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I was born in 1948 – the same year as Israel! I live in an absolutely beautiful part of England, on the south coast. I have three children and 5½ grandchildren. I am very blessed and I know it. For my generation, adults did not reveal the horror of the war and concentration camps so I was unaware of either, till I was 16. To explain just how ignorant we were, my maths teacher, at my Catholic convent, was, I much later realised, a survivor from a concentration camp. His name was Sidney Inman, the same initials as ‘School Infirmary’ on a handkerchief we found and presented to him, which prompted him to show us his number tattoo on the inside of his forearm and still, we did not realise or understand the significance of it. After I’d left school, when I was 17, someone gave me a book about the Holocaust. It was 50 years ago – all I remember was being utterly, totally shocked that anyone could do such things to another person . . . the bit I cannot forget is a lampshade made from human skin! It made me feel sick with guilt even though I didn’t exist when it happened. I couldn’t understand such a level of inhumanity then and I can’t understand it in Palestine today, either. I am 'alongside' Mondoweiss to bring it to an end x
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