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The scale of Mondoweiss: What does it take?

Why does Mondoweiss ask you to invest in our journalism? It’s straightforward: our sources of funding are very limited, but our ambitions to deliver important information are immense. We believe that more is needed — urgently — to reach millions of people and foster true change.

New content is published on four or five times a day on average. The content we provide includes:

  • current news from Israel/Palestine;
  • related news from the U.S. and, to the extent possible, other countries;
  • personal accounts from people affected by repression, denial of human rights, and violence;
  • commentary, insights, and advocacy on relevant political, economic, and social developments;
  • historical documents and analysis;
  • video reportage, photo essays, and editorial cartoons.

Mondoweiss’s core team is eight people who report, photograph, record videos, edit submissions, manage the website and social media, connect our community, fundraise, and continually strategize to increase our impact, reach and credibility. Also vital to producing the news is the large corps of talented freelance writers and photographers who provide compelling images and information every day.

Less exciting, but still essential, are the costs of main­taining our website and keeping its servers functioning even when traffic soars. And there are accounting and legal costs to ensure all funds are used appro­priate­ly and in accordance with requirements for U.S. tax-exempt status.

Here’s how we’re planning to use funds in the current fiscal year, September 2018-August 2019 (a total budget of $610,000):

We believe the fate of Palestine and Palestinians depends on getting more and more stories, videos and photographs to a larger and larger audience who will pressure policy-makers to work for justice. And with limited foundation support and no government funding, we depend on committed, generous individuals like you to keep the work growing.