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June 24 2009

7 Herzl versus Whitman

June 23 2009

19 Netanyahu thinks he’s pinned Obama on settlements

15 ‘New Republic’ writer calls two-state-solution the plan of Hitler and ‘fascist’s

15 Dersh says Iran’s conduct mean US should take ‘whatever steps necessary’ re nukes

32 Israeli activist on West Bank says, I identify with Tehran protesters trying to change their country

27 At least one settler is an influential Washington journalist

7 Plus ca change, plus c’est la nuclear nonproliferation treaty

54 my nagging question since Gaza

6 Obama vs Gelb=democracy vs covert war

22 Nightmare, or bad spy novel, or unindicted coconspirator (the Israel lobby)

19 Fear and loathing and bikini

33 Cairo was a promise

June 22 2009

98 In the ‘Times,’ Judt hints what he said baldly in ’03: 2-state solution is finished

19 first we took the falafel, then we took the humus, then we took the land, then we took the…

6 If they’re building a liberal space in Tehran, why not in Bi’lin, too?

6 Settler arson and vandalism go uninvestigated

19 ‘Fox’ coverage of Israeli beach in Central Park focuses on bikini-clad protesters

65 Loewenstein: Israel’s beach in Central Park brings frenzy and protest

48 Israel is selling off the Palestinian right of return

9 Israeli settler violence against Palestinians is routine, and unreported

12 Support the Iranian protesters even if they represent a minority

21 Obama’s game is to defeat the lobby from inside it

June 21 2009

90 How to think about Iran

72 Ordered to protect Palestinian farmers, the IDF protects Israeli settlers instead

60 Roger Cohen, in the streets

June 20 2009

51 Your lobby at work: Americans helped insert new condition, recognition of Israel as a Jewish state

38 Carter (echoing Obama): ‘A new Palestine’ will see a shared Jerusalem

25 Don’t be Google

12 Neocon Krauthammer looks for his (Islamophobic) reflection in Tehran demos

20 ‘All that will be left here is hatred’– modern Israeli prophet

47 Two months dead, surely shot by soldiers, a Palestinian boy’s body is recovered– under gunfire

June 19 2009

48 Will the Western Left side with the Iranian resistance?

40 ‘Weekly Standard’ accuses Sullivan of anti-Semitism

23 ‘Ghetto, with good ghetto talk’

15 George Mitchell briefed by– Jimmy Carter

81 The ‘special vocabulary’ of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the US media

92 Tell YouTube to stop censoring videos about Israel

18 Is Obama going wobbly on settlements?

12 Iran’s got red states and blue states

11 See how the other half lives

36 Does Obama ‘believe’ in the Nakba?

1 Sasquatch… Loch Ness monster… Unicorn…

June 18 2009

75 The green inferno: debunking Iranian election fraud skeptics

16 Save Darfur organization provides little relief to refugees

93 Is this how a regime that has conducted a free election behaves?

23 This Arab moment

June 17 2009

24 As US politics shift, even the evangelicals are starting to jump ship on Israel

15 How the sausage is made – a report from the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations

48 US support for the ‘special relationship’ will continue to decline as Israeli history and values become more widely known

158 Mohammad of Vancouver: Tehran is burning, and who is fueling the fires?

52 On a Gaza beach, they smoke the hubble-bubble and yearn for a connection to the world

16 On the eve of Lieberman visit, polls show that American and Israeli views continue to diverge

24 where’s the Jewish visionary of western integration?

June 16 2009

35 It never ends (insistence on Israel’s ‘right’ to West Bank)

28 Hoenlein says Obama parroted Muslim ‘propaganda’ (and left out the Jewish religious propaganda)

101 Jimmy Carter: ‘the citizens of Palestine are treated more like animals than like human beings’

10 If only Max Blumenthal had talked to some ‘real’ Israelis

56 Protesters aren’t about ending the Islamic Revolution, they’re about getting back to it

43 Obama’s universalist teaching about violence and dissent is portable, from Tehran to Palestine

11 Obama finds room to maneuver as Americans abandon one-sided support for Israel

7 What did Freud say about the Israel lobby? (State Department spokesman ‘jokes’ about being canned for talking about Dennis Ross)

5 Levy on Netanyahu’s ‘baby step’

8 Harry Reid distances himself from Obama’s pressure on Israel

33 Following the news from a world away, an Iranian American feels pride and hope

11 Reform Judaism brags of 30 years opposing settlements, with nothing to show for it

9 Richard Engel says Arab states care more about Iran than Palestinian freedom

8 Clinton (Bill) trivialized I/P conflict by reducing it to ‘identity politics’

June 15 2009

126 Even as the world stands with Iran, Netanyahu continues to push for war

23 Bold or just old– Netanyahu called for ‘limited Palestinian state’ 6 years ago

37 Tehran spring also comes to Washington

15 Netanyahu presented an extreme negotiating position promising nothing

13 ‘Netanyahu didn’t miss the opportunity to miss the opportunity’

53 My Gaza trip left me with a strange sympathy for the Israelis

111 Netanyahu’s tone re Palestinians was at times frightening

June 14 2009

45 An Iranian appeals for proxy IP addresses!

30 Netanyahu cited right of ‘Jewish people’ to Israel a dozen times

110 Netanyahu emphasizes Israel’s God-given right to the ‘Land of Israel’

20 ‘Traditional media have completely failed us’ (Iranians turn to brave citizen journalists)

101 Shocker: Number of Americans who say U.S. should support Israel drops from 71% to 44% in one year

43 Rabbi Saperstein, if you have nothing to say on Gaza, why should the world pay you any mind on Darfur?

5 Netanyahu’s options: head-on collision with U.S., total change, resignation

17 the contraband culture generated by the Gazan tunnels

38 Who is right?

10 Chas Freeman: How come there’s no NIE on the costs of the ‘special relationship’?

June 13 2009

61 Tehran warns, ‘There will be no velvet revolution!’

21 Chutzpah

53 The art of the martyr

40 Ackerman and Wexler flipflop on settlements

40 Roger Cohen: the new mantra is ‘humiliation’

June 12 2009

122 Please help us to monitor the comment section of this site

80 Max Blumenthal: Israelis to Obama – “Save Us From Ourselves!”

25 Breakfast in Gaza with Taghreed El-Khodary of ‘The New York Times’

48 Hey, but Americans wiped out the Indians!

June 11 2009

15 Obama’s Cairo speech offers to relegitimize Israel

13 Can Civil Disobedience Work if the Media Stays Away?

21 Gaza by the numbers

0 Member of Gaza delegation says she witnessed ‘genocide’

19 The Blumenthal video does show hate, but the response shows hope

19 Obama’s Iran man is still pictured on site calling for sanctions on Iran

June 10 2009

31 Obama administration supports equal rights for all Israeli citizens, even in a ‘Jewish state’

26 Time out for comments

82 Why Max Blumenthal’s video is important

23 Settlers seek to avenge Obama pressure by going after Palestinians

21 Israel creates its ‘buffer zone’ on Palestinian farmland in the Gaza Strip

17 Under siege, in a war zone–people still struggle to give their children the joys of childhood

102 Obama to Israel: ‘We are going to change the world. Please, don’t interfere.’

June 9 2009

24 McConnell on the multicultural alliance that is taking on the lobby, politely

39 Who’s Benjamin Yahoo?

17 RIP, the third rail

40 Rep. Donna Edwards, meet Cynthia McKinney

45 Meet Fares Akram

43 With friends like these…

4 Obama’s AIPAC promise re J’lem is looking more and more like a feint

55 The battle over what a ‘settlement freeze’ means

8 Is the Jewish-identity event a ‘side show’ or in the center ring?

28 Mearsheimer: only an alliance of American Muslims and Jews can bring about 2-state-solution

29 the great Jewish awakening (thanks to Netanyahu)

June 8 2009

60 Arab is the new black!

64 Loyalty and Democracy in Lieberman’s Israel: Interviews with Israeli Knesset members Alex Miller and Ahmad Tibi

51 Where does HuffPo stand on Obama’s effort to change the Israel/Palestine conversation?

16 Ahmadinejad loss could be bad news for AIPAC

5 Al Jazeera reports on New Profile and the Israeli conscientious objector movement

7 Overwhelmingly, Egyptians say Obama’s Cairo speech was about Israel/Palestine

6 Landmark BDS victory: Veolia pulls out of Jerusalem light rail project

39 From Hebron: ‘Heed the warning signs when children take part in racial violence and security forces look on’

June 7 2009

135 Report from Gaza: ‘We are a human experiment’

24 Steve Rosen seeks ‘serious discovery’ on AIPAC’s practices

June 6 2009

178 Joseph Dana discusses ‘Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem’ on Tampa NPR

330 Censored by the Huffington Post and Imprisoned By The Past: Why I Made ‘Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem’

115 Blumenthal’s video is a reflection of Lieberman’s Israel

June 5 2009

131 Bromwich on ‘moral equivalence’ and Obama’s Cairo speech

491 Max Blumenthal: Feeling the Hate In Jerusalem on Eve of Obama’s Cairo Address

9 Another Palestinian protester killed during nonviolent Ni’lin rally against the Wall

30 Obama’s credibility hurt during Cairo speech because of silence on the horrors of Gaza and Iraq

70 Cairo speech was pitched to American Jews

June 4 2009

15 MSNBC finally takes on Israel/Palestine

16 When it comes to Obama’s Cairo speech, what matters are actions, not fine words

1 Obama’s speech marks the beginning of a real political test

132 B+. A stirring speech by the world’s president–but nothin’ new on Israel/Palestine

16 awaiting the speech…

35 Obama, bring an end to the double narrative

8 Can I stop myself from reading Jeffrey Goldberg?

10 In ‘Foreign Policy,’ a vision of religious segregation

June 3 2009

11 Obama draws protests from Israeli settlers on eve of Cairo speech

207 Mondo Exclusive – Gambling with Conflict: How a neocon casino king from California funds the Israeli settler movement

27 Once the card up its sleeve, the Bush/Sharon letter is now being used against Israel

0 Al Jazeera reports on the ‘courtroom intifada’

34 Obama must ‘address the issue of justice for Palestinians’ in Cairo

30 Obama’s speech in Cairo won’t matter unless he actually changes US policy

9 Two reactions to the Salute to Israel Parade

9 Lieberman’s ascent has roots in over 60 years of Israeli history

June 2 2009

67 Antony Loewenstein reports on New York’s 2009 Salute to Israel march

40 Even gas comes through the tunnels

39 Our meeting with Hamas

June 1 2009

34 Loss of Palestinian dignity under occupation entails intimate family life

0 In their own words

53 It was only a matter of time – Israeli govt minister compares Obama to Pharaoh

112 ‘Stop ethnic cleansing’

37 Despite tough talk on settlements, Obama seems to be continuing flawed Bush plan when it comes to Hamas

June 30 2009

85 Report: Obama won’t bend to Israeli ‘tricks’ re settlements

142 Israel intercepts aid boat carrying medicine, building supplies and toys attempting to break the siege of Gaza

54 Would Maddow and Olbermann have ignored the march in Selma?

88 OK, I get it. The situation sucks for Palestinians. What do you propose to do about it?

8 Ezra Nawi in ‘The Nation’: As a human rights activist ‘I am considered a provocateur. I can only say that I am proud to be a provoker.’

2 (Surprise) Lobby uses Tehran crackdown to ratchet pressure on Iran

20 What Madoff reveals about the new Jewish status

29 Rep. Donna Edwards says U.S. lacks a spirited, open debate of Israel/Palestine

2 The drumbeat… in Boston Globe, novelist Messud says to be Palestinian is to be homeless

June 29 2009

45 Israel’s rapidly-changing image (‘Time Magazine’ says its treatment of Palestinian child prisoners may well be ‘torture’ under U.N. convention)

2 ‘Washington Post’– Israeli intransigence is the new meme

35 Naomi Klein talks boycott in Bil’in

55 Mainstream journalist Ashraf Khalil explains why stories about the Palestinian experience are rarely told

19 This is what occupation looks like: Bil’in invaded by Israeli soldiers

13 The Israel wobbly

6 O Times, what do you mean when you say, ‘complete settlement freeze’?

24 Barak’s bogus proposal

8 ‘Times’ story on settlements echoes Israeli government propaganda

3 Is privatizing West Bank checkpoints step 1 in an Orwellian ‘economic peace’?

40 I have a good short conversation about the situation with my mom

June 28 2009

30 ‘I think this is the most emotional event I’ve ever done’ (Naomi Klein in Ramallah)

28 breathtaking double standard

21 On the verge of sentencing, Ezra Nawi inspires even the ‘Times’

17 ‘An ethno-religious real estate pact with a partisan God justifying any actions against real or imagined enemies’ (Judt on Zionism)

7 Israel relaxes some checkpoints. But some are removed, then reinstated

19 Rabbi Rosen refuses to use his Jewishness to criticize persecution everywhere except in Palestine

23 Netanyahu knows the deal for Shalit, even if Conference of Presidents doesn’t

June 27 2009

23 Israeli army ups the violence against activists in the West Bank

11 Dozens of West Bank roadblocks removed? (Read the Hebrew)

6 good definition of paranoia

26 If settlements were ‘a colonial project’ (per Shavit) then who’s the bad guy?

24 Manhood, and humiliation, in Gaza

1 Benjamin, Finkelstein and Aboelela to speak about trip to Gaza

June 26 2009

33 Naomi Klein in Bil’in: Boycott Israel

17 When a leftleaning Israeli writer calls Obama ‘blackberry,’ maybe he shouldn’t be my intellectual leader

25 American liberals blasted Cheney for ‘enhanced interrogation.’ How will they respond to ‘painful shackling’?

14 Award-winning Palestinian journalist recounts being tortured by Israel while trying to return home

20 ‘Washington Post’ runs important piece attacking American support for colonization of West Bank

June 25 2009

39 British washed their hands of responsibility for Palestine. Will Americans grow weary too?

51 The Nakba is part of the Jewish narrative: Israelis deal with the trauma of 1948 as well

62 Meet the ‘settlers’ lawyer’ – Elliott Abrams

42 Obama, your pressure is already working. Don’t back down

82 In June, the lobby turns to LGBT issues to rebrand Israel

6 ‘JTA’ scores Israeli blindness to racism in its back yard

35 In England, Palestinian cause draws Gwyneth, Kate, other celebs

June 24 2009

41 Don’t say we didn’t know: The ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem

45 Mr. Smith goes back to Washington, and still can’t get in

58 Netanyahu’s ‘Jewish state’ demand is a sign of panic and weakness

50 Progress. ‘Times’ gives space to non-Jews to criticize special relationship

33 Al Jazeera documents the death of the two-state solution

60 Iranian ‘intifada’ is celebrated in the US, while Palestinians are still ignored

9 Is Lieberman’s plan of gerrymandering a Palestinian Arab state gaining traction in D.C.?