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lonely rico
July 27, 2016, 2:58 am

I never realized what a funny guy you are DaB, until I read this quite marvellous post; such clarity and incisive thought on display.

The following few lines particularly attracted my attention –

Even if all th his is happening as Adam, and Phil Annie, others feel is how it should go are they so certain that the average run-of-the-mill.
So right, elegantly put, no superfluous verbiage.

Middle road pro hilary constituency going to embrace this negative charge and get down serious enough to see through the conspiratorial!
Ah yes, the conspiratorial, and again, no words wasted, right to the point!

Angles which ARE numerous and flat and forgetting them …
The problem of ‘numerous and flat angles’ are seldom addressed here at MW, and I commend you for bringing it up.

An nd please, I’ve read the whole thing, cover to cover, as nauseam.
“as nauseam” Sacrificing your own personnel health in your search for truth. I’m awed!

… were circumstances were clearly similar and Murky and yet-i a similar twist- these men got the same type of experience the most agents cases got.
Avoid “clearly Murky” circumstances like the plague DaB. While it’s hard to know what’s happening, but it could very well be the yetis.

Well done DaB !

There is much else in your post which brings clarity and light which Adam, Phil Annie et al choose to ignore or intentionally obscure. I encourage all to read DaB’s original.

Suddenly I have an alarming thought – Mooser has been sending you prepared text DaB, and you copy-paste it as if it were your own. I suspect Mooser’s a megalomaniac and you should avoid playing along. In any case it’s unethical, I think it’s called plagiarism.

July 26, 2016, 10:16 pm

Sadly, it matters not what Bibi and his band of butchers do or say, as long as the US continues to be his [email protected] The sweet, sweet tax-free ‘donations’ and ‘foreign aid’ will continue apace.

July 26, 2016, 10:11 pm


“I have a great idea! Why don’t we simply Google the sentence “Inheritance is a gift not a right” and see what we get? ”

Claiming inheritance is not a right for his own children is the most treacherous view a man can hold.

Say what you will, but I will never allow my daughter to marry a guy who feels like my grandchildren wouldn’t be rightful inheritors of their parents wealth. I would rather her marry a penniless pauper than marry a traitor.

July 26, 2016, 9:17 pm

also you know we all follow the lunar calendar so watch out man for the rising of the moon, how do you sleep hope this helps..

“And come tell me Sean O’Farrell, tell me why you hurry so
Hush a bhuachaill, hush and listen and his cheeks were all aglow
I bear orders from the captain, get you ready quick and soon
For the pikes must be together at the rising of the moon

At the rising of the moon, at the rising of the moon
For the pikes must be together at the rising of the moon
And come tell me Sean O’Farrell, where the gathering is to be
At the old spot by the river quite well known to you and me

One more word for signal token, whistle out the marching tune
With your pike upon your shoulder at the rising of the moon
At the rising of the moon, at the rising of the moon
With your pike upon your shoulder at the rising of the moon

Out from many a mud walled cabin eyes were watching through the night
Many a manly heart was beating for the blessed morning’s light
Murmurs ran along the valley to the banshee’s lonely croon
And a thousand pikes were flashing by the rising of the moon

By the rising of the moon, by the rising of the moon
And a thousand pikes were flashing by the rising of the moon
All along that singing river, that black mass of men was seen
High above their shining weapons flew their own beloved green

Death to every foe and traitor, whistle out the marching tune
And hoorah me boys for freedom ’tis the rising of the moon
‘Tis the rising of the moon, ’tis the rising of the moon
And hoorah me boys for freedom ’tis the rising of the moon”

link to youtu.be

July 26, 2016, 9:10 pm


Mooser, it’s bloody dangerous! Crazy scientific experiments involving weird poisons and radioactivity can have only one result: a monster cat with super-powers. And it will be really, really, pissed-off.

link to m.youtube.com

July 26, 2016, 8:55 pm


just because you and a bunch of kooks that drew up a bogus treaty at the outraggeous Durban conference and belive in the absurd legality of the kangaroo court called the russel tribunal think jons or anyone else in judea, israel, galilee , palestine samarianis living illegally on ‘stolen’ land does not by any stretch of the imagination make it illegal.
and while the zionist-haters may also claim-as do many in the MSM – that the jews living in the so-called occupied territories are “considered” illegal while the truth is “considered” is not the same as “IS” and the status of the land are yet to be decided until direct negotiations between the parties settle the issue.

illegal=strictly opinion. considered=not actually.

July 26, 2016, 8:49 pm

“You are squatting on stolen land.”

well yes but this is all it takes to keep Jon ,man of the left, S, the refugee from Palookaville in place, the absurdity of its my homeland too, yes man you really fitting in round here.

“According to the report, 37-year old Asi Kasim, who had been injured while in detention at Ofer detention centre, died at Ramallah hospital after being denied medical attention for 23 days. According to an eyewitness, Mr. Asim was subjected to degrading treatment while in custody: he was reportedly forced to strip and stay outside in the rain for several hours. Shari Al Kawasmi, a Palestinian detainee, reported that his 22-year old brother Hamid, who had recently undergone surgery before his arrest and detention in April 28th, 2002, has been severely beaten.

According to the report, a Palestinian minor, Abdul Salam Abu al-Hajja, who was captured at the Jenin refugee camp, was subjected to sleep deprivation and long hours of interrogation at the al-Jalami detention centre, in Jerusalem. Several other detainees at al-Jalami prison have reportedly been subjected to torture. The report states that they were tied against chairs and exposed to cold air for several hours, during which time they fainted repeatedly. ”

i thought Mooser had already killed Jon S but he is undead?

link to omct.org

July 26, 2016, 8:37 pm

“Israel declared it,s borders in 1947 . Beersheba was illegally stolen in 1948.You are squatting on stolen land.”

Hey, “Jon s”, do kicks keep getting harder to find in Beersheba?
How many did you get in? Or were you wielding a chair?

“Terrorist attack in Beersheva this evening.”
Oct. 18, 2015.

July 26, 2016, 8:32 pm

Just don’t come to election sites and vote in droves…

July 26, 2016, 8:21 pm

“mcohen”, bring back the tumescent ellipses! I’m sorry I advised you to stop.

July 26, 2016, 8:18 pm

Judging by the many comments we get here from Zionists it seems literacy amongst them and good eyesight appears to be a common affliction.

July 26, 2016, 8:17 pm

“And I’m not “squatting on Palestinian land” . I live in a home which I purchased legally with my own money (and a mortgage from the bank…). I’m living in my homeland, which is also the Palestinian homeland.” jon s.

Israel declared it,s borders in 1947 . Beersheba was illegally stolen in 1948.You are squatting on stolen land.

Is your next door neighbour an Arab .How close is your nearest Arab neighbour.I bet you live in a gated community that only Jewish citizens of Beersheba have the code to get in.

Btw , in my country , it is against the law to purchase “stolen ” goods and whose money you used to pay for it is of no significance. You go to jail.

July 26, 2016, 8:15 pm

Dabakr…it is a well documented fact that Israel as the Occupying power of the West Bank has taken control of ALL Palestinian resources including water. Israel has three main water sources,two of which are in Occupied Palestinian Territory. Even though under International Law resources in Palestine are Palestinian by ownership,Israel does not allow it by control by force. Settlements are known to recieve far more water than Palestinian villages. Palestinians do not recieve building permits nor are they allowed to bore for water under the restraints of the Occupation therefore…yes…. maintenance of services is non existent. The cause of that is the Occupation. Israel clearly makes life as difficult as possible for the Palestinians so they leave and settlers then seize the land with little effort. All this has been well documented over the years…your problem appears to be an inability to read….like many pro Israeli’s.

July 26, 2016, 8:14 pm

George Bush my little goat and now ….this

but hello kitty is moderate

“Alloush cut a hawkish stance, wearing a desert camouflage uniform and a semi-automatic handgun strapped to his side.

However, the effect was ruined by a pink-colored Hello Kitty note pad lying in front of him.”

real men accessorize

link to rt.com

July 26, 2016, 7:40 pm


1-the new apple auto-correct is absurd and i’m to impatient to check all

2-Henri Memri Matisse: as in -the founder of Memri. ;)

3-not saying Palestinians are inherently anything that other humans are not. they feel they have been abused and provoked to where violence is legitimate in many of their eyes and martyrs are just what the culture does to embrace those it feels sacrifice. Its a tactic they embrace and I can’t see how it could be denied.

4-I dod not go into every rotten thing Israeli and its IDF have committed against Palestinian during 50yr occupation, I know this ground is covered well buy contributors here. I am not implicitly denying Israeli wrongdoing by not elaborating.

5. if it makes the funny man feel better he can assume I was on narcotics while writing all this. his choice will do. i like them all

July 26, 2016, 7:37 pm

“but many people were understandably offended.”

will the scourge of Jewish self hatred never abate.

July 26, 2016, 7:31 pm

and p.s.s.

I was not trying to be a first poster. it just happened. i don’t care if the post is moved downstream at all.

July 26, 2016, 7:22 pm

You are right. If Nutty is faking being nice, he is up to no good. Can it be MORE illegal squatter abodes? Another mowing of the lawn coming up during the US election season?

July 26, 2016, 7:21 pm

It is clear that the zionist entity is behind the “DemoRepub ” party decision to omit any reference to “Occupied Palestine “in “it,s ” platform .These people should ask said entity , what is the status of this “unoccupied Territory.Is it part of Israel and if so , when will all the citizens be given equal rights.

I guess , I ask too much .Wouldn,t want Sheldon Adelson to get p—-d off and withdraw his moolah from the American political process.

July 26, 2016, 6:52 pm

(“as in, highly respected by who?)”

whom so ever

July 26, 2016, 6:34 pm

yeah and you couldn’t find this video so just posted the text, a real artist, no rockets though

link to youtu.be

July 26, 2016, 6:03 pm

That’s a fact. And not only do we inflict suffering on the Palestinians, but we suffer blowback. Most Americans don’t even know this.

July 26, 2016, 5:51 pm

Had Israel not armed itself and prepared for attacks from neighboring Arab states(with who many Palestinians sided) they would have been destroyed militarily and as a nation shortly after Israel’s rebirth. If not then, then the 50s, or even 67. The occupier vs. Occupied had arisen from ,50 yrs of Palestinian rejectionism, tenacity, refusal to submit or whatever one wants to call it. After years of Israel’s neighbors(who had occupational control over Palestinians up until the 67 war) then after a decade of stalemate, Oslo was hatched and the prevailing narrative was starting to show cracks. But before long it was not just about exposing cracks I the imperfect Israeli project, the tactic had become attempting to change the entire narrative from the one that history recorded in depth add it unfolded to one that paints ever single Israeli action as sinister, conniving, murderous, evil and worse.
. Is it a good tactic? Damn straight. But this is not a clear battle between good and bad. This is about an epic battle between two people who both want to have sovereignty over the same land. Until either side gives up extremely painful concessions,(giving up ror and giving back parts of olde city, simultaneously, not as preconditions) this war will smolder on with each side vying for the worlds attention to. Their version of the truth, their narrative. And much will depend on which side remains relevant. While it may be considered a definite never, I would predict the minute Palestinian excepted their much despised condition for exciting Israel as a Jewish state and giving up physical ror -the pressure on Israel would be too immense for them not to seal a deal. Even a five year verification deal. I just don’t see it happening.
Palestinians have definitely taught their children to hate and despise Israeli soldiers(which is basically all Israelis) martyrdom is encouraged and celebrated and now the far right wing I here is becoming more tolerant of violence to achieve goals. *
* And if I’m going to be asked to link to clips that show Palestinian indoctrination of children you can all simply watch memri videos. Henri, despite its Zionist agenda is sadly not making these fill films up, or altering them. They are out there all over the Muslim world.

July 26, 2016, 5:36 pm

Everybody will pay if Trump is elected. And depths to which he’d drag the country will make HRC’s ilk a more appealing alternative.

I don’t trust Clinton to carry out much of the Sanders platform. I don’t think she’ll be a good President. However, we do have to think of the alternative. We can’t let the worst be the enemy of the pretty bad.

July 26, 2016, 5:26 pm

Like you, I also refuse to watch Holocaust-themed films, and for the same reasons as you.

There is one exception though. I’ll always watch The Pianist, an historical drama based on the autobiographical book The Pianist, a World War II memoir by the great Polish-Jewish pianist and composer Władysław Szpilman.

I also have Szpilman’s book.

a blah chick
July 26, 2016, 5:11 pm

“Before my election, I said Arabs voters were going to the polls in droves,” began Netanyahu, “I was referring to a specific political party but many people were understandably offended. I apologized for how my comment was misunderstood.”

This statement is the very definition of the non-apology apology. Also it takes a very special kind of politician to ask participation of the very people your party is trying to kick out of the legislature.

July 26, 2016, 5:05 pm

The answer to this article is simple. No commentary required. Just BDS.

July 26, 2016, 5:01 pm


well word is in from sharkia, its a real place, capital Zagazig, epicentre An-Nakhas, in Sharkia we have no sects, though we do host Palestinian ’48 unregistered refugees

“You’re the whitest person I’ve ever seen.” well you do write very white, the Saddam stuff, and let me be clear among my Arab confederates you could not mention Hussein people would start frothing at the mouth, do you know why,

because many Arabs trace the present neo-colonial torment of the Arab world to Hussein’s war on Iran,

but your stuff is very ill-judged if you think about it, any way you a clever guy so i am going to give you two things, we sharqiyans are noted for generosity and sectlessness,

1st ed said

“SR: You also talk about a photo-article in a fashion magazine, under the headline ‘Terrorist Couture’, which claims that the Palestinians are not really Palestinians because they have simply hijacked Arab dress and renamed it Palestinian.

ES: We do it all the time!

SR: The article also claims that this supposedly distinctive dress is not that of the people but of the upper middle class. Referring to the American author of the article, Sharon Churcher, you write: ‘In the larger scheme of things . . . she is somebody doing a hack job on a hack fashion magazine.’ And yet, you say you feel the need to go right back to the beginning, to explain the whole history of Palestine in order to unmake Sharon Churcher’s lie and show that this is in fact genuinely popular Palestinian dress. Doesn’t this need to go back again and again over the same story become tiring?

ES: It does, but you do it anyway. It is like trying to find the magical moment when everything starts, as in Midnight’s Children. You know midnight, and so you go back. But it is very hard to do that because you have to work out everything and get past a lot of questions in the daily press about why Palestinians don’t just stay where they are and stop causing trouble. That immediately launches you into a tremendous harangue, as you explain to people: ‘My mother was born in Nazareth, my father was born in Jerusalem . . . ’ The interesting thing is that there seems to be nothing in the world which sustains the story: unless you go on telling it, it will just drop and disappear.

SR: The need to be perpetually told.

ES: Exactly. The other narratives have a kind of permanence or institutional existence and you just have to try to work away at them.

SR: This is one of the things that you criticize from within Palestinianness: the lack of any serious effort to institutionalize the story, to give it an objective existence.

ES: That’s right. It is interesting that right up to 1948, most of the writing by Palestinians expressed a fear that they were about to lose their country. Their descriptions of cities and other places in Palestine appeared as a kind of pleading before a tribunal. After the dispersion of the Palestinians, however, there was a curious period of silence until a new Palestinian literature began to develop in the fifties and, above all, the sixties. Given the size of this achievement, it is strange that no narrative of Palestinian history has ever been institutionalized in a definitive masterwork. There never seems to be enough time, and one always has the impression that one’s enemy—in this case the Israelis—are trying to take the archive away. The gravest image for me in 1982 was of the Israelis shipping out the archives of the Palestine Research Centre in Beirut to Tel Aviv.”

he’s not sharqiyan and neither is this guy but check it out, could help with the whiteness, and this concludes the sharqian response. enjoy and Dizzy fight the white.

link to youtu.be

July 26, 2016, 4:53 pm

The tester mint is I case they have bad breath while studying the New testament

July 26, 2016, 4:52 pm

Okay. He’s a satirist. But people-especially the kind of people that jump all over certain Jewish pharmacists and accuse them of rabid islamaphobia- should stop repeating the bullshit story about the rabbi and his rape ‘fatwa’ as he never said anything of the sort and was referencing a portion of the bible.
. So, unless you so very moral leftists have no problems with people referring to Mohammed(pboh) as an abuser of children and other things that. In 600 A.D. Might have made sense but don’t anymore you should shut it. The rabbi is orthodox. He’s not a reform, reconstructionalist, other bs rabbi. he reads scripture and interprets. Just like 1000s of imams do with their quran or priests do with the new tester mint.

July 26, 2016, 4:31 pm

Well, your opinion is strong and I won’t try and change it, not that I could. But there is a Jewish man who owns a house north northwest of Jerusalem where his family owned the 4 hectare plot for as long as anybody could remember. He was not allowed to build a garage with two bedrooms above and he is not allowed by law. My my.

July 26, 2016, 4:25 pm


Well obviously it is not obviously wrong to quite a lot of people worldwide. So what is it? , your definition of obvious is superior to all the others in the same world who have possibly grown up with another dictionary, obviously.

July 26, 2016, 4:07 pm

Some ridiculous and purely imaginative statements from these so-called ‘highly respected’ (as in, highly respected by who?)

1) that pappe is so highly esteemed by his supporters is a far cry from universal respect. It’s like saying David duke is a highly respected former politician and author. Uh huh.

2) cook just pops off his premise that the main goal of South African Apartheid regime was to restrict assets of black and colored folks – not separation per se . Excuse us, wtf is he prattling on about? The most ridiculous and bogus analysis off SA apartheid put forward yet. Would love to put cooks premise to the black leaders forcibly separated let alone the millions of non-insurgents. And all to promote and entity bogus connection to Israel. Sweet.

3.) Lol. I’d like to see the law referenced whereby water is owned by the state and to be legally used by Jews only. What garbage. And if their talking about Judea and Samaria the statec water apparatus provides more, not less then the allotted amount because literally tonnes and to tonnes of Palestinian water is wasted through bad lines, infrastructure and all out corruption. The Palestinian citizens of West bank already know this but don’t care of some crazy Jew from Israel wants to tout their cause.


July 26, 2016, 3:24 pm

Along with the USA, the German generations are paying for this, with endless reparations, trials of 90+ year old men who were unlucky teens/young men during WW2, and deep discount gifts of Dolphin class nuclear ready submarines, inter alia, to ISRAEL. It’s a disgusting add up, all told, but entire generations of Palestinians are subject to hell on earth and the 98% goy USA is funding it, making Israel immune from accountability at the UN from 41 vetos, all of which has greatly damaged the reputation of the USA in the world’s eyes, and painted target on the back of the troops we send to the ME. Puke, so bad, so frustrating, so depressing–God help us all.

July 26, 2016, 2:55 pm

“But today I want to go further. Today I am asking Arab citizens in Israel to take part in our society—in droves. Work in droves, study in droves, thrive in droves,”

As long as you don’t reproduce in droves. Cause than we have do decrease your numbers like we’ve been doing since 1948.

July 26, 2016, 2:54 pm


Spot on. Zionists have fought tooth and nail against a 2SS for the better part of a century. It has only become a popular refrain from them now that have made such an approach practically impossible. The only reasonable solution of a 1SS scares their diapers off of them. And the major plus side of crying for a 2SS is that it gives them more cover and time to steal, dispossess and ethnically cleanse even more territory. A rogue state run by lawless theives.

July 26, 2016, 2:20 pm

“You sound like a deadbeat dad.”

Get a clue, dude!

I’m a trophy husband.

And we got on this subject because I reminded “MHughes976” (way up thread) that “religion can become a battle of wills”

July 26, 2016, 2:17 pm

… “He [Netanyahu] meant to say the word ‘al-aziziye’ which means ‘my good friends.’ However, the word he said was ‘ al aezaa,’ which means ‘my goats,’” explained Tibi. …

Right, because when one is reading a prepared – and very likely rehearsed – speech off a teleprompter, it’s understandable how one could replace the word “al-azaziye” with “al aezaa”.

Bibi: I spoke with an Arab woman today. She was sharmuta.
Tibi: He meant to say “charming”.

… “Before my election, I said Arabs voters were going to the polls in droves,” began Netanyahu, “I was referring to a specific political party but many people were understandably offended. I apologized for how my comment was misunderstood.”

“But today I want to go further. Today I am asking Arab citizens in Israel to take part in our society—in droves. Work in droves, study in droves, thrive in droves,” he added. …

Be content with being second class Aye-rab and Mooslim citizens in a religion-supremacist “Jewish State”—in droves. Absolve us of our past and on-going (war) crimes—in droves. Don’t expect us to honour our obligations under international law—in droves.

July 26, 2016, 2:11 pm

“Elections can be stressful times in my home.”

No stress at Moosehall. Wa. State votes by mail. I never take in the mail. So my wife fills out my ballot for me.

July 26, 2016, 1:47 pm

Trump’s problem is, before he started speaking as a political in the public arena, he didn’t understand one doing such should never make blanket negative statements about any group of people, even if he follows such statement up in the next breath, by qualifying it. The libtards have seized on this amateur weakness , and will repeat it endlessly, and it will be why Trump will lose to Hillary. He will, thus, be beaten not simply by demographics, but by PC code. Under such code, one can rip up any group of people, so long as one does not say or directly imply the negative associations apply to all of those people. The Democrat Establishment are experts at this.

David Doppler
July 26, 2016, 1:37 pm

“Droves” of Arabs or Palestinians?” The English term droves derives from “draf” meaning beasts driven in a body, and the road along which cattle are driven.

Perhaps “my Arab goats” going “in droves” hither and yon, are all part of a piece, a layered and multi-faceted Freudian slip, explosing his racist attitudes toward Palestinians? As collected in the book, “A Murder of Crows,” there are many creative terms developed to refer to different groups (a string of violins, e.g.).

Perhaps Palestinians in this context of occupation deserve their own unique crowd term, not rooted in the animal kingdom. In English, perhaps the word “Pale” would be apropos, combining both a root of their own name, with the English “Pale” referring to areas in Ireland outside of English control, and for the bigoted English, more broadly, meaning outside the realm of civilization itself. A “Pale of Palestinians,” e.g., a frustrated crowd queued up at checkpoints, is perhaps a worthy candidate, if there are no offensive overtones overlooked. They certainly find themselves as a group in circumstances outside normal considerations for universal rights.

July 26, 2016, 1:29 pm

I hope I see that kryptonite before I die. Just once in my long life, I’d like to see a real factual discussion of the US-Israel “special relationship” & its impact on US, Palestinians, the ME world, on primetime TV news. As it stands, US main media does not deserve any Constitutional protection because it does not serve to aid informed consent of the US public, and is thus, an anti-democratic instrument instead of the core arm of our democracy.

July 26, 2016, 1:29 pm

It’s hard to figure out what the slimeball is up to although it’s a safe bet it’s no good.

He tells Israelis no two states under his watch. He tells the world he is prepared to negotiate the 2SS at any time if only Abbas would talk. He later adds in separate comments in the Israeli press there will be no peace negotiations in the discussions until Palestinian incitement is dealt with. He blames Herzog not being in tbe governing coalition for the lack of a peace agreement saying he couldn’t possibly get a deal with the hov he currently leads. He is all over the map with mendacious lies and insincere words.

I don’t think his plan is obvious yet but my best guess is he is feeling foreign pressure and wants to paint a picture in the western press of someone who is working for peace. As the article notes the opposition called it correctly that this video is not aimed at arabs and the languages used are the proof.

Israel cannot be a partner for peace as it has no desire for peace other than to be left alone as it continues it’s theft and ethnic cleansing.

July 26, 2016, 1:26 pm

Netanyahooo has the same problem disease that afflicts alot of zionists – the belief those he addresses are as stupid as he is. PROPAGANDA FAIL. This man and his gov’t are not peace partners.

Fabulous rebuttal from MK Odeh!

July 26, 2016, 1:25 pm

“Rabbi Jacobs goes on to warn that abandoning the two state solution “would subject Israel and the Palestinians to an endless cycle of violence.”

What the dear Rabbi is actually afraid of is JSIL losing its status quo fig leaf = the 2SS charade the main pillar of which has been US bi- partisan support for the past 50 years and his beloved Chosen People potentially being thwarted in their systematic settlement and ethnic cleansing programme.

July 26, 2016, 1:24 pm

Yet you can surely explain the exploding assimilation / intermarriage rate of these Jews and Gentiles who Are happily contributing the next generation of voters!” “DaBakr”

Oh, that’s easy to explain, “DaBakr”! “Those Jews” are ‘assimilating themselves into non-existence’ as one Zionist commenter here noted.
And Jewish leaders refer to the process of intermarriage/assimilation as “the Silent Holocaust”.

July 26, 2016, 1:17 pm

“No Mooser, Hophmi doesn’t internalize the anti-Jewish hatred.”

Self-hatred is a disease. It is a sad disease borne of many generations of persecution, but it is a disease. And “Hophmi” is afflicted with it, as many Jews have been in the past. And it is usually the self-haters who cause the worst damage to the Jewish community, precisely because of how small it is. link to mondoweiss.net

July 26, 2016, 1:17 pm

A world leader called him a liar, so whatever his motives were, any explanation by the butcher from Tel Aviv, cannot be believed. Drumpf is also an idiot, but he says racist and insulting names out loud, this man’s true colors are always hidden.

July 26, 2016, 1:12 pm

“I stand corrected. Mea culpa.”

Must be the ink you spill on the back of your hand. “Mea culpa?” No, you a dolta.

July 26, 2016, 1:09 pm

“commitment to the Israeli peace movement.”

That’s just “Jon s” way of saying:
“Be thankful we haven’t killed all the Palestinians yet.”

July 26, 2016, 1:05 pm

“But today I want to go further. Today I am asking Arab citizens in Israel to take part in our society—in droves. Work in droves, study in droves, thrive in droves,”

He forgot the most important “drove” request = LEAVE our JEWISH State in droves.

Hypocritical liar.

July 26, 2016, 1:03 pm

“Annie, Do you as a mother believe your husband has the right to not pass down the collective wealth of the family to your children?” “Simalcuz”

Hey, “Simalcuz”, do you have any idea how deeply you just stepped off into it? Good job,”Simalcuz”.

July 26, 2016, 12:50 pm

“Especially since he (Mooser) is speaking for the Palestinians “

I have never, ever said that, or anything close to it.
How on earth could I claim to “speak for the Palestinians”? I’m a Jew.

July 26, 2016, 12:43 pm

I have a great idea! Why don’t we simply Google the sentence “Inheritance is a gift not a right” and see what we get?

July 26, 2016, 12:38 pm

Kay24 – I remember an article from at least 10 years ago about Holocaust survivors in israel eating out of garbage bins, the indignities they suffer to get their benefits, the hoops they have to jump through and many are in very poor health, which they must prove was the result of their internment in concentration camps. It’s absolutely disgusting, but here we have the hophni’s, et al, constantly talking about what’s been done with over 70 years as a distraction from discussing the continued abuse they suffer at the hands of the zionist enterprise, who’ve put them on a diet and out of sight/out of mind, but don’t hesitate to trot them out for the crowds and exploit them for their propaganda every yom ha’shoah.

July 26, 2016, 12:36 pm

ROHA- “Putin seems to be the most intelligent, the most sensible, the most grown-up, and the most effective of prominent world leaders.”

If nothing else, he appears to be sane. I am not so sure about Hillary and the neocons she cavorts with. They seem determined to eliminate Russian independence from empire at all costs, and seem willing to risk the survival of the species to achieve their goals. They are pathological risk takers. An example of their thinking is the quote below from either Richard Perle of Michael Ledeen (I have seen the quote attributed to one or the other numerous times).

“If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war… our children will sing great songs about us years from now.” (Michael Ledeen or Richard Perle)

July 26, 2016, 12:36 pm

“why are we talking about this?”

Because my wife is quite a bit younger, and a whole lot healthier than me, I have made her inheritance contingent on her quoting at my funeral, the same Spiritual so movingly quoted by Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

July 26, 2016, 12:22 pm

” Schrödinger’s cat: a cat, a flask of poison, and a radioactive source are placed in a sealed box.”

Jeez, I suppose that’s one way to get out of cleaning the cat-litter. Seems a little cruel to me.

July 26, 2016, 12:18 pm

“You sound like a deadbeat dad.”

I am not a deadbeat!
My wife and kids send me checks every month, without fail.

July 26, 2016, 12:14 pm

MOOSER- “And if I am reading it right, Zionist influence isn’t worth mentioning”

Of course you are reading it right. The level of intellectual dishonesty is mind boggling, worse than I recall ever seeing it. How does one misrepresent the reality that Hillary is running to the right of The Donald? Things have sunk so low that the Democrats are actually red-baiting Trump with this Putin nonsense. Red-baiting, for cry sakes!

Elections can be stressful times in my home. Our friends (mostly my wife’s) are stereotypical middle class “liberal” Democrats. Nice people, reasonably intelligent normally, well educated with mostly masters degrees, they shriek at me that a vote for Jill Stein is really a vote for Trump! How do I respond without alienating these idiots? If you were a Republican would you shriek that a vote for Jill Stein was a vote for Hillary? No, of course not. My what a stupid thing to say. Perhaps I should point out that since they will always claim that the Democrat is the lesser of the two evils, then they will always vote for the Democrat, never holding that person accountable for their actions, lesser evilism nothing more than a psychological trick to salve their conscience for habitually voting for someone who will implement policies they oppose? Maybe that will work. Who needs friends anyway? Besides, once they realize that my ridicule is with the best of intentions, all will be forgiven.

July 26, 2016, 12:06 pm

Hophni you’re not only a phony but a coward. Nothing but hit and run.

July 26, 2016, 11:48 am

DABAKR- “Yet you can surely explain the exploding assimilation / intermarriage rate of these Jews and Gentiles who Are happily contributing the next generation of voters!”

If you divide Jews into two groups, organized Zionists versus unorganized secular Jews, you would likely find that the so-called intermarriage primarily occurred among the unorganized secular Jews. It is the tribalists who are significantly biased against non-Jews, and who would skew the results in that direction. I personally consider the label “intermarriage” between a secular Jew and a secular non-Jew to be a questionable label. There seems to me to be little difference between secular Jews and secular non-Jews, the “Jewishness” of the secular Jew being primarily a state of mind imparted by upbringing. And if it wasn’t for the Holocaust, the number of folks who identify as Jews might actually be less than it currently is, the label secular Jew considered odd. On the other hand, tribal nepotism has undeniable benefits and a means of identifying kinship could be desirable, marriage augmenting birthright.

July 26, 2016, 10:59 am

The fact that you can ask that question, in the way you did, says a great deal about your reticence concerning moving away from supporting Israel’s criminal enterprises. Grow a pair and get out there against this rogue and criminal nation. Tell the truth loud and clear; at least you can then renew your claim to self-respect. Who are you afraid of? Start with the Congress!For a worthwhile project, undertake to explain to the American populace exactly what is involved in this “special relationship” we’re told we have with Israel. No one has ever defined what this relationship entails. Do America a favor and exposed this propaganda scheme! Who first coined that term “special relationship”? “How far you push” shouldn’t be decided by money but it seems a certainty that if you do start to push for that “change” the money would start flowing in to support your new-found courage.

July 26, 2016, 10:57 am

As I see it, the multiple and escalating horrors that the native Palestinian Arabs living in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip have endured since 1967 are due to Israel’s belligerent, illegal and brutal occupation. Racism, oppression, dispossession, torture, extrajudicial killings, imprisonments without charge, collective punishments, destruction of homes and orchards, etc., inflicted against Palestinians are a direct consequence of the illegal (i.e., in gross violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention) occupation. (Syria’s Golan Heights and Lebanon’s Shebba Farms are also illegally occupied by Israel.)

To quote eminent Haaretz journalist, Bradley Burston:

“Occupation is Slavery”
EXCERPT: “In the name of occupation, generation after generation of Palestinians have been treated as property. They can be moved at will, shackled at will, tortured at will, have their families separated at will. They can be denied the right to vote, to own property, to meet or speak to family and friends. They can be hounded or even shot dead by their masters, who claim their position by biblical right, and also use them to build and work on the plantations the toilers cannot themselves ever hope to own. The masters dehumanize them, call them by the names of beasts.” (Haaretz, Feb. 26/13)

However, Israel proper, i.e., west of the green line, is an apartheid entity.

To wit:

Ilan Pappe: “[Israel’s] political system [is] exclusionary, a pro forma democracy – going through the motions of democratic rule but essentially being akin to apartheid or Herenvolk (‘master race’) democracy.” (“Jerusalem Report,” Feb. 14/2000)

Ronnie Kasrils, key player in the struggle against the former South African apartheid regime, minister for intelligence in the current government and a devout Jew: “The Palestinian minority in Israel has for decades been denied basic equality in health, education, housing and land possession, solely because it is not Jewish. The fact that this minority is allowed to vote hardly redresses the rampant injustice in all other basic human rights. They are excluded from the very definition of the ‘Jewish state’, and have virtually no influence on the laws, or political, social and economic policies. Hence, their similarity to the black South Africans [under apartheid].” (The Guardian, 25 May 2005)

“Former Foreign Ministry director-general invokes South Africa comparisons. ‘Joint Israel-West Bank’ reality is an apartheid state”
EXCERPT: “Similarities between the ‘original apartheid’ as it was practiced in South Africa and the situation in ISRAEL [my emphasis] and the West Bank today ‘scream to the heavens,’ added [Alon] Liel, who was Israel’s ambassador in Pretoria from 1992 to 1994. There can be little doubt that the suffering of Palestinians is not less intense than that of blacks during apartheid-era South Africa, he asserted.” (Times of Israel, February 21, 2013)

Shlomo Gazit, retired IDF Major General: “[Israel’s] legal system that enforces the law in a discriminatory way on the basis of national identity, is actually maintaining an apartheid regime.” (Haaretz, July 19, 2011)

One example of apartheid within Israel:
link to haaretz.com
Ha’aretz, Dec. 14/09: “Jewish town won’t let Arab build home on his own land ”
Excerpt: “Aadel Suad first came to the planning and construction committee of the Misgav Local Council in 1997. Suad, an educator, was seeking a construction permit to build a home on a plot of land he owns in the community of Mitzpeh Kamon. The reply he got, from a senior official on the committee, was a memorable one. ‘Don’t waste your time,’ he reportedly told Suad. ‘We’ll keep you waiting for 30 years.’”

“…EU broadside over plight of Israel’s Arabs”
EXCERPT: “The confidential 27-page draft prepared by European diplomats… [shows] that Israeli Arabs suffer ‘economic disparities… unequal access to land and housing… discriminatory draft legislation and a political climate in which discriminatory rhetoric and practice go unsanctioned.'” (The Independent, Dec. 27/2011)

The U.S. State Department’s report on International Religious Freedom: “Arabs in Israel…are subject to various forms of discrimination [and the government] does not provide Israeli Arabs…with the same quality of education, housing, employment opportunities as Jews.”
In its 2015 Country Report on Human Rights Practices for Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, the U.S. Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor acknowledges the “institutional and societal discrimination against Arab citizens of Israel.” (U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2015 Israel and The Occupied Territories, link to state.gov)

To the best of my knowledge, Israel is the only country in the world that differentiates between citizenship and nationality, i.e., “Israeli” nationality does not exist, only Jews and non-Jews, and each citizen carries an appropriate identity card. While the implications of this absurdity for discrimination and racism against non-Jews are obvious, it has been upheld by Israel’s Supreme Court:

“Supreme Court rejects ‘Israeli’ nationality status'”
“Allowing citizens to relinquish ethnic or religious identity in the population registry would undermine Israel’s Jewishness, ruling says.

“Israel’s population registry lists a slew of ‘nationalities’ and ethnicities, among them Jew, Arab, Druse and more. But one word is conspicuously absent from the list: Israeli.
“Residents cannot identify themselves as Israelis in the national registry because the move could have far-reaching consequences for the country’s Jewish character, the Israeli Supreme Court wrote in documents obtained Thursday.” (Times of Israel, October 4, 2013)

A few years ago, the Knesset passed the “Citizenship Law,” which denies Israel’s Arab citizens the right to bring a spouse from the occupied Palestinian territories or any Arab or other country to live in Israel. Jews, however, can immigrate to Israel from anywhere in the world and automatically become citizens with full rights.

The effect of this blatantly racist law and more than fifty other restrictions (link to adalah.org) Arab citizens have to endure is well expressed by writer and Knesset member, Ahmed Tibi, Palestinian/Arab citizen of Israel: “…dutifully defining the state [of Israel] as ‘Jewish and democratic,’ ignores the fact that in practice ‘democratic’ refers to Jews, and the Arabs are nothing more than citizens without citizenship.” (Ma’ariv, 1.6.2005)

Nor should it be forgotten that Ethiopian Jews who are citizens of Israel are also discriminated against.

jon s
July 26, 2016, 10:56 am

How can anyone take seriously a commenter who can’t even get my name straight, and keeps adding an “h”?

Anyway there are those- like Amos Oz – who seek a future of peace for both peoples, who haven’t given up despite the difficulties and setbacks. He’s a better friend of the Palestinian people than those who encourage them to reject any prospects for peace.

And I’m not “squatting on Palestinian land” . I live in a home which I purchased legally with my own money (and a mortgage from the bank…). I’m living in my homeland, which is also the Palestinian homeland.

July 26, 2016, 10:28 am

Best way to fight Israel is start joining the fight at home. That means supporting the BLM movement, supporting the various Muslim-American and Palestinian-American groups in Universities in federal level, and many councils within the state levels, support the Hawaiian Independence Movement, supporting Open Borders, and supporting intersectional feminist movements.

Seriously, we are so strong despite our huge diversity, so resilient and so resourceful even by ourselves. Joined together we will be unstoppable. The establishment may have the guns, the money and the media, but they lack the most fundamental instrument for winning the war: truth.

We are approaching the final stretch in our struggle for Palestinian liberation, the house of cards is fast crumbling both in Israel and within the deeply corrupt political establishment at home. Let’s bravely and unapologetically choose our side which will forever be remembered in history as the victors in the moral war against oppression and racism.

Steve Grover
July 26, 2016, 10:20 am

No Mooser, Hophmi doesn’t internalize the anti-Jewish hatred. Instead he fights MW for spewing it on a daily basis and you of course are a happy collaborator.

July 26, 2016, 9:58 am

The rapist who cries as s/he rapes.

Liberal Zionists are just Zionists who are aware of their crime but want to steal anyway.

July 26, 2016, 8:38 am

Yes, maybe we do sometimes find that comparisons promote clarity of judgement. But we have indeed seen much of comparison as distraction. There’s something laborious – there has to be – about constructing a list of the regulations and oppressions outrageous and petty that apply in one place at one time and that applied in another place at another and there are bound to be legitimate differences in the assessment of details. Dispute among a small minority of qualified researchers and experts, inevitably focusing on the more obscure elements, may rather overshadow the plain moral intuition that should be the basis of everything.
I see much truth as usual in what echino says but I must say that I do see Zionism and the Zionist dispensation as not all that like anything else in this world.

July 26, 2016, 8:35 am

|| Annie Robbins: argh. yeah ok. i should ignore him. ||

I’ve been wondering when you’d finally take the advice you and Mooser gave me back in May. ;-)

July 26, 2016, 8:35 am

John S,

Amos Oz is well known as a Zionist giving maximum help to the Zionist effort to keep Palestine under the murderous, illegitimate racial supremacist domination. As opposed to the now sitting wing of Zionists who are doing everything to lose it fast.
So what you call “peace movement” in Zionistese is the worst enemy of Palestinian resistance.
Someone like you, I suppose, squatting on Palestinian land and intending to keep it. And writing BS.

Annie Robbins
July 26, 2016, 8:04 am

it is ironic how the characteristics of Arab politics are showing up in American politics this year.

not sure i would categorize what’s going on as “characteristics of arab politics” because it implies it originates there and i don’t think that’s the case.

Trump is turning American politics Middle Eastern….The paranoia, the conspiracy theories, the unrestrained nationalistic fervor, the abuse of religious minorities, the bitter hatred of political opponents and trading rights away for promises of security

hmm, not sure i’d call all this stuff “middle eastern”.

July 26, 2016, 7:45 am

i don’t think the son or ex wife can sue unless he had owed a prior debt to them. but if he made all his child payments and paid for the kid’s college he owes nothing to his son.

Outrageous. Simply outrageous. Child support is meant as a steady perishable form of support, not for maintaining wealth but for the specific purpose of raising a child. Nothing more, nothing less.

The ex-wife will still be entitled to part of the wealth that was created during the active partnership, in addition to some after his death. The son will also be entitled to some portion of total wealth of the father after his passing. After all, the father brought him into the world and so he should bear complete responsiblity for the son.

July 26, 2016, 7:36 am

You are right Marnie. Unfortunately, the Holocaust has been used and overused by zionists, for their own devious reasons, and it has lost the impact is should have for that very reason.
The tragedies of the past should always be referred to, when there is urgent need to avoid a similar tragedy. The on going occupation, land grabs and thousands being killed, attacked, and children abused in jails, needs the attention of the world right now. No one can control what happened decades ago, but certainly can right the wrongs of what the zionists keep doing every today.

As for the real story of the true Holocaust survivors, this should tell you exactly how precious they are to Israel and how well they are taken care of:

“Hundreds Protest at Knesset Over State Neglect of Holocaust Survivors
Welfare Minister: New team will address survivors’ needs; some 180,000 Israeli survivors don’t receive assistance.
read more: link to haaretz.com

It seems the poor Holocaust survivors were treated like a NUISANCE by the Israeli government.

People that pretend to be outraged at the mere mention of the Holocaust in a discussion are simply using it to silence any reference to what the zionists are doing TODAY.

July 26, 2016, 6:43 am

Those folks seem to have been amazingly polite when faced with a white supremacist. I doubt I would have been, and I’m white.

July 26, 2016, 6:41 am

I stand corrected. Mea culpa.

yonah fredman
July 26, 2016, 5:31 am

Just watched keith ellison’s speech to the convention. Unlike the true revolutionaries here at mw, who wish the democratic party to implode or break itself up over Palestinian rights and Israeli wrongs, Congressman Ellison stepped up and urged a vote for Hillary against Trump, as he introduced Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has wider appeal than Elizabeth Warren, in my opinion. He has a long fought veracity and authenticity (to use a word) that will be hard to duplicate. Of course the age of the Bernie supporters is often cited, but his age is relevant too. He is old and I do not know what his political future will look like as he gets closer to 80.

If Trump is elected, firstly odds are high that it would only be an electoral college victory. (People in states that backed Hillary should take to the street demanding an amendment to the constitution, under the banner one man/one vote.) the divisiveness of a trump presidency should be self evident to anyone with eyes in their head, but his victory through the electoral college and defeat in the popular vote will help create action in the streets against his presidency. at that point, bernie who will be young enough in four years can really start planning bernie 2020 on november 9th. elizabeth warren will also start planning warren 2020 on that same day. the competition between them will be interesting.

but if hillary wins, elizabeth warren will be coopted and bernie should sit on the sidelines waiting for the issue of his choosing on which to base his bernie 2020 campaign. probably that will be two years down the line.

presidential campaigns are more exciting than any other political event in america, and if hillary wins on november 8th, we, the majority of americans who will vote for her, will breathe a sigh of relief, but also a sigh of disappointment, because the next presidential race will be so far off and the letdown of the end of the baseball season after the last out in the world series, will also be present.

the steady drumbeat of shootings by Muslims in Germany this past week or so, should also be noted and I worry about how many nutjobs with roots in the Muslim immigrant community will take to American venues to express their emotional unhappiness this fall. certainly if any of them will be watching tv and mister trump’s inevitable provocative language, that will be enough to send some of them to their guns and so i fear that this will be a feature of this fall presidential campaign.

One other note: if hillary wins, she will still lose the white vote badly. we live in a democracy, but face it, not the color blind society MLK spoke of, and in fact the rebellion by white people against candidates that they, the “true americans” voted against, will be a factor of grave instability for america with a president hillary, who will win based upon overwhelming support from nonwhite voters.

jon s
July 26, 2016, 5:10 am

Amos Oz is one of our foremost writers, and also known for his outspoken commitment to the Israeli peace movement.

Natalie Portman- who can forget her debut in “Leon”?

July 26, 2016, 4:15 am

When I saw the photo I thought it was a new Frankenstein movie.

July 26, 2016, 3:59 am


Yet you can surely explain the exploding assimilation / intermarriage rate of these Jews and Gentiles who Are happily contributing the next generation of voters!

July 26, 2016, 3:37 am

While I think I understand the premise behind your drive to raise monies and continue to peruse “aggressive coverage,” of stories not normally covered by what you term the mainstream Zionist media but which others would say, mostly ignored by the larger mainstream outlets as too far left or to kooky to cover (unless they see an opportunity to rule up their base consumer.

I understand why an outlet such as MW would be peeved at the lack of what they consider everyday issues facing Palestinians within Israel and without over the green lines in areas with politically charged names and no actual law, neither international or otherwise had fully determined what the borders of an Israel nation with blocks I area A,b and c with swaps that will compensate for losses or money of land, is not enough

After all, afaik… You are maybe the first blog who had used the recipe of Palestinian anger coupled with white far left wing progressive gilt and responsibility to raise your calls to bring in more like-minded troops to ad bodies and numbers to their events all while showing that the msm numbers were lies and more .

Even if all th his is happening as Adam, and Phil, Annie, others feel is how it should go are they so certain that the average run-of-the-mill. Middle road pro hilary constituency going to embrace this negative charge and get down serious enough to see through the conspiratorial! Angles which ARE numerous and flat and forgetting them, the vast bulk of the party that seems to me were actually SHOCKED (LOL) THAT there was ANY DRAMA whatsoever before we got” with the Liz Warren Ann’s then Mr. Cuckoo Sanders LLBean speech—probably the best speech of the convention.

I also heard the statement by convicted police murderer [and yes, I have read dozens upon dozens of court transcripts to understand where there where weaknesses in the states case an nd where there were none. I understand that with the racist syStem prevalent at that time the Mumia Abu Jamal is probably the single worst case put forth to prove extenuating circumstances during shooting, confusion and police corruption as one can easily find when one gets deeper into the testimony laid out.

Personally, I am grateful and glad the death penalty was dropped as there was never a legal option. I think enough of the evidence held that there was no Premeditated attempt to shoot the officer. There was much evidence that saud police tried to end his live but failed with overt,6 slugs I his body. An nd please, I’ve read the whole thing, cover to cover, as nauseam.

I could name overt 10 cases involving young black or hispanic men were circumstances were clearly similar and Murky and yet-i a similar twist- these men got the same type of experience the most agents cases got.

So, while I’m all for Bernie on his close-to-his-heart social equality issues and breaking down how the rich guarantee the middle is cut out I’m FORx4. But,. For the life of me I can’t figure out what so many young progressives following the Bern are doing the hysterical claiming that things like the Israel lobby ( known as apaic) exerts extraordinary control of not only our executive but our
R senators and Congress, judges, our banks, loan orgs, the mass media and police In a massive humongous conspiracy that this relatively small but effective group (aipac) has set up Israel (a state not much smaller then New Jersey as the leviathon capable of running such an absurdly large expansive threat

Somebody here once answered me that the bigPharma big banks , big tobacco bigHealthcare,big Agro and big oil ‘only advocated for US policy and aipac Advocated for foreign policy changes. LOL. I wasn’t sure wether to bother telling her the absurdity as she was tightly focused 99 the ‘plight’of the Palestinians. I could have told her the the pro-israel Palestinian advocacy groups are unabashedly trying to tie any human or social rights issue in the US (somehow) go there palestinian cause no matter how tenuous.
That a few police districts around the nation chose to train with the Israeli Shin Bet in their universally admired riot controll was enough to blame Michael Brown on Israel to a few. The signs read from Palestine to Fergesun as if most neighbors ‘got it. Right.

That the same program existed with Dallas(where police were killed) and Atlanta and the training with the ShinBet was brought up again—-as an insane lessons causes American deaths. From Dallas to Atlanta to Palestine were the. Comments. Too bad both sheriffs completely repudiated their program with the Israelis as some odd the best life saving trading they received.

July 26, 2016, 1:58 am


■ CONFLICT ZONE: “We’re surrounded by the craziest people” | Conflict Zone | DW (English) [VIDEO, 25:50] – link to youtube.com
Published on Nov 4, 2015
Tim Sebastian interviews Naftali Bennett, Israeli Minister of Education and leader of the right-wing Jewish Home Party.

THE LAWLESS ZONE ~ The Transfer of Policing and Security Powers to the Civilian Security Coordinators in the Settlements and Outposts

A Fifty-Five Page PDF | By Yesh Din | June 2014



A protracted territorial struggle has been waged in recent years in many parts of the West Bank between settlers seeking to expand the areas under their control and annexing as much land as possible and Palestinian landowners interested in farming their land. The civilian security coordinators (CSCs) and the civilian guarding squads that operate in the Israeli settlements on the West Bank are among the most influential parties in this struggle. The CSCs are agents of the army, in that they are subject to the Military Justice Law and hold policing powers, but they are appointed by the settlements and see themselves as representing the settlements’ interests. This conflict of interests, combined with the absence of a clear definition of their powers and weak supervision of their actions, creates daily friction and clashes between the CSCs and settlement civilian guard usquads, on the one hand, and Palestinians farmers, on the other. In many cases the end result is that Palestinian landowners are unable to farm their land.

The CSCs and the guarding squads that operate in the Israeli settlements in the West Bank are quasi-military civilian forces composed of residents of the settlements and outposts in the area. They are equipped with IDF weapons, undergo military training, and are empowered to undertake policing actions, such as searches and detentions, and to use force. Their activities are ostensibly supervised and monitored by the IDF. The use of these forces in the settlements is based on a military doctrine called “regional defense,” which predates the establishment of the State of Israel, when such forces based in Israeli frontline communities were charged with supporting army forces during military confrontations or invasions by foreign armies. In the West Bank, the “regional defense” approach has come to be confined to the protection of the settlements and outposts against intrusion, without the additional aspect of contributing to the overall security situation.

This report reviews the powers granted to these quasi-military forces in the fields of law enforcement and authority over soldiers stationed in the settlements and in the extensive areas placed under their control – areas referred to as “guarding zones.” In 1971 the State of Israel began to operate quasi-military forces in the settlements and outposts, yet over forty years later key aspects of their operations have yet to be formally defined. By way of example, no rules have been established regarding IDF supervision of the appointment and operations of CSCs and guarding squads. Neither have rules been defined regarding the relations between these forces and IDF soldiers stationed in the settlements, or other army units, nor regarding the geographical boundaries within which these quasi-military forces are permitted to operate. Moreover, the operational responsibility for these forces is currently diffused between three bodies: The Ministry of Defense, which finances their operations; the IDF, which is suppoed to supervise their work; and the settlements themselves, which appoint the CSCs and guards from among their residents and serve as their direct employers.

This diffusion of authority creates a conflict of interests manifested in two key areas. Firstly, the CSCs and the members of the guarding squads, who bear weapons and hold policing and law enforcement powers, are supposed to represent neutral interests for the respect for the law and maintenance of public order. Yet they also belong to one of the two mutually hostile groups in the West Bank – i.e. the settler population – and, as such, they clearly support the territorial interests of the settlements in a manner that frequently clashes with their function as representatives of the law and public order. There is no dispute that the settlements in the West Bank seek to expand the territorial areas under their control, in most cases at the expense of the land of Palestinian residents. In their struggle to this end, many settlements use means including the violation of military orders (which enjoy the status of law in the West Bank), through means such as illegal construction and the criminal seizure of Palestinian land. This conflict of interests is clearly illustrated in the application of the authority granted to CSCs to define what constitutes a security threat as the foundation for the deployment of guarding squads and army forces. This authority enables the CSCs to define events in a manner that prevents Palestinians from accessing their land adjacent to settlements and outposts, thereby realizing the settlements’ aspirations to expand their sphere of territorial control.

Secondly, although the CSCs are accountable to the IDF in professional terms, their salaries are paid by the settlements (with funds from the Ministry of Defense), and in most cases they are residents of the settlements. This situation creates tension between their commitment to army orders and their commitment to their place of residence and to the leaders of the settlements.

It is also important to note that the use of these quasi-military forces is part of a broader trend. Since the mid-1980s, executive powers in the field of law enforcement, including the state’s core powers relating to the use of force, have been increasingly privatized and transferred to interest groups. As in the case of the privatization processes inside Israel, this transfer has taken place without meaningful supervision and without adequate examination of its ramifications. No consideration has been given to the manner in which the transfer of powers to elements within the settlements influences the rule of law in the West Bank or the rights of Palestinians – the protected residents of the area in accordance with the provisions of international law.

The transfer of policing and law enforcement powers to an ideological interest group has a particularly pernicious impact when it takes place in an occupied territory, in which the settlements themselves were established in gross violation of international law and entail the usurping of land on a massive and protracted basis. The granting of such sweeping powers to an interest group that openly and declaratively rejects the provisions of international law is indicative of the chaos that characterizes the official Israeli attitude toward law enforcement in the West Bank.

Yesh Din believes the activity of the CSCs and guarding squads not only fails to uphold public order and the rule of law in the West Bank, it also undermines them and weakens Israel’s ability to fulfill its duty under international law to protect the Palestinians and their property.

TO DOWNLOAD The Lawless Zone (PDF, 55 pages) – link to goo.gl

July 26, 2016, 1:38 am

FILM: Free Zone, 2005 NR 90 minutes
Netflix’s best guess for me: 4.3 stars (I rated it 5/5 on Netflix, and 8/10 on IMDb)
Average of 27203 ratings: 2.6 stars
Hana Laszlo won a Cannes Best Actress award for her portrayal of Hanna, an Israeli taxi driver, in this drama. Headed to the Free Zone* to collect money owed to her husband, Hanna picks up Rebecca (Natalie Portman), a frazzled American who begs to come along. But retrieving the money won’t be easy; the two wind up on a strange journey with a Palestinian woman (Hiam Abbass) who reveals that Hanna’s debtor has vanished, along with all of his loot.
Director: Amos Gitailink to en.wikipedia.org
Writers: Amos Gitai, Marie-Jose Sanselmelink to imdb.com
Cast: Natalie Portman, Hana Laszlo, Hiam Abbass, more…
Genres: Foreign, Foreign Dramas, Israel (some Jordanian funding), Hebrew Language
Language: Hebrew (with some English, and a bit of Arabic) [English subtitles for the Hebrew and Arabic]
Netflix format: DVD
• Netflix listing – link to dvd.netflix.com
• Internet Movie Database (Ratings: 5.9/10 from 2,537 users) – link to imdb.com
• Trailer de “Free Zone” [VIDEO, 01:56]
link to youtube.com

* An economic ‘Free Zone’ was established by Jordan in Aqaba in August 2000. It covers one million square metres, although an additional 2.5 million sq. m. has been allocated for the purpose of establishing industrial projects. Goods traded in the Free Zone are exempt of duty.
Aqaba The Oasis and beyond فلم العقبة السياحي [VIDEO, 05:28] – link to youtube.com

July 26, 2016, 1:34 am


Do you as a mother believe your husband has the right to not pass down the collective wealth of the family to your children?

If he views it as a “gift” that can be given or disposed off per his liking…would you as a legal partner to such individual object or consent to this?

I realise the conversation may have strayed far off-topic, but please humour me just in this instance.

K Renner
July 26, 2016, 1:27 am

@Yonah Fredman.

Yawn. I guess it’s very easy to screech “anti-Semite” when one’s political ideology is rooted in the deliberate conflation of the Jews with Israel and the Zionist movement.

Yes, while fanatical young Zionists (Israeli or otherwise) are screaming “self-hater” and “dirty Arab-lover” at holocaust survivors who sympathize with Palestinians, somehow it’s more important to try and smear people who stand for Palestinian rights in the context of Israel-Palestine generally.

Pretty pathetic. That’s all I’m going to say.

July 26, 2016, 1:26 am

Very interesting. Much thanks. I look forward to seeing the film, and I ordered the book.
I have always very much liked both Amos Oz and Natalie Portman.

K Renner
July 26, 2016, 1:24 am

HFS. Is that what he actually looks like? Or did you guys have fun with his photo?

Troll under the bridge doesn’t even begin to cut it!

And it’s natural. He’s hideously ugly on the inside and on the outside.

K Renner
July 26, 2016, 1:23 am


Yawn. The “vast majority of Americans”, my ass.

In reality, the problem is apathy, and that goes for a number of issues– Palestine just being one of them.

The Americans who think that the peaceful resistance of the BDS movement is “anti-Semitic” also think that the Palestinians existing is “anti-Semitic”.

The point being, that your friends very often are ethnocidal lunatics that shouldn’t matter when it comes to serious debate around Israel’s abuse of the Palestinian people and issues like the 100% illegal, illegitimate, conflict-perpetuating occupation.

So sling your whiny propaganda all you like. What I said is the actual truth of the matter. You feel me?

July 26, 2016, 1:20 am

“I think that you view the Holocaust as a nuisance, and something that you’d rather not be reminded of.”

Not be reminded of? What are you not saying? I feel no guilt about the Holocaust. I had no part in it. I do feel guilt about the Nakba, because the country I come from has a lot to do with it continues to have a lot to do with the situation right now, and no matter who wins the election, this horrible situation in Palestine is going to worsen. The Holocaust ended over 70 years ago. The Nakba continues. Its that fact that zionists refuse to acknowledge and it needs to be in your face 24/7.

July 26, 2016, 1:16 am

Are you for real? The Holocaust is on television 24/7. It is required study in schools. I see and speak with Holocaust survivors all the time and you know what? They’re not one bit like you, they’re compassionate and hate the occupation and the bigotry they see here, because it’s what they experienced in europe. You are ridiculous hophni and you bring shame upon people who’ve experienced first hand what you talk shit about every f@$%ng day.

July 26, 2016, 1:10 am

“I have to go,” Mohamed said. “I think you are searching for your own soul. I think that you will find it. And I think you will appreciate that you talked to us. But it looks like you are looking for something, and you stopped at a certain exit. But there is farther to go. Try searching. You will find it, keep searching with open mind.”

I’m really impressed by the compassion and hope Mohamed expressed to Nathan, a stranger to him and a 2016 white supremacist. I think he hit the nail on the head and could give this speech to every trump follower that has been nourished with a diet of fear and hate and would be telling their truth. They are allowing their fear to determine everything. Another great article Wilson!

July 26, 2016, 1:02 am


I cannot understand how you find humour in a person claiming to not owe any obligations to pass down his material wealth onto his own children. How is this funny, seriously? Especially since he is speaking for the Palestinians, whose entire society is based on the servitude of man towards his wife, children and family.

The legal system of Palestine states that the children have the right to claim their part of the wealth generated by the father after his death. This is true regardless of the relationships between them or the wishes of the father against the children. As such, Mooser is behaving in contempt of the very culture he is speaking for, and as such, must be made accountable for his words.

July 26, 2016, 12:56 am

Using Hopfmi’s definition most of use here are anti-semites. If that’s the way he wants to define it then I have no problem being labeled an anti-semite. I am a Hopfmi anti-semite and proud of it. Just one more nail in the coffin of a word that once meant hatred of Jews but now usually means dislike of Israel or Israeli policies/actions.

July 26, 2016, 12:31 am

“Why would the Russians even bother to hack the Democratic Party emails?”


July 26, 2016, 12:12 am

I think we all know about the cat, JLD.

link to condenaststore.com

link to geowww.geo.tcu.edu

Annie Robbins
July 26, 2016, 12:09 am

even with that guy

argh. yeah ok. i should ignore him.

July 25, 2016, 11:57 pm

“why are we talking about this?”

Excellent question. Because Mooser used a good simile about identity and Simlawhatever jumped on it with the literal discussion.
Essentially, we are talking about this because you discuss seriously with everybody, even with that guy.