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Change your cover photo
Change your cover photo
Former supporter of Israel but found when I started questioning Israel actions I wasn't meet with debate or understanding but vile insults, threats, Intimidation. At first I shut up each time it happen and went on. But I followed the bbc and found that there reporting and world news reporting wasn't being covered in U.S. news or U.S. news deeply distorted what was actually going on. So I went and started educating myself and responding back to these personal attacks by the Pro-Israeli supports aka firsters. This didn't sit well with them. But through my research I learn where they got there inform from(Mainly myths from other ubber Zionist) the basis really comes from a book Joan Peter's wrote who other Pro-Israeli supporters took as Gospel and wrote books based on her(Even know were book was ripped apart by actual historians both in Israel and outside). I also learn that these supporter don't take to kindly to exposing there lies/distortions and myths and responded in a even more vile manner(spare the details). Abused threads systems of flaging,rating, and attempting to get me banned from posting. I notice through the years even when these people were proven to be completly false they than go on the next thread spreading the same falsehoods as if nothing happen. I also notice that most americans are not very informed and tend not to comments about Israeli abuses because of fear of the Pro-Israeli supports or are turned off by the attacks (which I found is what the Pro-Israeli supports want)
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