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Why the Bubbie Brigade protests the ADL

Esther Farmer on

On Monday December 10th, Esther Farmer, along with dozens of members of the Bubbie Brigade, joined over 400 New Yorkers in protesting the Anti-Defamation League. “This self-proclaimed civil rights group is sending American cops to be trained by the Israeli military. And we are horrified,” Farmer writes.

Marc Lamont Hill follows over half a century of Black activists punished for supporting Palestinian rights

Hamzah Raza on

On Wednesday, November 28th, CNN commentator, Marc Lamont Hill, gave a speech at the United Nations in which he reaffirmed his support for the boycott, divestment, and sanctions against the state of Israel, and a one state solution that established a secular, democratic state in Israel-Palestine. CNN fired Marc Lamont Hill within 24 hours of that speech. Hill falls in a line of over 50 years of corporate media silencing Black people who stood in solidarity with Palestine, such as Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, SNCC, and the Movement for Black Lives.

NYU student government passes resolution to divest from corporations that violate Palestinian human rights

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine on

The New York University Student Government Assembly passed a resolution calling for the university to divest from corporations that violate Palestinian human rights and for NYU to adopt a socially responsible investment policy that upholds human rights for all. “I co-authored this resolution because I have a role and stake in the Palestinian struggle for liberation and justice,” Bayan Abubakr, a Senator-at-Large and Students for Justice in Palestine NYU member explained. “I want NYU to reckon with the fact that it profits off of the destruction of Palestinian livelihoods, communities, and homes.”

Open Letter: The call for prison and police abolition is consistent with support for Palestinian liberation

Open Letter on

Students for Justice in Palestine and the Palestinian Youth Movement write a letter to the University of California’s Task Force on University wide policing drawing the linkages between divestment from Israeli colonization/occupation and the need to remove the presence of police and policing from UC campuses: “Students recognize that these patterns and structures of oppression are deeply interlinked, often enabling and sustaining one another, and that the call for prison and police abolition, even in local spaces/contexts, is consistent with the imperative to support Palestinian freedom and liberation.”

ADL invites police forces to train in Israel, and Northampton says, No thanks

Joseph Levine on

When activists learned that the Northampton, MA, police chief had accepted an invitation from the Anti-Defamation League to train with Israeli “counter-terrorism” experts, they mobilized and the chief decided not to go. The ADL is seeking to enforce a highly-politicized mission of supporting Israel on law enforcement agencies that are supposed to be above partisanship. More and more police forces in the Northeast are declining to go.

Jewish allies cannot dismantle Israel’s racism by benefiting from it

Nada Elia on

Can leftist Jews really be part of the struggle for justice for Palestinians—a justice that hinges on an end to the violation of basic human rights, including the Right of Return of refugees—by making Aliyah to the country that privileges them, simply because they are Jewish?  

Video: After 8 months, Palestinians vow to continue the Great March of Return until the siege of Gaza is lifted

Yumna Patel on

November 30th marked the 8 month anniversary of the Great March of Return. Every Friday since March 30th, thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have taken to the borders with Israel to demand the right of return of refugees to their ancestral homelands in present day Israel, and an end to the siege on Gaza. Despite reported efforts from political officials to bring the Great March of Return to a close, protesters maintain that they will continue demonstrating until the siege is lifted once and for all.

BDS victories in 2018 reflect a growing movement

Nada Elia on

Nada Elia says that one of the more encouraging aspects of the BDS victories over 2018 was that most were accomplished by local individuals, groups, and coalitions with no direct involvement from the “leaders” of the BDS movement. These victories illustrate that the years of political discussion that were catalyzed by the 2005 Palestinian call for BDS against Israel are bearing fruit.

NSJP and PYM condemn repression, racism and Islamophobia during NSJP Conference at UCLA

National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) and Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) on

On November 16th-18th, National Students for Justice in Palestine hosted its annual conference at UCLA. This year’s theme was “Radical Hope: Resistance in the Face of Adversity.” Unfortunately, while the theme is certainly fitting for an event exploring the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice, many organizers, presenters and attendees came to realize that it was also unexpectedly fitting for the simple attempt to hold the conference itself at an institution of higher learning. The “adversity” against which we needed to shoulder forward just to be able to hold a convening came from all levels, from the political to the administrative as well as in the form of intense, militant harassment and intimidation from off-campus, Zionist vigilante groups.

Airbnb to end settlement listings in ‘occupied West Bank,’ will evaluate if rentals cause ‘human suffering’

Yumna Patel on

Airbnb will no longer host rentals for stays in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The company said it will “evaluate whether the existence of listings is contributing to existing human suffering.” The announcement came one day before Human Rights Watch is schedule to release a lengthy report on vacation rentals in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The criminalization and censorship of Palestinian solidarity on campus

Nada Elia on

After seeing the effort by UCLA to ban the conference of Students for Justice in Palestine, Nada Elia couldn’t help but marvel at how some administrators bend over backwards to accommodate any representatives and requests from Zionist organizations, while also bending over backwards to censor and criminalize any representatives and requests from pro-Palestine rights organizations. Justice for Palestine? OMG, what a heinous crime!

Why demonizing SJP actually strengthens the Palestine cause on campuses

Maha Nassar on

Maha Nassar writes about the debacle over the National SJP conference at UCLA and attempts to cancel it: “As a professor of Middle Eastern studies who interacts regularly with students of various political viewpoints, it’s clear to me that allowing the conference to go on is further evidence that demonizing SJP actually strengthens the pro-Palestine movement on campuses.”

Let’s take the new Congress to Palestine

Donna Baranski-Walker on

Thirty-nine newcomer Congresswomen and men, and 5 newcomer Senators are going to Capitol Hill in January! To give members of Congress and their constituents the opportunity to see for themselves, Rebuilding Alliance, is hosting a Congressional Leadership Learning Mission to Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza, December 14-21st.  Constituents in their state or district have the most influence in convincing them to take this important trip — invite your’s today.

NYU student senators introduce resolution for university divestment from companies violating Palestinian human rights

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine on
"We, the undersigned student clubs, pledge to not participate in or apply to study abroad programs hosted at NYU Tel Aviv."

“In light of the white supremacist violence in Pittsburg, I feel more compelled to pursue this resolution in the name of justice. I understand that my liberation, as a Jewish person, is tied up with the liberation of Palestinians. Our only safety is through solidarity.” – Rose Asaf, Senator at-Large and Jewish Voice for Peace-NYU

Susan Abulhawa is deported from Israel for second time in three years

Philip Weiss on

The Palestinian-American writer Susan Abulhawa was detained at Ben Gurion airport Thursday morning as she entered Israel en route to a literary festival in Palestine. Israeli authorities sought to deport her on the grounds that she did not have a visa. She has appealed the deportation and is in a detention center, according to a friend who has spoken with Abulhawa’s lawyer.

Ballet BC, don’t dance on the ruins of Palestinian childhood

Marion Kawas on

Earlier this month, BDS Vancouver activists launched a campaign after learning that Ballet BC was planning to perform in Israel in January, 2019. The petition that was started has now garnered over 4200 signatures, with a clear call to Ballet BC to not be complicit in helping Israel cover up its war crimes.

Jewish commitment to collective liberation – If not now, when

Open Letter on

“As we mourn this horrendous act of violence against Jewish communities, we know that this is not an isolated attack and our response cannot be isolated either. The attack on the Pittsburgh synagogue is part of the growing threats and acts of murderous violence based on white supremacy, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Jewish hatred, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia.”