How they do it: Hoenlein brought Limbaugh to Israel and Mossad, many years ago

FE Felson writes:
Don't ask me how I ended up on his site at 12:45 AM, but I was just looking through a Rush Limbaugh speech from 10/07 in which he casually mentioned Malcolm Hoenlein how het set up Rush's (only, I assume) trip to Israel, back in '94. It's a very small but telling example of the lobby at work. I'm quite sure Rush talked to no Palestinians on his trip and made no effort to see Gaza or the West Bank or to learn anything about the Palestinian perspective. And I'm sure he hasn't gone to Gaza or the West Bank since. I'd be very interested to know if Hoenlein is the one who suggested the Israel trip in the first place. (He talks about going to the wedding of Hoenlein's daughter, and how everyone who's anyone was there.)


"It's the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. His name is Malcolm Hoenlein, and when I went to Israel in 1994, he arranged the trip in a four-day, whirlwind, meeting everybody that was anybody in the government, in the Mossad. I had special briefings, went up to the Golan Heights, and the Mossad. It was just unbelievable."

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  1. ILA says:

    It is better to visit Mossad, than have Mossad visit you. ” target=”_blank”>…

  2. DICKERSON3870 says:

    RE: " Hoenlein brought Limbaugh to Israel and Mossad…" MY COMMENT: Birds of a feather…

  3. Un-Natural Growth says:

    If anything, we have to credit the Zionists with getting to the power people in the US — it's not just AIPAC successfully corrupting our elected officials. Man, the way I hear Sean Hannity speak on his radio show, I'd love to hear how he got indoctrinated — as a so-called compassionate conservative, he totally disregards the humanitarian crisis in Palestine. This guy believes in Christian values?

  4. Yoni C. says:

    Lucky this guy wasn't being chased by Palestinian terrorists, his family's skulls probably would have been bashed in with the butt of their rifles. Just like your hero Samir Kuntar: ” target=”_blank”>