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What is Mondoweiss?

High-quality journalism is vital to building democracy and promoting positive civic engagement. When you advertise with Mondoweiss, you are supporting a public service and giving readers crucial access to strong, independent reporting and analysis.

Mondoweiss is an independent website devoted to informing readers about developments in Israel/Palestine and related U.S. foreign policy, Mondoweiss provides news and analysis unavailable through the mainstream media regarding the struggle for Palestinian human rights.

Mondoweiss is a project of Center for Economic Research and Social Change, a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. As a mission-driven, nonprofit organization, we partner only with advertisers whose practices do not violate our values. Foremost among these is the principle of equality and full human rights for all who live in Israel/Palestine and for refugees living in exile from their homes in historic Palestine.

Who Reads Mondoweiss?

By advertising with Mondoweiss, you support crucial public access to strong, independent reporting and analysis. Mondoweiss readers are educated, curious and take their values seriously—a good fit for values-driven advertisers with products or services related to Palestine, human rights or political analysis.

Mondoweiss Readers Are:

Politically and socially active…

    • 86% have boycotted or supported a business for political reasons.
    • 92% have signed political petitions.
    • 86% have donated and/or raised funds for a cause.

Diverse geographically…

    • United States – 62%
    • Canada – 9%
    • United Kingdom – 8%
    • Elsewhere in Europe – 9%
    • Middle East, Australia and other – 13%

Thoughtful, active consumers…

    • 39% have household income of $75,000 or more,16% fall in the range $50,000-74,999.
    • 85% have traveled in the past year, 52% abroad, and most plan international travel within the next two years.
    • 62% have acted or considered acting on an ad they saw on Mondoweiss; 37% consider it important to support Mondoweiss advertisers.

Highly educated…

    • 81% have completed at least a bachelor degree; 51% have completed a graduate degree.

Loyal fans…

    • 36% have been reading Mondoweiss four years or more, and 48% for one to three years.
    • 93% read Mondoweiss daily or weekly.
    • 65% share its content with others at least weekly.

Diverse by ethnicity…

    • 67% identify as white, and 15% as one or more of African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American and Latino/Hispanic.
    • More than one in six identifies as Jewish, and ten percent identify as Arab.

Diverse by religious identity…

    • 42% identify with no religion.
    • 30% identify with Christianity; 16% with Judaism and 8% with Islam.

*Data from reader survey, April-May 2016.

Mondoweiss Reaches People:


    • 8.3 million page views in 2016
    • 3.47 million unique users in 2016
    • Major breaking news events increase daily traffic by 5x or more.

By E-mail…

    • Daily e-news: approximately 8,000 subscribers
    • Weekly highlights: 1 ,900 subscribers
    • 25.7% open rate, 7.5% click rate
    • Media average: 17.1% open, 3.7% click rate
    • Nonprofit average: 21.0% open, 2.8% click rate

On Twitter…

    • ~950K Tweet impressions/month

On Facebook…

    • 32,000 Page Likes
    • Posts have reached two million or more

How to Advertise on Mondoweiss

As a mission-driven, nonprofit news organization, we accept advertising only from sponsors whose practices do not violate our values. Foremost among these is the principle of equality and full human rights for all who live in Israel/Palestine or who are refugees living in exile from their homes in historic Palestine.


All advertising on is static display/banner ads (no moving images, sound or video). We offer three sizes:

Leaderboard (728 pixels wide x 90 pixels high), at a
cost of $2 per thousand impressions (CPM)

Square (250 pixels w x 250 pixels h), $2/CPM

Skyscraper (250 pixels w x 500 pixels h), $3/CPM

Leaderboard ads appear in one slot at the top of all site pages (home page, posts, static pages such as “About”). There may be up to four ads rotating in this slot at any time. Square and Skyscraper ads appear on posts, in the right margin to the right of post content. We display up to two slots for each of these sizes, with up to five ads rotating at a time in each size. Square ads are always above Skyscrapers . Evidence suggests readers stop seeing advertising that remains the same over time, so we rotate advertisements in each slot to maximize readers’ attention.

Space is sold in increments of 25,000 impressions (minimum 50k). Depending on site traffic, location and size of ads, advertisers on Mondoweiss have received between 3,000 and 10,000 impressions per day on average (no guarantee is offered). Mondoweiss makes no representations or guarantees as to how long an ad will run for a given purchase of total impressions.

Globally, click-through rates (CTR) for static display ads average approximately 0.05% (five clicks per ten thousand impressions).* Our most recent six-month data shows Mondoweiss’s advertising earned a CTR of 0.14% on average, with some ads earning CTR over 0.21%.

Mondoweiss also offers advertising in our emailed newsletter, which readers can subscribe to by choosing between our a daily or weekly digest. Ads are displayed in the form of a horizontal banner ad (750 pixels w x 150 pixels h) which appears at the end of the newsletter. The cost is $75 for one week of advertising (which would include 6 daily emails plus one weekly). 

Those who advertise in our newsletter have typically received around 13,000 impressions per week (no guarantee is offered) and have been receiving a CTR between 0.30-1.14%.

Ads must be designed in accordance with our Design Principles and Specifications, which include tips for effective advertising. Advertisers must provide a destination URL for users clicking on their ad, and must complete payment before ads are activated.

In order to process payments, we require the name of a contact person, the name of the paying entity, contact address, phone and email. You will receive an invoice by email with instructions for paying online or by check.

*Data on global CTR rates from Google Display Network, May 2017.

For more information or to submit an ad, (240) 516-6636 or contact

Mondoweiss maintains complete editorial independence from advertisers, which have and will have no influence whatsoever on the direction or content of our reporting.

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