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  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • A short while ago this agnostc came across a video of Luciano Pavarotti singing Schubert's Ave Maria. Today, I should like to dedicate this emotionally resplendent hymn to a Jewish woman who knew terrible suffering, pain and loss to Ahed Tamimi and all the Palestinian girls and women who have to endure sadistic cruelty of a contemporary genocidal regime.

      “Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis (et eis)”.

    • "The 16-year-old, Ahed Tamimi, faces a possibly lengthy sentence so that Israel can maintain its honor."

      What honour? Do those cowardly yahoos even have the capacity to grasp what the word "honour" means? Hint: no, it does not mean firing a live bullet into their targets' faces, or into their genitals, or into the belly of pregnant women*, or shooting disabled Resistance fighters, or bombing Palestinian homes from the clear blue, unopposed by anyone, skies... *Does anyone remember the dizzyingly "honourable" - "Two for the price of one" line on the soldatens' t-shirts?

      "Peace Now urges separation: “the occupation corrodes Israel and its image, and will continue until Israel extricates itself from the Palestinians.”

      Maybe ghetto-israel should forget about the "image" thing since it is, by now, together with its PR machine, a 70-y/o failure, and join the rest of the world in considering the reality.
      Re the "extrication" -- as suggested elsewhere on MW there is the Jewish Autonomous Region and its undisputed capital, Birobidjan, that are still available and guarantee full extrication from the Palestinians and, bonus!, Palestine.

  • How a Palestinian girl from an occupied village emasculated the Israeli army
    • Jews have no exclusive right whatsoever to any part of Palestine. Claims based on a book of myths (Torah) that has no connection to historical reality, are irrelevant. Demands made by descendants of native pagan converts who had left their land volountarily at the end of the Antiquities do not constitute a basis for claims disconnected by 2000 years and the vast number of converts with no connection whatsoever to Palestine. Especially since there never was a state of Jewish israel, of even Judea - ever. During the Antiquities, Jews were one of a number of native tribes living under the constant threat of occupying forces, including the Romans.

      Jews who cannot bring themselves to live in peace among humanity do have an option. It's called the Jewish Autonomous Region with its capital in Birobidjan. There is a community who live there in peace and, blissfully, free of zios. The current obsession with ghetto-israel is driven by the white zios' desperate attachment to Europe that they so like to vilify in the incessant whines.

      All other adherents to the religion who are prepared to live in peace with natives of countries where the former elect to settle, are welcome. Including Palestine.

      (Sources: Finkelstein/Silberman "The Bible Unearthed", Shlomo Sand "The Invention of the Jewsish People")

  • 'Want to boycott Israel? Be my guest, there will be a pricetag' -- Israeli official warns Europe
    • Example of israeli antisemitism @21:00 “Newcomer, Arab Jews, sprayed with DDT and gassed, trying to clean them up before joining the European, Ashkenazi kids to play with them…” Is there anything that the israeli authorities have not copied from the Nazis? (rhetorical)

      The story about how the Arab Jews living the good life in Morocco were coerced into emigrating to the only "safe" country for Jews, is equally harrowing.

    • I+, Ms. Vera,

      Respect for Mr. Efrati, participants in Breaking the Silence (, and the Refuseniks.

    • Brummer: "BDS as we see it is only the symptom, the current face of something much, much, much deeper, much more established, much more ancient, and that is, the delegitimization of Israel as the Jewish state, as the homeland of the Jewish people. During history, many forces have tried to delegitimize us."

      Ancient, Mr. B, means 'since lots of centuries ago', not seven decades. There NEVER was an israeli state until 1948. And no one tried to delegitimize Jews. The "old testament" may be a sanitized version of the Torah myths, but it was never delegitimized by Christianity or Islam. Adherents of any religion are first and foremost ordinary people; some more decent or evil than others. The latter tend to cast their shadow over the former. E.g., Not all Germans cared for the Nazis, altho' most thought them useful following the brutal conditions of the 1918 "peace" accords. But to this day all Germans are the world's whipping boy. Conversely, not all Jews, including Israelis, are homicidal psychopaths, but the traumatic evidence of the state-sanctioned savagery reflects too far, too wide. and onto too many. Not fair? Life is a bitch.

      "Finally, some (demagoguery) quotes from Michelle Rojas-Tal, who works at Hillel International and the Jewish Agency. Rojas-Tal said that the battle on college campuses is to stop BDS as an illegitimate form of bigotry."

      So what does a legitimate form of bigotry look/sound like? And how is BDS a form of bigotry?

      “It’s an issue of hate and prejudice,” she said. “If and when BDS decides to rear its ugly face on a college campus, BDS needs to be stopped.”

      What is that woman's definition of hate and prejudice, vis a vis ghetto-israel's daily antisemitic, genocidal attacks on the Palestinians?

      "BDS has “absolutely no place on a college campus because it goes against the values that American academic institutions stand for. That’s the language we need to start speaking.”

      Umm, the First Amendment has no place on a college campus? How does MRT define college campus values?

    • "The former Israeli defence minister Moshe Dayan once said: “Our American friends offer us money, arms and advice. We take the money, we take the arms, and we decline the advice.” Those words have become only more resonant in the decades since they were uttered."

      It worked short term before. Time to try it again.

  • UN rapporteur urges sanctions on Israel for driving Palestinians 'back to the dark ages'
    • The brutality of ghetto-israel soldaten has just been ratcheted to a new level of antisemitic bestiality: shooting their Palestinian targets in the penis/vulva.

    • Keith,

      The times they are a-changin' and so are perceptions. The time has come to give the misleading and corrupt "core component" a kick that will land and bury said core deep in the landfill of History. N'est-ce pas?

    • JeffB,

      Your arguments clearly follow the old and very tired hasbara rules: first lob the ad hominem that makes no sense as per my argument that precipitated this exchange. My argument is against ghetto-israel's genocide, racism and apartheid, the destruction of the Palestinian infrastructure, and the unconscionable savagery of ghetto-israel's soldaten imposed on the sick, the old, and the children of Palestine. Where's the antisemitism here? My criticism is aimed at WHAT the foreign, endlessly belligerent, imposition on a sovereign country is doing. It is directed at Palestine's executioners pursuing their own version of the Final Solution of the Palestinians, whatever the executioners' own racial make-up that is of utterly no consequence to the issue at hand, beyond being corrupted to be used to intimidate and shut up.

      The ad hominem was useful to the 19th century zios vis a vis the scarcity of scientific info that was only just being brought to light by archeologists. Two centuries later, we know that the foreign body imposed on Palestine has no right to be there as proven by the international cohort of archeologists that include Finkelstein/Silberman in their "Bible Unearthed". There never was an israel of the non-existent david, solomon, etc.

      The one-of-many local cults had originated in Judea (hence Judaism, not israelism) and without the massive proselytising effort would have entered Oblivion together with all the other local cults that did not survive into the modern (AD) era, rather than survive by evolving into a massive regional religion, linked to (sic) and shared by diverse Med. cultures.

      Next, you change the subject to France, Myanmar... The issue is ghetto israel, its growing military non-stop military presence that is growing in brutality, not what other political entities are doing and which have zip, zilch, nada, nothing in common with what ghetto-israel has been doing in Palestine, non-stop, for SEVENTY years.

      Oh, and ghetto-israel is a ghetto. It is surrounded by self-built walls that lock inside overwhelmingly resident Jews who are given a much higher standard of living to make them a happy if ignorant lot with little to complain about, and highly brainwashed, to realise that they are being used by their govt as useful idiots to propagate brutal antisemitism with impunity. To wit: the internet is replete with videos that are true representations of ghetto-israel's violent antisemitism expressed on the walls of Palestine and all too often physically executed on the streets of Palestine. Pot, kettle, paint, black... hmmm? (no racism of the kettle is implied)

      If Lebanon is (one of the two countries) with which ghetto-israel, as you imply, has the most culturally in common, that what's with the need to periodically invade Lebanon? The Lebanese, a truly multiracial country, their own troubles and strife notwithstanding, don't want ghetto-israel's culture of violence in their country: starting with the separating walls, raids on family homes at 2am, military detention centres for children, let alone dropping white phosphorus on defenceless civilians. Altho' why you would imply the latter as examples of ghetto-israel's "culture" eludes my powers of comprehension.

      The sad and lonely truth be told: ghetto-israel has no friends. The useful idiots in positions of political power are all bought and/or intimidated, neither of which makes for lasting "friends".

      Lastly, with the progressive rot of the foreign imposition and increasingly uncertain future, I wonder if any of the musical chairs participants is contemplating the foolish decision to abandon Birobidjan. Granted: not too many had contemplated the massive historical reversal of fortunes in 1948, and the rabid invaders' desperate attachment to Europe to consider the slowly crashing US empire and the slow rise of China and Russia a mere half century later.

    • "Antisemitism" is NOT an acceptable, let alone logical argument/accusation. I have expanded and posted on this just a few minutes ago. It's an ad hominem, i.e., an attack on the person making the argument, not the person's apparent incontrovertible arguments.

    • Is anybody else getting tired of the tedious abuse of the "antisemite" ad hominem? When a (pro)israeli entity is incapable of countering an argument with one of his/her own, it will resort to name-calling to shut down the exchange that clearly exposes said entity's lack of arguments worth considering.

      Palestinians, not the lily-white ashkenazis, are the crushing majority of Semitic descendants of the native population who have lived on the land since long before Judaism was invented. As is a small group of native Palestinians who had elected to convert to Judaism at the latter's inception in the waning centuries of the Antiquities and shortly before the massive proselytising effort around the Mediterranean (Shlomo Sand, "Invention of the Jewish People") that had elevated Judaism from a local cult to a religion that survived into the modern (AD) era, and/or conversions from paganism or Judaism to Christianity and/or Islam..

      The arguments are not aimed at Semites, the Palestinians, Jews of whatever origin, race or denomination. The arguments are aimed at WHAT ghetto-israel has been doing to the Muslim and Christian Palestinians for SEVENTY years, and counting. The arguments are aimed at the genocide, racism, apartheid, abuse of children, bombings, theft of Palestinian and Bedouin homes, destruction of schools and utilities, etc., ad nauseam. And the continuous violation of international laws, by ghetto-israel, with impunity, and at the end of lots of gun barrels.

      Will there ever be an interlocutor with the necessary equipment who might wish to consider using that argument to once and for all take the "antisemite" non-argument out of the equation?

  • White Jews: deal with your privilege and call out Jewish support for white supremacy
    • While trying to put the horse back in front of the cart, Ms. Williams is offering her fellow co-religionists occasion to clean out their stables…

      To claim every calamity that befalls other minorities who are continually and mercilessly targeted by the racists in the US, and in view of the outrageous racism practised daily by the ultra violent white israelis in Palestine, I find the inflated use of claims of antisemitism ever more tedious. Truth be told, the idiot wanna-be fascists are, in reality, hopelessly assinine morons who fail to grasp that the heyday of white, male american supremacy are over. Sic transit gloria mundi, dudes!

      Being white, american and male no longer guarantees a decent job, financial security or any other form of preferential treatment. They seem more like revived troglodyte clones: no brain, all fists; no wonder the world is passing them by.

      Yes, indeed, those days are over and, with our continued vigilance, are never coming back. JVP and its adherents also seem to not have noticed the changing times and, yet again, use a massive calamitous incident to claim it for their own purposes. If JVP, et al, want to be taken seriously, perhaps they should take an interest in the 70+ year old horrific genocidal occupation of an unarmed people deprived of access to water, electricity, hospitals, schools - just because they are neither white, nor Jewish, ergo an indictment of the JVP and israel and everything in between those two hideous extremes.

      JVP would do infinitely better by aligning itself with with the tens of thousands on the right side of history, and abandon the disgusting efforts to focus the world's pity on themselves. The US may be the last place on earth where the whining may still resonate.

      Clean out your stables JVP. Then get busy with the overflowing one's in israel... Then join humanity as our equal.

  • The Israeli right can't condemn Charlottesville because its whispered policy is, Nakba
    • The Jewish claims to Palestine are very weak. The archeologists have proven than Jewish israel of the Antiquities was never more than a myth. Judaism was invented around 500BC and for a long time was one of many diverse polytheistic cults that engaged the local populations.

      Towards the end of the Antiquities (ca 100BC) the cult gradually evolved into a religion, gaining in status and local dominance due to massive regional proselytising around the Med basin:

      The Jews of Judea, were a minority in the land of Palestine since its inception. Most left in the early days of the new, post-Antiquities era, many converted to Christianity, and/or Islam. Which is why the title to the land is given to people who have actually lived and worked on the land for many successive generations. A great many Palestinians, to their detriment, never bothered with establishing bureaucratic paper-based claims. It made proving their land claims to their new wanna-be masters impossible. The latter clearly had no legal claim either, but the disastrous UN resolution created a homeland for strangers, ignoring the rights and claims of the long-established generations of Palestinians. Thus the precedent for the Naqba was set. The rest is history heavily steeped in rivers of blood and tears of the viciously subjugated Palestinians.

    • So the US is nigh-on unanimous on bringing down statues honouring the defenders of the old South and its dying economic raison d'etre, but silent on sending annual billion dollar stipends to prop up a contemporary racist, genocidal regime that is destroying a people who, for thousands of years have lived on the land from which they have been and continue to be, forcibly removed over the last 70 years. Unlike the current impostor-tenants who have no other connection to the land other than a fanciful book of myths and imperial desires to conquer the region to fulfill a pathetic zio obsession with a “greater israel”.

      The original (German) nazis had equally insane ambitions re conquering Eastern Europe. What was to be done with the peoples who had lived there for eons? Minorities such as the Jews were to be exterminated en masse, the Slavs - to be made into land-tilling slaves to their new German masters.

      The more things change...

  • Hebron settlers are trying to erase the city's Palestinian identity
    • This is true antisemitism, considering that the Palestinians are overwhelmingly a semitic people, while the white zios, mizrahim and Ethopians are not.

      Found this most articulate and moving depiction of the ongoing Naqba:

      "’ll tell you what is harder than dying in Gaza by an Israeli missile deluxe. What is harder is that you get a phone call from the Israeli army telling you to evacuate your home because it will be bombed in ten minutes. Imagine; ten minutes; and your whole short history on the surface of Earth will be erased.

      Gifts you received, photos of your siblings and your children (dead or alive), things that you love, your favorite chair, your books, that last poetry collection your read, a letter from your expatriate sister, reminders of the ones you loved, the smell of your bed, the jasmine tree that hangs off your western window, your daughter’s hair clip, your old clothes, your prayer rug, your wife’s gold, your savings; imagine; all this passes in front of your eyes in ten minutes, all that pain passes while you are struck by surprise.

      Then you take your identification papers (passport, birth certificate, etc.) which you have ready in an old metallic candy box, and you leave your home to die a thousand times, or refuse to leave and die once.”

      —a Palestinian in ‪#‎Gaza‬"

  • Video: Activists fight occupation by rebuilding a Palestinian village
    • An action that proves that genocidal israel is not about Jews and Judaism, but zios and zionism.

  • True independence on Nakba Day: accountability and healing as an Israeli aggressor
    • Dear MW or Mr. Litwin, my computer has apparently been hacked by hasbara fanatics who would rather I did not criticise the petty genocidal state who needs said flunkies to maintain the phony facade of a civilised, humane and modern state, even if after 70 years it will not define its borders. A sign of disinterest in being considered a state, perhaps? (rhetorical). Feel free to delete the second iteration of my comment-in=progress.

      This comes with apologies for any inconvenience. And an example for Mr. Litvin of what it's like to dare to defy the b/s PR of an insecure fascist state afraid of a nobody with the courage to stand up to a viscious monster. As a descendant of a family who had lost many among them to the Nazis while saving many Jews from the Warsaw ghetto, today I fight the descendants of the saved white zios to save hope for a peaceful future for Palestinians.

      Other aspects of my defiance have a more painful physical dimension.

      Viva Palestina!

    • Inasmuch as I respect Mr. Litvin's coming out of the zio closet, it's hard for me to see a point beyond the teary-eyed retrospective that I and many others have heard from many israelis. This is one of those stories that has been told too many times and it just does not resonate anymore, at least with this commentator.

      70 years into the horror that is israel and its non-stop terror, generation after generation of a small number of young recruits come to see the light and elect to disassociate themselves from their initial indoctrination reminiscent of the days of Soviet communism. While the ensuing changes are overwhelmingly for the worse.

      By now I can only say: bravo, Mr. Litvin and why should I care? How does this affect the grinding gears of the wheel of misfortune that mercilessly crushes without reprieve ever higher numbers, in ever more grisly manner the young, the old, men, women and children of Palestine who live the Naqba every day without adequate electricity and water, being flushed with the settlers' waste, without adequate food, in bombed-out houses, waiting for the soldaten hammering at the door of a Palestinian family in the middle of the night... and yet who are holding fast to hope of liberation from the hideous parochial midget wanna-be global player.

      This is a story that matters to Mr. Litvin and others who preceded him and those who will follow in the years to come, individuals who have made a decision to join humanity. Mr. Litvin dutifully did his duty while in uniform. He risks nothing. His apostasy as an individual is of no consequence to israel. He has retained his israeli citizenship, and can now serve as a passive if unwilling, useful idiot to the israeli PR who can point at individuals like him as an example of israeli "democratic" freedoms. More b/s with which to prolong the global silence. Mr. Litvin risks nothing while the state of israel continues to successfully shut up the world from openly expressing its growing contempt and disgust. This is not a healthy way for the israelis to continue into the future. No one wants to hear about the distant past anymore. The deafening noise of israeli bombings and the sea of Palestinian blood has created a new image of israel as a genocidal monster. The victimised Jew is no more and, sadly, is viewed as a tedious tale told too often and in disregard of similar horrific massacres such as e.g., the Ukrainian Holodomor during which a quarter of the population was slaughtered by Gendrih Yagoda and his henchmen. As if this were about "my numbers are bigger than your numbers". (It isn't)

      Mr. Litvin, this is not to diminish you own likely still painful separation from ziofascism. But I would much rather hear what you, as a former insider, are doing, if anything, to help end the Palestinian gehenna. Today I am much more interested to hear and propagate stories about my heroes the Rabbis for Human Rights, B'tselem, and most of all, the nameless Israelis, all of whom put their bodies between the soldaten of the genocidal state and the Palestinians.

  • Israel will celebrate 50th anniversary of '67 war in -- an illegal settlement!
    • A link for anyone interested :

      The multiverse theory is relatively new, at least as a scientific proposition. Empirical proof may be hard to find, at least within the limitations of our current knowledge and technology, and the possibility that multiverses may be governed by their own scientific principles, possibly entirely at odds with our own.

      Within that equation, if the theory were to pan out, who knows... perhaps the lost, defeated, exterminated do exist and we do not.

      Please, this is just a theory (for now). Consider, there are many who to this day deny Darwin's theory of evolution, let alone climate change... Even the existence of the Cosmos beyond our own solar system or galaxy.

      At the very least, this line of thinking should put our petty, parochial and pointless politicking into perspective and challenge us to learn how to grow up and talk to each other rather than drop Death on each other to make a buck. N'est-ce pas?

    • Even assuming that an entire people can be exterminated, it is not the same as being defeated, hence the need for two words with rather different meanings.

      Their names, plight, and the perpetrators or causal catastrophic events will live forever in history, keeping the memory alive for human eternity. After all, we are not solely our bodies, our stuff, or DNA. We are our consciousness that, possibly, survives our biological death. The latter is something that has captured the attention of some scientists, including astronomers, in connection with the latter's research of multiverses and our possible alternative presence beyond our known home, the Cosmos.

      Archeologists are finding and adding previously unknown or long-forgotten peoples to that list, too.

  • JDL member arrested for attacking Palestinian-American teacher ran anti-Muslim website
    • Dare one hope that the collapse of the genocidal racist state may come sooner than decades from today?

      "On Saturday night, thousands of Palestinians and Jews gathered in Jerusalem for an anti-occupation protest marking 50 years since the occupation began. Breaking the Silence head Yuli Novak spoke to demonstrators about the importance of solidarity and resistance to the violence and racism of the Israeli government. (Included) is a transcript of the speech, translated from Hebrew."

      Despite the jarring application of the phrase "Palestinians and Jews": Moslems and Jews, or Palestinians and Israelis, sounds, and makes, better sense, I hope that the sane part of the Diaspora who is aware of the disastrous status quo in Israel will be able to get behind the Israelis in vast numbers, If/when that happens, the intimidated rest of the world will follow in even bigger numbers.

    • Touché, Kay24.

  • Will assassination lead to war?
    • Israel’s one-sided assault on Gaza fits the classic appearance of any war, whereby one side, armed to the teeth, invades another, usually quite quickly knocking out any effective organised resistance (army), then devolving to occupy the invaded with all the genocidal brutality it can exercise, mostly with impunity.

      On the other hand, with the horrendous and quickly deteriorating economic situation, why does Palestine bother to waste resources and risk lives to fire the rockets that have long ago lost any PR value, while giving the zio antisemites an excuse to support israel's savagery?

      Palestinians' best resistance is to stay off the streets and protect its youngest generation who will continue the fight to the inevitable victory. Stay off the streets and come together as self-help groups and focus on learning and mastering a trade or profession. It's not enough to survive until that victory, it's more important to be ready to live it from day-one when it finally comes around.

      By taking the (ineffective) physical resistance out of the equation, israel will lose the last excuses it has to keep up the genocide that still manages to elicit too much of the world's cowardly silent approval to continue the murders, destruction, torture, theft of land and property...

      Hurling rockets and throwing stones is doing exactly what israel's "army" and "police" governmental gangsters need to maintain their job security by giving the latter the pretext to invade Palestinian homes and invent reasons to arrest the most vulnerable, then to break their spirits in detention centres infamous for their brutality, i.e., more job security for the shinbusters and mostbads.

      When the appearance of physical violence is removed from the equation, the world will have no more excuses to be silent and passive. Moreover, upon witnessing the determination to learn and to live in a non-violent society may induce more of the world to untie its purse strings, even to send their best to help out with the training, teaching and rebuilding. Vide MW's recent articles re Palestine's computer geeks and (so many) geekettes, scientists and artists.

  • 'US is overwhelmingly partial to Israel,' Pelosi admits at AIPAC
  • 'Scariest part' of Trump's draft peace plan promises he will be 'personally involved'
    • "Asked why the U.S. was the leader of the peace process and not Europe, Jahshan answered: “Arrogance… "

      The same arrogance that has wasted and continues to waste so many lives in all the LOST warring adventures that the US has engaged in during the post WW2 era, and into the present. It's record as international negotiator is nothing to brag about either: from the inability to effectively put an end to the Korean war, the Cuba debacle, to the recently (thankfully) failed TPP talks.

      And trumptydumpty as the "personally involved"... what exactly? Twitter-in-chief? Bankruptcy Advisor to the First Yahoo?

      If israel, despite its contempt for the US:
      - does need the US to help carry it thru israel's next stalling exercise, perhaps Palestine, rather than go it alone, should consider whom it would like to see involved as US's counterpart?

  • The dispossessed
    • Amigo, yr bitter sarcasm notwithstanding, there never was a historic homeland in israel of the Antiquities*. The David, Solomon, etc., fantasy is a myth as real as Zeus's Mt. Olympus and its colourful denizens.
      *Finkelstein/Silberman, "The Bible Unearthed".

      Both the land and the mountain exist, but making modern day claims to a space populated by. .. gods (yes, plural; the early editions of the myth was an exercise in polytheism) and figures that never existed - is a fraud of epic proportions, intended to serve the zios who need the massive open-air ghetto full of obedient useful idiots to prey on the world with impunity, simultaneously giving a horrendous name to their religion that does not appear to advocate a real homeland, knowing full well its UNhistoric, make-believe status.

      What the world had given in a moment of overwhelming pity, perhaps the world may have to reconsider and remind the zios and ignorant israelis that they do not have any claims to the land that was given to them in wanton disregard of the Palestinians and their rights.

      The horror of WW2 lasted almost 6 years, the genocidal nightmare will soon "celebrate" its disgusting 69th anniversary.

  • Reading Maimonides in Gaza
    • The spiritual aspect of a religion is meant as soothing balm especially in times when humanity fails.

      A religion's management is about headcount, i.e., job security and dependable income. The larger that count, the more open-ended, ambiguous, and conflicting are the options offered to the faithful by their mythology written by religious scribes, not historians. If there were historians in 500 BCE with access to verifiable info, we would not need to dig up the earth to get to that source. Then hope that what has been offered as proof is not a fraudulent fake.

      One also wonders, if mythological israel were not a fantasy but historical fact, then why is there nothing, not a shred of anything anywhere, not in the dug up dirt, not among any of the surrounding cultures with surviving written and artistic evidence about their own and foreign entities and their exploits?

      However, to extrapolate political points, particularly in the argued case, to follow a suggestion that agrees with one's POV that is based on an ancient feel-good fairy tale and confirmed as such by archeologists* is conduct unbecoming an adult with pretensions to a superior IQ, education and other equally childish arguments that belong in sandbox, not a ballot box.
      (*Finkelstein/Silberman "The Bible Unearthed".)

  • Young Jews resist AIPAC-- even as Democrats' 'progressive' thinktank sends a crew to speak there
    • Inasmuch as I hope that the IfNotNow crowd prevails by fighting AIPAC from within, I hope I'm wrong in doubting that they will succeed.

      For the AIPAC employees this is about job security and they have a massive network in place that they will be able to use to their advantage, again. Why then waste precious time on charging petrifying windmills? AIPAC has been irrelevant to many for quite some time, but the fear of their once huge evil machinery still paralyses most. Vide the example of the continued obeisance paid by their self-declared detractors.

      Perhaps the best strategy would be to come together with sister organisations with similar goals re Palestine and the genocidal occupation, and regardless of religion (if any), age, gender, etc., unite in fighting for Peace in Palestine and let the usual suspects choke on the bone of contention in their collective throats fighting... no one, b/c most everybody of consequence will be elsewhere. No?

  • UN bowed to 'fearmongering and threats' from powerful governments to cover up 'painful truth' of Israeli apartheid -- UN official's resignation letter
    • Respect!

      Awe-inspiring Grace and Courage under pressure from a widely despised predatory parasitic wanna-be global player and its cowardly stooges.

      Israel, as mentioned in Ms Khalaf's letter, has no counter-arguments to any of the points made in the report, so it had to resort, yet again, to underhanded, same-old invectives and unseemly pressure on its useful idiot flunkies to do its bidding which can only be perceived as a backhanded admission that the report is true. History already knows that.

      Similar pressure, albeit in a different, more deadly form, was exercised by the Nazis during the 1943 destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto. And yet, despite the deadly carnage inflicted on the rescuers, including so many members of my own family who had fought in the Resistance, that fight continued. I've said it before, and I will say it again: all those people who had paid the ultimate price to save Jewish lives because it was the only just and acceptable option for them to pursue, inspire me today to fight for justice and freedom, inter alia, for a people who are suffering and dying at the hands of the descendants of some of those rescued way-back-then; the descendants who owe their existence to the massive Network of determined rescuers, their honour, courage and love of humanity. And their lives.

      If the present-day cowards cannot bring themselves to acknowledge their mistakes, even grant respect to the humanity of their detractors then their community's future is in jeopardy at their own hands. They are already witnessing the tribe's slow dissolution b/c for many their shared faith is no longer a compelling reason to pledge their allegiance to organised cruelty usually associated with blood-thirsty fanatics. By visiting cowardly terror, in whatever its form, on anyone acting on his/her compassion for humanity, rather than convincingly argue their points, they will only give History further arguments for condemnation that their own not-yet-born descendants will have to live with for a very long time, and hope that there will be others who will, in the name of their shared humanity, stand up and protect them, again, from any violence, whatever its form.

      The undeniable truth is out.

  • Head of UN agency resigns after refusing to retract report calling Israel an 'apartheid regime'
    • Yair Lapid, and other israelis so fond of calling their "country", without defined borders, a theocracy and democracy, clearly have no idea that the two are not interchangeable synonyms. It's one or the other: either the population submits to the dominion of a mythological figure or the rule of its people.

      The above comes with major respect for Ms. Khalaf for her confidence in the report and choice to not submit to the israeli psycho-bullies.

  • Gaza's 'geeks' will code your project for free
    • A rhetorical Q to israeli racists: if there is no Palestine and there are no Palestinians, alternatively - if the (non-existent) Palestinians are beasts and snakes, to whom then did GOOGLE provide the seed money?

      On another note: I am thrilled to notice the huge number of women among the coders! Would it be possible for one of MW's reporters in the area to interview the group?

      This is such good news that shows that the zios have wasted 70+ years trying to extinguish the Palestinian Phoenix that is, and will continue to rise from the ashes. In return, for their "efforts", the israelis have devolved from the once-upon-a-time victims to unconscionable villians:

      And how do the zios explain the growing support for Palestinians, a majority semitic people, as antisemitism?

  • Israeli lawmakers advance bill to ban Muslim call to prayer
  • Banksy's 'Walled Off Hotel' is a form of gentrification
    • It's been nigh on 70 years and NOTHING, NOT. A. G-D. THING. has worked to assist, alleviate, let alone - stop! - the bloody war of occupation and annihilation. Ms. Nassar is entitled to her opinion, but what it lacks is an effective proposition of her own what/how to make this nightmare end. If she thinks that establishing an "educational mission" will work - well, then, go to it woman! Banksy is doing something that is different, that gets attention, that brings all sorts to the source, even encourages opinions to flow. That MO has worked for Banksy from his first spray-paint job.

      "While the hotel is oiled with political commentary through its grotesque view of the wall and its militarized aesthetic and charged artwork, it fails to make any official political statement..."
      Ms. T, dear, this is a hotel with an artistic purpose geared towards outsider visitors, and intended to bring the ongoing Naqba to the attention of the silent/apathetic/ignorant world. Banksy's effectiveness is in the powerful sarcasm employed in this endeavour. Notwithstanding the fact that it has provided employment where there is little to none. Has Ms. N. spoken to any of the Palestinians who work at the hotel or live in its vicinity to find out what they think? No? Why not?

      It is not Banksy's job to make a political anything. He job is not to "educate", but to provide a platform for inquiring minds to reach their own conclusions. He is an artist and an uncommon businessman with a deep and abiding desire to provide a modest spot where people can come to see and consider, for and by themselves, the macabre truth. Nothing is more powerful than a person who will return home and relay his/her personal experiences fortified with personally taken images, because the journey to Bethlehem will, inevitably, entail more than a stay at a hotel that is designed to make the introduction to what has to end. ASAP.

      Ms. Nassar makes a nonsensical assertion that "Banksy’s language undermine(s) the Palestinian struggle and reduce(s) it to a mere “disadvantage” in comparison to Israelis, (...) it also encourages this false non-partisan silence when it comes to the Palestinian Question".

      Au contraire. Ms. N. fails to acknowledge Banksy's respect towards the visitors and their ability to come to their own conclusions. Indoctrination does not work. Subtle sarcasm does. If a visitor decides s/he wants to see/know more, the hotel has a concierge, n'est-ce pas? Ms. N. fails to grasp that people who will probe for answers will remember the responses better than any "educational mission" can hope to accomplish.

      Bottom line: Ms. N does not seem to get Banksy's subtlety, sarcasm and/or his art. Perhaps she should to create that "educational mission" that would provide the "education" that she thinks will work better. I promise I will support and further this and any other effort that will bring the Palestinian tragedy to the reluctant ones, either in conversation or thru my blog.

  • Israel's neverending occupation is bringing 'infamy' to Jews worldwide, making Jewish life 'precarious' -- Tony Klug
    • "Second it was not independence the Palestinians wanted but good governance and that is what they were getting from Israeli rule.

      Governance thru the crosshairs of israeli weapons is tantamount to saying that the German idea of "ordnung muss sein" was good governance at the hands of the Nazi occupiers. Notwithstanding the inanity of the statement that "independence was/is not what the Palestinians wanted, but (implied) the life in a walled-in open air ghetto-as-concentration camp.

    • No, targeting the synagogues is hopelessly wrong and misses the point by taking the focus off the guilty genocidal zios and shifting it onto the adherents, and their places of worship, of a religion so hideously used to further the pecuniary interests of the pathocrats.

      An infinitely better way to make one's point would be to start talking about the sacred cow(ard)s in this country (the US) who have made useless careers of defending the indefensible.

      Seventy years into this horrific nightmare it's time to address the guilty criminals, ideally at the Int'l Court of Justice at the Hague, not by destroying cemeteries and synagogues, which just gives yet more ammunition to the professional whiners.

  • Open letter from Palestinian students in Gaza: 'we call on you to get involved in Israeli Apartheid Week'
    • Posted video and excerpt with a link to MW with my comment: "Religion, ethnicity, gender, even fashion preferences, neither define nor determine talent, intelligence, capacity and desire to learn, to know and to do better" which, hopefully, addresses a few of israel's prejudices.

  • Elor Azarya's 'normative' support for genocide
    • "Israel is today a cesspool of genocidal tendencies"

      It's no longer about "tendencies". It's a reality that has gripped israeli society with a hysteria on a par with nazi germany's and its population; a national psychosis that had brought violent deaths to millions during WW2.
      With its nukes and musical chairs played by a coterie of whining whites at the govt's trough, what the Palestinians have been suffering from for 70+ years threatens the world with unfathomable destruction, while the cowardly world pols remain silent.

      It's too bad that they lack the necessary equipment to tell it like it is while they are IN OFFICE:
      Australian ex-PM Kevin Rudd berates Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
      "In a scathing Facebook post, Mr Rudd said the Israeli leader sabotaged US peace talks "by changing the goalposts" often at "five minutes to midnight".

      In other, same-old, news from the 10th Circle of Hell aka israel:
      Palestinian woman shot, injured by Israeli forces at Qalandiya checkpoint
      ...for "carrying a bag in a "suspicious manner."

      Lawrrd, have no mercy, for they know well what they are doing...

  • Palestinians in Hebron plead for international intervention to stop settler violence
    • israel has definitely overstayed its unwelcome in Palestine and it looks like it's time to go... to Birobidjan. No one else wants that scummy lot.

      (B'Tselem) "Israel demolishes infrastructure, leaving Palestinian farmers without water for domestic and agricultural needs"

      To deny anyone access to water with malice aforethought, to deliberately destroy a water supply utility, subjecting the human and animal population to unconscionable suffering so that american psycho-settlers can have cheap water in their swimming pools -- is genocide. This case should IMMEDIATELY be submitted to the International Court of Justice at the Hague.

      Legal definition of genocide (per the OFFICE OF THE UN SPECIAL ADVISER ON THE

      Genocide is defined in Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1948) as "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part1 ; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."


      Lawrrd, if you have any sense left--get busy fer kreissake!

    • They didn't miss the boat, they have used it to ram everything in its path. Where they went wrong was to underestimate the obvious: rate of technological progress.

      Considering the massive progress made between 1939 and the end of the WW2, it boggles the mind how and why the zioland's evil cabal missed that enormous, and still ongoing progress which they demand for their killing streets and sky, get and have employed against the Palestinians and beyond for 70+ years to further their genocidal goals. Thankfully that boat that they had used way back when is still in play today and loaded with recorded history that can never be denied.

    • Israel's Rabbis for Human Rights are also calling on the international community to end its silence and lend its voice to bring about a just solution to the fast-deteriorating nightmare:

  • Linda Sarsour raises over $100,000 to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery in Missouri
    • Oh, gawd, have just noticed: the money well "will collect all funds raised by March 21, 2017, 12am". Double why?

      I wonder if racist vandals have noticed the wee note and are readying for sick parties at their local cemeteries: Jewish, Black, Indian burial grounds, and/or other minorities that may satisfy the psychos' need to destroy and defame?

      Ms. Sarsour needs a sober advisor: I'm available.

    • $20K needed, $130k+raised and still accepting donations... So the surplus is going to repair vandalised Jewish cemeteries in other parts of the country. Lawrrd have mercy! Why?

      This will only inspire more vandalism in other parts of the country whose state officials are now absolved from giving a damn about some of their own responsibilities: "the Muslim pig... umm, chicken banks will bail us out".

      This is grossly embarrassing and deeply distressing.

      Why are the US Muslims trying to buy their tormentors' good will? Which part of "naivete" do they not grasp? Do they not get it that this will only become a precedent for future rip offs and guilt trips and the inevitable backlash when they decide to close that shop?

      Their generosity notwithstanding, where were those generous Muslims when the israeli Luftwaffe was dropping bombs onto Gaza from the clear, unopposed blue skies, entertaining the zio scum sipping coffee while sprawled over the sofas atop the safely away hilltops with a clear view of exploding Gaza whose schools remain damaged, sewers keep flooding onto streets, electricity has become a rare luxury, children are going hungry, adults cannot find jobs, scientists work in unheated labs, and tunnels have to be dug to smuggle in much needed overpriced supplies from Egypt.

      If they are terrified of being seen as supporting the victims of unconscionable genocide, racism, and brutality, a concept that does not seem to trouble the likes of Saban, Adelson et al., and/or buying good will is a reflection of their culture, then why not invest in areas that desperately need help for the living in their host country? Or is investing in blighted black neighbourhoods, or funding breakfasts for poor kids in kindergartens and schools not flashy enough for them?


  • DNC debate batters Trump-- but Israel support must be 'bipartisan,' says Ellison
    • "Ellison said: "Here’s what I say. I voted for $27 billion in bilateral aid to Israel over the course of about six or seven votes. I have been to the region many times and sat down with members of the Knesset and worked with them."

      What next from "muslim" ellison: "I pledge submissive allegiance to my zio masters..." (Bitter sarcasm)
      Ellison has been to the region many times. Oh, really? Who paid for those trips? What were the instructions imparted unto Ellison while he was sitting with the MKs? (rhetorical). No mention, not even pro forma, about meetings with Palestinians. Ellison is a Muslim in name only. It was all about making sure that his zio audience was hearing to whom he has pledged his loyalty, with nary a word or phrase of any consequence for the Palestinians.

      For this "Muslim" his disgusting assurances were on a par with clinton and her public announcements of submissive fealty to Pighi Bankenyahoo and Co.
      Ellison, too, is clearly out of step with the times and a potential enabler for the final and much delayed collapse of the DNC, if selected. In the absence of a cohesive replacement, such a disaster will only ensure of 8 years of trumpty.

      Yessir, the First Yahoo was quite right about Americans, such as ellison, who can be easily moved" to do the zios' bidding.

  • Engineers in Gaza convert the rubble of war into concrete for rebuilding
    • I have just noticed how each one of the Engineers is bundled up. It must be bloody cold in that lab. Could the "chosen ubermenschen" be afraid of successful, meaningful, professional competition from a handful of Palestinian maiden-Engineers to need to expand on the well and long-established abuse of the Palestinian population? Mein Gott in Himmel, how much more petty and common can they get on the sliding downscale?

    • Calling Carlos Latuff: Rosie the Riveter is looking for a poster with her Palestinian sister...

      The poster would need a link to the team where interested parties might be able to find and speak about possible co-operation with the Engineers. If no one has yet responded with an offer, plaster the poster onto all the social media. The homeless of Palestine cannot wait a century for a roof over their heads, with some of those roofs sure to be crushed by the "heroic" israeli Luftwaffe.

      Not least of all, Syria, Iraq and so many other countries need the Palestinian Engineers' solution to quickly rebuild their own cities. N'est-ce pas?

  • 'The way they arrested him was savage': Israeli forces violently detain 14-year-old disabled Palestinian boy
    • Israelis torturing non-Jewish (i.e., Palestinian) children.
      Australian documentary film. Viewer discretion

    • Israel does not deserve the right to continue as a sovereign state. The white settlers who dictate the tone to the racist pseudo government need to be foreclosed upon with one state: Palestine. If they don't like it .. tough tiddlies.

      israel as dr. jekyll is dead; mr. hyde will make sure the world's revulsion will not be reversed.

  • Israel demolishes home of 100-year-old Palestinian woman leaving her homeless
    • The "dirty laundry list" reeks of the crud dumped by israel under its coffee shops' and shopping malls' carpets where it has been accumulating for 70+ years. By now the stench is overwhelming and is even twisting German noses out of their joints, finally.

      In the hope that the Palestinians will be able to wake up soon to sunshine and roses, rather than israeli sewage and israeli soldaten night-raids, every day I post at least one story from Palestine on my blog.

      Finding, at last, faint interest, today I posted three stories found on Kate's list (Thank you Kate for making it easier for me to find those horror stories). This may be one of the very few ways for many people to learn the truth about the State of Terror (thank you Tom Suarez).

  • Trump pick for ambassador to Israel continues to fund settlement construction in the West Bank
  • Academic boycott against US gains traction - what about BDS?
    • "Chomsky held reservations over “actions against Israel itself,” but said he did support boycotts “aimed at the occupied territories.”
      That does not make sense. "israel itself" is what created "the occupied territories".

      As for the int'l/academic boycott of the US: sic transit gloria mundi. This will only add to the growing revulsion against trumpty among the US academics and scientists and help the latter in their own fight.

      The cautious boycott of israel reflects the still significant fear of the corrosive international tribal web that has the means to blackmail corrupt politicians and anyone who will not submit to the zio pressure to cease, e.g., one's support of the Palestinians, BDS, and speak out against israel's genocidal policies, etc. Possibly an admission, regardless of hasbara's histrionics that the zios know their tactics and rhetoric are waning in effectiveness and, worse, triggering the growing, no, not antisemitism, but antizionism that is injuring the average timid tribes(wo)man.

      Until the majority of Jews learn to stand on their own two feet and fight for their beliefs where it counts the most, i.e., among their own community, especially when approached on the QT to perform a service for the tribe's network, the zios will remain strong and destructive first and foremost to their own people. Exactly what had precipitated and contributed to the Jewish hecatomb during and after WW2.

  • Legalizing the theft of Palestinian land has been Israeli policy since Day 1
    • I am at a loss trying to understand the out of control, relentless, 70+ year old, day-after-day, continuously ratcheted savagery that is growing like a particularly vicious cancer in israel. At which point did the delusion of creating facts on the ground and the arrogant trust in the adage that history is written by the victor metastasize into out of control terror that few in israel know how, or want, to stop?

      Have the chosen ones never heard that history is continuously written and rewritten? Are they so impressed with their delusional mantra that they forgot that technology has provided the current and future generations with an unprecedented in size massive archive of recorded history that goes viral almost instantly and is multiplied into many copies and saved for posterity? These records, just as they prevail today against the zio BS aka PR, will also prevail well into the future. With every act, the zios are creating a horrendous burden for future generations of their own descendants. Where is the chosen superiority in that incomprehensible stupidity? Do they understand that they are trashing their own history, for what purpose exactly?

  • Israeli supermarket chain glorifies army killer on grocery bag
    • When I read "Elor Azarya the medic-soldier who murdered the wounded and incapacitated Palestinian Abdel Fatth Al Sharif", I remembered the original article posted shortly after this ghastly public execution.

      It was a harrowing account and image for a number of reasons: this was a war crime; an act of murder, done to a wounded man, by a so-called "medic", with a cowardly shot from the back and aimed to kill by firing at the head, soberly, unopposed and deliberately violating the Geneva Convention. How can Israelis condone this replay of street executions by the SS during WW2?

      I don't even want to know how a hebrew dictionary defines "moral".

  • The Palestine Philharmonie -- an orchestra is born in Bethlehem
    • What a wonderful and inspiring treat!

      The article reminded me of a YouTube video of the referenced small ensemble of Palestinian musicians whom the one and only Nigel Kennedy had invited three years ago to the Proms at the RAH to play Vivaldi:

      ... and an article in the New York Medical Journal about the role of music as a powerful physiological force:

      Many thanks, Mr. Suarez for your moving article and the reminder of music's power to generate hope, joy and perseverance. I hope there will be more such articles from you.

      As for new funding sources: perhaps a kickstarter or similar idea could be that source. If/when you and/or your colleagues in this awesome effort were to come up with a concept that would work in the Palestinian reality, please let us know. I would be thrilled to post it forward.

      I hope that the Philharmonie's ambition to establish Palestine as an arts centre will come true very soon,

  • 'We have nowhere else to go': Bedouins say they will continue to rebuild as Israel carries out home demolitions at a record pace
    • The Nazis did not like anyone.
      On "30 January 1933, President Hindenburg appoints Hitler chancellor of a Nazi coalition." (Wikipedia)
      "The Dachau concentration camp was established on 22 March 1933. It was the first regular concentration camp established by the National Socialist (Nazi) government. Heinrich Himmler, as police president of Munich, officially described the camp as "the first concentration camp for political prisoners."" (Wikipedia) i.e., disaffected Germans, who earlier had supported Hitler's rise to power on the basis of his nationalist promises of jobs (and land in the Ukraine recently cleansed by Yagoda during the Holodomor (1932-33) of millions of starved to death Russian citizens in an already underpopulated country.
      On that same day "First Nazi "racial hygiene" office (was) established in the Interior Ministry." (Wikipedia).

      A historic career timeline and race against the clock as inspiration for some in 2017? (rhetorical)

    • This is going to get exponentially worse at an ever faster clip. The yahoo and his grim band of zios know that the current monumental turmoil in the USA has created a nightmare/diversion come true for the zio vampires. USA's attention in anything that may be happening outside its borders, and the "western civilisations" who have no clue how to handle this unfolding disaster or stand on their own two feet, have also forgot how to walk and chew gum at the same time, rather than take this opportunity to finally distance and reassert themselves away from the toxic partnership that has the horrendous potential to metastasize into the unthinkable.

      Evil is at the white man's door and is waiting to at last cut the arrogant once-powerful minority into an also-ran.

  • American Jews will 'divorce' Israel if it is at peace -- Foxman
    • "what little moral and religious power Judaism has..."

      Judaism still has significant power. Without it, the zios would have had to invent a new whip with which to terrorize their useful tribal idiots into continued obedient submission.

      More importantly, Judaism has awesome rabbis, such as Rabbi Arik Ascherman, director of Rabbis For Human Rights:
      who, periodically, is featured on YouTube confronting the soldiers' brutality. I am confident that people like Rabbi Arik Ascherman are the best conduit to reach the best in the faithful who want the current horror ended, preferably before it backfires with a vengeance.

      For this atheist, science offers infinitely more fascinating facts and theories than the most audacious myths-as-facts invented for a centuries-removed audience, but I have great respect for anyone who lives by the humane rules imposed on the faithful by any source of spiritual support, so very much needed when confidence in humanity disappoints.

    • PW: "Why does Israel propagate myths of the tough neighborhood and the permanent war?"

      Perhaps because it reinforces the superimposed phony "chosen" separation from global humanity and codependent aspects between the diaspora and israelis. This clever tool as myth was created to assure parochial job security, massive powerful influence and insane wealth intended primarily for the benefit of the zios out of touch with the demands of the present day and especially the real priorities of the youngest generation of Jews in both worlds who do not have much in common beyond the outrageous corrupting abuses of a religion-as-enforcer. I hope that the spiritual religious tenets will survive, but without an effort, this last survivor among other regional religions of the Antiquities will very likely fade away into Oblivion: the zios need Jews to survive, Jews do not need the zios and their parasitic controlling tribal terror.

      The israeli govt. and their flunky useful idiots, from adelson to aipac, need to maintain this codependency by replaying ad nauseam, e.g., the whines invoking the hecatomb of the mid-20th century that no longer work. Worse, the whines have created a Pavlovian response that tunes out and turns off what belongs in a special and separate uniting space together with other incidents of genocidal savagery and is, instead, used for pedestrian purposes to, inter alia, save the jobs of those whose sole purpose is to separate and keep Jews separated from global humanity and contributing to the revival of old prejudices that until recently, were finally retreating into the dustbin of history.

      "And we never stop hearing what a terrible neighborhood Israel lives in."
      That neighbourhood is israel's only "accomplishment". Without corrupting israel into a massive ghetto dominated and controlled by the zios, israelis and Arabs would have found common cause by themselves a very long time ago. Who knows, maybe they would also have learned to live without the oppressive tribal terror and become an equal member of the human family: clearly anathema to the zios whose continued existence depends on mumbling the mantra of Jews being "chosen" but without the missing following part: "to being slaves in the service to the white zios" whose existence depends on a society cheated out of learning to stand on their own two feet and to fight back when threatened, especially with extinction. I hope on everything that is sacred that we never again have to see or hear stories about Jews-as-sheep, dutifully submitting to the orders of their genocidal tormentors. And, no, a "tour of duty" in the israeli army does not accomplish that. The "army's" sole purpose is to keep the unarmed natives in the crosshairs of the "soldiers' " weapons, and subject to trigger-happy violence that inevitably touches off desperate reliation that further adds to the ever-widening divide.

      I want to believe that the time is coming when Arabs living outside of Palestine will finally get rid of the Ottoman/colonial-learned passivity and respond to the uniting spirit the has brought them into the present: to fight, together with their israeli brothers and sisters, their common and deadly enemy, i.e., their pathocrat slave masters obsessed with Europe, rather than the region where they live. The zios have the title to neither; both want the evil at their door gone.

  • Please keep your American flags off my hijab
    • Inaccurate, but fair catch. Next time 'shall endeavour to remember to not use "this country", when I mean no, not America, but definitely USA, one country of many on the American continents. Fair enough?

    • The author of this embarrassing poster reveals common, even if unintended, ongoing patriarchal patronising ignorance towards all women. Why would he think that any woman, and especially one of Ms. Katebi's origins would want to be made into a bizarre standard with a US-flag-as-hijab on her head? I doubt that he would have painted a US-flag-as-tie on a poster with a Muslim man.

      A hijab has a supranational religious connotation, a flag does not. These are symbols of two separate aspects of any society. Conflating the two may be an acceptable practice in racist theocratic israel with pretensions to calling itself a democracy, but at least for now, in this country, religion and state are still considered separate issues.

  • Palestinian teen in Gaza dies after refusing to serve as a collaborator for Israel in exchange for medical care
  • The Israeli police’s extrajudicial execution of Israeli citizen Yaqoub Abu Al-Qia’an
    • "Palestinian incitement" - is not incitement. It's resistance.
      And it's working.

      If ghetto israel will not collapse on its own soon enough, a growing number of local Jews, who are getting tired of living in an eternal war zone with no end in sight, are joining the growing exodus set in motion by those with a still functioning brain and fast receding ability to emote, before both elements degenerate to the level of the govt zios and their settler flunkies.

  • Obama 'betrayed' American Jews and Trump is a 'swineherd' -- Bernard-Henri Levy
    • ... and "The Hill" - Jan. 23, 2016

      Obama released $221M to Palestinians in final hours


    • John O: times are so bad that I have almost forgotten how to laugh. Your input keeps me laughing every time I think about yr comment. Thanks.

      The "philosopher/intellectual" (which is just as deep as saying that butter is buttery), i.e., the silly aging Lothario ignoramus sounds like someone who has probably realised that his time has come and gone together with his philosophising intellectuality. Could it be that he has grasped that Baruch Spinoza he ain't?

      Oh, and the intellectuallist's: "I cite this story (about Aurelius) because it provides a good metaphor for the West today, where, as in ancient Rome, the triumph of nihilism can enable a pig farmer — anybody — to become emperor."

      I'll take Rome's exercise in nihilism any time: art, architecture, aqueducts, roads, public welfare and healthcare systems, sewage systems, agriculture, calendar, religious tolerance, law (a person is innocent until proven guilty), collection centres for abandoned infants, etc., over the next to nothing, especially of consequence, found by archeologists in today's israel, and expected to relate to israel, the nebulous myth.

      Sic transit gloria mundi. N'est-ce pas? It must be hard to register that Oblivion is his destiny.

  • Trump 'promise' to move US embassy to Jerusalem stirs international furor
    • If trumpty-dumpty is looking for an excuse to back out of his irresponsible insanity re moving the embassy to Al Quds, perhaps the current not-far-from-the-beach location might be a convincing argument. No?

      Well then, how about the fact that such a catastrophic move would likely become, in short order, a massive threat to US interests, i.e., a practical reason for remaining in TA. TA is the seat of govt agencies and other embassies. Embassies have for ages served as hidey-holes for spies and informal sites for international negotiations often involving third parties. I doubt anyone at any embassy indulges anymore in telephonic conversations when uber secretive/confidential info needs to be conveyed/discussed. Can the US afford to have the trust in its embassies compromised to benefit a nasty little country that has nothing but contempt for the US and its citizens? (rhetorical)

      Perhaps the implementation of the coming quantum computing will restore phones to their former glory, but for today there is nothing like sharing a morning jog or dog walk along the Med's noisy wave line or a motorboat ride on the said Med. An American schlepping from Al Quds to TA for a tete-a-tete and hoping for secrecy is an invitation to an endless stream of disasters courtesy of shinbet and mosad (SB&M), further compromising and submitting yet more US interests to israel's blackmailing ruthlessness well into the future. The latters' interests are NOT US's interests. Perhaps that's the reason why and what the israeli govt is hoping for: more compromised info with which to blackmail individuals, including T-D and his hopes for lasting thru the next 4 years in his temp job, as well as threatening the interests of business and govt entities. The US govt cannot afford to provoke corporate wrath, nor does T-D want to expose his own future biz vulnerabilities to same. A nearby sniffing for dirt Kushner is a nasty risk in itself.

      Is trumpty really that dumbty to not recognise the trap? Is there really no one in his entourage, or within the intelligence circles who might want to invent a plausible excuse to back out? Then how about letting the First Yahoo know that it's a no-go. FY will likely respond with unacceptable demands, which T-D may easily shut down with a threat of taking down all the well-known sleeper cells in this country and elsewhere as determined by those in the know, then deporting israel's useful idiots who are running the cells, exposing the stream of traitors, 5th columnists and SB&M agents confident of disappearing off the NSA's, CIA's, FBI's, etc., radars with the help of those sleeper cells.

  • Obama's failure, and achievement, in Palestine
    • Obama dismantled nothing. He made the situation in Africa worse by allowing Africom to expand not only the drone wars, but also the number of military bases with the newest one being built at the cost of $100M. The latter means that the US economy is slated to grow its out of control debt with more, to finance the impossible to win colonial wars in Africa.

      Here's just one of a slew of articles on the subject on US colonial adventurism in Africa:

      The US has lost every single warmongering foray in Asia, and the ME. Why would the US generals and the POTUS think this latest murderous theatre can be won? (rhetorical)

      As time passes and the dirty secrets are gradually revealed, the depth of Obama's failure will only become more depressing. The Intercept has written a massive number of articles on this subject, while the US media largely ignored the subject.

  • For Chelsea Manning -- Freedom!
    • Inasmuch as I am deliriously happy to hear that Ms. Chelsea is to rejoin free humanity, vis a vis the given rationale, I find it unconscionable that Obama would not see Ms. Chelsea free today. Considering the horrendous treatment that the lady had had to endure, that had driven her twice to attempt suicide, and considering what is about to replace Obama, and the pathological cruelty that the prison guards had visited on Ms. Chelsea to-date, I hope that there will be a constant and high-level vigil put in place to make sure that Ms. C does make her date with freedom unharmed.

      At the same time, I am very sad that Obama did nothing for Leonard Peltier, Edward Snowden and Mumia Abu-Jamal. Will granting freedom to these three Men be left to be announced as Obama leaves the WH for the last time? I hope so, b/c the doors to the new, 10th, circle are ready to be opened very wide for the hounds of hell aka the US GOPers.

  • Against Israel, Hamas and Fatah
    • The birth pangs of a nation whose people seem to have finally accepted the ugly truth about what it takes to join the world in fighting for self-determination and independence as a modern nation that has been forced by a vicious occupier to fight back, sometimes to the death, to save their national identity and their hope to survive into the future.

      The sooner the Palestinians accept what the zios know and practice (for and by themselves) as they (the zios) simultaneously corrupt their own people with pseudo-religious b/s to maintain the fading Jews-are-a-nation nonsense, not a faith-based community. Politics and religion are like water and oil -> they can exist side by side but cannot and never will mix. To know this is to survive. To ignore this is to, with time, succumb to the rot of both the elements that is the current reality of ghetto israel.

  • Democrats' sympathy for Israel has crashed nearly 25 percent in last nine months -- Pew
    • "Pew polled 1500 people, and it says Israel/Palestine is considered the eighth most threatening issue for the U.S. (after ISIS, cyberattacks, North Korea, Russian power and influence, climate change..."

      Among a population of 319M, the number of the polled is more like a single piece of Highland chocolate toffee instead of a hearty dinner to a hungry stomach. Inasmuch as I hope that the numbers are a reflection of the changing POV, a substantially larger polling base would lend more credibilty. But I'm so starved for good news, I'll take and enjoy that toffee, thanks.

  • Israel-Palestine conflict could 'explode' under Donald Trump, Israel supporter warns
    • "(Makovsky) asserted that Israel’s economy is so strong that its GDP (presumably GDP per capita) “is about to surpass France. Believe it or not, it’s two years out from surpassing France. It is about halfway through of the top 24 OECD countries, the more advanced industrial states.” And remember: this is the country to which the U.S. sends more than half of its aid to the entire world."

      The last sentence aside, the above has to be the most megalomaniacally desperate lie ever told. To even have to make such a statement suggests the exact opposite is likely true.

      And wherefrom is all this GDP wealth derived? We know about the desperate need for, and dependence on, US's "aid" handout, whose linguistic definition states that "aid" is given where there is a dire need to forestall or tackle a disaster of catastrophic proportions.

      Israel does not have the manufacturing might which is the accepted primary economic generator of national income in the real world. Nor does israel rank anywhere near the most powerful financial giants and has no hope to ever become one. Its long history of outrageous lies and even more despicable theft and duplicitous deeds would backfire with a vengeance at any attempt.

      The military hardware? I don't think so. The US and Russia are the real military manufacturing giants. Who HAS to buy from israel? Very likely those with pols with even more scandalous secret dirt than the yahoo and his cronies. Buying an expensive piece of hardware entails contracting long term for spare parts and repairs that are infinitely more expensive than the original purchase whose most important part likely comprises the obsolescence factor. The original hardware is sold near at-cost price to entice the buyers' commitment, but profit is made with long-term contractual continued usability (e.g., supply of ammunition) and maintenance, which assumes the manufacturer's economic stability and longevity for reliable and timely supplies. Israel cannot guarantee either. Most of its manufacturing is likely produced in third world countries which are one general strike, one violent act away from production disaster and israel has not the means to stop it.

      Counting the stolen Palestinian taxes, real estate, labour and exports -- likely inflate the GDP, promptly offset by the price paid for buying the world's pols, media, foreign-based 5th columns and the diaspora's lies and good will, while the home-based settlers are devolving into the most expensive millstone ever. The settlers know that their presence is the only determinant of israel's survival into the next day, as the exodus of sane israelis grows unimpeded.

      So the real question is, for how much is israel in hock to the world? The number must be really horrendous which may be forcing the world's economies to keep paying ever more ever longer, rather than pull the plug. And when that plug finally pops...

      Whatever the real GDP, it barely survives from one day to the next. The world has recently expressed its contempt for the most odious "state" and its economy drowning in the Palestinians' blood. Vis a vis the endless and expensive violence, all it will take is one concerted effort, or an accidental spark, that will challenge the israeli lame military and the GDP will be exposed for the lie that it really is. The price for the collapse this will cause is too frightening to even contemplate.

      When the zios were contemplating their "israeli" shangri-la, they clearly either had no concept what running a sovereign state entails or counted on blackmail, lies and violence to last forever. Ask an israeli what is it like to live from day to day in their shangri-la with not a shred of security. Ever. Their corrupt pols' b/s notwithstanding.

      (Airport announcement) "The next elal aircraft for ex-israelis-only out of israel to (city of one's choice) will be leaving shortly. Goodbye, good luck and don't ever come back".

  • Israeli settlers attack Palestinian videographer of Hebron shooting in attempt to 'silence documentation and resistance'
    • The times they are a-changing. Israel may be regressing into recreating the 1930s with themselves as the A-list protagonists, but the world is moving forward:

      "France shoots down purchase of Israeli drones
      Boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigners in France are welcoming their government’s decision not to spend more than $100 million on Israeli drones."
      This is the second major defeat for Israel’s Elbit Systems, which last year lost a major bid it had been tipped to win to sell France its Watchkeeper drone."

  • Booker slams UN resolution as 'anti-Israel,' while Saban says it's anti-American
    • Any relationship that has to be described as so close that there is no daylight between the parties functions in the dark: blind, clueless, with a brain addled with terminal insomnia.

  • In 'breathtaking' UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime -- Finkelstein
    • I doubt the Russians would risk their slow rise into global prominence by hacking US elections. For what purpose? There is absolutely nothing in such a dumb move that would benefit them in any manner. They understand very well that the convoluted, corrupt system that defines US selections is infinitely capable of destroying itself, all by itself. Vide "Selections 2016, 2008, 2000...."

      Yesterday, on DemocracyNow, Glenn Greenwald referenced the MO used in the alleged hacks ID'd during the time of the Ukraine debacle:

      The Russians, like them or not, are infinitely more sophisticated in winning wars: shooting or (non)verbal. Note Putin's silence on the recent US and israeli hysterics in connection with the hacks, thusly refusing to be drawn into the inevitable he-said:he-said into which bimbo yahoo likes to draw his prey: to distort, confuse and distract away from himself and his pet israel project. And why, pray somebody tell me, did israel get involved in this nonsense? Would one be absolutely incorrect in assuming that someone with a well-known govt'l hacking history attempt to use its tactics to point its crooked finger away from itself by copying an old and compromised MO?

      Bimbo yahoo is free to create and belive in his self-chosen superiority myth. But it's the Russians who are taking US and Euro austronaut/scienstists into space and bringing them safely back.

    • "And what was tragic about the whole thing, it was actually brilliantly orchestrated by Nassar al-Qudwe, who was at the time the PLO representative at the UN. By all accounts he did a quite brilliant job, he recruited the top international lawyers in the world, articulating, advocating the Palestinian case, and it was a stunning victory.
      But what happened? Nothing. Because there’s no Palestinian leadership that understands what you are supposed to do with these victories."

      NF is absolutely right. The current "leadership" is ignorant of world history and/or arrogant in choosing to tolerate their kids' futile suicide bombings, stone-throwing, knifings, etc.. I so desperately hope that the Palestinians will read this article and heed NF's advice. Palestinian kids are not "martyrs". They are just as much the victims of zio genocidal actions as the "adult" passive Palestinian "leadership". Who knows how much future-unrealised talent has been destroyed and, ultimately, wasted for an ultimately forgettable picture and/or one sentence mention far away from the mass media.

      It's not enough to have the law and the majority of the world's public opinion on one's side. To prevail in one's convictions, one must fight for them where and how it counts. I hope that at least the younger generation will swap the useless rockets, stones, knives, etc., that provide PR fodder for the zios' brutal vindictive reprisals, and heed NF's advice: " If the Palestinians had a real leadership, which they don’t right at this moment, from the day after the resolution was passed, they would be strategizing, mobilizing their constituency in the West Bank to somehow march on the settlements, block roads to the settlements, make life very miserable for those settlements and say, we are simply enforcing international law. The UN Security Council has said these settlements are a war crime, and we are trying nonviolently to undo the war crime or exact penalties from Israel for engaging in this war crime. Once you have the legitimacy of that resolution, and in this case, quite breathtaking in fact, the US abstaining, which means that it doesn’t deny the legitimacy of the Palestinian claim, and doesn’t deny that Israel is committing war crimes, they have a real chance. And I know you know how much US public opinion and US Jewish public opinion is hostile to those settlements."

      If this does not happen, the Palestinians may squander their hard-earned support and, likely, disappear among the so many other peoples who, throughout history, for a variety of reasons have vanished into Oblivion.

  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose...

      "A six-month Al Jazeera investigation is about to lay bare the extent of the Israel lobby’s influence on the UK government and opposition Labour Party.

      A four-part series that Al Jazeera will broadcast starting 15 January reveals an Israeli embassy agent plotting to “take down” British lawmakers deemed barriers to Israeli policy.

      The network has released excerpts of the footage, filmed secretly in October, which can be seen at link posted below."

    • Many thanks to Tom Suarez for this brilliant, yet simply told, horrific history lesson. I have, of course, reposted this article to my blog. Have just ordered the book, too.

      Holy Mother... Lawrrd have mercy.... Like most, I have had a faint idea of the underlying deep sea of blood in which the vampiric state of israel has been created and in which it still stands. But the numbers, the horrific, centuries-long history that makes the oft-mentioned last 50 years into a ghastly and bitter joke.... I had no idea.

      The true Jewish Holocaust is clearly centuries old; a creation by a minority of generations of pathocrats who called themselves Jews, but who have lived separate and unequal lives away from their coreligionist useful idiots huddled in ghettoes and oblivious of the real world outside their prison walls. Present-day israel is clearly a walled-in massive ghetto full of contemporary useful idiots, esp. the settlers who confirm the existence and efficacy of the indoctrination that, not so long ago, had created terrorist bombers out of 12-year-old little girls.

      I hope this article and book will find its way to the German govt'l hierarchy who must stop guilt-ridding themselves and immediately cease the insane funding of the genocidal israeli fascists. Now would also be a good time for the US to try and revoke the Memorandum of Understanding that is expected to keep israel going for at least another decade.

      I hope that the True Believers of Judaism will find a way to permanently separate themselves from their self-appointed monstrous masters. Judaism is a religion; a Jew is one who identifies with the religious tenets, not the political indoctrination and ab-use.

      I hope that the jurists of the forthcoming case to be tried by the ICC will have a chance to read the book before the case comences. Knowledge of the true history of "israel" and Palestine is essential to grasp the unfathomable cruelty of the last too many decades that promise an eternity of more of the same.

  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • echinococcus

      Inasmuch as I share your terminal revulsion for the zio vainglorious conceit and means employed to maintain the farcical delusion of statehood, the stolen billion$ is not chump change nor a trifling matter. It is desperately needed money that will be/is used to pay the corrupt pols wherever in the world they may be found to "support" the fascists and their murderous enterprise. And with the world's escalated loathing of israel, the price for each "Yes" vote in "support" of the zio abomination is only going to get higher. Furthermore, that's money that gives corrupt "jewish" criminals a place to escape with impunity when pursued by law and order from wherever it may originate. (Who can forget the US teenage murderer who two decades ago escaped justice by taking an elal flight to hell on the dead sea.)

      That money is also necessary to pay israel's useful idiots who are sent out into the world to harass, hack and harang people dedicated to bringing the Palestinian issue every day to the masses untroubled by the silent mass media.

      The nazi pathocrats are ruled by their obsession with money. If the case goes forward and the rendered verdict finds the 12 guilty, israel stands to lose a LOT of the bought "support".

      Israel likes to present itself as a powerful economy, but that "success" rides on the successes achieved in the political arena with the help of useful idiots in assorted parliaments, senatorial chambers, and congressional halls and corporate suites. One hopes that even the money-obsessed US pols, may find the stench from this case too bad to ignore.

      And if none of the above sticks, let's remember how the US succeeded in getting Al Capone behind bars: by trying him for tax evasion...

  • Join us in gearing up for 2017's battles -- and check out the top stories of 2016
    • To the above list I would like to add a brief, 2014, EI, interview with Max Blumenthal:
      that features two great quotes:
      MB: "Germany made Palestinians indirect victims of the Holocaust”
      And a warning comment (by David): "If pointing out Israel's atrocities against an indigenous population is anti-semitic, then one day it will come to be that being anti-semitic is a badge of honor, like being anti-nazi is today. People should beware of flinging that every-increasingly powerless and meaningless word around."

      With best wishes for a better, happier, peaceful 2017 and beyond, with free Palestine, to all on both sides of the Mondoweiss journo/readership.
      Heartfelt thanks to MW for providing a source of reliable, if painful, information. We shall overcome!

  • One-state solution gets fairer shake in a NY synagogue than it gets in NY Times or MSNBC
    • This just proves that religion (here: Judaism) and politics are very different concepts that can be used by one to the benefit or detriment of the other but cannot be made into one as israel tries to corrupt the sanctity of believers' sanity to derive parochial temporal political and monetary gains to benefit a few at the expense of the believers' naivete and trust. So how does this make israel "special" or different from other such attempts elsewhere? (rhetorical)

      I am curious, however, to know how the congregation reacted to Gross's words.

  • Israel Arrests Tycoon for Alleged Huge Corruption in Africa
    • (continued from the prematurely posted above) (sorry)

      (steinmetz may have tried to stiff) his usual partners in crime who expect the sacks of gold to keep their eyelids closed and ears plugged with the regular deliveries of bribes needed to keep the b/s of "safety in ghetto-israel" as an option for steinmetz. And/or the times they ARE a-changing and israel DOES need to placate and silence the hugely negative public opinion of Africans by scapegoating steinmetz in the hope that this will erase the age-old racist images and rhetoric.

      Putting more than a few token non-white israelis, regardless of their religious affiliation, in places of real power and advancing meaningful economic aid to African countries struggling to catch up with the rest of the world might work short term. However, I doubt this will work long term into History in the days of the internet and the permanence of everything plastered onto the WWW.

      Karma at work? I so very much hope so.

    • Considering the number of billionaires in israel, this reads not like the, however sporadic, return of justice to israel. Rather, that Steinmetz may have tried to stiff

  • Abstention at the UN, or the Owl of Minerva of American Diplomacy
    • "a last minute attempt to ensure a 'legacy".

      Obama already has a legacy that will haunt him and History, as attested by the too many graves, including mass graves and a once-thriving, now-devastated economy and infrastructure of a large part of the ME. And the legacy of a relentlessly crumbling US economy with a national debt that is higher and growing faster than the GDP:

      Add to that the tragedy that this Failure may taint any future Af-Am person with presidential aspirations in a country whose racism is here to stay for a long time to come.

    • Maghlawatan, "Dems will get votes by acting against Israel."

      If there were ever a hint of a Dems' attempt to pursue an independent and fair assessment of israel, said Dems would have forced the clinton woman to cool her embarrassing public declarations of obedient fealty towards israel.

  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • "There is no doubt that Israel has been violating international law for 50 years including flagrant violations of the Geneva Conventions."

      Not 50, almost 69 years, and counting...

  • 'P is for Palestine': Illustrated children's book showcases beauty and strength of Palestinian culture
  • 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' -- Really?
    • Mooser.

      "Even if Palestinians seek to go as far as converting to Judaism, thus attempting to fulfill the most strict interpretation of ‘giur’, they are not allowed to. They are automatically rejected. Rabbi Yitzhak Peretz, director of the Israeli government’s Conversion Authority, told the State Control Committee of the Knesset recently, that the threshold requirements “are that applicants be sincere and that they are not foreign workers; infiltrators; Palestinian or illegally in the country.”

      If conversion is not an option for the descendants of the original Jews v. the converts from around the Med.sea* who joined during the last century BCE or a millennium later, what's a tree or its caretaker to do? (sarcasm). This hateful vindictiveness puts rabbi peretz and his ilk in close company with pope pius 12. Furthermore, peretz's dictum offends the memory of the Jews whose "conversion" during WW2 was never "sincere"; it was sanctuary.
      (*Shlomo Sands, "The Invention of the Jewish People)

      The criminal insanity of some of the israeli clergy is creating a dangerous precedent for its own flock, if history were to repeat itself. Again. Not least of all, none of this has anything to do with Judaism, the religion, which has become a deadly tool in the hands of senile pathocrats.

  • Palestinians in Lebanon remember Palestine
    • What a beautiful and sad piece. I so hope that humanity will find its soul and reconsider the much-tarnished concept of fair play, let alone justice.

      The ideological noose around the zios' neck is tightening, albeit slowly. The US seems to feed them all the rope the zios demand. The end to the ignoble experiment for the not-ready-for-prime-time players cannot come too soon. One state and one set of rules for all the citizens, or it's time to start looking into real estate prospects in Birobidzhan or the North Pole.

  • More than half of US aid 'to entire world' goes to Israel and it ignores our warnings on settlements -- Kerry
    • Echinococcus,
      The genocide* has been going on since before May 1948. Since then the volume of the killings is steadily ratcheted as the zios successfully test the world's silent indolence. The "international convention definition" was likely created to divert from the world's own two decades of cowardly wishful thinking that continues to this day, and was/is intended to "shame" the zios into reconnecting with their dormant/absent humanity. The latter, however, requires the presence of a conscience and/or sense of honour. All the zios have are inflated delusions about themselves; the result of life defined by a ghetto existence disconnected from the world. Why? Because Boobooyahoo and his musical chairs cohorts would never have been able to accumulate billion$ without the global tribal army of useful idiots ready to serve their masters.

      *The international legal definition of genocide is not defined by numbers but by the mental/intentional and physical acts:

    • Hacked? Don't think so, considering the insane hodge-podge of voting machines and fatally broken US voting system. But quite possibly skillfully manipulated from afar via the likes of Saban, et al. I rather doubt than even the zios could stomach the possibility of a clinton doormat for the next 4-8 years, whose servile submissiveness would likely hasten the rate of decline of US's support.

      On a related subject, +972 has published/posted an interesting article "Nearly half of Americans support sanctions on Israel, poll finds."
      The comments section is uncommonly rich (for +972) with opinions, some more shocking than others. I had no idea, e.g., just how despicable Stern (of the stern gang infamy) was.

    • "Americans realize that Israel is going Jew-supremacist under Netanyahu."

      Perhaps leaving Judaism out of the equation might be the better approach. Otherwise it suggests that all Jews are in agreement with boobooyahoo's fascism, while a fair and steadily growing number of Jews regularly voice their growing discontent with israel's policies. The better idea might be to supplant "Jew/ish" with "zio/nist" which is more accurate. Furthermore, the former invokes the phony response of "antisemitism", a joke coming from the white zio-racists with not a drop of semitic blood in their white veins, but who gleefully attack the real Semitic people of Palestine. No?

  • Despite Israeli restrictions, surfers in Gaza hope to join global competition
    • Mooser,

      This is what I have found online so far::

      The "site" numbering may or may not suggest that all (leading up to and including the sites in 50s) are staffed by US personnel. Either way, that's a lot of bases, especially for such a small entity whatever the (bases) number and designation.

      I have no way of proving the accuracy of this or any other information, just as any detractor has no way of disproving it. Furthermore, the secrecy seems to have increased concurrently with the US massive and deadly involvement in the ME mess and now the new wars in N.Africa. A secure base in a "friendly" country makes more sense than any other ME or NE volatile and not so dependably docile anymore countries around the Mediterranean.

      Israel is the largest recipient of US military aid:

      Handouts of this magnitude to a paranoid tiny country that is a threat to no one but the Palestinians and itself, are a quid pro quo. The US is not in the business of military charitable contributions to anyone, including israel. Moreover, the continuous supply by the US of a large variety of trade and tech secrets that is current with what is supplied to US forces, is likely feeding US's mistrust of the "friendly" midget:

      And the scandal of US tech secrets being sold to China cannot have helped either:

      Bottom line, when the US sends high tech (esp. military) supplies of whatever size to israel, the former needs a place/base in situ to keep an eye on its "friend", to protect its proprietary secrets. Or at least try. Hence the need for military bases to service the hardware and whatever else the US expects to accomplish with said hardware.

      On another distantly related note: editing one's comment seems to produce more than one intended posting. Is this deliberate or a missing piece of coding that would replace an earlier post with the most recent edit?

    • The petty state of israel shows off, again, its parochial true colours.
      The wanna-be-global-player has to stoop to harassing footballers and surfers to appear like a partner of consequence. To whom exactly? Nobody is buying. Not even the US, despite superficial appearances to the contrary.

      Best wishes to Gazza's surfers. I hope the world's community of surfers will be able to invite and help train a few Palestinian surfing aficionados.

    • The petty state of israel shows off, again, its parochial true colours.
      The wanna-be-global-player has to stoop to harassing footballers and surfers to appear like a partner of consequence. To whom exactly? Nobody is buying. Not even the US, despite superficial, if deadly, appearances to the contrary for the sake of the maintaining the military bases in israel-occupied Palestine.

      Best wishes to Gazza's surfers. I hope the world's community of surfers will be able to invite and help train a few Palestinian surfing aficionados.

  • Video: Israelis look forward to the Trump presidency
    • Israeli persecution complex + corrupt media => clueless peasants.

      'Can't wait for the reactions when trumpty dumpty shows his true colours post swearing in hoopla. Trumpty's selection of Breitbart's racist flunky clearly didn't register with the eternal victims. And the slamming of the clinton-woman-as-israeli doormat... I would give a whole brand new nickel to know what the woman is thinking in view of her reciprocated betrayal, this time by the masses of the sh **ty little country.

  • 'Tis the season, to boycott!
    • Sandra,

      The "feasibility" of the right of return for Palestinians is a non-negotiable issue. The UN defined, and the zios had agreed, to the geographical definition of israel which the latter has been violating since before that certain day in May 1948.

      The Palestinians were never consulted; they were presented with a fait accompli offered at the end of the zio terrorists' gun barrels of Palmach, the Stern Gang, et al., up to and including contemporary israeli military, funded and supplied by the US MIC.

      Palestine, Palestinians and their antecedants have lived and toiled on the land for millennia. Israel as a Jewish state had never existed outside the colourful book of myths known as the Bible or Old Testament, until the 1948 deceptive assault on Palestine by Europe who had hoped, like Balfour before them, that by creating an israel, they would rid themselves of the Jews in their countries.

      Judaism was founded during, and in response to, the endless forays of foreign occupiers traipsing across the land to the lands of their intended conquests. Something that seems to inform present day israel and its appetite for Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and, possibly, Iran. Judaism was founded and centered in Judea, not Israel, and had co-existed with a number of other cults practiced at the same time. Judea was never an independent anything; israel was never more than a land sparsely populated by illiterate goatherders.

      Ergo: the "feasible" solution is very simple and attainable: either the zios withdraw to the land they had agreed to by singing the UN Resolution, or they go back from whence they had come. The only ones with a clear title to settle in "israel" are the Jewish semitic descendants of Antiquities' Palestinians. But only if they submit the proper papers issued at that time by the proper authorities, to comply with israel's modern legal demands imposed on the Palestinians with titles issued by the Ottomans. Fair is fair.

      The 1967 war was a war for Palestinian independence fought with the help of allies. Kind of like the Ww2 allies who had fought to rid Germany of the Nazis but, eventually went back to their own countries. During the 1967 war israel was, as it stll is, the aggressor. "To the victor belong the spoils of war"? That is a double-edged sword that could have given the Nazis the freedom to do as they had planned against the Jews and others, had they won. One wonders what the War Tribunal at the Hague would make of such a claim.

      Or should Christians prepare to submit to possible claims by the Vatican to assume exclusive dominion over all lands where Christians reside or bomb the rest of us out of access to water, electricity, our homes, schools, etc. Or should Jewish israelis start packing to make room for Christians with claims to the land where their cult was founded? (rhetorical)

  • Here's the gossip: Beinart is about to replace Goldberg as most important Jewish journalist
    • What a juicy read!

      "It happened a few weeks ago. Goldberg finally realized: Netanyahu is not pursuing a two-state solution to the Israel Palestine conflict."

      I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a sarcastic observation, but I rather doubt that JG, who has an obsession with an Israel that died decades ago, had not figured out the truth about the 2state myth much earlier. Otherwise Mr. Hirsch's observation puts JG's alleged smarts and journalistic competence in serious doubt.

      "And these days Netanyahu is a bigger liability than an asset for the new editor in chief of the Atlantic. Being joined at the hip of Benjamin Netanyahu was no longer good for career and reputation(..)" -

      - especially in view of the never ending, including the most recent revelations that show the Booboo as a common criminal whose cupidity knows no boundaries. JG may not wish to be tainted with BN's conduct-unbecoming dirt-by-association. BN's genocidal racism notwithstanding.

  • Israeli military takes computers and servers from Palestinian NGO in night raid
    • Thanks for the book recommendation, Ossiniev.

      Coffee, croissant and skunk water is the definition of israeli lifestyle, not European. To eat at the local mall is not a measure of sophistication anywhere else on the planet.

    • The parochial wanna-be global power practices statehood by employing its army to invade a health advocacy organisation in the middle of the night to steal and destroy property, because there are no grounds to employ legal options.

      Is this how the silly Booboo commemorates the anniversary of Kristalnacht? How are such stunts different from the Nazi racist brutality? Kristalnacht was a one-day affair. Palestinenachts have been happening every night for the last 68 years.

  • How Muslim Americans are responding to Trump's victory
  • 'The era of the Palestinian state is over' -- Israeli right celebrates Trump win
    • Be careful what you wish for. The coming 4 year-long disaster is not just about trump. Consider what was selected for the Veep job, assuming pence is indeed the second incarnation of cheney, without having to wait for the expiration of the latter.

      It's time to retire the corrupting notion of "the lesser evil" which made a trump-as-prez possible.

      It's time to bite the bullet and get busy organizing. We have four short years to make sure that another odious trump/clinton no-choice disaster does not happen. And hope that trump & co indeed renege on their lies to the masses who voted this mess in.

      Time to abandon once and for all the traditional media and focus on the online option populated with so many first-rate journos from Democracy Now, Real News Network, Intercept, etc.

      Perhaps an alliance of Sanders and Stein might serve as the first step to start planning, without the pressure of an imminent election, the meddling know-nothing pundits and pointless pollsters. In fact, why not consider convening a People's Party and together create a realistic plan and a sober determination how to implement it, from the moment WeThePeople take over in 2021. By then the Augean stables, DC will be overflowing but, hopefully, still standing.

    • In anticipation of the unconscionable event that Israel implements the Final Solution to the indifference of the otherwise belligerent NATO and US govs & military, perhaps now is the time to revisit and revise the idea of the International Brigades convened to fight the allied forces of fascist Spain, Italy and Germany during Spain's 1930's Civil War?

      I'm not advocating shooting IBs, b/c their chances would be even slimmer against the psychopaths' well equipped Israeli army and the growing itch to use their aging nukes. Rather, a significantly stepped up, much louder and unified cooperation between the various pro-Palestinian organizations who might wish to remind the modern day appeasers that this cowardly do-nothing tactic did not work out so well, especially for the 70+ million WW2 dead.

  • Media reports that Russians are behind email leaks are official stenography -- Carden
    • "Carden said Donald Trump has brought Russia-conspiratorial allegations on himself by exaggerating Vladimir Putin’s admiration for him."

      Admiration? Putin is way too smart a chess player to admire a Trump. Rather, he is likely playing on trump's greed, vanity and sense of entitlement. If trump is in dire financial straights, Putin would know about it and likely may have made trump an offer the latter cannot refuse. The clintons' greed has been fed with obscene payment$ for 1-hour "$peaking engagement$", trump may have been offered a "business" stake in Russia's massive natural resources. Just as Israel has co-opted Clinton as its useful idiot, Russia may be contemplating its own UI. Which would explain israel's and US's obsessive vilification of Putin and Russia. In sum: Russia is an infinitely superior player to israel and the US; the former will not react to the silly baiting and it keeps quiet.

  • Western leaders grow deaf to Israeli abuses
    • "Most Israelis consider the occupation and Palestinian suffering as purely an internal matter, to be decided by them alone."

      Exactly what had informed the Nazis' decision to exterminate the inhabitants of the Jewish ghetto in 1943 Warsaw.

      The Israeli PR machine may be well-oiled but they are not particularly smart. Their "successes" are predicated on the ignorance and western leaders' need for Israeli useful idiots to further the former's misplaced ambitions.

  • 'Atlantic' editor says that Israel's 1948 expulsion of Palestinians was not 'a tragedy'
    • ... or American adventurism in the ME or 40+ out of 59 African countries.

    • (Goldberg:) "There’s this unfortunate thing I’ve heard, I’ve been speaking on college campuses. One kid put it this way (...) You know we’re tired of hearing about the Holocaust. (...) What I said to this person is, What would you think of a black person who said he’s tired of hearing about slavery"

      How can anyone compare the fate of these two disparate societies?
      Throughout history Jews were intensely disliked, even hated, but no more and no less than other minorities. With the exception of WW2, and the rare occasions of violence (e.g., pogroms) that also impacted other sectors of society, were never at any time the "strange fruit", or burnt at the stake for their religion, or slaughtered wholesale, or enslaved. Or like today, overwhelmingly poor, denied a decent education and government subsidies for decent housing and schools, equal access to the job market and other amenities most of us take for granted. Prisons and life in the crosshairs, however, are provided in unrestrained quantity. Although the economic deprivation of non-white Israelis, based solely on their race, is a growing realization of intra-Israeli special aspect of chosenness.

      Black America does not want to live in ghettoes, many Jews still seek the debilitating weakness of codepency and fear fostered by ghettoes. The latter also explains why so few Jews dared to resist the Nazis, even when their lives depended on making that decision. Throughout the ages well-off Jews lived quite happily among the citizens of their host country, but kept the ignorant useful idiots who contributed to that wealth, in the ghettoes. Likely the reason why the Israeli elites are so determined to keep non-Jews out of Ghetto Israel.

    • Let's, indeed, recap reality. There never was in history an israeli state or kingdom, or any sovereign entity of any kind until the violent theft of land from the native population in 1948, and renamed to satisfy the genocidal theocracy's fantasy from the murky past inundated with kings, princes, heroes, etc., clearly inspired by the phenomenal stories of ancient Sumer, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and just as real. Even their concept of capricious gods, later pared down to a one god that could be argued with, at least sometimes.

      Nor was there a geographical region called "Jewish", but there was a Judea, a geographical area that became a place for some of Ur's arrogant and once-powerful caste of priests to settle after they had been expelled from Mesopotamia. (Jew, Jewish are linguistic extrapolations of the term '(believer/person) from Judea,' The Spanish JUDEos and German JUDEn are examples of languages that have retained the geoethnic origin.) That said...o

      There was a geographical region called Israel, as there was a Judea, a Samaria, etc. A patchwork of lands that served the neighboring military invaders as a pass-thru frotm one end of the region to the other in their conquests of rich and developed lands and their cultures. The doormatland's only value was to serve as an anchor for foreign military bases and staging areas for ever newer, and ultimately pointless, conquests. Not that terribly different from the contemporary status of Israel, a strategically useful spot for the massive US military base from which to dream of controlling the ME and Russia and their rich resources. A mutually assured codependency of two nose-holding partners in crime, until History turns the pages to another, hopefully less bloody, source of stories with nothing in common, just like the present, with the era that came and went 2500 years ago.

      Plus ça change....

    • Let's, indeed, recap reality. There never was in history an israeli state or kingdom, or any sovereign entity of any kind until the violent theft of land from the native population in 1948, and renamed to satisfy the genocidal theocracy's fantasy from the murky past inundated with kings, princes, heroes, etc., clearly inspired by the phenomenal stories of ancient Sumer, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and just as real. Even their concept of capricious gods, later pared down to a one god that could be argued with, at least sometimes.

      Nor was there a geographical region called "Jewish", but there was a Judea, a geographical area that became a place for some of Ur's arrogant and once-powerful caste of priests to settle after they had been expelled from Mesopotamia. (Jew, Jewish are linguistic extrapolations of the term '(believer/person) from Judea,' The Spanish JUDEos and German JUDEn are examples of languages that have retained the geoethnic origin.) That said...o

      There was a geographical region called Israel, as there was a Judea, a Samaria, etc. A patchwork of lands that served the neighboring military invaders as a pass-thru frotm one end of the region to the other in their conquests of rich and developed lands and their cultures. The doormatland's only value was to serve as an anchor for foreign military bases and staging areas for ever newer, and ultimately pointless, conquests. Not that terribly different from the contemporary status of Israel, a strategically useful spot for the massive US military base from which to dream of controlling the ME and Russia and their rich resources. A mutually assured codependency of two nose-holding partners in crime, until History turns the pages to another, hopefully less bloody, source of stories with nothing in common, just like the present, with the era that came and went 2500 years ago.

      Plus ça change....

  • The dark side of Jewish consciousness: manufactured anti-Semitism
    • Why are the zionists allowed to use the epithet of "antisemite" to avoid responding to accusations of genocidal violence, to shut up legitimate criticism? An ad hominem is an abusive tactic used by a coward with no valid arguments to support the legitimacy of his/her own line of reasoning; the real Semites exist daily in the crosshairs of the racist regime.

      The zionist experiment is a massive and irreversible failure. The game is over when all that is left for the wanna-be players are lies, name-calling, intimidation and offensive abuse of the memory of the dead to further the petty cupidity of a few increasingly irrelevant individuals. Who will be the one, and when, to tell the truth to the delusional psychopaths? It's time to retire the myth back to the ancient source from whence it had emerged.

  • Israel paints fighter jet pink to raise breast cancer awareness while preventing cancer patients in Gaza from receiving treatment
  • 'My solution is just equality for all of the people': Israeli activist Renen Raz dies at 28
  • Israel's bogus history lesson
    • I find the visual subtext to be a reluctant admittance that ol'-timey Israel of David, Solomon, et al, never was. A clumsy hat-tip to the truth and efforts of archeologists such as Finkelstein/Silberman ("Bible Unearthed".)

      Jacob and Rachel and their contemporary, 2016 CE, garb are countered by the previous contenders to the land of Palestine who are wearing the fashion of the appropriate year BCE, i.e., contemporary garb from the time those invaders had made their claim to the land of Palestine. Ergo, J&R are as temporary and brutish as those they are supposed to be mocking.

      The silence of the Palestinians who do NOT cross the threshold is likely an unintended tribute to their millennia old patience that will prevail.

      Talk about about a narrative backfiring...

  • The Jewish confession on a future Yom Kippur
    • "So we begin yet another New Year, this being the 50th anniversary of the occupation of the Palestinian territories that weren’t occupied in 1948"

      68th anniversary...

      P.s. And am thrilled to see that the Comments are back. Missed you, MW.

  • In a world of conflict, peace is celebrated only one day out of the year
    • Kay 24, perhaps now is a good time to replicate the Guardian's "The Counted" database as a running compilation of the daily killings of Palestinians. The database, with images of the dead sacrificed by the zios to Molokh and Mamon, would serve as a deadly reminder that the Palestinian Final Solution is already here and proceeding at a brisk pace. Such a database would of necessity have to be compiled by the Palestinians in coöperation with e.g., B'tselem who might wish to assume the task of verification.

  • Netanyahu's big lie
    • Back then was a few centuries ago and a world steeped in mores entirely out of touch with the present.

      Today we have the UN, and an Israel steeped in racist genocide...

  • Why segregation is the single most important issue in Israel, and practical ways to confront it
    • Gregmozart
      "don’t you think every country should OFFER every native-born resident an OPTION of citizenship, without waiting for another country (e.g. Israel) to give them a right of return?"

      The (denied) returnees ARE native-born residents of Palestine, whatever the occupying forces elect to call the land appropriated in the course of genocidal banditry.

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