‘Aliyah’ Website Portrays Obama as Hitler

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The Law of Return's loaded. The West Bank is full of guys from Brooklyn, or Minnesota, who need to live out their ethnocentric or racialist ideas on a biblical canvas. And the zeal of the converted tilts the entire state. Here's a website of American Jews who made "aliyah," or moved to Israel, called the Neo-Zionist Uberblog. It proselytizes other American Jews to move over there. And this month it features a brownshirted Obama as the Fuhrer–posted by Gil Ronen, who says he has been an editor at Haaretz and Yediot Aharanot. Some training. 

This summer my mom told me that a Jewish friend on the beach in her summer/scientific community said she would sooner vote for Hitler than Obama. I guess it's out there. And more specifically: a lot of people believe that Obama will revive the peace process.

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