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June 30 2008

47 ‘New Yorker’ Makes Adelson Out to Be Nutjob Likudnik– and Fails to Describe His Broad Following in the Jewish Establishment

June 29 2008

10 Generational Divide: Young Jews Embarrassed by Older Jews’ Censorship of Palestinian POV

16 Latest Israel Abuse Story Has More of a Soviet Union Vibe Than a South Africa One

June 28 2008

20 ‘J Street’ Seems to Be Finding a Niche

3 Where Is Jeffrey Goldberg Now That Feith Needs Him?

10 Feith Seeks Rehabilitation. The World Ignores Him

June 27 2008

17 Former Dutch Premier Says He Is ‘Ashamed’ of Support He Gave Israel While in Office

41 ‘Dual Loyalty’ Debate Edges Into the Center Ring

15 Israel’s Leading Publisher States that His Country Is an ‘Apartheid State’

8 Obama Letter Urging Action on Peace Process Says Not a Word About Settlements

June 26 2008

17 Joe Klein Assertion of War-for-Israel Stirs Hornets

22 Rightwing Zionist Group at U of C Calls to Jews ‘With a Strong Jewish Identity’

4 Chicago Jewish Museum, Trying to Move ‘From Parochial to Civic’, Is Censored by Its ‘Donors’

12 Slater Slams ‘Times’ for Imbalanced Coverage of Breaches in Truce

2 Buzz on ‘The New Yorker”s Adelson Piece

0 Only in Haaretz: Apartheid-Style Policies that We Cannot Discuss Here

June 25 2008

6 ‘The New Yorker’ Resumes Its Position as Journalistic Leader

3 Joe Klein Opposed Neocon ‘Fantasy’ of Baghdad-for-Jerusalem Back When It Counted

12 WINEP Says, Striking Iran Won’t Cause Gas Prices to Go Up. Oh, and Most Iranians Would Welcome Invasion!

June 24 2008

24 Joe Klein Suggests Jewish Neocons Pushed Iraq War to ‘Make World Safe for Israel’

14 MSM Should Take Feith Off Blacklist–and Expose the Zealotry He Does His Utmost to Conceal for 674 Pages

5 Gathering Storm on West Bank: Italian Judge Struck, Yeshiva Settlers Fire Rocket at Palestinian Village

June 23 2008

19 Q. Why Can’t American Politicians Emulate Sarkozy’s Straight Talk in Israel?

17 Look at the Bright Side of High Gas Prices

17 Bastions and Bastards (My Weekend)

20 Bill Kristol Is Right About’s ‘Alex’ Ad

June 22 2008

22 Kristof Dusts Off Anthony Lewis Chair on ‘Times’ Op-Ed Page. Hurray!

5 American Jewish Leader Tells Iranian People to Abandon Dreams of ‘Hegemony’

17 Doug Feith Has the Best Reasons in the World to Be a Zionist, But Is Too Afraid to Own It

35 ‘Daily Kos’ Says AIPAC Is Behind Fire-Breathing Iran Legislation

June 20 2008

32 Now Unicef Shuns Leviev, Diamond Merchant/West Bank Colonizer

20 New Conventional Wisdom: Iraq the Greatest Error in U.S. History

10 Neocons Hiding in Caves

18 CFR Heavy Walter Russell Mead Says Americans Love Israel Like Cherry Pie

June 19 2008

39 ‘Overcoming Zionism’ Leads to Overcoming First Amendment

13 ‘J Street’ Is Gutless Re AIPAC

15 Will Stephen J. Sniegoski’s Dissection of the Neocons Get ‘Boycotted’?

June 18 2008

15 Why Is The New Republic Bent on Tearing Webb?

9 Hollings Says Iraq War Was Launched in Large Part to Secure Israel

June 17 2008

11 Jenin Theater Finds a Stage at New York Theatre Workshop (2 Years After ‘Rachel Corrie’)

13 1948 Vs 1967

8 Head’s Up! Incoming! They’re Over There! Two Neoconservatives Spotted, Crowing About Iraq, in Armchairs

4 Can Israel Teach Free Speech to the U.S.? Here’s Hoping.

June 16 2008

15 A Shooting Last Week at ‘Separation Fence’ Invokes ’48

8 Let Me Not to the Marriage of AIPAC and The New Republic Admit Any Impediments

21 Will Rising Political Temperature over Iran Compel Journalists to Look at the Israel Lobby?

June 15 2008

21 Bernard Lewis Is Said to Deny Armenian Genocide and Blame the ‘Tragedy’ on Armenians

13 Israelis Put American Jews to Shame: Host Says Walt, Mearsheimer Israel Tour ‘Astonishing Success…Without a Trace of Fanaticism or Hostility’

22 How the ‘Law of Return’ Became a Revolving Door

18 Colonel Wilkerson Busts Loose. Katy Bar the Door!

June 14 2008

16 Bush Saw Clinton as ‘Satan’s Finger on Earth,’ Says Former Bush Aide

15 The Magical Mearsheimer Tour Is Coming to Take You Away

6 Trendspotting: The No-See-Em Divorce

16 Rahm Emanuel, Jewish Rove

June 13 2008

6 My Theory About Russert’s Death

20 Columbia Dean Lemann Said He Would Debate Walt and Mearsheimer. Let’s Do It!

26 Did We Give Them the Baseball Bats Too?

June 12 2008

13 Let Us Now Praise Hillary Clinton

7 O Ye Mighty Jewish Voters in Florida! (Never Ye Mighty Jews in NY, NJ, CT, DC)

June 11 2008

51 I Believe Pseudonymous Salesman of Zionism to Catholics Is David Goldman–Neocon and Former LaRouchie

28 Anti-AIPAC Piece Sneaks In Under the Concertina Wire

June 10 2008

40 Chomsky Says Middle East Should Be Nuke-Free Zone

11 Angry Jew Tells His Parents, Your Alienated, ‘Self-Hating,’ Pro-Palestinian Children Are Comin’ Home. Whoopee!

June 9 2008

40 Will This British Sound Come to the U.S.?

10 Harvard Prof Says ‘Money, Media and Establishment’ Choke Dissent Re Israel

24 Join the New Club! (Jews Embarrassed by the Israel Lobby)

June 8 2008

14 Jerome Slater on the NYT’s Tepid Gaza Editorial

17 The Right–This Time the ‘Washington Times’–Identifies Pro-Israel Agenda for Iraq War

26 If We Fail, We Will Keep Talking. And Keep Talking. And Keep Talking (Israeli Official Describes the Secret Peace Process)

8 Bookstore Owner Reinvites One-State Solution Author, But Doesn’t Explain Her Change of Heart, Nor Apologize

June 7 2008

14 Rightwing Israelis Helped Write Historic 2002 Bush Speech Setting Conditions for Palestinian State, Miller Writes

7 Obama Didn’t Talk About Anti-Semitism

5 Rima Bordcosh’s Memories of Her Family’s Flight From Jaffa in ’48

June 6 2008

13 AJC Official Circulates Endorsement of Obama Advisers as MOT (Members of the Tribe)

19 Jon Stewart Calls AIPAC ‘Elders of Zion’

6 Anti-Zionist Jews Allege Censorship on Wikipedia

8 At a NY Book Party, Obama’s Speech Produces Feelings of Powerlessness in Palestinian-Americans

8 Hopeful Reading: Obama ‘Lied Thru His Teeth’ and ‘Never Has to Do This Again’

10 Boston Globe Says RFK Was Victim of Palestinian Terror. OK, and Who Killed Bernadotte?

June 5 2008

23 Al-Jazeera Reporter Was Bounced for Using Question Time Reserved for Participants, AIPAC Explains

5 ‘Politics and Prose’ Gets Back on Its Plinth

6 Important Bookstore in D.C. Censors Author Who Supports One-State in You-Know-Where

19 Obama Gets It Wrong, So Do I

5 Al Jazeera Reporter Is Asked to Leave AIPAC After Broaching Dual Loyalty Issue

June 4 2008

44 Obama Reminds AIPAC, Schwerner and Goodman Were ‘Willing to Die’ Alongside Chaney

June 3 2008

10 Olmert Chooses Not to Use Bush’s Word (Appeasement)

43 At AIPAC, Wieseltier Seems Sad, Admitting the ‘Harsh’ Responsibility of Standing Up for Zionism as Intellectuals Flock to One-State Solution

June 2 2008

28 AIPAC Speakers Call on Obama to Reject Jimmy Carter’s Endorsement (God Help Us)

13 A Kinder, Gentler AIPAC Is on Display in D.C.

13 Blue-Staters, Veterans of Therapy, Say Bush’s Middle East Shenanigans Are ‘Oedipal.’ Actually They’re Political

June 1 2008

20 What’s the Deal With ‘Birthright’?

35 Nazi Extermination Policy Is a Universal Story, Not Just a Jewish One, Says Assimilated Author