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American residing in Germany. 72 yrs old.

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  • 'New York Times' uncorks laughable Israeli propaganda
    • @ Kris.
      Modern Hebrew is completed in 1922AD in Palestine by
      Eliezer ben Yehuda, a remarkable Opus. He also produced the 1st Hebrew Dictionary.
      Mr Yehuda realized that Hebrew was out of date not having been in usage since 200BC except in liturgical scriptures or ancient musings.
      He employed Semitic Aramaic & Egyptian vocabulary with Hebrew Suffixes. Ancient Hebrew Dialect of Canaanite simply lacked in vocabulary & modern Syntax.
      Without Aramaic & Egyptian, he might as well had modernized Jiddish.

  • Living and dying by Netanyahu's 'forever' sword
    • Greetings Marc,
      I'm really moved when you write & i'm in your corner.

      As for Theologians, they theorize in all Abramic Religions.
      Theologians bring out the best of their Deities interpreting
      & comforting to their followers. They have an important
      spiritual place in any Society, even for Apostates like myself.
      Do their followers behave as Theologians do?
      Theologians have nothing to do with Religion & they came
      after the Prophet & Deities. They are Philosophers & Poets
      of such. They fill the spot of the Prophets & Deities, who are
      not present.
      Marc, Judaism does not have a Judaic Deity, they have a Judaic
      Religion begun in 70AD & completed in 800AD with their Torah, Talmud & Mitzvah as their mass of theological Liturgy, Dogma & Doctrine. Judaic Theologists must come to terms with the biblical figures El as in Israel & Yahweh to & for World Jewry. Judaic Theology has never satisfactually clear up this descrepency.
      Rabbinical culture & tradition was begun by the progressive Pharisees for its followers to take part in daily debate of Theology in 150BC passing it all on to the Rabbis first in 200AD.
      A helpful theological perspective is doomed today, due to the strict demands of the Talmud & Mitzvah yoked onto Judaic followers only allowing inclusiveness for their own; a tribal Religion.Their hands have been tied since the completion in 800AD.
      Tolerance was stopped as Priest Hilkiah & King Josiah set up Yahweh over EL in 622BC.
      Long after Priest Scribe Ezra put the Shem Semites in their place over all other Semites who still worshipped the Canaanite Religion with Sumerian named Deities, where they returned to the Canaanite named ones going according to his perspectives in 456BC of a different Religion leding towards Monotheism!
      Judaic Theologians have it hard today, unless they ignore the Talmud & Mitzvah.
      One mo' once, very enjoyable & informative, much tks,

  • Palling Around with Nazis: Netanyahu's political ancestors are also guilty by association
    • Greetings yonah fredman,
      What's the diff.?
      Call it Nazism, Fascism, Zionism?
      The Brits, French & US have been
      doing the same thing. No one would
      dare call the US, France or UK any of
      these ideologies.

  • Palestinian Harry Potter fan challenges J. K. Rowling on BDS using lessons from Hogwarts
    • Greetings Ms. Annie,
      You posted 4 times & got through unscathed.
      I posted once & got censored!
      You are so powerful.
      He who controls, exists.
      PS I don't get 'no respect' on MW.

  • 'Most-read' article at Washington Post calls Israel 'savage, unrepairable society'
    • Greetings,
      ....Israelis having no sense of security....
      How can this be?
      Israel has the military might to leave the battle field of illegal occupation unilaterally w/o fear of attack.
      Israel controls contiguous Palestine, where eclectic Israelis only reside on 9,0K Km2 out of 21.
      Israel enjoys all the resources of Palestine cheaply.
      Israel has Big Brother, EU, UN & Nato in their pocket.
      Israel has more Shekels than Solomon & Croesus combined.
      The Tyrant encroaches on into the religious sphere of the Pals & they go on a rampage killing ca 7 Israelis losing ca 50.......
      & it is the Israelis that feel insecure & bewildered?
      The frightful thought that a wayward Pal. knife could injure any of the 6 mn Israeli individuals & their army couln't protect them!
      Their own Ox Paddies have been ventilated onto the Knesset floor & King Bibi moves on to tightening of the bolt of security!
      At this rate, not even with the Pals. totally vanguished from Palestine will they feel secure in their never ending quest of greater Eretz Israel.
      PS Wasn't it Kafka that showed us the man in the hugh flat that couldn't answer the doorbell because, he had become a Beetle unable to leave his bed as his ultimate hopelessness? I repeat, it only took a few low tech. knives to manifest Israeli's age old inate sense of insecurity!

  • Facing down hecklers in NY, Gideon Levy calls for equal rights for all in one state
    • Greetings MW,
      Menschkeit gets magnified when a Jew stands against a Jew for wrong doing.
      I believe it was Tiberias, betw. 66/70AD, where the Romans started their horrors before they came to Jerusalem.
      The surviving Jews came to Jerusalem demanding to know why they didn't send help; they ended up killing each other, Jew vs Jew.
      Mr Levy is showing up now before the killing of Jews starts from whom whoever.
      Mr Levy said it succintly to the governments of Israel: you are wrong.
      PS Thanking MW for bringing on Mr Levy. Pls show more of his kind.

  • Israeli society is crumbling under the weight of occupation
  • Courting Adelson and Netanyahu and reviving 'new American century,' Rubio positions himself as neocon favorite
    • Greetings jonah fredman,
      ...why would anyone think.......
      If they think, they think, they only think that they think.
      That Israel need no longer be supported?

      Israel needs no more Support.
      They;ve achieved miracles with the US & Euro support.
      Militarily, they can leave the battle field unilaterally w/o
      fear of reprisals.
      Foreign Investment runs into their arms.
      There is nothing that they lack.
      They could go on milking Germany & the US in perpetuity
      wo ever having to pay the rent.

      It is the Support that they crave that should linger on until they rule
      unilaterally in the Levant.
      Even if they come so far, they won't be able to hold on to it.
      This will be their downfall.
      PS Ne'er has a puny pariah state achieved so much in so little time.
      Not even Rhodesia or Belgium Congo had it so easy, Mosel Tov.

  • The popular resistance in the Galilee
    • Greetings ivri,
      There's no arguement with Jews.
      There's no arguement with Arabs.
      It's your right wing Government
      policies since 48!
      These policies are conquest, theft,
      murder, burnt earth of Palestinian
      produce,annexation of contiguous
      Palestine &eventually forcing out
      the Palestinian population.
      The ne'er ending message of whining,
      coniving 'victim card' pop up to the
      world of your perpetual suffering
      Jiddische Herz is based on a pile
      of ox paddies.

  • In Bethlehem, community rallies to support protests, each helping however they can
    • Greetings Meyhem,
      ... Returning to the negociating table......

      The Oslo accord set the tenure & direction 22 yrs ago!!!
      ( The 30 yrs' war peace process took 4 yrs to resolve!)
      The Pals. sat 22 yrs with Israeli Governments!

      The Pals. know just when they learn the Israeli
      rules, the Israelis change them!
      What are you talking about?
      Du glaubst deiner eigene Müll selber nicht!
      ( You don't even believe your own moufing off!)
      You want that in Jiddish too?
      PS .....Temple Mount....
      The Temple Mount lay barren from 70AD to
      The Dome was built in 691AD.
      The Al Aqsa Mosque was built in 696AD!
      Why didn't Jews build a 3rd temple in 621 yrs.?
      Because they were no longer there!
      We now have 2015AD. Why doesn't World Jewry
      build a Temple next to Christian Churchs?
      Judaism needs a Temple not a Location that was
      ne'er proven to even have been built upon, to boot,

  • Video: Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza killing seven
    • Greetings Diaspora,
      I agree with your point that stones against weapons are suicidal.
      I say duck & come back another day.
      There are other ways to demonstrate.
      Use BDS where possible in Gaza & WB.
      Subside only what Palestinians produce.
      Insurrection & treason not as fighting, dying youth, but protest by stealing produce from Israel eatable production & Israeli farms.
      Thieve your way to your stomachs, not fighting with death to yourselves.
      PS Set up an industry with Israeli stolen products sold cheaper to Palestinians. You also damage the profits of Israelis. Better to get shot stealing food than throwing stones!

  • Netanyahu did everything but use the 'n-word' against Obama to stop the Iran Deal -- Susan Rice
    • Greetings Phil.,
      ....If Clinton gets into the WH, look for him (Ross) to return as the eminent statesman........
      Thank you, i just learned that with aipac funding both parties, they get to pick & choose, their high echelon American Israelis for positions in the new adminestration.

  • 'We want him to speak up on Palestine': Boston SJP statement on being kicked out of Bernie Sanders rally
    • Greetings,
      The German Israeli Historian Wolffson gave a possible solution for the crisis on German TV concerning the solution in Palestine.
      Land swaps, allowing the 500K to remain in the Settlements.
      Both peoples sharing all resources in a 1SS.
      He felt Israel wouldn't be capable of removing the 500K to leave the WB area, but the Palestinians would be reimbursed!
      He also meant that a 2SS would cripple both sides.
      My question is, who will see this through that would be fair to both sides, who would guarantee equality, certainly not Israel, the US.

  • Jerusalem at a breaking point
    • Greetings Palikari,
      ....The Temple Mount is Judaism's holiest place.....

      There isn't one shred of archeological or literary evidence that a Temple ever existed there on that Mount.
      At any rate, this site was abandeded from 70AD to 681AD, where were the Shem Semites of these times that they didn't build a 3rd Temple?
      2 Temples were said to have been built, but W H E R E ???
      Kings Saul, David and Solomon worshipped Polytheism of the Canaanite Version. King Solomon builds a Temple in 957BC. All Semites in Peleset worshipped the Canaanite Version of the Sumerian Religion, hence King Solomon built a Canaanite Temple, as Yahweh is the son of El; a Canaanite Deity!!!
      PS MW, you allow biblical history to be quipped, accept my opinion also w/o proof!

  • Hey Jews, listen up, Netanyahu is your leader!
    • Greetings Mooser,

      Az tzvei zogen zich shiker,
      leigt zich der driter schlofen.

      Wenn zwei sich sagen, (sie) sind betrunken,
      legt sich der dritter schlafen.

      If two say (of themselves that they) are drunk,
      the third lays (down to) sleep.
      PS Keep the Yiddish coming.

  • Video of 18-year-old Palestinian chased by Jewish mob and killed by police shocks global audience
    • Greetings amigo,
      ...Do these people believe that they can go on......
      An emphatic, yes!
      There's no law & order here for the Palestinians!
      We can only imagine the insatiable blood lust of
      the settlers & the inhumane satisfaction of:
      Kill 'em all with Police & Military supporting these
      PS It was permissable for us to kill Indians & Blacks
      throughout most of our history & we did it!.
      It's now suicidal for the Palestinians in parts of the
      WB to remain. Leave & come back another day.
      - Life over circumstance is greater than pride to die. -

  • 'NYT' preaches to Palestinians about launching 'intifadas'
    • Greetings,
      Netanyahu not only whips out the Cherry Tomato, but says God gave them Palestine!
      The UN represents all 185 (?) Nations with all kinds of Religions.
      The so called Abrahamic Religions represent only 24% of Mankind!
      What are the other 76% of Mankind to make of such nonsense? How can a modern Institution get around such idiocy coming to change & justice with int'l law?
      History shows that the Shem Semites were absent from Jerusalem most of their existence! History shows that they seldom spoke their Canaanite dialect Hebrew most of their existence. History shows that today's Citizens are 70% European DNA!
      PS History Shows that their Claims are Biblically based assumptions having more to do with mythological aspects.

  • 'NYT' reporters parrot Israeli claims re cherry tomato
    • Greetings hophmi,
      You see the flower pots hanging on the outside walls of homes in Spains? It was the Sarazens that delveloped it after 711AD.
      You don't get de flower pot this time.

    • We remember in the 50s when everything was invented in Russia!
      Well, i must say, i liked Jewish Celery Soda in the 40s in N.Y.
      No one can beat the Bagels on Long Island, but they're now in the hands of the Italians. Orginally, they came from the Poles.
      Question: Does the cherry tomato give Netanyahu freedom to carry on his conquest?

  • In Ramallah, thousands celebrate Palestine at the UN amid doubt it will result in meaningful change
    • The Palestinians have int'l law on their side, but not justice.
      The US sides with Israel & brokers reluctantly.
      The Israelis have Guns, the Palestinians none.
      The Oslo accord hasn't left limbo for 22 yrs!
      There is nothing to wait or hope for & They
      have no way to war. It is the US that must go,
      Israel is having a party & won't let up!
      PS The US drew their Gun in the Ukraine,
      Pres Putin drew his & voila!
      The US with a drawn Gun fell alsleep in Syria
      & Pres Putin drew his!
      You have to have a Gun, not morals.

  • Settlers gawk as Palestinian woman lies dying at checkpoint (Update)
    • Re.: Ms. Annie,
      ...i'm not particularly fond of reading - about Nazis- ……

      You are certainly very tolerant of Zios misrepresenting bogus biblical history. Is it really relevant what you consider on line or in accord with the R & R of MW? You allow anyone to print Anti-Semite against what another prints. There should be equality in allowing print of similarities betw. Zionism & Nazism.

      I may be forced to bestow unto you, the title of : Queen of Heresy within the MW Inquisition against anything which disturbs you. Smite 'em down, gal, you'll learn 'em.

  • The Republican candidates are fostering a dangerous culture of Islamophobia
    • Greetings jonah fredman,
      In Europe, we have France's Le Pen; Italy's Liga Nord & now Hungary's Urban.
      Not even Marie Le Pen is as nationalistic as of these Rep. Candidates with their sickening, blatant oozing, public broadcasting of Nazism!

      When you're both finished off the Palestinians, they'll move on to Israel, enter, Oliver Cromwell: convert or die!

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  • Nostalgia
  • J'lem mayor warns Palestinians in holy site clashes: 'if they use violence we will hunt them'
  • Campus is seen as next battleground against Iran Deal -- by 'rightwing fanatics'
    • Greetings,
      Don't take my word for it. Sense my Aura.
      Don't you come away thinking,
      i'm rude, crude & socially unattractive?
      My bloodlessness is my instinctlessness.
      I'm forever blowing bubbles........
      PS He must have been a beautiful Baby

  • New Yorkers take action on Syrian crisis
    • Greetings,
      Americans vs Politicians.
      Where are all the Politicians who squeeled:
      Saddam must go!
      Gaddafi must go!
      Taliban must go!
      Assad must go!
      They are still at it.
      Now we have Jemen.
      Lebanon & Jordania in waiting
      before the final Goal, Iran!
      Didn't someone say,
      7 Nations in 5 years?
      Iran is 8 as the flower pot.
      Maybe the 50 cold war was the
      only stablizing equasion that
      mankind can live with?
      Cold War forever & peace unto

  • Israeli soldiers raid Al Aqsa courtyard, attack worshipers
    • Greetings Citizen,
      Ain't no different her in Germany.

      An Aggressor moves only fowardly if you allow him, you're finished.

      The Israeli Government will yiddle by yiddle gain access & control and then sell the right to the Palestinians for their access to services & the west will applaud their generosity. Law & order must be kept, ya know.

  • Iranian president issues New Year greetings to Jews
  • Iran Deal aftermath brings warnings of donor backlash against Dems
    • Greetings,
      Obama changed the power equasion with the Vienna Accord win.
      Aipac now needs the politicians of both houses more than they need Aipac. There continues to be a multitude of subjects that Congress has to push through for Israel. It's only the US politicians that love- to hold out their hands- Israel, not the US People.
      All these 'Moonlighters' will ne'er go broke.

  • Don't trade a war on Palestinians for a war on Iran -- Berman
    • Greetings piotr,
      ...the iron grip of aipac on congress....
      is held together by shekels.
      Aipac's invincibility has been shattered
      by Pres. Obama shrugging.
      Now aipac needs all the reps of both houses
      more than they need aipac, hence they will
      go on doling out, whereas the US
      can still get their 'moonlighting' bonuses w/o fear
      of standing up for US issues first.
      PS The kings of europe used this practice many times
      over in the past.
      aipac won't disappear, but it will become costlier for
      them w/o guaranteeing success.

  • Germany comes face to face with 'a Jew against Zionism'
    • Greetings pabelmont,
      It makes me giggle to think that Anti-anything or Goy still have power to stop anyone.
      It is pro vs contra in any free society to voice an opinion.
      This handsome woman spoke out for democracy for both peoples in palestine.
      How does that change anything by simply annointing her as an antisemite? An antisemite has the same right as an philosemite.
      I'm an philosemite of all 300 mn semites surrounding Israel.
      I'm anti euro zionists in Israel & anti euro christian zionists in the US.
      PS I am anti ideologies: Zionism, IS -Islam, US hegemony, Catholic hegemony, Evangelical hegemony.

  • AIPAC is going out with a whimper not a bang
    • Greetings pabelmont,
      Aipac is here to stay.
      Whatever losses they take, they must carry on bribing off both houses of reps. a small change in the equasion would be if the politicians don't have to side on every issue with Israel & still keep their 'moonlighting' shekels coming. Aipac could need them more that they need aipac in the future; have shekels, will pay!

  • The U.S. has responsibility for Syrian refugees because we started destructive wars
    • Greetings,
      Sweden is taking ca. 600 pro 1 mn. swedes.
      Germany is taking ca. 400 pr 1 mn Germans.
      Italy 90,
      France 70,
      UK total 20K , one time once,
      Hungary, Check & Slow., Lettland, None!
      EU anyone? Yes, but just for de dole.
      Denmark just cut off Train Service to & fro Germany,
      also its Highways stopping further migrancy to Sweden.

  • Why do Jewish legislators carry more weight on Iran Deal?
    • Greetings Hophmi,
      ....Jews in power.....
      I have no Problem with that.
      Jews have proven to be capable & progressive even in Spain after the conquest in 711AD.
      I would not, as an American, have trusted an Irishman in politics after 1849 of defending the policies of the US first where Ireland was involved.
      I don't trust Jewish politicians on Israeli defending the US first on policies where Israel is involved.
      PS Then again, i'd take Sen. Dianne Feinstein over all pro Israel first candidates, because aipac & World Jewry knows she's Israel first, but not pro Bibi or anti Iran accord. * Ms. D.F. for President!

  • Update: UK petition calling for Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes reaches 100,000 signatures
    • Greetings Annie,
      They won't arrest him, but negative publications add to BDS of what King Bibi shuns. It's satisfying enough. I'm tickled pink.
      There are some 40 mn Brits, throw in the Irish of 8 or 10mn are many People+ News outlets in contiguous Europe. A lot of good PR for BDS!

  • Duma murders fail to penetrate the Tel Aviv bubble
    • Greetings Monterey..........
      ......Women of Zion.......
      Don't compose history, just stick to the Tanakr.
      Jerusalem was still called by the Canaanite term: Shalim; Goddess of Twilight. Zion, Canaanite for Hill
      Shalim on Zion =later Jerusalem on Hill.
      Pssst, did you notice that it's Salem & not Shalom.
      Jerusalem was named by the Egyptians & Arameans before the freed descendents travel from Bayblon in 520BC to Shalim finding it now to be Jerusalem.

  • 'They tried to kill me': Nonviolent activist recounts brutal encounter with Israeli military
    • Greetings MW,
      Thank you for bringing the life of a Palestinian struggling so many years actively.
      Bravo for Iyad Burnat.
      ....I will resist until they tire......
      Unfortunately conquest doesn't allow fatigue & these soldiers rotate every few years bringing in fresh ones to continue.
      As all aggressors, their fall will come out of a maze of destructive Serendipity, it will come.

  • The 'Pallywood' smear: Viral images of Palestinian boy's brutalization brings backlash
    • Greetings hophmi,
      ....long shelf life.....
      of course not, but what goes around, comes around.
      The Globe is witnessing the evil incarnate manifestation
      of Israel for what it is, an ongoing conquest of theft, pillage
      oppression & murder.
      Israel's policies won't change, but maybe the US will?
      Come that day, there be Dragons!
      PS Why are you making such a big deal out of Kids with stones, you are armed with automatic weapons? He threw a stone, but you stole his house & land!

  • Why did a Jewish Day School student cry hysterically when she learned about the Deir Yassin massacre?
    • Greetings hophmi,
      ....because exactly the same thing happens there.....
      By saying that the Schools of Muslims are doing it, means that you too admit that Israel is indeed doing it! That's new.
      For this young Lady to write about it spells out not self -hate, but an open, honest, passive conspiracy?
      The only difference between she & you is that you can't get her to lie about the zionistic mantra of the necessity of your ongoing conquest of theft & pillage, - you knowingly lie. - The Zionistic Day School 'Diklum' is not yet at 100%!
      Diklum, Hebrew = State & Repeat (till it becomes true!)

  • A year after Shipman lost his Yale job for speaking out on Israel's actions, some Jews say the same thing
    • Greetings Boomer,
      Too many have, are & will be discharged from thier positions &/or carrees for voicing their opinions. Only Jews &/or Zionists can publish & use free speech, even condemn & accuse anyone of their own volition of what they deem to be Anti this or that.
      Everyone who is salaried is threatened to shu up yo' mouf' or walk!
      We remember Sen. McCarty: You, Sir are a communist! You Sir are a Homosexuell! During his heyday, nobody could call him the lush that he was!
      We remember J. Edgar H. : Nobody spoke of his warming his tuckus sporting Panties after 5!
      PS I must chuckle when all the high Echelon zionists in Tel Aviv allow Sheldon to rampage on of his verbal muck of Palestinians, but only after he laid down de Shekels would they suffer such rubbish! Hell, you gotta serve somebody!

  • Beinart's fear of 'Israstine'
    • Greetings Hophmi,
      ....West. ideas imposed on mid. East. peoples......
      Isn't Israel a western People &Nation?

      Isra= One fights! Whom?

  • Aftermath of Iran Deal: a divided lobby, but Biden's camp says he has 'Jews'
    • Greetings michelle,
      ... mutts....
      They're de best, have a look:
      My Mother is Greek & my Father Italo,.
      I, Italo Greco married a Hungarian German,
      Our two daughters:
      Italo Greco Hungarian German,
      My Grandchildren in Italy are.
      Italian, Italo Greco, Hungarian German,
      My Grandchild in the US is:
      Italian Scot, Italo Greco,Hungarian German,
      Wait till the next Generation then we'll really
      bring in a little color. My 16 yr old Granddaughter
      in italy is hooked up with an Italo Brasilian!
      Long live the human spiecies as Mutts!

    • Greetings Theo,
      ....Billionaires buying the elections.......

      Here in Germany, all political parties that receive 5% of the vote can enter Parlement & receive campaign funds from the taxpayers. Yes, private contributions can also be given, but the races are much shorter & a pittance of costs of what the US does which is certainly not democratic. Private contributions are under scrutiny & fines.

  • Pittsburgh Jews say Obama will allow 'Second Holocaust' while Israel's ambassador openly lobbies Capitol Hill
  • Jimmy Carter has cancer
    • Greetings,
      Pres. J. Carter,
      He had a good life & longevity.
      He official service time & energy was given with substance.
      He pursued in serving privately with substance.
      He did more than his share.
      PS Empires as Rome, Papacy and America have had many leaders.
      None were perfect; he did well in his time.

  • 'Administrative revenge' -- settlers are believed responsible for arson targeting family on outskirts of Duma
    • Greetings eGuard,
      How about :
      Vile, hideous, terrorist, Settlers 'price tagging' Palestinians?

      There is just too much condemnation of mincing of word
      usage when discussing the motives of the Zionists.

      You & Ms Annie agree: a crime is a crime is a crime.

      Use of language is a matter of Interpretation, so are

  • Non-Jew dares to announce position on Iran Deal
    • Greetings Kay24,
      I hope the majority of US Jews realize that the danger is King Bibi.
      The Politicians don't care one way or the other.
      The nays of the Accord will whine till the day of the vote realizing that the US has too much to lose being that it's a bigger, involved issue than just Iran & Israel gambling at becoming the regional hegemon. Killing this deal could cause bigger problems for Israel, US Jews & even public opinion of the Rep. Party & Americans.

  • Front page 'NYT' story is rigged to suggest donors for and against Iran Deal cancel each other out
    • Greetings,
      Big money & high echelon Pols. (King Bibi) ne'er think about the Israelis keeping them trapped in this perpetual cloke of danger from all encompassing neighbors. Becoming the only hegemon in the region will be good also for its citizenry, so they think. King Bibi could stay in power till the cows come home, but it will ne'er bring peace & harmony.
      Big money & high echelon Pols. can remove to their bunkers or fly away!

  • Radical talent Jowan Safadi's new song - 'To be an Arab'
    • Greetings,
      How terms change:
      Once upon a time Semite Canaanites living in Towns, Villages & Cities, as the Sumerians did lambasted all other Semites including the 12 Shem Semites Tribes for living in the Desert calling them Arabs, Desert Dwellers!
      PS My Trivia of de day is also important.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg's melodramatic apology for Chuck Schumer
    • Greetings jonah fredman,
      Israel & the West are looking to bring & keep Iran
      into the fold of int'l law.
      It succeeded with this Accord.
      No one is asking of the remaining danger of Israel,
      as a Nuke possessor of their unilaterally destroying Iran.
      Both Iran & Iran see the danger of one or the other
      becoming the sole hegemon, but who can control Israel?
      They have no record of trust for the last 90 yrs.
      Iran hasn't provoked war for 300 yrs.

  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • RE.: Ms Annie,
      ...Paul fyi......
      Bingo! Much tks.

    • Greetings Paul Larudee,
      Exactly, just keep killing the messenger.
      Where is the responsibility of the State of Israel, the Zionists, the blinded eye of the Military supporting Settler crimes, the rifle butt swinging soldiers, the weak justice system, the refusal to religuish
      confiscated tax money rebates, rationing off water, bulldosing homes, closing off Areas, etc!
      But don't call them a Pariah or Apartheid State. That's insulting & hurts their feelings.


    • Greetings bintbiba,
      Well put as always with Menschkeit.
      Ms Allison Weir is on the Stand!
      The talk is always about some nuance or dig against anyone Jewish, Israeli, Zionist that the one on the stand has to prove negative.
      It's so easy to punch holes in them with this silly atavistic card of
      'Antisemitism' raped & pillaged since 1870. It's just as silly as Goy.
      It is always the feeling, protection & security of a Jew, Israeli or Zionist that must be held up.
      If the State of Israel allows all those illegal crimes under int' law then they are guilty. If the Citizens of Israel uphold these crimes then they are guilty too.

      - A Baby was just burned alive in the WB in Palestine. -

      Is it anti anything of me to say, i condemn & accuse the State of Israel, Israelis, Jews, Zionists?
      It seems to me that when Ms Allison Weir doesn't exactly state what she thinks opens the door of Jews, Israelis Zionists to question her motives condemning her of anti-Jew, ,Zionist & Semite insinuations.
      The crimes from the Jews, Israelis, Zionists which occur daily in Palestine against Palestinians are never on the stand.
      Does it make a difference if not a Zionist, Jew, Israeli, but a Settler committed said crime?
      PS Which crime would be accepted & acted upon against the Palestinians as a genuine crime by the State, Israeli, Jew, Zionist, Settler? None to date by any of the above mentioned!

  • Israeli Banks flipping out over looming European boycott
    • Greetings JL. Dickerson,
      Appreciate your everflowing libraries of knowledge, thanks.

      Perhaps the EU law of restriction could come to fruition, if
      Obama loses this up & coming vote.
      The Euros/EU do business with Israel.
      The Euros/EU want to do business with Iran too.
      Open Iran, more business than with Israel.
      Iran stays open for Europe if the Reps. win, US loses.
      Have we not noticed that war mongering UK & FR are on de
      Bandwagon with Iran. These two alone would wreck havoc
      on Israel if their contracts could sour.
      PS It's not a personal Thing. Europe has more to win with Iran.

  • Netanyahu for president? He's been a citizen-- twice!
    • Greetings amigo,
      We remember:
      Schwartzenegger for President?
      King Bibi & he were both born in other countries.
      Foreign born cannot become President.
      PS Not even aipac can pull that one off.

    • Greetings Citizen,
      ...wonder why they didn't call it Judah ( instead of Israel)......

      Jacob, who became Israel, was the progenitor of 12 sons , who became the leaders of the 12 Shem Semite Tribes.

      More intriging is the ?, why did the Religion become known as Judaism?

      Of the 12 tribes, 10 disappeared! The 2 remaining were the Benjamin & Judah. Judah got the flower pot. Truly 'Jew' came out as a Subject of their last Kingdom.
      Judaism was deemed because of the 'belief' of the 3 Patriachs: Abraham, Isaac & Israel, which in itself is a murky defination.

  • It's not bigoted to call out the Israel lobby over Iran Deal
    • Greetings Sibiriak,
      Now that's an arguement, makes sense,bravo.

    • Greetings talknic,
      ... be Jewish w/o believing in Judaism....

      is possible because of the 'rubberband' terms
      of Jew & Judaism, it remains murky.
      They see themselves as Jewish People & Jewish

      An American citizen, born of Jewish parentage
      considering himself apostate.
      PS After King Bibi sets up his Jewish Theocracy,
      don't try in Israel!

    • Greeting Keith,
      By ME, i meant Iran & lessening of the escalation in Iraq.
      By Levant, i meant Palestine, Lebanon & Syria, even
      though Syria is strangled momentarily.
      The fall of Iran will cause the fall of Israel along with the
      North African countries in turmoil, nothing positive
      could come out of it for anybody.
      Not even the US & Euro could restructure the contiguous
      Region for yrs to come.
      PS Not even King Bibi would be around to beg fo mor ammo.

    • Greetings Ms. Annie,

      Consider 'Old Dum Fuk' having been out de Country over 50 yrs to miss your Nuance.
      Tks for posting & above all thanks for:
      Ya looka in ma face, when you talka to me.
      PS I find many jewish adjectives & nouns misleading &/or confusing.
      Example: we in the US consider German names as Jewish, but couldn't recognize a Jewish polish or russian name.

    • Greetings Keith,
      (Iran Accord).... a great diplomatical feat.......

      There are many problamatical theaters on the globe.
      This won over accord saved the ME & Levant. That's a
      vast & geo-strategic area to secure peaceful means
      for the globe.
      This was easy for Iran playing along so long knowing
      that agreeing to what they ne'er had any attention of
      doing! Perhaps they studied Kafka?
      How can the Globe sanction the Rep. Politicians of the
      US & King Bibi along with his Likud Party for insurrection
      against Mankind?

    • Greetings John Douglas,
      Ms. Annie is incorrect on one aspect, it's a matter of Citizenship.
      Israel is not an Ethnicity.
      If it were Citizenship, how could a lawmaker of the US with foreign Citizenship decide on foreign policy in US interests when it contradicts the policies of US interest?

      .... I pledge allegiance to the United States of America......
      .....I pledge allegiance to the State of Israel........

      If a conflict of interest occurs on foreign policy betwixt the two:
      My allegiance goes to the highest bidder!

    • Greetings Ms. Annie,
      on your imerging journalistic prowess.

      .......Schumer drew the line against Pres. Obama's foreign policy of Detente in coming to this accord with Iran.......

      Will lines be drawn against Schumer's line? Yes.
      Right radicals,
      Big US Business,
      BDS, etc.
      PS Oy, who worries about the Reps., i got Schumer.

  • Schumer defection raises fears about firewall on Jewish support for Iran Deal
    • Greetings Bornajoo,
      on a linear observation:
      If Obama & Kerry lose the vote?
      If Schumer takes over the position of Reid?
      Pres. Obama's only recourse would be to turn off the lights.
      PS Not even US Jewry wish this.

    • Greetings hophmi,
      If you think that you think, you only think that you think.

  • 'They are the terrorists'–-Palestinians mourn a second death from settler arson attack
    • Greetings jonah fredman,
      ........Menorah: Symbol of the Jewish State......

      The Menorah is a Symbol of an accepted modus
      vivendi of the Judaic people by demonstrating
      the continual light as the Spirit of the Lord, not
      the acts of a state or eretz Israel or power.
      When you see the lighted Menorah, you see the Spirit
      of God. It's historically wrong to make it a Symbol of a

  • 'I love Obama' 'You're infatuated' (The argument on the left)
    • Greetings Joe mowrey,

      Kings, Popes & even Emperors have had to compromise.
      . Euro Jewry survived by compromise from 200BC to 1938AD.
      . Martin Luther survived by compromise.
      . Marquis de Sade also compromised.
      The Catholic Church survived Napolean & Hitler in compromise.
      Even Genghis Khan had to walk the line, etc.
      These entities or individuals had had to compromise to get
      the main changes for a majority leaving other to be sacrificed.
      Survival demands its price.

  • The two-state pipedream: Israel will move 100s of 1000s of settlers
    • Greetings Pretext,
      The priveleged settlers will not move voluntarily & not w/o a fight.
      They are, but pseudo mercenaries, not even comparable to militia in fighting capability. It would be an easy win for Israel when they decide to do it.
      Israel can spare the rod, but stop paying the bills, they'll come home before the cows do.

  • Understanding the Partition plan
    • Greetings Tokyobk,
      Could Kahsuren be understood as a 'problem in merging'' in Yiddish?
      A merger problem; a wedding problem.

    • Greetings D. G. Fincham,
      Please read:
      Ger.: Ein Hochzeit, die Braut ist so Schön.
      Eng.: A Wedding, the Bride is so beautiful.
      Yid.: A Kahsuren, die Kalleh is tsu shayn.
      PS Others here have explained the metaphor behind it.

  • Did the BBC cover up the anti-Semitism of Gaza's children?
    • Greetings blah chick,
      I beg to ask, regardless of the subject matter, we're led to only talk of them, their trials & tribulations while it is in this topic the devastation to the Palestinians.
      Historically, the Judeans founded the 2nd Kingdom of Judea, they were known as Judean subjects of said kingdom.
      Different languages convey the same meaning. Judean, Judah, Giu, Jew, Jud, Juif, etc. Where's the Insult? What's derogatory? A term is a term is a term.
      World Jewry claims to be Semites, they are, they speak modern Herbrew as of 1922AD, but they are Europeans professing to Judaism & 40% are Israeli Citizens. This is their identity.
      Does Mr. Cohen deem himself a British Jew or is it we who speak of him?
      PS The Palestinians aren't complaining about Judaism. They complain about Israelis, Judah, in their Semitic term.
      PPS Anyone within World Jewry could ask why is anyone against them?
      It won't be because of Judaism or Euro. DNA, but because of what has happened to the indigenous people of Palestine since the 1930s.

  • The extremism of the center in Israel
    • Greetings Bumblebye,
      Isn't it ironic that after a diaster people, in general blame people.
      In our recent past, we blamed the German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, American, Israeli people, etc. Yes, there are many opportunists in all of these nations, but their Goverments created those policies causing diaster.
      People cannot stop King BiBi, but Governments can.
      How will the destiny of King BiBi turn out? Will he be felled by the F. Hegel Triad of Causal, Triggar, Result or will Serendipity ride in & sweep him away?For the rest of his days, i wish him a palace with 365 bedrooms & a sleepless night in every one of them.

  • Cruz says Iran could set off Electro Magnetic Pulse over east coast, killing 10s of millions
    • Greetings,
      This Sen. could be so gullible to believe that the majority of US are gullible, but there are too many professionals in the US to swallow this BS & remain mute.

  • Morgan Freeman, Valerie Plame and Queen Noor say Iran deal will prevent nuclear war that will melt Jack Black's frisbee
    • Greetings lysias,
      ......She is the great granddaughter of a rabbi......
      Most US & Israelis are Euro descendents, be it
      Christian or Judaic.
      She's Euro, US citizen, Christian, but part Jewish!?
      Please define which part of which is Jewish?
      PS Or keep you mouf shut!
      PPS M.Freeman probably won't get any more film gigs.

  • Time Warner executive moonlights as speechwriter for Netanyahu
    • Greetings,
      Oy, the duck ref. is considered skillful?
      By whom is he considered skillful?
      Is Peabody's vote in for Journalists
      & Speech writers?
      Whatever we do, must be accepted by
      the world. How solipsistic & narcissistic.

  • Anniversaries: Who counts?
    • Greetings just,
      Ole Gal Hillary better watch out, by the time she finishes her political stomp through contiguous states, the goalposts may have been changed from pro to con Israel.
      She blew the wind of opinion on Iraq & she may blow it in 2016?
      She 's a good Ole Gal w/o any talent with Realpolitik.
      PS Oh, but i jes want to serve America & do what's right.

  • You be the judge
  • Israeli forces enter Al Aqsa mosque compound with gunfire to allow rightwing Jewish tour
    • Greetings just,
      ..... Golaith.......
      I find it ironic that Golaith is a
      Hebrew name being an enemy Philistine.
      Jezebel & Dalila are also Hebrew too.

  • Iran deal is overwhelmingly supported by American voters -- 54 to 38 percent
    • Greetings Citizen,
      Nobody can tell me, not even diehard Zios that Jews in general, in Israel or the US being educated & progressive people, even though that they, albeit, are w/o power, are pro Zio ideals for the future.
      All people are w/o power & we only get to hear Zios or Christian Zios play the power game.

  • Israeli general likens attack on Gaza towers to 9/11 attack, as 'symbol'
  • It's time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped
    • Greetings mooser,
      ..what a bunch of shit they were trying to force dowm my throat....

      I went thro the same, but of the catholic catechism style.
      Whitewash is whitewash & both fill a botte de chambre.

    • Re.: jon s,
      ...Spainish Expulsion in 1492.....
      Jews & Sarazens, Gypsies were all expelled.
      Only Jews live in your view of history.
      The Arabs allowed Jews residence in Jerusalem,
      both were expelled in 1099 by the Crusaders for 200 yrs.
      Solipcism can cause paranoia, jon.

    • Greetings jon s,
      We just had a German Israeli historian on TV here in Germany quipping about the yrs. 33 to 45, one having helped wouldn't have made a diff., but millions of Germans knowing could have....
      A.A. : I hold every....Jew who is an apologist for Israel or who supports it, complicit in Israel's crimes......
      PS Abie Nathan, come back for just a day, just an hour.

  • Focus on Jewish Democrats as key to Iran deal raises 'loyalty' issue
    • Greetings Krauss,
      King Bibi is Ha Shomer for Zio Ideals of a Jewish State.
      He holds the political & military & also de shekel power.
      Israelis, Israel & Judaism don't count.

  • US Jews want Congress to approve Iran deal, by whopping 53 to 35, far more than Americans overall
    • Greetings,
      It ain't the People of any Country or Regime.
      They don't make the laws nor have control of their Military.
      US Jewry is no different than other Americans, powerless.
      Who helped the recent historical People of enslaved Blacks,
      US Indians, Armenians, Euro Jewry, Kurds, Vietnamese,
      Ruandans to Name a few. It's our governmental foreign
      policies, not the People.
      PS a good theme from MW.

  • Greek Syriza-led government makes military deal with Israel that only US has made
    • Greetings,
      Surprise, surprise as to who shows up for din din.
      PS Greece is so down, they'd have joined Memet II in his
      conquest of 1453AD!

  • Christian Zionists expose their anti-Semitism at conservative summit in Iowa
    • Greetings Annie Robbins,
      Hail them, the latter day Christian Zionist followers of zeolot
      Oliver Cromwell. They'll one day see the light & convert to Christianity, if not.........

  • Leading European thinktank increases pressure on Israeli banks over occupation
    • Greetings Annie,
      You bring it on: Journalism with substance.
      Appreciated fully.
      PS There are laws to restrict bad behavior on everyone.
      The purse sighs in despair easily being very delicate in nature.
      You won't hear a belch, but a puff of deflation.

  • Curtis Sliwa says opposition to Iran deal needs more 'righteous gentiles'
    • Greetings,
      .....righteous Gentiles.....
      The US is 2/3rds righteous in selfrighteous christiniaty within better than thou, soldier christians of the evangelical protestant circle of the Oliver Cromwell spirit & tradition.
      They are already the majority. lead, we follow......
      You commit the crimes that we cannot & we'll cover you.

  • Democrats are 'uncomfortable' with Iran deal because Netanyahu is so 'influential in our country' -- Rep. Ellison
    • Greetings Marnie,
      ....If Congress......
      They won't & aipac will fall in line, but choose another ave. to nail Iran.
      PS US contractors have too much to lose in luxury contracts which could perhaps see them drift to BDS.

  • If Americans support Iran deal, 56-37, what gives Israel the power to 'croak' it?
    • Greetings ToivoS,
      ...If they lose.......
      This is but one battle. You don't stop an aggressor with that.
      They'll be back with others. The Fat Lady brings the curtain
      down in the last act which we have not gotten to as yet.
      Iran is a success story against a Hegemon before 53 & after
      79. Kermit Roosevelt & the Dulles Brother Angeles pulled it
      off, but lost 25 yrs later to an old Imam in Paris who shrugged.

    • Greetings oldgeezer,
      Jews on the whole are not known to choose suicide due to that they do not share the heaven after death concept.

  • The Iran deal: a triumph of irrationality
    • Greetings a blah chick,
      The figure has like others before him worked tirelessly to secure a deal to placate a threat of N. violence that ne'er existed. He & Obama are so proud of themselves. Those contra figures still feel threatened of annihilation that they are hell bent on turning this around to destroy Iran. This what diplomacy is all about. Much ado about nothing & devastation for all. The prologue of Iraq & the insane 1st scene of Afghanistan plus puny conflicts in No. Africa of puny countries. The final up & coming act of Iran waiting to be played out before Israel can be knighted Greater Israel & we all bow down.

    • Greetings,
      ....Iranians are Orientals.......
      They are Indo Europeans like all Europeans.
      Those who hold to non existant races should also
      know that for them that it's not only complextion
      but physiognomy. Afghans, Pakistan, Indians & Iranians
      have Euro type physiognomies. Even World Jewry shows
      said physiognomy. Shades of complextions are meaningless.

  • Press can't justify red carpet for Oren tract and blackout for Blumenthal's 'definitive account' of Gaza
    • Greetings unverified,
      In relation to 'Next year in Jerusalem'.
      These phrases no longer have any meaning.
      60% of World Jewry have no feeling of Diaspora.
      They reject life in Israel.
      Thanks for your proper Input.
      PS The majority of freed descendants of the Judeans
      chose to remain in Babylonia in 536BC, they too paved
      the way for a watershed of relinguishment of life in

  • Angela Merkel makes a 14-year old Palestinian girl cry by telling her she is not welcome in Germany
    • Greetings Scott,
      Living in Germany for ca. 50 yrs now, as an American, i'm unable to vote. All migrants coming into Europe now, desire Sweden & Germany.
      The EU sees to it that war displaced migrants, such as Syria, Palestine, Irak have priority, but no guarantee. Germany says constantly nay, but there's a backup that takes yrs to get even those out of the Country who have been rejected. This Family will not be deported.
      PS Chan. Merkel has the duty to her countrymen first & is not responsible for unemployed migrants of the world.

  • 'We should seize it' -- Obama announces Iran deal as 'new direction' for the Middle East
    • Re.: jonah fredman,
      There's still hope for Bibi.
      Congress will vote,
      Pres. Obama will Veto,
      if in the 2nd vote Congress
      gets a2/3rds majority; Obama
      PS aipac must bring in de shekels
      on a big scale to pay everybody off,
      the sky is falling.
      PSS But wait again, Congress can only keep
      sanctions on US goods. The rest of world
      needn't oblige. The US looses out on luscious

  • Why the Charleston massacre isn't terrorism, and Palestinian resistance always will be
    • Greetings Princness,
      ....violence never wins......

      A few examples:

      Rome won for 800 yrs.
      The Nazis won for 12 yrs.
      Zionism has won for the last 60.
      White So. Africa had won for 300.
      The UK had won in asia for hundreds.
      The US has been winning since 1776.

      The Palestinians are not fighting to win,
      they are de facto resisting oppression.
      They have been beaten throughly & have
      no fighting chance in an open fight.
      PS Europe used Christianity to sooth the
      pain of the Americas, Australia, NZ, So.Africa
      & other Colonies, any who took on this
      'turn the other cheek' was annihilated by other
      different enemies. Use Resistance & Rebellion
      when enslaved.

  • 'If you challenge Israel’s security, you challenge America’s security. Plain and simple' -- Clinton
    • Greetings alfa,

      After you have given your only begotten daughter to an ideology, you must support it further. This makes her Israel first. She has mixed interests. She must show her loyalty to two nations. She can get her dual citizenship rolling after her stint. Ah, you have served us well. Please accept this stunning flat in one of our luxurious settlements, free of charge, we take care of those that support our quest in conquest of greater Israel.

  • Jews have replaced WASPs in foreign policy establishment-- Heilbrunn in NYT
    • Greetings just,
      Apropos names:
      German: Heilbrunn is (a) healing Well.
      His surname doesn't get it: Jacob in
      Canaanite: He deceives.
      (by grasping the heel of Isau, his twin brother being born first.)

  • Michael Oren misrepresents 1971 synagogue bombing that changed his life
    • Greetings Citizen,
      Born 41, Park Ave. Williamsburg, B'klyn.
      There were nothing but Euro immigrants in the street in 45,
      my Grannies & evrybody else. They all sat on chairs from
      spring till autumn outside, including Jewish immigrants. There
      was nothing but harmony.
      Kent Ave. Williamsburg, B'klyn in 53 was no different, but here
      it was Italo contra Black youth in the street.
      Flatbush, B'klyn 55 majority Jewish & we Italos in a minority enjoyed
      bliss among them. I still remember the celery Soda & i thought Pastrami was italian. - My Lasting Impression is of a Hungarian Jew who owned a candy store being so impressed of me sporting a jacket at 16 in 57 wishing me well as to my prosperity, maybe he thought i was a Jew, he was a lovely man.

  • The BDS Movement at 10: An interview with Omar Barghouti
    • Greetings MW,
      At Long last, much thanks to MW for turning the coin & bringing on an
      intellectual Talent of the Palestinian Color. Thanks also for bringing on an intellectual Jew against Zionism in Israel, Max Blumenthal.

    • Greetings ivri,
      Didn't you know that Jews joined the resistance in France & elsewhere in WWII?
      PS They fought oppression called nazism.

  • Patriots' owner brings 20 NFL veterans to Netanyahu who calls on them to block Obama's Iran deal
    • Greetings JWalters,
      Team Players of any Sport are bought & sold w/o their consent, basta.
      Said trip to Israel doesn't necessary mean that these Players are Israel lovers. They must according to contract go along with anything their owners demand.
      What's in it for the owner, Mr. Kraft?

  • 'Obama coffee' is black and weak -- racist tweet from wife of Israel's vice premier
    • Greetings Elliott,
      ....Ms Nozes, the racist......
      It would intrigue me more to know where she stands in Israel against
      their Euro Etnicities?
      Which one is she or which is she against?
      It's said there's no love between the different Euro or Levant Jews.

  • Orange CEO flies to Jerusalem to apologize personally to Netanyahu: Israel is ‘fantastic’
    • Greetings just,
      Wha' happened to the original complaint of Orange against Israel?
      Was it a false flag from de get go? The CEO flys to Israel prostrating himself before King BB in Mea Culpa! Now King BB will extract more rev. from them.

  • Who's investigating the Rabbis? Jews of Conscience are.
    • Greetings mooser,
      There are none better than you & the other followers of Judaism here on MW. Where seafoid hanging out these days?
      You give great Input along with the rest.
      You know, i even appreciate jonah fredman, he too has Menschkeit.

  • Soldiers expel 200 Palestinians from pool to allow settlers to bathe
    • Greetings just,
      That was mighty White of the Israelis soldiers & settlers.
      In a southern state not too long ago, they would have drained the pool & clean it after a Black American used it. Now that's genuine JIm Crow!
      PS At least they were asked to leave.
      As a lapsed Catholic, we Boys swam mornings, the Girls afternoons & the the Nuns in the evening in our Boarding School. We all used the same water.

  • A Jewish reporter in Gaza responds to Jane Eisner
    • Greetings bintbiba,
      One more Mensch, who we admire coming from the Jewish Faith, Dan Cohen.
      PS The photo group's eyes radiate Menschkeit.

  • Netanyahu cabinet members reject two-state solution; call for annexation of occupied territories
    • Greeting a blah chick,
      ......Israelis must act in loyalty to a Jewish State........

      That is extending the yoke of enslavement that is already upon them in the existence of how they must fullfill their religious commitments.
      This last act will cement them politically & socially in the web that the ancient Judaic Clergy spun them into w/o Kingship since 586BC.
      Now the State will work in cohoots with the Clergy to root out anyone who doesn't agree with their totalitarian methods.

    • Greetings Train to S.,
      ......Hamas must recognize the State of Israel......

      Hamas is part of the Palestinian entity where Israel, as far back as Golda Meir, states that Palestinians don't exist.
      Why does Israel want recognition from a non existant People?

  • Sam Harris and the dangers of false atheism
    • Greetings,

      Theism / Atheism.

      All 3 Abrahamic religions have 'mythological aspects' on their menu.
      Devastating examples have been the following examples of their own Clergy upon them:

      The Crusades of Christianity, the 'Sale of Indulgence', the bogus 'Donation of Emp. Constantine on the Church.

      The totalitarian yoke of religious requirements placed on World Jewry sequestering them in voluntary rejection of intercourse with mankind.

      72 Virgins in waiting of Islamic men.

      These examples & many more have nothing to do with Religion.
      PS Theologists have been philosophizing from the very beginning, the Clergy of all Religions proved their worthlessness by producing fairy tales in their Dogma & Doctrine. Just ask Pharaoh Echnaton, the monotheistic sun worshipper, who was swept away.

  • Israel detains Palestinian National Football Team one day after Netanyahu promised FIFA to facilitate travel of Palestinian athletes
    • Greetings talknic,
      The process of modernization of the Hebrew Dictionary in 1922 didn't have any use for such unkocher Terms as Democracy or Apartheid.
      PS Oy, a young language needs more than 93 yrs to catch up, after all it hadn't been in use since 200BC up to1922AD. I'm sure one can find them in Aramean or Egyptian.

  • Netanyahu cancels controversial 'apartheid' buses plan, but there have been segregated West Bank buses for years
    • Greetings amigo,
      ...when & where did God's plan go awry. Does he ever check in....

      He was forever mute, ne'er answering the supplications of anyone.

  • Israeli settlers and police assault Palestinian guards at Al-Aqsa mosque
    • Greetings amigo,
      This lack of 'law & order' of these vile squatter settlers will come back to haunt Israel's land of milk & honey one day. Their collective ego of privelege will be too much for Israel to handle. The Golem, a so well cherished force, will go after Israelis.

  • Yossi Beilin's back to the future confederation
  • 'So wait, the Nakba is…?': Listening to Israelis discuss the Nakba
    • Greetings Kris,
      Serching for the subjective truth between the conquerors & the conquered is senseless.
      You'd get the same answers in the Americas, Australia, Taiwan, So. Africa , Cypres, Tibet,etc.
      Every Conqueror had an ideology. Zionistan is no different than those in the past.
      PS The Albanians have been walked upon by the Serbs since the 12thC, They even converted to Islam to get help. Some things ne'er change & solutions don't occur.

  • Adelson primary heats up -- fawning George Bush gives him a painting of his casino
    • Re.: just,
      As a lapsed catholic, i counldn't care less about 'Papa', but
      our US Rep. Leaders don't like it when Religion meddles in State Affairs, it must remain only in de hands of corrupt US Governments.
      After 200yrs., our pol leaders have found a way to corrupt our constitution for their own personalpProfit. Are we anywhere near 457AD when Rome fell? I can't imagine that we could go on Generations in this manner, even if the People en gros ne'er realize what corrupted them, those in power & wealth know & it is they, who will implode themselves.
      PS Separation of Church & State was ne'er a guarantee against corruption. See thepProgress that a Theocracy has acheved in Iran since 79, how much did we fall since then w/o one?

  • 'For Palestinians, history is never behind us': Family memories on Nakba Day
    • Greetings bintbiba,
      Always good to read you.
      We are impatient, but Serendiperty is lounging in the wings, in no hurry to appear, to change the equasion for the benefit of the Falesteeni.
      PS The Zionists will ne'er have enough rope, but hang they will.

    • Greetings Jackdaw,
      Your premise of 'might is right' cannot be changed or debated. Load on what you can to create your 'greater Israel' of which you have practically accomplished. I wish you a long life & sleepless nights after your illusions burst. A Nation in the middle of the fray cannot go unscathed. Zionists don't read history & the US is unnoticably withering to the east. Empires historically shed their skins of worn out , whining, insatiable Vassals!

  • 'Forward' ad on all the great ways to be Jewish doesn't mention Israel
    • Greetings Mooser,
      ....being Jewish......
      There are tens of global ethnicities in the US, at least some of them must be asking, what the wha' are they talking about? This perpetual self centeredness is basically what it's all about. Does anybody in the world think about chinaness or catholicness?
      The confusion is in the perpetual futile searching of religious Jews for an indentity which they refuse to acknowledge namely, Ethnicity! They seem to be asking each other for an answer, where none is w/o Ethnicity. There is no Jewish Ethnicity, there is no Islamic Ethnicity, there is no religious Ethnicity! You cannot be of a religion w/o Ethnicity & come up with a 'ness'. Now Frenchness or Quebecness of an individual or People cannot be questioned.
      Last but not least, i can grasp a Theocracy as the head of a State, as an Islamic or Jewish State, but it pertains only to a Theocracy ruling & inseparable from the polity & administration; we had it in Europe from 335AD to more or less 1804AD & then along came Napoleon. Iran having a Theocracy are still only Iranians, who profess to Islam, w/o having Islamness.
      PS I'm a lapsed catholic, 50 year US ex-pat, resident of Germany of Italo/Greco ethnicity, What is my 'ness'?
      PPS Mooser, most of those that profess to Judaism in the US & Israel are working stiffs like us all.
      PPPS As there is no Americaness, there's no Israelness either.

  • Putting Israel's cynical humanitarian work in Nepal in the proper context
    • Greetings,
      To whom it may concern:
      Me sister & i were born unto 'out to tea' parents.
      The N.Y. Police confiscated us street running Kids with scabies, putting us into Kings County Hospital in B'klyn, where we were later given up to the Catholic Nuns & sent to St Joseph's Home where the Nuns took care of us for 5 yrs!
      We hear so much of the crimes & atrocities of the members of the Catholic Church! Yes, but i had a Huckle Finn childhood in the Catholic home!
      There are many individuals in Israel that are helping Palestinians. These individual Palestinians are aware of the help that they received.
      We can't equate Governmental atrocties, even though there are helpers of squatters doing their share of ditching it out, by denying that there are others, even programs of the State that genuinely help foreignors. The good & the bad are going on & those receiving help are thankful. I'll ne'er enter a church again, due to the fairy tales of Catholicism, but when i see a Nun, i get the warmest feelings & memories of a magnificent childhood in a Catholic Boarding School in Peeksill, N.Y. given to me by the taxpayers of N.Y.
      Last but not least, it is through the help of those that helped us because they believed, they sacrificed their lives in service! Subjective reality has many hues & is not easy to comprehend.

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