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Refusing to cross Israel’s ideological borders

Zachariah Barghouti and Nicholas Kattoura on
Photo from November 2018 of then congresswomen-elect Rashida Tlaib (left) of Michigan, and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. (Photo: Twitter/Rashida Tlaib)

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar’s delegation proves that Israel’s borders are not just physical, they are political. They transcend lines on a map and constitute ideological values that stretch to the United States as well.

Trump saying he is ‘king of Israel’ is not that far off the mark 

Yossi Gurvitz on
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a speech before the newly-unveiled sign for the new settlement of "Ramat Trump", or "Trump Heights" in the Golan Heights on June 16, 2019.

Donald Trump took to Twitter to quote someone who claimed he is considered in Israel to be a king and the second coming of God. Yossi Gurvitz says that when you combine this with Trump’s claim that American Jews who vote Democrat are disloyal, you get a pretty accurate picture of what many Jews in Israel actually believe.

It is not Netanyahu or Trump who blocks Palestinians from Israel — it is Zionism

Nada Elia on
Rep Rashida Tlaib at a Shabbat service in a Detroit park arranged by Jewish Voice For Peace Action after she was denied entrance to Israel.

With national attention focused on the two US congresswomen who have been denied entry into Israel, members of Congress and even presidential candidates are not only openly criticizing Israel, they are considering ways to hold it accountable. At what is clearly a watershed moment, activists and organizers must be extremely cautious about steering the conversation in the right direction. 

Will Israel now ban supporters of the two-state solution?

Jonathan Ofir on
Tzipi Hotovely

The Netanyahu government barred Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar over their support for BDS, but earlier this week Israeli lawmakers sent a letter to Congress saying the two-state solution is more dangerous than BDS. Will Netanyahu bar two-state supporters next?

Now is the time for the Democratic Party to stand up to Israeli racism

Nada Elia on
Rep. Ilhan Omar and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images)

Democratic Party leaders’ responses to the Israeli decision to ban Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are the latest sign of division between progressives and enablers of Israeli apartheid. Nada Elia says this division is rending the Democratic Party apart, and threatens to secure Trump a second term.

‘Till the soldiers return the keys’: unyielding resistance in Palestine and Kashmir

Goldie Osuri and Ather Zia on
Kashmiri children walk past Indian paramilitary troopers as they stand guard during curfew and restrictions in downtown Srinagar, November 11, 2016. (Photo: Tauseef Mustafa/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Even though these differences exist between the histories of India and Israel, Kashmiris have expressed solidarity with Palestine because of a sense of resonance with their own experiences. While effective United Nations interventions are needed for Kashmiris and Palestinians, their resistance against these settler/(post) colonial projects continue.

Israeli activists to Ayanna Pressley – Palestinians are equally deserving of your solidarity

Boycott from Within on
Ayanna Pressley at a rally for Elizabeth Warren in Cambridge, MA (Photo: Flickr)

Israeli BDS activists write to Rep. Ayanna Pressley: “We were disappointed to learn of your recent vote in favor of HR 246. Your condemnation of the BDS movement – a global, grassroots-based, non-violent campaign for equality in human rights does not do justice to your relentless work for human rights and human dignity for marginalized populations.”

Netanyahu will fall in September, experts predict — unless Trump releases peace plan!

Philip Weiss on

Polling suggests that Netanyahu will fall from power in Israel’s September elections His Hail Mary to stay as prime minister and avoid indictment is that the Trump administration interferes, by releasing its peace plan, thereby putting pressure on Netanyahu’s rivals to make a government with him, says Evan Gottesman of Israel Policy Forum.

Like Israeli settlers, white mass shooters are a manifestation of their society

Nada Elia on
CCTV images of the gunman identified as Patrick Crusius, 21, as he entered the Cielo Vista Walmart store in El Paso, YX. Crusius was armed with an assault rifle and opened fire on shoppers, killing 20.

Just as there is an understanding amongst most progressive Americans that Israeli settlers are simply the rogue manifestation of Israel’s official policy of expansionism and land theft, so we must understand that white killers are also a rogue manifestation of the US government’s inherent white nationalism.

Israeli pols merge parties, and right wing seems stronger than ever

Jonathan Ofir on

As Israeli elections approach, Avigdor Lieberman remains the kingmaker of a likely rightwing coalition. Even if the new leftleaning Democratic Union and center join up, they would need the Palestinian parties and Lieberman to create a majority bloc, and that is not going to happen, Jonathan Ofir observes.

Reflections from Gaza on anti-Semitic language

Haidar Eid on
Palestinian protesters join the Great March of Return at the Israel-Gaza border in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip

Haidar Eid writes Palestinians can never endorse anti-Semitism and looks at models within popular movements and supporters of BDS who have championed the rights of all and worked in partnership with Jewish supporters of Palestinian human rights.

If Ayanna Pressley wants to hear from ‘people closest to the pain’, she must listen to Palestinians

Nada Elia on
Ayanna Pressley at a rally for Elizabeth Warren in Cambridge, MA (Photo: Flickr)

Nada Elia on Ayanna Pressley’s dangerous talking points on Palestine: “One cannot speak of the pain on ‘both sides’ of Israel’s war on the Palestinian people without being a normalizer of violent settler-colonialism that hinges on racism. It is tantamount to Trump’s claim that ‘there are fine people on both sides’ of rallies promoting white supremacy, and the protests against these displays of hatred.”

Five years on, a reporter from Gaza remembers the 2014 war

Hamza Abu Al-Tarabeesh on
Palestinians flee with their belongings from the Shejaiya neighborhood of the Gaza Strip, on August 19, 2014. (Photo: Ezz al-Zanoun/APA Images)

Five years on Hamza Abu al-Tarabeesh remembers the 2014 war in Gaza when he was a young journalist. That summer one of his senior editors was killed in an Israeli airstrike, and photojournalist he worked alongside lost a brother. “At the moment of impact the electricity cut, smoke and dust covered the office, and I heard shrapnel hitting the exterior. One of my colleagues started sobbing.”

‘Progressive’ votes on anti-BDS bill offer a political defense of the indefensible

David Lloyd on
Rep Ro Khanna, D-Calif., speaks at a rally against Mike Pompeo's nomination for Secretary of State on April 11, 2018, in Washington.

David Lloyd writes that congressional resolutions that affirm the duplicitous language of Zionist lobbies and apologists for apartheid will have little impact on the continuing growth of the BDS movement, “but ‘progressives’ who endorse them stand to lose sight of what is crucial to all fundamental political change: the moral force of social movements out of which, from abolitionism to civil rights to BDS, all substantial transformation has come.”

Israeli house demolitions are the true crime — not BDS

Mohamed Mohamed on

Destruction and theft of Palestinian property by Israel is an indisputable violation of international law, and it’s why the BDS movement exists. Democrats and Republicans dispute many issues but are amazingly united against BDS. If only they could work in such a bipartisan fashion to solve many of the problems in our own country, rather than to protect a foreign state oppressing millions of indigenous people.

Christians need to know Jewish opposition to Zionism is on the rise

Steve France on
Part of the Jewish Voice for Peace delegation at the 221st Presbyterian General Assembly in Detroit who worked in solidarity with Presbyterian groups on divestment from companies profiting off the Israeli occupation.

Steve France says Carolyn L. Karcher’s new book ‘Reclaiming Judaism From Zionism: Stories of Personal Transformation’ opened his eyes to Jewish opposition to Zionism, and says his fellow Christian should take note: “our continued silence is based on the false assumption that Jewish Americans remain virtually unanimous in supporting Israel – or at least not openly criticizing Israel – we non-Jews are actually helping keep Jews silent.”

No place for the ADL

Nada Elia on
Anti-Defamation League CEO and national director Jonathan Greenblatt. Credit: ADL.

A sobering number of progressive individuals, organizations, human resources departments, and media outlets have partnered with the ADL, because they do not know of its history of promoting racist practices. Nada Elia writes, “If there is to be ‘no place for hate’ in our communities, there should be no place for the ADL.”

Israelis celebrating the destruction of Palestine is nothing new

Jonathan Ofir on
home demolitions Sur Baher East Jerusalem ethnic cleansing Israel Palestine Mondoweiss

The grotesque celebration by Israeli soldiers as they destroyed a Palestinian building in East Jerusalem is being treated as an aberration. But in fact there is a long history of Israelis celebrating the destruction of Palestine.