Witness the death throes of the Israel lobby

You may remember Abe Foxman's initial response to the rumor that George Mitchell would be appointed special envoy to the Middle East. He observed that Mitchell is know for being evenhanded and commented, “I’m not sure the situation requires that kind of approach in the Middle East.

Foxman was roundly criticized for it (ie Yglesias: "the position he’s taking is incredibly stupid—nobody comes out against fairness"). Now that he's had a few weeks to think about I'm sure he's seen the error of his ways, right? Wrong.

Today Abe Foxman has inserted his foot in his mouth way past the ankle. Writing in The Forward, he explains in his article "Beyond ‘Evenhandedness’":

the administration must avoid taking what some refer to as an
“evenhanded” approach. It is self-evident that peace between Israelis
and Palestinians will require concessions on both sides, and America’s
role should be to give incentives to the parties to move in that
direction. “Evenhandedness,” however, fails to take into account the
vast differences in the historic relationships the two sides have had
with America, in the institutional characters of the two societies, in
the meaning of democratic values in each and in their respective
approaches to peace.

He adds, "'Evenhandedness' can only lead to a distortion of what American-Israeli relations are about." Couldn't have said it better myself Abe. 

Foxman also adds that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn't really all that important to the US anyway.  He warns:

The first is the temptation to see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as
the key to solving all of America’s problems in the Middle East.
Adopting such a view would create unnecessary tensions between America
and Israel. It would put too much weight on this specific issue and
inevitably lead to demands that Israel be the party to make the
greatest concessions.

Imagine that.  Let's recap – Foxman argues against the US taking an "honest broker"
approach to the conflict because it never has in the past, and says the US shouldn't get engaged because it will only lead to tensions with Israel. Can someone please explain to me how this guy has any credibility at all?

More than just further embarrassing himself, Foxman's plea for the 'good ole days' of one-sided Israeli advocacy from the US shows how scared the ADL and its ilk are feeling. In recent weeks we've seen the lobby fall on its face with an anti-UNWRA bill while a pro-UNWRA colleagues letter garnered unprecedented support. Dennis Ross just can't seem to land a job. And now just yesterday Rep. Bill Delahunt (D-MA) introduced H. Res 130 "Expressing support for the appointment of former Senator George Mitchell as Special Envoy for Middle East Peace" with over 30 co-sponsors and growing. Abe won't be happy. (Adam Horowitz)

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  1. Maimonides says:

    You know things are going bad when Dershowitz can't make his plea for Israel without throwing in a lot of gratuitous hatred of Christianity:

    Dershowitz heaps bile and vitriol at Christians and peace activists

  2. sword of gideon says:

    Kind of miss those fun days of the crusades don't you. You know slughtering Jewish communties on the way, the inquisition later on. the pogroms. The many blood libels along the way. Well maybe it will all come back for you. Maybe not.

  3. chris berel says:

    It certainly does appear, based on the quotes used in the opinion piece, that Moyer morally screwed up. It seems that what ever Israel targeted was a justifiable target, and certainly was aimed at. The accidental strikes were just that, accidental.

    The terrorist strikes by Hamas were merely directed at heavilty populated civilian areas with the hopes of killing massive numbers of innocent (in the world's eyes, Hamas haven't unworldly eyes) civillian of which the vast majority would have been Jewish.

    That Muslims would also have died is rather meaningless to Hamas as they imagine Allah willed them dead as martyrs.

  4. Ed says:

    The entire premise of Israel, invoked time and again by uber-Zionists like Abe Foxman, is that non-Jews should not politically be in charge of Jews, and should not be allowed to governm them. The unspoken and correct historical premise behind this is that Jews can’t get along with non-Jews. (For now, let’s never mind the myriad of theories on both sides as to why this is the case.)

    Now Abe Foxman is arguing that not only should Jews enjoy Judeo-centric sovereignty in Israel, but that the US should adopt Judeo-centric positions in it’s dealings with Israel’s critics, and with the rest of the world vis-à-vis Israel (as if this isn’t already the current status-quo anyway).

    This is how Jewish supremacists operate: if given an inch, they take a mile; if given a mile, they take ten miles, if given ten miles, they take one hundred, and so fourth. It’s time to put a stop to this once and for all by drawing Israel’s borders, enforcing them, and sending Jewish supremacists like Abe Foxman there to stew in their own juices. The only other alternative is to prepare for World War III, IV, V and on and on, which is where deferring to the bottomless ambitions of Judeo-centric Jewish supremacists inevitably leads.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Wonder if Foxman would be open to the 5-state solution proposal (Abdullah 2). He sounded like he could be…

  6. Jamie D. says:

    "nobody comes out against fairness"

    Foxman, Dipsowtiz and their backup group, the Retarded Pharisees, do.

  7. syvanen says:

    Here's a piece by Jonathan Cook on the infiltration of the IDF by the extreme religious nationalists and the settlers.

    link to antiwar.com

    This is one of the many reasons that the two-state solution may no longer be viable. Any two-state solution will require the IDF to forcibly remove settlers — what happens if they refuse the order?

    His article also gives some background into the incredible savagery of the Israeli forces last month — they had direct orders from God via the settler rabbis to be so.

  8. Eva Smagacz says:

    And on our side of the pond: leading UK department store John Lewis squashed the rumors that it will withdraw Israeli produced goods from its shelves.

    Instead, they explained that the survey of Israeli produced goods, and subsequent database were done in response to increasing number of inquiries from members of the public, who want to be assured that they are NOT buying Israeli produced goods.

  9. Julian says:

    "This is how Jewish supremacists operate: if given an inch, they take a mile; if given a mile, they take ten miles, if given ten miles, they take one hundred, and so fourth."

    So how big is Israel now? Is it more than a half of one percent of the Middle East? You would think with this constant grabbing of land for 60 years Israel would be bigger than New Jersey. Maybe the Jews are keeping all the land they stole hidden.

  10. Ed says:

    "Let's recap – Foxman argues against the US taking an "honest broker" approach to the conflict because it never has in the past, and says the US shouldn't get engaged because it will only lead to tensions with Israel."

    As if NOT taking an honest broker approach has worked so well. Let's recap that, Foxman: America never would have been attacked on 9/11 if we'd taken and even handed approach; we never would have gone to war in Iraq if we'd taken an even handed approach; we never would have adopted the Israel-originated, neo-totalitarian “war on terror."

    In fact, who knows in how many infinite ways America would be in a better, stronger, more moral and credible position than we currently are if only we hadn't allowed the Zionists to co-opt the government on their own behalf.

    But if Abe Foxman and his kinsmen continue to get their way, America will stick with the pro-Zionist status-quo until final collapse, at which point in time they will all fly off to some other sucker/sugar daddy, or perhaps finally make aliya with suitcases full of ill-gotten gains, laughing the entire way home.

  11. Jamie D. says:

    So how big is Israel now?

    It stretches from LA to Jerusalem.

  12. MRW says:

    Jamie D.

    About that link you gave above, the particulars for the rest of us below. In fact, "Gaza campaign is war against Amalek, says Chief Rabbi of Safed," January 16, 2009, in HaAretz, here:
    link to haaretz.com

    The commandment of killing Amalek, like all commandments, has its halachot (laws). We are not familiar with these halachot because the commadment is not active today. However, I did happen to have learned them in the context of Shaul and Amalek – so here are some relevant points:

    1) Only a prophet can give the command to wipe out an Amalek town. Unless such a command is given directly from G-d, regular rules of war apply.

    2) There's a difference of opinion, but it seems that the consensus is that even in that situation, they are given the opportunity to escape and save their children.

    3) Yes, when G-d says, kill the babies, we kill the babies. And the lambs, and kittens.

    Now that sounds horrible, but sometimes it is their babies or our babies, and frankly, as Shaul Mofaz said, let them worry about their own babies, we have to worry about ours.

    You dont have to be a prophet to give the command. You only have to be a Rabbi, because he is invoking old rabbinical law it stands.

  13. Jamie D. says:

    To MRW:

    It's yet another perfect example of the religious nutjobbery that has brought us to this place. While Jews certainly don't have the market cornered on religious wingnuts (by any stretch…Hagee, anyone?), it does appear that the average American media consumer rarely, if ever, sees examples of religious Jews and their insanity while at the same time we're given non-stop examples of Christian and Muslim moonbats.

  14. tommy says:

    The US is incapable of being an honest broker for anything, which is why the US should recuse itself from being involved in the conflict resolution between Palestine and Israel. The best way the US can accomplish removing its dishonesty from the situation is to suspend all aid to Israel immediately.

  15. Suzanne says:

    "So how big is Israel now?

    It stretches from LA to Jerusalem."

    You are owned and shackled by Jews. And that's why you can't anywhere in your life.


    BTW–I bet on 10 minutes for how long it would take for the first castrato to say that. I was about right.

    Gotta go collect my money now. ciao! :-)

  16. MRW says:

    Jamie D.

    I know. I am rereading Israel Shahak's short tome: Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of Three Thousand Years. The insanity you wrote of is mind-boggling. Catholicism in the Middle Ages wasn't any better, but at least circumstances, sunlight, and the turn of history forced the Holy See to drop most of its crap. Judaism? Not so lucky. No wonder the terrorist Brooklyn nutcase Rabbi Meir Kahane was able to take hold in Israel and infect the current Likud party. Unfortunately, Kahane left his feces here in the US with the JDL, which the FBI properly designated a terrorist org in 1985. Then there are those remnants of the Betar Youth . . .

  17. Ed says:

    From Dershowitz' Jerusalem Post column:

    "Bill Moyers holds himself out to be a moral arbiter, based in large part on his commitment to Christian principles. Cardinal Renato Martino is a prince of the Catholic church and President of the Council for Justice and Peace. Former President Jimmy Carter preaches peace, based on the teachings of Jesus. Yet when it comes to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, all three are morally blind."

    Dershowitz then goes on to instruct the world on how Christians should properly interpret their own religion: as pro-Zionist (aka Jewish supremacist), of course.

    So not only is organized Jewry ordering the American government to get behind Jewish supremacism, but it is now also instructing Christendom to do so, as well. No doubt organized Jewry has nothing but the best intentions planned for Christians, whom it is known to love so well. It really showed its love when it murdered them by the millions in the Soviet Union with its Stalinist partners during its Jewish Bolshevik incarnation.

  18. chris berel says:

    Fine, Tommy, end aid. You'll find that you just took away any incentive Israel has to compromise with the Palestinian government as run by Hamas. Don't forget, money is why Egypt has agreed to stop trying to avenge every single loss it has occurred from 1948 through 1973.

    Just remember, the 2 milliom dead Palestinians are on your head.

  19. MM says:

    Tribalism, smugness and ignorance all in one package. Suzanne's a heck of a catch.

  20. MRW says:

    Betar Beral strikes again

    Tommy! . . .Just remember, the 2 milliom dead Palestinians are on your head.

  21. MRW says:


    She's also over 60 and living in the settlements.

  22. Ed says:

    Has a there ever been an organized Jewish-perpetrated murder in history that they didn't try to blame on non-Jews?

    "Look what you made us do now!"

    Sociopathic narcissism.

  23. Andre Baz says:

    Two million dead Palestinians? Shoot about five and the rest of them will be in Indonesia within a week.

  24. Jamie D. says:

    Suzanne: "You are owned and shackled by Jews."

    You are owned and shackled by a deficiency of sarcasm.

    For the record, my family is that odd American mix of the two most annoying collectives in America – Jews and Catholics.

  25. MRW says:


    It's like dealing with your five-year-old's recess fights. "He made me do it. He made me do it." And listening to that shit from a 60-year-old man is beyond wearying.

  26. syvanen says:

    Chris just threatened to kill 2 million Arabs if the US withdrew aid for Israel. Reminds me of an argument I had with an IDF veteran in 1985 — I was arguing that the US should withdraw all aid. He, in an extremely agitated and angry state, reminded me that Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons and that they are not all aimed at Moslems.

    The crisis that brought out the best in Zionism then was Sabra and Shatila and today it is the Gaza massacre. It is interesting to watch these people decompensate. So far these people are just losers that no sensible government would allow close to power, but who knows with those crazed rabbis rising up through the ranks of the IDF.

  27. John Lewis-Dickerson says:

    Americans for Peace Now

    H. Res. 130 backs Mitchell; Ask your Rep. to sign on.

    If your Representative is already a sponsor, thank him/her. If your Representative is not a sponsor, ask him/her to co-sponsor H. Res. 130.

    APN's Action Center will automatically generate the appropriate sample letter based on the current co-sponsors of the resolution.

    Go here to edit and send your letter using APN's easy-to-use online Action Center – link to capwiz.com

  28. Ed says:

    "I was arguing that the US should withdraw all aid. He, in an extremely agitated and angry state, reminded me that Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons and that they are not all aimed at Moslems."

    It's amazing what Zionist perpetual welfare sponges will threaten when faced with an end to the free ride. And some Americans worry that Pakistani nukes (which can't be delivered anyway) will fall into the wrong hands. They should be more worried about what's going on in Israel (Netanyahu?, A. Lieberman?). Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll turn out like the desperate whack-job criminals that take themselves hostage by holding a knife to their own throats.

    LOL: "Make my day, punk."

  29. tommy says:

    Dead Palestinians are already on my head. Their blood has stained by hands for decades. It is doubtful suspending all US aid to Israel will create a greater holocaust for the Palestinians, because not only will the Israeli economy collapse, Israelis will no longer have repair parts for most of the technological weapons they use to blow up civilian apartment blocks. The reason the Israelis use so much ordnance killing Palestinian civilians is because they do not have to pay any opportunity costs for its use. When the US ends all military aid to Israel, Israel should sue for peace, which will mean returning to its only legal borders and dismantling its settlements, otherwise the US may be too impoverished to even help defend them.

    Israelis think the US will support their war of acquisition forever. They, like many Americans, have not yet realized the days of US economic dominance are waning. When Americans finally become conscious of their diminishing affluence, they will want to cut Israel off cold turkey.

  30. Suzanne says:

    "For the record, my family is that odd American mix of the two most annoying collectives in America – Jews and Catholics."

    My sarcasm deficiency is working on you nonetheless.

    My background is pretty much the same and I know all about the unique psychodrama that prompts people to defy their parents and marry outside their faith.

    I can't make sweeping generalizations but I've seen enough firsthand to make some pretty educated guesses.

  31. Suzanne says:

    BTW guys, I'm taken…so you can stop sniffing around about my gender, age, or locale.

  32. MRW says:


    Who gives a shit if someone marries "outside their faith?" This is the 21st C. Faith isn't a family matter. Unless you're going for power. Or you want a 15th C tribe. Or you need a group of clapping seals around to support you.

  33. MRW says:


    When Americans finally become conscious of their diminishing affluence, they will want to cut Israel off cold turkey.

    They already have. It was a big issue on Obama's Citizen book thing. Wait until Foreign Aid hits the transparency website. Most Americans dont know. And when they realize we give more to the Israelis every year than we were initially unwilling to LOAN to our own car companies….hell to pay.

  34. MRW says:


    GOOD POST!!!!! Sullivan is finally making sense.

  35. rabbi kook says:

    If a family is mixed, as discussed here, composed of Catholics and Jews, what is the faith the kids marry outside of to defy their parents?

  36. Hymie says:

    The jewish chairman of the US intelligence committee, Barb Boxer, OK'd the US sniper bullet in the back of the white gentile mother at Ruby Ridge.

  37. Doppler says:

    Evenhandedness: the New Anti-Semitism

  38. MM says:

    Suzanne's taken!? Noooooo!

    I guess now I'll have to wait until the Israeli hasbara ministry sends another sassy fembot our way.

  39. James says:

    Only liberals can back folks who send bombers into school buses, shopping malls, and restaurants

  40. samuelburke says:

    this is for gideon…

    ast update – 13:41 12/02/2007

    Bar-Ilan prof. defiant on blood libel book 'even if crucified'

    By Ofri Ilani, Haaretz Correspondent

    The author of a book on the use of blood by Jews in Ashkenazi communities in the Middle Ages said Sunday, in the face of the furor its publication aroused, "I will not give up my devotion to the truth and academic freedom even if the world crucifies me."

    In an interview with Haaretz from Rome, Professor Ariel Toaff said he stood behind the contention of his book, "Pasque di Sangue," just published in Italy, that there is a factual basis for some of the medieval blood libels against the Jews. However, he said he was sorry his arguments had been twisted.

    "I tried to show that the Jewish world at that time was also violent, among other things because it had been hurt by Christian violence," the Bar-Ilan history professor said. Of course I do not claim that Judaism condones murder. But within Ashkenazi Judaism there were extremist groups that could have committed such an act and justified it," he said.

    Toaff said he reached his conclusions after coming across testimony from the trial for the murder of a Christian child, Simon of Trento, in 1475, which in the past was believed to have been falsified. "I found there were statements and parts of the testimony that were not part of the Christian culture of the judges, and they could not have been invented or added by them. They were components appearing in prayers known from the [Jewish] prayer book.

    "Over many dozens of pages I proved the centrality of blood on Passover," Toaff said. "Based on many sermons, I concluded that blood was used, especially by Ashkenazi Jews, and that there was a belief in the special curative powers of children's blood. It turns out that among the remedies of Ashkenazi Jews were powders made of blood."

    if you want more just look it up…pasque di sangre

    or look up the haaretz article..

    your history is like a box of chocolates….you just never know what will turn up.

  41. Sin Nombre says:

    "Maimonides" made a very good point in his comment above regarding that Dershowitz article he linked to. In it Dershowitz takes off on a Cardinal Mardino for likening Gaza to a "concentration camp," saying that this is "blatantly anti-semitic" because of the jews who died in such Nazi camps.

    First of all of course it just confirms what alot of us have always thought of Dershowitz's vaunted if self-proclaimed intellectual acumen since the clear logic of his carefully categorical statement is that *any* parallel between Israel and Nazi Germany is per se anti-semitic, no matter how exact it may ever be. E.g., even if the Israelis were to start stamping numbered tatoos on Palestinian forearms making the Nazi analogy would be "blatantly anti-semitic."

    Even more interesting though is that the Professor apparently regards the tens of millions of non-jews who died in non-Nazi concentration camps as being unworthy of notice even. That is, Cardinal Mardino said absolutely *nothing* specifying "Nazi" concentration camps. He just referenced "concentration camp," period.

    Per Dershowitz's own standards seems to me saying that people like the millions of Christians who died in the Gulag camps are unworthy of notice is pretty damned per-se anti-Christian.

    Somehow I suspect that if some other tenured Harvard professor said something so clearly, logically, categorically and apparently anti-semitic whether Dershowitz wouldn't be arguing some Harvard rule still allowing their firing. Maybe someone should start looking up some of those Harvard rules for Alan.

  42. Ed says:

    No doubt in the mind of Alan Dershowitz and plenty of other Jewish-supremacist Zionists, a million gentiles isn't worth a Jewish finger nail. Hence in the Zionist universe, the only concentration camp victims who really count are those who are Jewish.

    Once people understand how the Jewish Zionist mind works, their actions make more sense. The mistake that all too many Americans have made is naively giving the Jewish Zionists the benefit of the doubt as the result of the Holocaust, when they would never even consider giving a gentile the benefit of the doubt even after a million anti-gentile holocausts. I believe plenty of them would happily kill every gentile on earth on not feel an iota of guilt — they're that far gone.

  43. Ana Sanchez says:

    Besides, the Nazis weren't the only ones to have used concentration camps. Before them, the Soviet Union had many more concentration camps where many more millions of people died. Dershowitz seems to think that Jews own the copyright to the words "concentration camp."

  44. John Lewis-Dickerson says:

    "By not declaring itself to be nuclear-armed, Israel also skirts a U.S. ban on funding countries that proliferate weapons of mass destruction. It can thus enjoy some $3 billion in annual military aid from Washington."

    SOURCE – link to wire.antiwar.com

  45. Suzanne says:

    Sin nombre

    Don't you think that Dershowitz's remark makes sense in the context of systematic comparison of Israel (and American Jews) to Nazi Germany by unabashed Jew haters (like those stinking up this blog)?

    Probably like myself, you are ignoring the blathering idiocy you read here. And so maybe, the impact of their hate is not real to you.

    However, I think that you should be honest and admit that most people, probably yourself included, think of Nazi Germany when you hear the term concentration camp.

    The anti-semites' whole agenda in tying Nazi Germany and Israel together is precisely because JEWS WERE TARGETED for extermination.

    Jews were number 1 on the list. Yeah, there was a number 2 and number 3, but they weren't Jews.

    If the holocaust hadn't been primarily about targeting Jews, these piss ant losers wouldn't even be making the comparison.

    All that said, Dershowitz shouldn't even bother responding to that inflammatory nonsense except to ridicule and demean anti-semites.

    Public Jewish figures, in my opinion, should start treating the buffoons as they truly are. It doesn't take much to make humiliated jackasses feel more humiliated. And thus, public humiliation is merited.

    Stand up comedy is a product of Jewish culture. I think a lot of headway could be made hitting these swine back in comedy clubs.

    And send the proceeds to Israel…haha!

  46. Chris Berel says:

    One tag team idiot after another! a regular parade! Sammy, a rowan clone, eva, and johnny. Each trying to out hate-monger the other.

    I think Sammy wins hands down. What better way to start a hate mongering fest then to bring up a good old blood libel from 1475.

    Nothing like a bunch of bullshit from 534 years ago to stir up antisemitism today.

  47. citizen says:

    Yes, Ana, and Solzinitsen's book on Jewish run concentration camps is verboten in the USA–where the 1st Amendment has been killed.

  48. MRW says:

    Nothing like a bunch of bullshit from 534 years ago to stir up antisemitism today.

    Nothing like a bunch of land-use claims from 5,000 years ago to stir up anti-Semitism as well.