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If billionaires have no right to exist, what about Israel?

Philip Weiss on

Should billionaires exist? Phil Weiss says the question of the day echoes and exposes the famous question, Does Israel have a right to exist? “The issue ought to be dealt with in the same detached manner as Sanders and others have handled the billionaire question,” Weiss writes.

The ‘Deal of the Century’ endorses Zionist ethno-religious claims

Hasan S. Ayoub on

Trump’s “Deal of the Century” ends the two-state paradigm by endorsing Israel’s “Nationality Law” of 2018 and longstanding Zionist and biblical assertions about Jewish claims to the land and the absence of national rights of the indigenous population: the Palestinians.

Why does Blue-White run away from Palestinians in government? Israeli-Jewish xenophobia

Yossi Gurvitz on
Avigdor Lieberman meets with Benny Gantz, Sept. 23, 2019. From Gantz's twitter feed.

Benny Gantz plays into Netanyahu’s racist attack, and says he will refuse to have the Palestinian Joint List as participants in a government, preferring the rightwinger Liberman, as if the math makes sense. It doesn’t. Gantz needs the Joint List. He spurns Palestinians because of primal Israeli Jewish fears that by welcoming the other into the Zionist community, Jews will want to leave the fold.

More than Apartheid

Nada Elia on
A Palestinian stands on his property overlooking the Israeli settlement Har Homa, West Bank, February 18, 2011. (Photo: UPI/Debbie Hill)

The “Deal of the Century” has reinvigorated the discourse naming Israel’s practices as apartheid, but Nada Elia says we must push for a denunciation of the entire scope of the initial catastrophe that befell Palestinians last century, rather than its recent manifestations.

Is peace possible? The Latin Patriarchate tackles justice in the Holy Land

Paul Parker on
A Palestinian protester holds a cross during a demonstration against acts of vandalism on Christian sites including smashing headstones in a Christian cemetery in Israel and the occupied West Bank, outside Jerusalem's Old City October 6, 2013. (Photo: Saeed Qaq/APA Images)

The Peace and Justice Commission of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land has written a brief but incredibly important book for all who are concerned about Christian Palestinians and justice in Palestine and Israel, especially in the light of President Trump’s peace initiative.

The ‘Deal of the Century,’ an architecture of exclusion

Nizar Mohamad on
General view of the wall of separation between Ramallah and Jerusalem, July 9, 2012. (Photo: Issam Rimawi/APA Images)

President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century,” much like his presidency, is a morbid joke. Sadly, however, the punchline running centerstage in this theater of the absurd is set to come at the expense of the Palestinians.

Trump and Balfour compared

James Zogby on
Arthur Balfour and Jared Kushner

James Zogby writes, “Welcome to the world ushered in by the “Deal of the Century.” It is a world not unlike the one that confronted Arabs in Balfour’s World War I era -– the injustices it will bring forth and the struggle for justice it will give birth to will continue.”

A hierarchy of vulnerability

Alice Rothchild on

As Trump announces further travel bans, we must recognize the hierarchy of vulnerability: who gets into which fortress, who is left banging on the doors, who is trapped in an increasingly impoverished ghetto. Having papers is both an opportunity and a marker in a surveilled world.

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2020…

Nigel Parry on

We wouldn’t have had the leveling ideals provided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights legal framework without the context of the Holocaust. Now that vision of the equality of human beings in the eyes of the law is broken by Israel’s contempt for Palestinians.

Trump ‘Plan’ would create a fictitious Palestinian state devoid of rights under international law

François Dubuisson on
President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, January 28, 2020. (Photo: Koby Gideon/GPO)

The State of Palestine that would be created under Trump’s “Plan” would be largely fictitious, with no control over its borders, its security and its population, with a completely fragmented and shrinking territory. This would violate international law, gives Palestinians no rights, and is reminiscent of the South African “Bantustan” project of the 1970s, Francois Dubuisson, professor of international law, writes.

Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ won’t bring peace – that was the plan

Jonathan Cook on
(Cartoon: Carlos Latuff)

The Trump plan kills the charade that the 26-year-old Oslo process aimed for anything other than Palestinian capitulation. It fully aligns the US with Israeli efforts – pursued by all its main political parties over many decades – to lay the groundwork for permanent apartheid in the occupied territories.

A Palestinian-Israeli peace with no Palestinian in sight

Nour Joudah on
Palestinians watch the televised press conference of President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Khan Yunis in the southern of Gaza Strip on January 28, 2020. Donald Trump announced his “ultimate deal” for Middle East peace, saying his plan would be a “realistic two-state solution” that had already been agreed to by Israel. (Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA Images

Nour Joudah writes, “the debate, the conversation, the driving force for peace and justice in Israel-Palestine cannot be about salvaging a territory of fragmented Bantustans, pieced together with a highway and tunnel.”

Trump’s embrace of apartheid was brought to you by the organized Jewish community

Philip Weiss on

The Trump peace plan was brought to you by the Jewish community. Over the last 20 years, vigorous opposition to the pro-Israel right inside the US Jewish community has been quashed, and liberal Zionists have enforced that line by refusing to organize as equals with the community Israel is oppressing: Palestinians.

The ‘Deal of the Century’ is Apartheid

Sheena Anne Arackal on
Map of a future Palestinian state in the Trump administration plan.

President Trump’s plan was labeled the ‘Deal of the Century’ because it was supposed to bring peace and dignity to the people of the Middle East. Instead it does the exact opposite and resurrects apartheid, a racist political system that should have been left in the dustbins of history.

‘These Chains Will Be Broken’ — Ramzy Baroud’s book on Palestinian prisoners

Michael Lesher on

From Ramzy Baroud’s groundbreaking book on Palestinian prisoners: “I have nothing to apologize for,” Mohammed al-Deirawi told the Israeli judge who sentenced him. “I will never apologize for resisting the occupation, defending my people, fighting for my stolen rights. But you need to apologize, and those who demolish homes while their owners are still inside are the ones who must apologize.”

Weaponizing the Holocaust against Palestinians

Jonathan Ofir on
Menahem Begin (R) with Vladimir Jabotinsky (C) in Pinsk, December 12, 1933. (Photo: National Photo Collection of Israel, Photography dept. GPO)

Israelis have often likened Israeli atrocities against Palestinians to Nazi conduct against Jews, and when a BBC reporter dares to reference the Palestinians in a report on Holocaust remembrance, Israel apologists go nuts.

This is not a peace deal: thoughts on Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’

Tareq Baconi on
Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu meet at the White House, January 27, 2020 (Photo: Twitter/@IsraeliPM)

Tareq Baconi writes that Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ is not a peace deal, but an Israeli domestic political ploy that represents a battle within Israel’s right over how sovereignty should be asserted in the West Bank. Meanwhile, Palestinians are again witnessing nothing short of the reconfiguration of international plans to sustain their dispossession.