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I'm a Bleeding Heart Progressive for the Commons unfettered by political stances that define me based on that label. I seek the truth. I am Pro-Palestine aka Pro-Justice, and that's NOT taking a side except against what the Zionist squatters have done to Palestinians for over 6 decades, which means there is only the side of justice, and the Zionists are not on that side. Some say both sides have done bad things to the other, but I see only Palestinians resisting the crimes of illegal occupation, and Zionists' disregard for Int'l law, and the many UN Security Council Resolutions disregarded by"Israel" with help from the USA.I'm not anti-Israel, nor anti-Semitic, but the "Israelis" have lost all perspective as the apartheid state it is, squatting on the land of Palestinians, and the need to answer for their crimes, for the continued ethnic cleansing of Palestine begun in 1948.
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