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Israeli born, but parents moved to the US & Canada when I was one year old. Other than being sent to Israel for grade 10 for one year & coming here for 3 short vacations in the early 90's, I haven't been back since '94. I decided to return remembering my fond memories in 1980. I have always been pro Palestinian, but never knew the history or what was REALLY going on here. I was shocked upon coming here in 2015 to learn that everything has changed, & NOT for the better, in my opinion. It's like a mini US. The food is toxic for me & I've been sick since month 2 or 3. I can't work, but the one thing I'm doing is learning about what is going on here. It's very hard for me to stomach what I'm learning & I feel very conflicted not knowing who is telling the truth since sooo many people lie here.
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