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Trump is parroting Zionist doctrine: U.S. Jews must be loyal to Israel

Philip Weiss on
Bari Weiss

Trump’s claim that Jews who vote Democratic are “disloyal” is ugly and dangerous, but he is only echoing Zionist indoctrination: that American Jews must give unconditional support to Israel. New York Times columnist Bari Weiss praises the idea that “Jews should be loyal to Israel,” while Trump aide Elliott Abrams says Jews, except in Israel, “must stand apart from the nation in which they live.”

It’s fine to criticize Israel (so long as you say it’s a vibrant democracy and leave out the oppression of Palestinians)

Donald Johnson on
Thomas Friedman (Screenshot: MSNBC)

Israel’s defenders explain to Rashida Tlaib that it’s not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel, so long as you say it’s a vibrant democracy. So the oppression of millions of Palestinians is a golden opportunity for Israelis to show off their country. The bigotry is the same as justifying slavery by the fact that Lincoln and Douglas debated it, and Frederick Douglass was able to get in one word edgewise.

When the going was good, with Batya Ungar-Sargon

Philip Weiss on

Batya Ungar-Sargon of the Forward is attacking our website on twitter, implying we’re anti-Semitic. But Batya once asked Phil Weiss to write for the Forward. He revisits the meeting she sought with him in 2017.

Biased ‘NYT’ article on Tlaib/Omar trip says Democrats criticizing Israel will undermine US national security

James North and Philip Weiss on
New York Times headquarters

A ‘New York Times’ analysis of the Israeli government’s refusal to allow two American congresswomen to visit the West Bank embraces a central claim of the Israel lobby, that bipartisan support for Israel is critical to US national security, and leaves out Trump’s largest donors, the Adelsons, for whom Israel is the overriding issue.

PBS ‘News Hour’ allows Congressman to vilify BDS campaign as aimed at Jewish genocide, just like Hitler

Philip Weiss on

U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman vilified the BDS campaign on PBS News Hour last night: “leaders of the BDS movement are trying — not the try to get Israel to change this or that policy, but to try to remove every Jew from the Middle East. Just as Hitler wanted a Jewish-free Europe.” Host Amna Nawaz allowed the false characterization to stand, and also echoed a characterization of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib as anti-Semites.

News media’s ‘both sides’ framing distorts events in Israel’s favor

Greg Shupak on
New York Times headquarters. (Photo: Wikipedia)

News media coverage routinely frames Palestine-Israel as a story of two sides deserving more or less equal portions of blame. In an excerpt from his book, ‘The Wrong Story:  Palestine, Israel, and the Media’, Greg Shupak examines the use of the “both sides” frame in New York Times editorials on Israel’s 2014 attack on Gaza, Operation Protective Edge which distort events in Israel’s favor by grossly inflating Palestinian wrongs while understating Israel’s.

Shocking report on leading Jews’ effort to defeat Rashida Tlaib

Philip Weiss on

A shocking report on a meeting organized by the Jewish Federations of Detroit at which powerbrokers said they were “socking away money” to defeat Rep. Rashida Tlaib because she supports boycott of Israel is evidence of “hate” and dehumanization of Palestinians, Rep. Tlaib says.

Jewish leader’s zoo story is a parable of Zionist fragility

Philip Weiss on

If an Israeli saved a child from a lion in the zoo, the headline would be: “Israeli aggressor steals food from hungry animal,” says David Harris of the American Jewish Committee. He is experiencing Zionist fragility over the mildest criticism.

ADL official smears Beinart with Richard Spencer after he says Israel discriminates against non-Jews

Jonathan Ofir on

When Peter Beinart said that Republicans like Israel because it’s an “ethnic democracy,” ADL Deputy Director Ken Jacobson pounced, saying that he was delegitimizing Israel as a “racist state,” and fostering the victimization of Jews. Beinart responded that Israel isn’t racist. Jonathan Ofir urges him to acknowledge the reality of what Israel has become.

Rep. Omar got vilified for saying just what Rep. Slotkin says about pro-Israel dollars

Philip Weiss on

Rep Elissa Slotkin of MI says Republicans are talking up Democrats’ supposed anti-Semitism so as to get Jewish donors. “I will just be very honest, right, they are not looking for our votes, because we are a relatively small community, they are looking for our donors, right?” Wait, didn’t Rep. Ilhan Omar get smeared for offering the same insight?

Debating antisemitism on the BBC

Robert Cohen on

Robert Cohen debates Melanie Phillips on BBC radio. “The Jews are the only people for whom the Land of Israel was ever their national kingdom,” she says. He says, “That’s a muddle” of Zionism and Judaism.

Tapper and Stephens explain US massacre by citing Palestinian leaders’ supposed calls for violence against Israelis

James North and Philip Weiss on

On CNN Jake Tapper uses the killings in El Paso to vilify Palestinians. When a guest says Trump has fostered violence against immigrants, Tapper leaped in to say that the tone set by Palestinian leaders encouraged suicide bombings against innocent Israelis. Tapper overlooked a lot of violence by Israelis against Palestinians, and he is being criticized on twitter for his bias. Bret Stephens made a similar comment on MSNBC.

Tulsi Gabbard has done the unpardonable: criticized US global hegemony

David Bromwich on

The NYT’s initial strategy was to starve Tulsi Gabbard out – no coverage, no candidacy. Now, because she’s still in and lately told a truth that weakened the Times choice Kamala Harris, they are giving her the Bernie 2016 treatment: i.e. this candidate is outlandish, absurd, unaccountably heartless, mystical, a tool of the wicked (she points out that Syria never went to war against the US) – and possibly a Russian agent.

American Jewish Committee seeks to ostracize anti-occupation Jews as ‘radical fringe’

Philip Weiss on

Seffi Kogen of the AJC says IfNotNow is a “radical” fringe of Israel critics in a Jewish community overwhelmingly pro-Israel, but even his boss David Harris disagrees with him. “Every time I hear in a Jewish meeting concerns about our children and their lack of interest in Israel, their apathy about Israel, their hostility to Israel… I ask… What are we doing wrong in our homes? What are we doing wrong in our schools?”

The end is near (for Democrats and Israel)

Philip Weiss on

White progressives in the Democratic Party are turning against Israel. They snapped during the 2014 assault on Gaza, and they are joining what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls a “generational” shift for progressives to criticize Israel. “Young Jews in Israel are sick of this.”

‘Full equality’ for Palestinian citizens poses threat to ‘Jewish state,’ ‘NYT’ reveals in BDS story

James North and Philip Weiss on

The New York Times would never run an article asking a very legitimate question, “Is Zionism racist?” But it ran a full-page to answer whether BDS is anti-Semitic. The article was surprisingly fair to BDS, including the explanation that Israel supporters feel threatened by BDS because the call for “full equality” for Palestinian citizens would undermine the basis of the “Jewish state.”

Ilhan Omar’s case for foreign influence is more convincing than Mueller’s

Philip Weiss on

Imagine the Russians having the power over Congress the Israel lobby has. Imagine a wildly lopsided Congressional vote condemning a grassroots campaign for human rights in Russia. Trump, contrary to liberal fantasies, has done things that Putin doesn’t want, including opposing a pipeline to Germany from Russia. He has given Israel almost everything it wants except an actual US war against Iran.

Israeli forces celebrate blowing up a Palestinian house on video– and western press and liberals ignore it

Philip Weiss on
Video of Israeli forces celebrating blowing up Palestinian house, occupied East Jerusalem, July 22, 2019. Screenshot.

Shocking video recorded by Palestinian shows Israeli forces celebrating as they blow up a Palestinian apartment house in occupied Jerusalem. The U.S. press doesn’t care. The New York Times doesn’t mention the video. It wasn’t on the nightly news — which if this were a recording of a Russian or Iranian or Palestinian action it would be, in a nanosecond.