounds like so much crying after the shooting. The real test will be if there is any change in real life.

  • Caught in a lie: E-mails prove right-wing pro-Israel donor Adam Milstein gave money to California student candidates
    • No, I don't think we do. I don't see how the fact that the checks are sent to one address rather than another really makes a difference.

    • "I believe the email asked them to contribute to the party."

      Your belief is wrong. While he mentions the party, he discusses the individuals at length and notes that they've asked Millstein to reach out and ask for contributions "necessary for their campaign fund."

      "For me it is."

      Because you're clearly wrong and have an inability to simply admit it and move on.

      "I’d have the same response if these were BDS activists and the shoe was on the other foot."

      Your history here demonstrates otherwise.

      "Administrative convenience? What’s more convenience than giving directly?"

      Giving directly means that they would have to reveal personal address information (or they would have to rent a PO Box). Whereas if they have the money sent to Hillel, that does not become an issue. Thus, more convenient.

      "I don’t think anyone made that suggestion."

      Actually, I think that's a fair way to describe what you're positing that Millstein did here.

      "You’ll believe anything he says, no matter how shoddily he puts it together."

      LMAO. No. I had no opinion on the matter until I actually read the emails for myself. Alex was scrupulously fair in his reporting.

      "OK. In a court of law, the accuser has to produce the original, not the accused."

      LMAO. And under the Best Evidence Rule in the common law system, the party claiming a document is fake has the burden to produce evidence to substantiate that claim.

      "I think it’s far more disturbing that the BDS movement is trying to censor pro-Israel voices on campus, and makes little secret of it."

      Well, since we have all these traitors running around trying to get our public schools to swear allegiance to an alien state, who can blame them??

    • "Same goes for a donation to a 501(c)(4), which I think is the closest analogy here."

      You're crazy. The email said, in essence, send these two money, they need it immediate for their campaign fund.

      "Did Alex call Milstein back and confront him with this allegation that he gave Hillel money to avoid giving it directly, like, you know, journalists are supposed to do? "

      Pathetic. This isn't about Alex's journalism, it's about the fact that Aved and Millstein appear to be absolute flat-out liars, but because they're pro-Israel Jews, you're defending them, regardless of the facts.

      "And if there’s absolutely no bar on his giving the money direct to the party, why would he bother going through Hillel in the first place?"

      There could be many reasons, including administrative convenience. But the point is, that the emails simply belie the suggestion that this was some innocent email to donate to Hillel.

      "before he makes accusations that he can’t sustain."

      LMAO. Oh, he fully sustained these.

      "Milstein alleged the email might have been doctored with.'

      Then he can produce what he is claiming is the originals. Absent that, I will conclude the alleged doctorer was the "real killer" OJ's been looking for all these years.

      "In any event, it should disturb you just a bit that someone made this story by leaking private emails."

      I think that an organized campaign to make a public university in the USA have "allegiance to Israel" is much, much more disturbing.

    • "Which is Bruins United, the party they asked Milstein to support."

      No, actually "their cause" was identified in the email as the fact that Oved and Baral were "campaigning to be elected to the student senate." But more to the point, Millstein's not asking them to give to Hillel, he's asking them to give to Oved and Baral, or as Bruins United, (which Millstein lied and said he didn't donate to).

      So either way, you were absolutely wrong in claiming that Millstein was only making a request for people to give to Hillel. Further, given the blatentness of the emails, I wonder whether you even bothered to read them, or whether you simply looked to see what Oved and Millstein said about them and them repeated them as gospel.

      "I know you think using the term 'money laundering' is ok here, but it really is not. Money laundering is a legal term."

      Given Hillel's role in this sordid affair, the euphamism "money laundering" might be legally off, but it is morally and ethically correct.

    • “Technically, you may be correct that Milstein did not ‘lie,’ if you narrowly define that word as saying something that is entirely untrue. ”

      I don’t even think he’s correct on a technicality. In the emails, Millstein states that he’s raising money for Oved and Baral’s “campaign fund” and that Millstein is giving $1,000. In Oved’s email, he thanked Millstein for his “generous donation” and signed it “Avi Oved, Avinoam Baral, and the Bruins United Political Party at UCLA.” Knowing that “Bruins United” was the party underwhich the group “Bruins for Israel” ran, it seems clear that the email show that Millstein’s statement: “I did not give money to Avi. I did not give money to Bruins for Israel. I did not give money to Bruins United,” was a lie. Technically or otherwise, it was a lie.

    • "And although he told other donors to earmark the checks for 'UCLA Student Government Leaders,' that is a far cry from showing that they were meant to go to any group specifically. "

      Except that Millstein's own email give lie to this claim. He specifically said that he was asking the recipients for money because Oved and Baral needed money for Oved and Baral's "campaign fund." He was asking specifically for them, not for anything to do with Hillel.

      "It is for the internal election that Milstein apparently contributed money."

      Agains, Millstein's email proves that to be false. In the email he specifically notes that Oved and Baral are soliciting funds because they are "campaigning to be elected to the student senate under the Bruins United party at UCLA." And then, at the end, noted that he's "contributing $1,000 total." So this was for the general election and Millstein didn't say he had contributed, but that he is contributing.

      "He told the Bruin that the email thanking Milstein was sent in his capacity as a Hillel intern, and that the thanks was for Milstein’s donation to Hillel."

      And, as you might guess, Oved's email give lie to that claim. In the email (with the subject "Bruins United at UCLA"), after noting that he was "prepared to make sure that UCLA will maintain its allegiance to Israel..." and expressing excitement at representing "...the ideologies of Israel...," he signs the email:
      "Avi Oved, Avinoam Baral, and the Bruins United Political Party at UCLA."

      In fact, there is no mention of Hillel anywhere in the email, save for in his signature block, between noting his position with the "UCLA On Campus Housing Council" and his position with "Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity."

      "You just don’t have all of your facts straight, Alex"

      LMAO. No, Alex actually paid attention to the facts and didn't just spit back lies the pro-Israel people asserted, like you did.

    • "I see a request from a candidate, and an email from Milstein encouraging others to give to HILLEL, not the candidate’s specific campaign."

      Then you're blind, because in Millstein's email he is specifically asking the recipients for donations on behalf of Oved and Baral and states that "[t]hey have asked me reach [sic] out to the pro-Israel community in Los Angeles and to anyone else who is wililng to support their cause and ask for contributions IMMEDIATELY necessary for their campaign fund." And then he lists the money launderer, Hillel.

      So, yes, he is asking them specifically to donate money to these candidates' "campaign fund."

    • "No, he denied giving money to the campaign. It is simply not a lie. It is the same difference between donating to a pro-Obama PAC and donating to Obama’s campaign."

      No, because a pro-Obama PAC can't simply forward the money to Obama, as it appeared that these donations "to Hillel" were forwarded to Oved (who is an intern for, you guessed it, Hillel. Imagine that. That's cozy.) No reasonable person can read Millstein's appeal to raise funds for Oved and Baral and their group "Bruins for Israel" (of course euphamistically or fraudulently running as "Bruins United") and Oved's email of thanks to Millstein, and not conclude that Millstein didn't donate money to the Oved's campaign. He's a liar. He thought he's be sneaky and devious by laundering money through Hillel while only denying that he gave it directly, but no one is fooled. (Except you. Fooled.)

      "I say to you again, just because you identified a couple of Jewish kids with Jewish-sounding names does not mean that they were the only candidates that Hillel supported."

      LMAO. Oh, please. Stop grasping at straws. This has nothing to do with "Jewish kids with Jewish-sounding names," it has to do with someone intended to use Zionist money to change the student government of UCLA, like they've done to the US government, in order to, in Oved's own words, "make sure that UCLA will maintain its allegiance to Israel..."

      These people can't appreciate that American universities (especially public universities) should hold allegiance to the USA. This sort of underhanded, shady maneuvers to make the University subservient to an alien is the problem, and is doubly so when outside money is solicited to aid in the destruction of that university.

      "Step outside your bigotry for a second and maybe you’ll see that."

      No, you need to step out of your bigotry for a second and you'll see that trying to make a publicly funded American university hold allegiance for any alien state is objectionable regardless of who is doing it.

    • "The guy gave money to Hillel to donate to pro-Israel candidates for student government. He did not give to candidates directly. There’s simply no lie here. "

      Yes, there is. He denied giving the money to the Islamophobe, yet he did, laundered through Hillel. That's a lie.

    • "The ethical taint? What is the ethical taint here?"

      Zionist money corrupting yet another American institution. Time to take our country back from those who would make it slaves for an alien state.

    • LMAO. hoppy's spinning so hard, there must be a threat here to a Zionist...

  • Israeli police and media collude to marginalize coverage of Muhammad Abu Khudair's murder
    • MahaneYehude1:

      Okay, thank you. I understood that the bubbles were added, but I was under the impression that the words "Important" and "Less" were on the original YNET news web site, and not added later. Thank you for clarifying that.

    • "neither Khedeir nor Dadon was killed on the day of the headline so its a moot point and your accusations are simply opinion."

      no, it's not a moot point. The point isn't about the day they were killed, but the fact that the police chose that exact time to make the other announcement. What is simply opinion? You deny that they had the press conference at the same time? you deny the works in the headline?

    • "The number of casualties doesn’t matter. What matter is the fact that over million Israelis (not only Jews but also Arabs and Bedouin) who are within 40 kilometers range from Gaza are being terrorized."

      And millions of Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank are more terrorized by the Israelis. Where is your condemnation of that?

      "Try to think for a minute ..."

      Why don't you try to think for a minute of what it is like to have your land stolen from you, to have your people ethnically cleansed, to be oppressed and occupied and illegally blockaded and terrorized on a daily basis for no reaoson than you're a non-Jews standing in a land a Jew wants to steal.

      "Also don’t forget that Israel pulled out of Gaza and removed all the settlements in 2005."

      And turned the whole place into an open air prison that you are slowly choking with an illegal blockade.

      "I’m also wondering what were you advising your government to do if dozens of rockets were shot on your city."

      I would tell them to stop oppressing and attacking the people that are fighting back.

    • "you really expect to read anything here but 99% biting and caustic remarks about the IDK or police?"

      Of course. In this situation where they are announcing that they've arrested 6 Jews for this horrific racist murder, to hold a simultaneous press conference anouncing the results of this months-old case is simply a demonstration of the racism of the system, as the story demonstrates.

      Could the three-month old story not waited a day? No, because then you wouldn't have the story of the Jew being killed as labelled "Important" and the story of the Arab being killed as labelled "Less important."

    • Thanks. I figured it was something like that.

    • Yeah, we doubted that before it became apparent that the video evidence prevented the Zionists from doing their normal routine of sweeping it under the rug.

    • Is there anyone who can translate that text in each of the bubbles?

    • Page: 73
    • And this is a window into the racist soul of that state, and it demonstrates the lies that the Zionists tell about it. Damn them all, and damn their media.

  • Three of six accused Israeli murderers said to confess
    • Because if they do, then maybe the media might forget that this whole region is Palestine.

  • Child's beating in Jerusalem brings unprecedented coverage of Palestinian experience to U.S.
    • "This is another in a series of incidents where you impute motives to me that aren’t there, I clarify for you what I meant, and you continue to tell me I meant something else."

      I am doing no such thing. I am saying that your initial answer was evasive and promoted by inference a false conclusion, because you're trying to narrow things beyond reason, rather than addressing the larger point, because you think it benefits your side.

      "What side did Jodi Rudoren take on the conflict before she went to cover it? "

      Well, if Jeffrey Goldberg will vouch for her, then I'd say she wasn't a neutral person. (And being a Hebrew speaker, how can she expect to understand the other side first hand?)

      "It’s largely because they’re Jewish that the pro-Palestinian movement doesn’t like them. "

      No, as Alison's great article demonstrates, it's because they've only been Jews and bureaus chiefs for the past few decades, because the coverage is pro-Israeli and because, after the fact, they admit that they tilted the reporting as much.

      "Weir wrote this before Rudoren wrote a word of reportage."

      Yes, and she wrote the article to decry the fact that the pattern appeared to be continuing, and with the hopes (since dashed, I believe) that Rudoren would be different.

      "She didn’t bother to mention that Sontag was one of the first American writers to challenge the Israeli narrative regarding the collapse of peace talks in 2000."

      Not specifically, no. But she did reference Sontag's work, very fairly, I thought, "It’s interesting to note that the Times’ only other female Jerusalem bureau chief, Deborah Sontag, often provided exemplary coverage; her term seems to have ended early."

      "Would you accept this for any other group?"

      Define "this"... because if you're saying, "would I accept a decades-long string of assignments that take one side of a conflict" then no, I wouldn't, but you don't seem to care, because you don't want to look at the actual results of what these people are doing.

      "Would you argue that African-Americans shouldn’t be assigned to cover inner-city neighborhoods? Would you argue that Arab reporters shouldn’t cover Egypt?"

      Neither of these are relevant in any way. I think that these beats should be assigned without regard for the background of the people. But I also would not stick my head in the sand and pretend that if people from the same exact background are, again and again and again assigned to a position, without fail, for decades, that there is no connection between the two. Especially when it is the site of an ethno-religious conflict and that unbroken string of bureau chiefs belongs to one of the ethno-religious blocks.

    • "I don’t take any of it personally, except when people do stuff like trying to publicly identify me presumably so that I’ll be too intimidated to post here, which I consider a safety thing for a variety of reasons."

      Intimidate? No. Don't flatter yourself. It's just busting stones because you freak out about it.

      "Media monitoring is an industry."

      This isn't about media monitoring. If your response to seafoid was to point out El-Khodary was an employee, but note that she left under circumstances that would have buttressed the notion that the NYT has a single pro-Israeli perspective, even if you expressed your disagreement with that conclusion, that would have been one thing. That would have been intellectually honest. Instead we got more of your usual crap of half truths, false implications and fevered defense of anything Zionist.

      "I do find abhorrent the idea that Jewish journalists are somehow suspect in the Middle East, a view that seems to have many adherents here."

      Only in your mind. What people find suspect is the "paper of record" constantly sending reporters who are Zionists or who have already taken sides in the conflict before their sent to cover it, and when it's only pro-Israel people who are hired.

    • " A great example is today, when seafoid claimed, completely incorrectly, that the NY Times had never employed a Palestinian correspondent to cover Palestine, and I pointed out that, in fact, they had from 2001-09. Woody Tanaka is calling me a liar because I didn’t mention the reason she left, as if I was obligated to do so to answer the question of whether the Times had ever employed a Palestinian to cover Palestine. "

      And you're lying about this again. seafoid's statement was made in the context of arguing about the NYT's having a single narrative. The fact that they had a Palestinian for 8 years covering Gaza does not rebut that statement when the reason she left lends credence to the notion that the NYT has a single narrative.

      Yes, you were obligated, because you knew or should have known that the implication that the bare factual assertion would have was a false one.

    • "In what universe? The question was whether the Times had ever employed a Palestinian to cover Palestine."

      No, the issue is whether there is only one narrative at the NYT and why. The Bronner affair demonstrates, in part, the why. Your mentioning El-Khodary without discussing her departure and the reasons for it was a clear lie of omission.

      "End of discussion for me."

      Yes, and that is the problem. You spin the facts and leave out those that go against what you are trying to imply.

      "If the question was about whether the Times had employed a Palestinian who left because she was upset over the Times continued employment of Ethan Bronner, and I denied that fact, THEN it would be a lie."

      No, the issue was about the narrative of the NYT and what causes that. In response to that, you lied.

      "LOL. No, it is not a form of constructive termination. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life. "

      I doubt it. You've no doubt heard yourself argue before. And behavior which is outside ethical journalistic practices (as was the case here) can be grounds for labeling this a constructive termination.

    • "Unfortunately, police/riot control types sometimes have a tendency to get testy when stones are thrown at them"

      And this boy was not doing anything wrong. So these terrorists-in-uniform engaged in this terrorist act for no reason other than he was Palestinian.

    • "Oh please. I don’t deny that she left or the reason. "

      No, you didn't address the issue at all. You used her name as supporting an inference, while failing to address the facts that demonstrate the falsity of that inference. That's a lie, however you slice it.

      "If your employer makes a decision you don’t like, and you leave, you were not forced out. "

      Nonsense. It's a form of constructive termination.

      "You can complain about the coverage until the cows come home and it is not going to make you more right."

      I don't need to complain about the coverage to be right. I am right.

    • "I didn’t fail to mention it. The allegation was that the NY Times never had a Palestinian covering Palestine."

      Yes, you did. Because the context was in the NYT's twisted reporting, and the reason for El-Khodary's departure affirms that context, while you were attempting to use her tenure to rebut it.

      "No one forced her. "

      Nonsense. The NYT forced her when it made an unacceptable determination to maintain Bronner after his kid's decision to join the IOF thugs inescapably cast Bronner in a conflict of interest situation, making his wholly inappropriate there.

      "they may have never had a Palestinian appointed as Jerusalem correspondent"

      Which is a problem, seeing as how the city is planted in the heart of Palestine.

      "But, hey, what’s the problem, exactly?"

      The coverage of the conflict by the NYT aids and abets the criminality of the Zionist government by creating a false picture of what is happening to the Palestinians. That's what the problem is.

    • Yes, Gaza. Gaza is only one small part of Palestine, as "Gaza" does not include either the West Bank or the areas occupied by the Zionists. Also, you failed to note that El-Khodary's tenure with the NYT came to an end in protest to the decision of the NYT not to sack Bronner, when his son joined the I"D"F as a terrorist-in-uniform and the paper failed to remove him for his unavoidable conflict of interest.

    • Well, it just goes to show you that when Obama is bought, he stays bought.

    • Ron Dermer should be tossed out of the US and the Israeli embassy flattened to the ground. The Israelis have poisoned the soil of the US for too long with their lies and excuses. I'm surprised that they didn't claim that this innocent boy wasn't planning on setting off a nuke.

  • After brutal police beating, Palestinian-American Tarek Abu Khdeir, 15, sentenced to home arrest without charge
    • "I also think Netanyahu should pull a King Hussein and offer to visit the Abu Khdeir family to demonstrate his opposition to racist attacks."

      But he clearly isn't opposed to racist attacks. His whole political life has been one giant series of racist attacks on Palestinians. What he opposes is opposition to Jewish political dominance and Judeo-supremacism.

      Such an offer coming from him would be like an offer by the head of the KKK to a black family of a lynching victim back in the 1930s, after the incendiary rhetoric by that same head of the KKK led some of the Klansman to commit the lynching.

    • "Sounds like you want an all out war. How peaceful of you."

      No, it sounds like taxi is rightly damning the cowardly zionist leaders for starting the conflict in the first place, rather than seeking peace.

    • “those murderers were not acting like Jews, we are not like that.”

      That line is as racist as it gets; this is like "white people are the pinnacle of evolution" level racism.
      Jews are no more or no less capable and willing of committing heinous brutality and acting in the most inhumane fashion, as any other people on the planet and pretending otherwise is disgusting.

    • What the kind of state sentences people without charging them, when they are the victim?? God, what a satanic system the Zios have there. Absoluely disgusting.

  • Video: Jewish mob chanting 'Death to Arabs!' stops cars in Jerusalem to check drivers' ethnicity
    • "and of course, everyone should also forget there are still child murdering suspects running around loose with the aid of some in Palestinian society"

      When the Israelis regularly start turning the I"D"Fers and "police" who assault and kill Palestinians, over to the Palestinian authorities for trial and imprisonment, then perhaps you'd have cause to complain.

    • " I can only surmise that the reason Arabists get so upset when Israel makes that claim is because they are embarrassed about the depth of the problems in Arab countries. "

      No, it's because it's not only a lie, but the brutality of the Jews is inflicted upon those same Arabs.

      "A word of advice: spend the energy you spend bashing Israel trying to improve Arab civil societies so that they put aside their religious and ethnic difference, and form sustainable democracies (something other than one-off elections that bring incompetent sectarians to power)."

      When the Jews in the Levant can run a state that does not require the blood of oppressed Palestinians, then perhaps you can talk.

    • "Jewish vigilantism is unfortunate, and virtually the entire Jewish world in the US and in Israel opposes this kind of thing. "

      LMAO. You people have been cheering on the Jews of Palestine as they committed "this kind of thing" against the Palestinians for over 70 years.

      "Seems to me these crazy vigilantes are far more indigenized to the ways of the Middle East than their more genteel brothers and sisters,"

      More anti-Arab bigotry from hoppy. Typical Zionist trash.

  • Beating of Florida teen in Jerusalem is getting attention in U.S.
    • "[n]either their member of Congress, Rep. Kathy Castor, [n]or their Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, [called] with words of support"

      Not surprised. They all know who they work for, and it ain't us Americans.

  • Chomsky and BDS
  • 'Cycle of violence' is the new narrative (and inaccurate, but a step forward)
    • No it hasn't. The prevailing, false, and racist narrative (forwarded by the Zionists, of course) has been the lie of "Jews 'miraculously' come 'home' to their 'homeland' and the Arabs try to kill them," rather than the truth: "hordes of European Jews invade a land solely belonging to another people, attempt a genocide and when unsuccessful, oppress them for generations without a shred of human mercy or decency."

  • Largest British union refuses to offer support for peace talks
    • " It allowed Jews into Palestine after the war only under great international pressure."

      It had no right to let anyone in, without the approval of the Palestinians.

      "Israel is a net positive. "

      LMAO. No, Israel is an unmitigated evil.

  • Autopsy report shows Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burned to death; reports spread of other possible abductions
    • Phil,
      In my opinion, approving this comment is a mistake. This is literally "Jews have horns and murder Christian children for matzohs" level racism. While there is some value in publicizing it, it should also be accompanied by a banning of the poster. There might be value to discussing the bigotry in the comment and the coverage of the Palestine issue in the US (and I agree that this reflects the disgusting level of racism in many Americans on this issue), there is none in permitting this poster to continue to spew this stuff here.

  • In Photos: Anger over Abu Khdeir death pours into the streets in Bethlehem
    • Interesting that the Moldovan would want to kick out native Palestunians but doesn't seem to have a problem with rhe racist, rioting Jews chanting "Death to Arabs" or Netanyahoo's pogrom across thw West Bank and Gaza. Time to ship that racist back to his Moldovan homeland.

  • Murdered teen laid to rest, as tensions flare in Shufat
    • " that person’s name will be remembered as a curse, not as a blessing."

      LMAO. Yeah, when the Jews destroy the gravestone/shrine to Baruch Goldstein, and Meir Kahane is remembered as a curse, then this baloney will be believable.

  • Video: Israeli border police brutally beat Palestinian youth (Update)
    • "Both of these young Palestinians were slightly built– no threat to armed sadists."

      Oh, they were threats, all right, with their unforgivable non-Jewishness and their existence as Palestinians in Palestine, they were threats all right.

  • Please, pray for Palestine
    • "Who uses a funeral procession as cover to throw rocks?"

      No, you racist, the "police" barbarically attacked a funeral procession. The Zionist Human Animals first attacked and burned this kid alive and then don't even have the basic humanity to let them bury him in peace.

    • MY1,

      "Many Jews were attacked, beaten and their cars were burnt. "

      Well, I hope by now you Israeli Jews see the error of your ways in electing a sociopathic devil like The Human Animal, Netanyahoo, as PM, since this car burning was a direct response to him deciding to unleash a pogrom against the Palestinians.

    • EI and 972 have stories of the Israeli "police" in attacking the funeral (after letting the Jewish Nazis chant "desth to Arabs") and in beating a bound Palestinian. Israel is a diseased society filled with diseased people. All of the politicians in charge, the terror forces (I"d"F and "police" as well), I say damn them all.

  • Visit to Hebron (or How can I explain this living hell to a nice liberal Jew in Brookline?)
    • "Because it’s a rumor."

      Didn't stop them from launching a pogrom on the rumor that Hamas had something to do with the three Jewish males' deaths...

  • Senator Rand Paul pens over-the-top pander to pro-Israel crowd
    • Oh, come on. Take your head out of the sand. Paul is a donkey fellator like the rest; not a dime's worth of difference.

  • In Shuafat, Palestinian family delays funeral of murdered teen to search for answers
    • By the manner of this "investigation", as well as the instigation by Mr. Human Animal, Netanyahoo, the Zionist government is complicit in this murder.

  • After repeated calls for vengeance, Netanyahu urges Israelis to be 'cool-headed' and seek 'justice'
    • "where are the marches to end and destroy the state of Israel?"

      So in your view, the state of Israel can only exist if it oppresses and commits crimes against humanity on an ethno-religiously bigoted manner? That it is inherently and unavoidably a criminal Apartheid state? Kind of justifies every act taken against it by its victims, doesn't it?

    • "The propaganda and ignoring many important events "

      What important events? Sure, there are a few people marching against violence, now that a tiny bit of the violence you people dole out to the Palestinians every day has been returned to you. But so what?

      Where are the marches to end the violence and discrimination against Palestinians?
      Where are the marches demanding that the I"D"F thugs that murdered the boys on Nakba day be arrested and imprisoned for murder?
      Where are the marches demanding that the police and other government officials who are refusing to investigating and otherwise making a mockery of the proceeds concerning the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir?
      Where are the marches demanding that the Apartheid Wall be destroyed?
      Where are the marches demanding that the settlements be evacuated and all Israelis and Israeli military be pulled back behind the green line?
      Where are the marches demanding an end to the illegal blockade of Gaza?
      Where are the marches demanding an end to practices of home demolition, kidnapping and punitive detention and targeted murder with no regard for the innocents killed?

      Nowhere, that's where. Why? Well the cushy Jews in Tel Aviv WANT those policies, that violence, that oppression, they vote for it, because it lets them live out their Jewish-Disneyland fantasy. So if they're marching today, it's only because they want a return to the time when they were cushy and unthreatened and the Palestinians were safely oppressed, out of sight and quiet. When they're calling for the destruction of the racist Zionist system, then get back to us.

    • I was calling your statement stupid, not you. It's not name-calling to point out when someone makes a stupid statement.

      And my unleashing a pogrom on the Palestinians, terrorizing the populations of the West Bank and Gaza, inciting vigilante attacks and and destroying people's homes before an arrest was made let alone a conviction demonstrating that anyone did anything is mot bringimg anyone to justice (even if we credit the nonsensical notion that a Palestinian can get justice in the Zionist "justice" system), it's criminal racist terrorism. Calling them "calls for vengence" is a whitewashing. Netanyahoo's acts were crimes against humanity.

    • Don't be stupid. From the article of Allison's that Phil referenced in the very first sentence of this article:

      "No matter where they hide, we’ll reach them until the last one and we’ll take our revenge," [Netanyahu] said, continuing, "We’ve already demolished homes," referencing the demolition of the Qawasmeh and Abu Aisha houses, where at that very moment two families were condemned to living in rubble for the crime of being a relative to someone.

      So, no, Benji the Human Animal was not saying that God was going to avenge them, he was saying he, himself was. (Although given the fact that he is a sociopath with a narcissistic personality, he may think he is God.)

    • "We will pursue all those who had a part in the murders of Gilad, Eyal and Naftali and we will catch them"

      And Netanyahoo can't spare a second to also pledge to pursue the murderers of Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir. Because, of course, the human animals who lynched him, murdered him and burned his body beyond recognition are almost certainly a couple supposedly same life sanctifing and compassion sanctifying Jews.

  • SodaStream launches 'mixologist' competition as brand sags
    • "Supposedly it will provide jobs for hundreds of Bedouin men and women."

      None, no doubt, in management.

    • "The shop was never given a chance of fair trade.”

      LMAO. The irony of an Israeli or its supporters complaining about "fairness."

  • Liberal Zionists' denial of Israeli racism heightens danger to 'everyone living in this land' -- Blumenthal
    • Well, after Jews marching around chanting "Death to Arabs" as The Netanyahu Pogrom was in progress, what do you expect?

    • "Many people who have long supported and contributed financially and by commentary to Mondoweiss are not even Jewish or rich, or even “well-off.” I am one of them. Anybody else want to “fess up?”"

      I'm not going to play that game because it feeds into the Israeli/Zionist narrative, which is to focus exclusively on Israeli identity, Jews and Jewish history and Judaism as a religion.

      Those things are wholly trivial and marginal at best to what should be the key and only issue and that is whether or not one people can oppress another based on their ethno-religious (or racial or liguistic, etc.) background. As soon as you start engaging the question of justice for the Palestinian from the Jewish perspective, you've lost the game, because then everything from Hitler to Torquemada to Mel Gibson will be used to mask the fact that the Israelis are, objective, doing evil.

      In my mind, when someone raises one of the Jewish issue, the only proper response is "Jews aren't entitled to oppress non-Jews simply because they're non-Jews, so nothing more has to be said about the 'Jewish character' of the conflict."

  • A Selfie of the Potential Murderer as a Young Man
    • For love of Pete, the article is FOUR PARAGRAPHS LONG. If you can't comprehend it on your own without someone holding your hand and explaining what all the big words mean, then please, abandon your account and go feed pigeons in the park.

  • The Aftermath: Home demolitions and dead Palestinian teen follow Netanyahu call for revenge
    • "'Firecrackers'. Let’s be clear: those rockets are potentially lethal and have caused injury and death."

      So what? If you people insist on warring on the Gazan people, then of course they're going to fight back. How dare you vote for a government specifically to kill and oppress Palestinians and then you dare complain when they fight back?? How dare you?

      "Their purpose is to kill Jews"

      Who cares? Are Jews somehow magical people who are supposed to be immune from retaliation if they decide to go out and murder someone??? What a racist statement.

      "and to terrorize the population."

      Good! You bastards have been terrorizing them for generations; it's justice that you get to experience a small bit back.

      "Firing at a civilian population is in itself a terrorist crime , same as shooting unarmed boys point-blank. No justification , ever."

      Nonsense. You decide to put government installations, police stations and military assets among the settlers who are squatting on the ethnically cleansed land of the Palestinian village of Najd, you get what you deserve.

    • Here's a challenge for you, jon s. Go live as a Palestinian for 40 years subjecting yourself to all the crimes that the Israeli public votes to inflict: the random murders, the denial of rights, the dehumanization, and see if you're still of the opinion that they've no right to defend themselves.

    • "Jews don’t kidnap or kill their own people."

      Yeah, I guess Levi Aron and Yigal Amir were actually Belgian Mormons.

      Go away, bigot.

    • "How do “scores” of oversized fireworks compare to the bombing raids that have been going on over Gaza over the past three weeks, jon s??"

      Didn't you hear, Bumblebye?? They stock with the magical "Promised Land" bombs that only kill guilty people, so it's okay.

    • "Over the last few days scores of rockets have been launched from Gaza, primarily towards the civilian population in Sderot."

      Oh, I'm sure the firecrackers were aimed at the government buildings, police stations and the military assets in the area. you can't blame the Palestinians if you illegally blockade them and then complain that they're not able to import more precision weapons.

    • When as many of the world's journalists (and pro-Israel ones, too) report from Gaza as do from Israel, then perhaps you have cause to call for Allison to go to Sderot to look at the firecrackers.

    • "We don’t know that the Arab boy was killed out of revenge. Circumstances suggest that, but there are many other possibilities."

      And when the three Jews were missing, you, of course, also forthrightly asserted that there was other possibilities than that they were "kidnapped" by "terrorists."

      Oh, no, of course not!!! That wasn't your tune then. After all, you are a hypocrite, they were your fellow Chosen People, this teen that got lynched is just an Arab, and the people who lynched him were probably also your fellow Jews.

      So OF COURSE now you're all like, "hey, plenty of other possibilities... Don't jump to conclusions... The dirty A-rabs murder their own children all the time!!!" Back then, of course your line was different (but the same in some ways), as you were all like, "No other possibilities.... Must conclude that it was a kidnapping by terrorists.... The dirty A-rab terrrorists want to murder Jews all the time!!!"

      "That’s just not characteristic of our behavior, given that Jewish tradition is obsessed with the dignity of a body, and the holocaust is still in our memory."

      Don't make me puke. You bastards burned up babies with white phosphorus during Cast Lead and are blackmailing the poor father of this kid, refusing to release his body until he signs on to your whitewashing of his murder. So much for the Israelis "obsessed with the dignity of a body."

    • My question: how many of those 1000 would march to end the occupation and provide a just peace with the Palestinians?? (I suspect that quite a few are perfectly happy or indifferent to violence when only Palestinians suffer, but perhaps I am too cynical.)

      "There are still sane people in Israel even if they are not well represented in politics."

      Well, I think that the current regime accurately reflects the barbarism of the Zionist public at large. After all, when the disgusting bigot, Ovadia Yosef, finally died, 850,000 turned out for his funeral.

      So, 1,000 against violence v. 850,000 to honor a vile racist seems to be about right for the Israeli public.

  • Change the narrative from 'cycle of violence' to occupation, JVP says
    • "I hate to agree with Hophmi and will likely need a shower after this post but trying to out people here is a sucky thing to do."

      Well, you may be right. But, as "just" noted, acting like a 9 year old is a pretty sucky thing, as well. So, deleting both posts is fine and probably for the best.

    • "Then say something – anything – about the Palestinian incitement that leads not only to kidnapping, but to Palestinian society celebrating kidnapping."

      Then you say something -- anything -- about the criminal Zionist occupation of Palestine and the satanic oppression of Palestinians -- and it the overwhelming support that brutality gets from Jews and Jewish organizations worldwide, that has led to the Palestinians taking such measures in response. You don't get to pretend that all of the Zionists' crimes of the past 100+ years never happened.

      "You don’t speak the truth. You speak the spin, like most people with a cause."

      LMAO. Considering that you favor the continued oppression of one group by another based on nothing but their ethno-religous background (of course, where it is your group that benefits; when it doesn't you sing a different tune, hypocrite), you really have guts.

    • 2014: “To hate Arabs isn’t racism, it’s having values. #IsraelDemandsRevenge.”

      1936: "To hate Jews isn't racism, it's having values. #TheReichDemands Revenge.

      Scratch a Zionist, uncover a fascist.

  • Chomsky supports portions of BDS agenda, but faults others, citing realism and int'l consensus
    • "Desmond Tutu is entitled to his opinion like anybody else but its it just false that there is any analogy between the two."

      Yeah, go Ziosplain to Tutu that he doesn't know Apartheid when he sees it.

    • Of course nothing. He's a PEP. He knows that the Jews in Israel aren't ever going to provide justice to the Palestinians; they have no real sense of justice, it seems. But instead of following the alleged principles he has, he lets his desire for Judeo-supremacism rule.

      The options as he sees it are all Jewish domination, either a continuation of the Apartheid setup that now exists, a Bantustan ("2 state solution"), or further ethnic cleansing/genocide of the Palestinians at the hands of the Jews. Since Palestinians are the only people which the PEP does not believe is entitled to human rights (seeing how it conflicts with the Jews dominance of Palestine), he wants the Palestinians to meekly accept the Jewish boot on their throats and not make a fuss about it, because if they do then he might have to actually think about the fact that he favors permitting one people to strip another of human dignity for no reason than their ethnoreligious background.

      Of course, he doesn't understand that BDS is designed to change that dynamic -- to squeeze the Israelis until they squeal so that they will provide a bit of justice to their prey.

    • "Ah, but there is virtually no bashing of the Presbyterians here, just of Chomsky and Finkelstein. Care to hazard a guess as to why that is?"

      Yeah because they passed this divestment. Not nearly far enough, but enough to say, "ok, they're doing there part."

      "Never overlook the obvious…"

      What? That you're a pathetic paranoid?

    • Typical PEP.

  • Turning blood into cement: Reflections on nationalist violence in wake of suspected revenge killing of Palestinian teen
    • I am sorry for your loss. There is no justice. Zionists are a people entirely devoid of any sense of justice or honor.

    • "how do you know that “sadly in Israel there is nothing one cold call ‘justice’.”"

      Because the Zionists have been oppressing another people based on nothing more than the fact that they're non-Jews for more than three generations.

  • Palestinian teen abducted from East Jerusalem and killed in suspected revenge attack
    • "…Because it didn’t happen in Israel."

      Ugh. How many times do you spearcatchers have to have it explained to you that the focus of this site is about the Palestine/Israel issue. If you want to see commentary on the Palestinian victims in Syria, then go visit a site about that issue; there you will see all the commentary on the issue you want.

    • "please, lets wait to the end of this case, I sure it will be soon."

      Why? Netanyahoo already blamed Hamas and unleashed his stormtroopers to execute a pogrom on the Palestinians well before "the end of this case." What's the difference?

      Oh, that's right, in one it was a couple Jews allegedly attacked by Palestinians and here the victim has the wrong kind of blood.

    • "If the Palestinian child was murdered by Israeli Jews, I hope the police will capture the murderers soon. "

      LMAO. Yeah, just like they captured the Israeli Jews who murdered the boys on Nakba Day. That is what happens in your so-called state: a Jew murdering a Palestinian is okay. I'm surprised that the murderers weren't given a promotion.

      "Great efforts are being made by the police to catch them including the use of police helicopters."

      Oh, police helicopters, okay. Are they going to invade all the settlements to search for them and maybe destroy a Jew's house or two?

  • The world's sympathy cannot be limited to Israeli victims
    • Of course, easier to make them "the other" when you do it that way.

    • "we are ...the main victims... of this cruel conflict. "

      You're insane. You stole their land, killed many more of them than they killed of you, continue to held millions of people without rights and you have the gall to claim that you are the "main victims" of this conflict??? You're out of your mind.

    • "It is about the time that you start realize and recognize that we are also victims."

      If you set out to steal a country from the people who are the sole and only rightful owners of the land and genocide or ethnically cleanse them in the process, and you hold that land and oppress those sole and only rightful owners in the process, and those people strike back at you as a consequence, then hell no, you are not "also victims." Are you out of your mind?

      There maybe victims among the Jews of Israel -- individual people who are actively working to break the Jewish hold on power in the Levant, to end the oppression of the Palestinians, to provide full compensation for their losses, to permit their full return to those who wish to, and to replace the diabolical Zionist system with one which provides full equality, political rights, human rights and civil rights to everyone from the Med to the Jordan -- who are nevertheless hurt in the struggle.

      But you Zionists, as a group especially, are not "victims," you are perpetrators. If you are injured or hurt or killed it is because Zionists declared war and you continue to fight it.

    • Your post demonstrates the issue: you assume the absolute best about Jews (even if they're lies) and the worst of the Arabs (even if you have to lie to do it) and your complaint is, essentially, that those you hate here on MW, refuse to assume the best of the Jews and the worst of the Arabs.

    • People aren't commenting on the fact that your English is very bad, but the fact that your English is very bad on some days and very good on others.

  • Photo Essay: Israeli soliders destroy Qawasmeh and Aisha family homes in retribution attack
    • "In 1949, professional armies fought declared wars between recognized countries. Civilians were not intentionally involved in hostilities. "

      You're an ignorant fool for many reasons, but not the least of which is your historical ignorance. In the Second World War, both sides specifically targeted the civilians of the other side. The Allied bombings of German civilians were self-declared terror bombings and Curtis LeMay admitted that if the US lost the war, he would be rightfully indicted as a war criminal over the attacks on Japanese cities.

      Israel has been pushing this idea for a long time so that they can indiscriminately kill Palestinians and get away with it. Go peddle that evil somewhere else.

    • "They are a clan of 10,000 "

      So there were 10,000 people in the car that abducted these three and their bodies were riddled with 10,000 bullets??? Otherwise then, no "the Qawasmeh family" is not responsible for these deaths, even if one or some of them might be. And if that is your contention, then put forth evidence other than "well, they're terrorsts" that they actually did anything.

      "The army did not just bust through the door as a sick game, it was with the purpose of finding a terrorist."

      And they destroyed the sink for what reason then??? Were they hiding in the sink??

      "Children should not be treated with such brutality."

      But apparently destroying some child's home is okay.

      "it is my belief that children should not be punished for the sins of their fathers."

      Unless they're non-Jews, in which case you seem okay with destroying their homes because of the supposed sins of their "clan."

    • "I love you Israel, I love you IDF, I love you the people of Israel. "

      When a pogrom is on going as we speak and the lives of millions of Palestinians are on the chopping block, this sort of cheering for the criminals should be a banning offense.

    • "Of course Israelis are proud of their sons and daughters."

      Yeah, nothing says "pride" like watching your young terrorists in unform torture innocent Palestinians... What a diseased society you Zionists have for yourselves there.

    • "just as the US media pretty much ignored that one of its own citizens was murdered"

      You're out of your mind. These 3 dead Jews were all over the news here. When Furkan Doğan was executed by one of you thugs, that was swept under the rug. Seems the news value of an American overseas has a blood componant.

    • "righto. Israel: the dumbest practitioners of ‘genocide’ that ever ruled"

      Yeah, let's see you people laugh off someone chanting "Death to Jews" and then you can talk. Until then shut your yap.

    • "Btw, you mean 80% of Israelis, surely."

      I mean every one who is okay with the destruction of Palestine and the oppression of the Palestinians. Less than 80%, but far, far too many, and, basically 100% of the ruling regime.

    • "What crime did the girl in the picture commit ?"

      To the zionist, she's guilty of the ultimate crime: she was born in Palestine with non-Jewish blood.

    • It's a pogrom. And the Palestinians would be well within their rights to respond in kind, with force. And since the Israelis, by this attack, have shown that they don't give a damn if someone is innocent or not, they've just made every Israeli, anywhere in the world a possible target. May they reap what they sow and this devilish act be cast back on the Israelis a hundred fold.

  • Israel needs no proof to kill Palestinians for teens' death, Israeli colonel says
    • You're, as typical, spewing garbage.

      The Israeli criminal said, "“We don’t feel that (such orders were) actually necessary,”... necessary for what?? Well, necessary for unleashing a murderous pogrom against innocent Palestinians in the guise of attacking those being blamed for this alleged murder.

      But wait, if the criminals in the I"D"F are attacking Palestinians, what proof do they have to justify that attack? Answer: “Israel needs no proof to kill Palestinians for teens’ death”

      Just because you eat up the horsecrap spewed by your hired criminals in your terror forces doesn't mean that it makes sense nor doesn't mean that anyone else buys it.

    • "Would this pass muster in any court of law anywhere?"

      Nope. Herschel Grynszpan murdered vom Rath in Paris and the Nazis used it as a pretext for holding the Kristallnacht pogrom. There are too many similarities here to be ignored, as an alleged murder here is being used as an excuse to launch a pogrom. Let us hope that the current pogrom in Palestine does not have the same results for the suffering victims as that one did.

  • Children's lives in the balance (is one worth more than another?)
    • jon s

      Oh, I stand corrected. You spent slightly more words on these two murdered teens than you did on the subject of schmaltz, but not as much as you do did discussing the Rolling Stones or badmouthing Pope Pius XII.

      So, you considered the life of 2 Palestinians more worthy than chicken fat. I guess that's an improvement.

    • "I absolutely agree that the murder of kids – any kids- is especially horrible."

      LMAO. Yeah, that might explain why you made no posts about the teens murdered by the Israelis on Nakba Day. Oh, wait, you did post. not expressing your newfound horror, but to infer the blood libel that the Palestinians themselves were responsible.

      I guess you were too busy posting about schmaltz and whether Phil favors the German football team and they of course are more important to you than the lives of those two non-Jews. I mean, shmaltz!

    • Yeah, that's the takeaway from this story. Not the fact that these lives are disposable when they're not Jews, but where on the map these squats are.

    • But Mohammed Jihad Dudeen wasn't a Jew and, sadly, that makes a difference in this world whether your death is mourned or brushed under the rug.

  • What did Israeli officials know about the missing teens, and when did they know it?
    • LMAO. So Naftali Frenkel had a mission to eradicate evil in the world??? How? By contributing to the theft of Palestinian land?

    • Netanyahoo and his co-conspirators were looking for an exuse to unleash a pogrom, and if it wasn't this, it would have been something else.

  • Among US expressions of outrage and condolence, Obama, Kerry and Rice identify with Israeli parents
    • Thank you very much for your condolences, sympathy and warm words.

      From Jerusalem, Israel

      P.S., now please look away while we murder some Palestinian children.

    • Interesting. No doubt not one of these people had any such expressions of grief and regret when the Palestinians boys were murdered on Nakba day. (Mr. Boteach, how many of you rabbis condemned their murderers???) They must have all been busy getting the car washed or something.

  • Missing Israeli teens found dead near Hebron; Netanyahu: 'Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay'
    • LMAO. Can we conclude that the noob, "jon66" is really Bradley Burston??

      Too bad he excised the second comment, taking it out of context, and missed the whole point of my comment, which had nothing to do with "kidnap denial" or "blaming the victim."

    • "I assume that Mahane Yehuda1 was expressing his pride in the high degree of empathy and solidarity expressed in Israeli society on this day."

      To hell with Israeli society. Where was that "empathy" when your terrorists in uniformed murdered those boys on Nakba day??? Nowhere; they weren't Jews so no empathy for them. Where was that "empathy" for those suffering through this pogrom?? Nowhere; they're not Jews so no empathy for them. Go stick your "empathy."

    • Netanyahoo: "They were abducted and murdered in cold blood by human animals."

      So we can use dehumanizing language now? We can call Zionist murders of innocent Palestinian "rats" and "animals" and "vermin"??

    • I propose a change in US law that requires the US government to treat supporters of the Zionist state in exactly yhe same way the Gazans are treated. maybe then they'll get it.

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