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Tlaib refuses to ‘bow down to oppressive & racist policies,’ cancels Palestine trip over Israeli conditions

Mondoweiss Editors on
Rashida Tlaib

US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was told by Israel today that she could visit her family on the West Bank so long as she does not “promote boycotts against Israel” on the trip. She has refused the offer. “I have decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything I believe in–fighting against racism, oppression & injustice.”

Netanyahu: Tlaib and Omar delegation banned because ‘sole purpose of trip is to harm Israel’

Allison Deger on
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House, Washington DC, March 5, 2018. (Photo: Haim Zach/GPO)

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave details behind the decision to ban Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from entering Israel and the West Bank on a Congressional delegation this afternoon in a statement that alleged terrorism ties on the part of the trip’s coordinator and said “the sole purpose of their visit is to harm Israel and increase incitement.”

‘Tlaib and Omar gave us hope’: Decision to bar entry to congresswomen sparks anger and disappointment amongst Palestinians

Yumna Patel on

Palestinians are joining the chorus of international condemnation facing Israel for barring entry to US Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. “We are extremely disappointed and saddened that Rashida and her colleagues won’t be coming to visit us in Palestine,” Muhammad Tlaib, 44, a cousin of Congresswoman Tlaib and former mayor of her hometown in the West Bank, Beit Ur al-Fauqa, told Mondoweiss. “We wanted to show Rashida how proud we are of her and how much we appreciate her dedication to fighting Trump’s racism against the Palestinian people, and her efforts to fight against the occupation.”

Trump tweets Israel should ban Tlaib and Omar, says they ‘hate Jews’

Allison Deger on

Hours after Israeli media reported Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib would not be allowed to enter the West Bank for a planned Congressional delegation, President Donald Trump tweeted Israel should deny the two entry, claiming “they hate Israel” and “all Jewish people.”

Israeli lawmakers to Congress: two-state solution far more dangerous to Israel than BDS

Michael Arria on
Tzipi Hotovely waving an Israeli flag with the Dome of the Rock in the background, in a 2014 promotion

On August 12, Twenty-one Israeli lawmakers sent a letter to members of Congress criticizing a bill that condemned the boycott of Israel because it endorsed a two-state solution. “We would like to make our position clear that the establishment of a Palestinian state would be far more dangerous to Israel than BDS,” the letter reads.

Four Gaza militants killed after crossing border, Israel reports

Kate on

An attempt by Palestinian militants in Gaza to enter Israel was thwarted early Saturday, the Israel military said. Haaretz reported that all four armed men were shot dead after one crossed the border and fired at troops as well as tossing a grenade, according to an army statement.

You stole the home of a people and you’re not even willing to say ‘sorry’

Yarden Katz on
Jafar Farah

Speaking in a public forum in Tel Aviv, Palestinian civil rights activist Jafar Farah responds to a question from a Zionist Israeli about the Jewish right to the land based on a two-thousand-year history: “In the last three thousand years, I didn’t expel you from here, I’m not responsible for this. It’s a chutzpah to lay the blame for that on me. My parents lived in Haifa and one day woke up and found that rather than 70,000 Palestinians they were merely 2,000. They try every day to rebuild themselves and deal with the trauma you’ve created for us. And yes, you have no right to expel another people because God promised you something.”

Israel approves 2,300 new settlement units deep in the occupied West Bank

Yumna Patel on
Jewish settlement in West Bank

Israel has advanced plans for more than 2,300 illegal settlement units deep in the occupied West Bank, Israeli settlement watchdog Peace Now has reported. These new units come just one week after the Israeli security cabinet announced it would be approving 715 permits for Palestinian construction in Area C of the West Bank, a move that was largely seen as a policy shift towards extending Israel’s sovereignty in the territory. 

House members are again pushing a bill that would censor Palestine advocacy on college campuses

Michael Arria on

Congress is trying to expand the federal definition of antisemitism for the third time. The legislation directs the Education Dep’t to use a standard for anti-Semitism written by a Holocaust-remembrance organization that includes some criticisms of Israel, including applying “double standards” to the country and claiming that the state is a racist endeavor.

Hoyer and 41 Democrats visit Israel on AIPAC-affiliated junket that violates ‘spirit as well as the letter of the law’

Josh Ruebner on
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) (Photo: Center for American Progress/Flickr)

House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer landed today in Israel with 41 other Democratic Representatives for a week-long, all-expenses-paid junket sponsored by the the educational branch of the lobbying organization AIPAC. Dr. Craig Holman, Government Affairs lobbyist for Public Citizen, who drafted the 2007 Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, designed to curb the influence of lobbyist money in congressional travel, is unequivocal that the trip “defies the spirit as well as the letter of the law.”

Ahmad Dawabshe celebrates his 9th birthday while still trying to recover from settler arson attack four years ago

Kate on
Hussein Dawabshe, with his grandson Ahmad, in 2016.

Wafa News: Ahmad Dawabshe celebrated his ninth birthday while undergoing his fourth year in laser treatment to recover from the effects of burns to his body. Ahmad was the only survivor of a July 31, 2015 arson attack by Israeli settlers on his family’s West Bank home that killed his father, Saad, 32, his mother, Riham, 27, and his infant 18-month-old brother, Ali.