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Change your cover photo
Change your cover photo
A peace loving progressive American Zionist, who finds himself moving more to the right thanks to websites like this one, and organizations like Peace Now, and BTSalem. Self hating Jews who rather hurt Israel than support her while working for changes to Israeli policy is traitorous and frankly disgusting. To say your actions prove your support for Israel abominable. To say you love and support Israel (in any capacity) yet behave in a way that benefits, and often times mirrors, groups like hamas is reprehensible and shameful. Clearly, those people (most likely people like you who are reading this now) obviously have never actually read the Koran or the hamas charter, or have ever visited Memri, or listened to the public threats of annihilation by muslim leaders. Am Yisrael Chai- and peace and inshallah to all...including muslims.
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