Tel Aviv suburb starts anti-miscegenation patrol to ‘assist young girls in the habit of mingling with men from minorities’

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Check out this illustrative news story from Mississippi, 1963 Tel Aviv, today. The great Israeli blogs Promised Land and Dimi’s Notes report that the Tel Aviv suburb of Petah Tikva has established a patrol unit to break up dates between Palestinians and Jews. Dimi Reider explains and provides a translation of a Yediot Ahronot article on the program:

But while the Zionist Agency is talking the talk, Petah Tikva municipality is walking the walk – the patrol walk. The city hall there is establishing a patrol unit to break up Arab-Jewish dates. What follows is a translation of the relevant excerpt from a local Yediot Ahronot paper. “Minority men” is a depressingly transparent euphemism for Arabs, and I tried to preserve the stale and clumsy language of the original:

Municipality will locate girls going out with men from minorities

The youth department of the Petah Tikva municipality set up today a special team to assist young girls in the habit of mingling with men from minorities | Einav Yossef-Zada, Ynet 14.09.09

A special team in the youth department of the Petah Tikva municipality will locate [Jewish – DR] girls in the habit of meeting with men from minorities and will assist them. The decision comes after a relationship was discovered between a girl from the city and minority men from Jaljulya who murdered Arik Karp last month on a Tel Aviv beach.

“The problem of minority men is well-known,” said the chief of the youth department, Moshe Spektor. “Our attempts to deal with this problem are real and sincere. The municipality is making an effort to examine the matter in cooperation with the police.”

Noam Sheizaf adds:

No city in Israel, not even Petah Tikva, has ever “dealt with the problems” of girls dating Russians or Ethiopians, even as there were numerous crimes committed by members of these ethnic groups. Yes, it’s back to the oldest allegation in the racist’s handbook: “they are taking away our girls!”

Both blogs point out that this anti-miscegenation program is just the flip side of the anti-assimilation program conducted by the Israel Agency and Masa. This is all coming from the country that we are supposed our core values with. Any questions now why the love affair is over?

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