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I met Phil Weiss some years back, when he spoke in Detroit at Wayne State U. His talk was focused on the controversial Gladstone Report, Phil's book, as well as the very troubling backlash (toward the Report) which came from different sides of the Israel-Palestine Conflict spectrum. Phil and I chatted briefly. I was honored to meet him and support him. Who am I? I am a firm believer in justice, freedom and equality for every living human-- and I believe in a humane, civilized, truthful, and open approach to peace-making. I was born in Palestine before the establishment of the State of Israel. My grandfather and family were victims of the '48 aggression, expulsions, and land thefts. I have returned to my homeland three times and always faced scrutiny, arrogance, and delay-- and many other disturbing sights and realities which our two young Palestinian-Greek children (during a “family" visit) witnessed in dismay and disgust. I have been an activist for peace, dialogue, and honest even-handed, and intelligent negotiations for over 40 years. I have found it difficult, disturbing, and incredulous to witness the U.S. and international community's betrayal and indifference to Palestinian loss and suffering. Yet, I am hopeful -- as a woman, a mother, an educator, and immigrant child from Palestine who remembers, reveres, and cherishes my history, heritage, and homeland. I support Mondoweiss, Phil, and his staff with great humility, gratitude, and observance of our shared “origins,” beliefs, and love of a "holy land" for all people and all faiths. So many of my fellow activists keep asking, "Where do we go from here?" What we must respond and believe (in the final analysis) is "We are here and we must be." Thank You Brother Phil -- for your courage, integrity, and convictions.
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