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The only hope for Israel politically is… Palestinians

Philip Weiss on

Palestinians in Israel are far more liberal than Jews. Nearly 90 percent say they would support a Palestinian party being part of the government, while Israeli Jews reject that idea overwhelmingly. So the one group that doesn’t buy into Zionism is the only hope to save Israel from its rightwing intolerance; and it is time that American Jews understand that reality.

A Prime Minister Gantz would help American Zionists sell Israel to Democrats

Philip Weiss on
Then-IDF chief of staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, left, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a Navy ceremony on September 11, 2013. (AP Photo/Dan Balilty)

The New York Times wants Netanyahu out because “elements of the Democratic Party have grown increasingly suspicious of Israel, if not hostile,” and replacing Netanyahu “may halt this dangerous shift.” Palestinian human rights are no account here. Though Israel’s politics have only shifted right, Israel-watchers say.

The ugly joy of the Israeli election

Philip Weiss on

Watching the election results on Israeli TV this week was to see Zionism in all its racist glory. The Palestinian parties were big winners Tuesday, finishing third with 13 seats, and the experts all declare, No governing coalition can include Arabs!

Media rules explained: Mention Israeli slaughter and Palestinian children in same breath, kiss your career goodbye

Donald Johnson on
Matt Seaton, of the New York Review of Books

On the basis of alleged “anti-Semitic tropes,” numerous critics of Israel, many of them writers of color, have been accused of bigotry for their criticisms of Israel. The latest is Ali Abunimah, accused by Matt Seaton of NYRB. Meantime, you can say anything you like to dehumanize Palestinians and no one in the mainstream will call you out.

‘NYT’ gives Netanyahu platform to race-bait Palestinian parties as ‘terrorists’ — without letting them respond

James North and Philip Weiss on

When Donald Trump race-baits minorities, the New York Times offers his targets space to respond. But the Times published Netanyahu’s smears of Palestinian political parties as terrorists without giving them space to respond and repeatedly diminished their achievement in the election, in which they finished behind the two leading Jewish parties.

Bari Weiss’s career is about to fall off a cliff, says Bari Weiss

Philip Weiss on
Bari Weiss

Bari Weiss’s book argues that if you embrace Zionism you will suffer ostracism and career reputational damage. But the last week she’s gotten treatment other authors only dream about, from cable networks to the 92d Street Y to a big-media party where everyone bewailed social media (because the leftwing dares to advocate for Palestinian human rights).

The disastrous Trump-Israel-Saudi Arabia alliance could trigger a global economic crisis

James North on
From left, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Melania Trump and President Trump during the opening of an anti-extremist center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (Photo: Saudi Press Agency)

The successful Yemeni rebel drone attack shows that the disastrous Trump-Israel-Saudi Arabia alliance could trigger a global economic crisis. The New York Times report was more concerned with the impact on the global oil price than with the human cost of the Saudi-led war against Yemen, which is a root cause of the attack.

Haaretz editor: ‘for the Palestinians murder is a type of sport, perhaps a substitute for erotica’

Sivan Tal on
Benny Ziffer (Screenshot: YouTube/Haaretz)

After a visit to the Ofra settlement in the West Bank, Haaretz culture editor Benny Ziffer wrote on his Facebook page : “En route I looked at the Palestinian villages alongside the Jewish communities, and I thought of how for the Palestinians murder is a type of sport or enjoyment, perhaps a substitute for erotica. From that perspective we will never have anything culturally in common with them.”

Netanyahu got me to watch ‘Our Boys’ on HBO

Jonathan Ofir on
Still from "Our Boys" (Image: HBO)

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called for a boycott of the Israeli company who produced Our Boys with HBO – because it shows how Jewish fundamentalism can lead to terror.

Now that Israel has gone apartheid, Matti Friedman and the ‘NYT’ aim to make it Palestinians’ fault

Phil Weiss and Donald Johnson on

The New York Times publishes Israel advocate Matti Friedman’s false claim that the suicide bombings of the Second Intifada are a repressed memory, but that’s why the left is no account. The Second Intifada as a political crossroads is a standard talking point of Israel supporters. What is repressed is the Palestinian death toll, which Friedman leaves out of his op-ed completely.

Jewish critics are an existential threat to Israel — so they must be labeled as bad Jews

Philip Weiss on

Lately we’ve seen several institutional efforts to show that American Jews are all for Israel, except the lunatics. That’s because the appearance of wall-to-wall US Jewish support is a necessity for Israel lobby groups in convincing politicians to back Israel unconditionally. IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace are a threat to the Stalinist consensus.

‘NYT’ says Netanyahu influences White House because he can ‘sway US public opinion’ (and never mentions Adelsons)

Philip Weiss on

A long NYT Magazine article on Netanyahu’s influence on the White House buys the Israeli premiere’s line that his power comes from “the ability to sway public opinion in the United States against the regime in Iran,” and leaves out the millions that Sheldon Adelson, Netanyahu’s friend, has given to Trump and Republican causes. Leaves out AIPAC too, though author Ronen Bergman has spoken to the Israel lobby group and lavished praise on it.

Adelson-funded news service suggests IfNotNow is anti-Semitic because of ‘dual loyalty charge’

Philip Weiss on

Rep. Brad Schneider of IL bragged of his support for Israel at a town hall when a member of the young Jewish group IfNotNow reminded him he represents Americans not Israelis. The Jewish News Service, which is supported by Sheldon Adelson, said the young man had “hurled” a charge of “dual loyalty” at Schneider. But the issue of the Jewish community’s “loyalty” to Israel is finally up for debate.

Trump is parroting Zionist doctrine: U.S. Jews must be loyal to Israel

Philip Weiss on
Bari Weiss

Trump’s claim that Jews who vote Democratic are “disloyal” is ugly and dangerous, but he is only echoing Zionist indoctrination: that American Jews must give unconditional support to Israel. New York Times columnist Bari Weiss praises the idea that “Jews should be loyal to Israel,” while Trump aide Elliott Abrams says Jews, except in Israel, “must stand apart from the nation in which they live.”

It’s fine to criticize Israel (so long as you say it’s a vibrant democracy and leave out the oppression of Palestinians)

Donald Johnson on
Thomas Friedman (Screenshot: MSNBC)

Israel’s defenders explain to Rashida Tlaib that it’s not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel, so long as you say it’s a vibrant democracy. So the oppression of millions of Palestinians is a golden opportunity for Israelis to show off their country. The bigotry is the same as justifying slavery by the fact that Lincoln and Douglas debated it, and Frederick Douglass was able to get in one word edgewise.