Ahava is on the run, in publicity fiasco

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I miss everything. Oxfam would seem to be retrenching on its severing/non-severing of its relationship with actress Kristin Davis. JTA:

Oxfam spokesman Matt Grainger said, however, that Davis and Oxfam have not cut ties but are figuring out how to handle an issue that could become a "distraction" from Oxfam’s work. The group, he said, has advocated against settlements in the past.
"We have an ongoing relationship," Grainger said. "She remains our ambassador and supporter. We’re working through the issue of Ahava together."
He added, "We wouldn’t tell her what to do."

You wouldn’t tell her what to do? Would you tell yourself what to do then? The Israel lobby and BDS meet on the gridiron. Who will win?

I just got this note from Nancy Kricorian of Code Pink, whose achievement this is (they started the Stolen Beauty campaign to boycott Ahava (Expose the ugly secrets from the Dead Sea!)):

We found out that Kristin Davis signed a two-year contract with Ahava in Sept. 2007, so we’re guessing she’s due to be released next month. My assumption is that our campaign forced Oxfam into issuing that statement to individuals last week (end of July) in which they said they were "suspending publicity"…So when asked by JTA and The Daily News Oxfam denied severing ties because they haven’t severed ties; they have only "suspended publicity" until she’s free. Amazing how news organizations will twist the facts to make up all kinds of headlines (Kristin Davis is dumped; Oxfam severs ties; etc.) But this is going to give us another publicity opportunity in the fall if she bounces up like a cork with Oxfam. They’re probably smarter than that, though. I also imagine they are going to have to organize a board meeting to figure out how to deal with this publicity fiasco. Interestly enough, Ahava U.S. has now removed the list of stores that carry the brand.

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