Feeling the hate in Washington

Despairing post. Here is the militant neoconservative Israeli Caroline Glick, who left the liberal United States 20 years ago to be a leader in Israeli society, writing about a Hebrew website she helped set up earlier this year that mocks the "elite" media in Israel so as to further an extreme rightwing point of view. Glick brags: 

Latma is fully funded through generous donations from philanthropists to the Washington DC-based Center for Security Policy’s Middle East media program which I run in my capacity as the CSP’s Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs.

Now check out a skit from Latma, below. In it a buffoonish "Judge Goldstone" likens the Gaza slaughter to a situation in which a woman is harassed by two men carrying knives, and she reaches into her pocketbook for teargas to make them go away. Then he says that he didn’t want to investigate massacres in Africa, because that would involve having to confront a "giant Negro" with a machete. Racism and brutalized insensitivity– and people told us Max Blumenthal’s video Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem misrepresented Israeli society. Remember: American Jews are funding this stuff. h/t Antony Loewenstein.

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  1. potsherd says:

    Funding this stuff and deducting the contributions from their taxes.

    Revoking the tax-exempt status of these organizations would deal them a serious blow.

  2. Elliot says:

    Ignorant, too. Richard Goldstone actually did investigate Rwanda.
    link to en.wikipedia.org
    That American war crimes, do not recive the same scrutiny as Israel’s war crimes is a point well taken. But not from Israelis. We’re paying them to preach to us!?

  3. MRW says:

    This is supposed to be funny? They think they’re the Israeli SNL? At the very least, their small-mindedness could have some wit. Instead, they come off as pigs, with no humor.

  4. Sin Nombre says:

    From Ms. Glick’s website:

    “I made aliyah to Israel in 1991, two weeks after receiving my BA in Political Science from Beir Zeit on the Hudson — otherwise known as Columbia University. I joined the Israel Defense Forces that summer and served as an officer for five and a half years.”

    If it still dumbfounds me how someone can be a dual citizen of the U.S. and another country, it just gobsmacks me that someone can go and actually join the *armed forces* of another country and yet still hang on to their U.S. citizenship. (Which I’m assuming Ms. Glick has done given that she was born here and doesn’t mentioned renouncing it otherwise.)

    And then there’s the question of folks like Rahm who not only joined the IDF and, presumably, still hung onto his U.S. citizenship, but then obviously got security clearances up the butt as well.


    • yonira says:

      ha ha, you buffoon, Rahm was never in the IDF nor an Israel soldier.

      • Rahm served as a civilian on an Israeli military base during the Gulf War, while he was a US citizen.

        However, that hasn’t stopped him or others from bragging that he did serve in the IDF.

      • Chaos4700 says:

        So while you were right on the second count, yonira, you were wrong on the first. Funny how Rahmmy boy couldn’t be bothered to show true patriotism and volunteer for our army while we were in a time of war, huh. No, instead he abandoned us for Israel. I take some consolation that you might do that some day, yonira.

  5. Oscar says:

    The lack of self-introspection among the Israeli populace is shocking. What if Hamas had turned the tables, created white phosphorus weapons that abruptly killed 300 Israeli children. And then Hamas had a taxpayer-funded video mocking the situation, much as this one does. Imagine the explosive reaction.

    What if one Israeli child was killed by Hamas, rather than 300 Palestinian children?

    How do I get the Zionists hands off my tax dollars? Obama . . . can you do something . . . anything?

    • potsherd says:

      Obama? Do something??? Surely you’re kidding.

    • Cliff says:

      Exactly Oscar.

      But read anything by the yuppie Witty to see how easy it is for these fascists to whitewash Israeli crimes and to denounce any attempt to hold Israel accountable.

      It has nothing to do w/ morality or law or justice – it has to w/ their ‘ethnic’ identity and their ideology.

    • VR says:

      The sad part about it is that it actually reflects how Israeli courts run. This is because every institution is skewed when it comes to the occupation, all the way to the highest court. It is a proverbial joke, and deserves a worse skit than this one, deeply and daily.

    • yonira says:

      or you could move to Iran?

      • Chaos4700 says:

        So you’re saying that Israel’s corruption and injustice is on par with Iran’s, yonira? Really now. Maybe you’re starting to talk sense.

  6. MRW says:


    BDS. And hit the American companies that fund this, like Starbucks.

    • yonira says:

      why not just leave America?

      • Cliff says:

        Hey douchebag, you realize that your “why not just leave America” line could be use against any dissident?

        Like, people who worked in the civil rights movement. Or people who stood up to fascism in Germany.

        You are such a troglodyte piece of garbage. Zionism empowers total losers. Not just that! But Jews who were probably picked on in high school.

        This comment of yours and your smug remark about how the Palestinians are essentially inferior and not globalized (shallow, they could be doing anything but their society is constantly fragmented and progress is suppressed by a far logistically stronger force).

        Oh and BDS may not work. You said it wouldn’t in another thread. But that doesn’t mean it’s not the morally right thing to do.

        If the roles were reversed and Jews were being attacked and were the victims and not Palestinians – BDS would work because the Arab world is ruled by corrupt family dictatorship and they wouldn’t be able to oppress any status quo entity (the Juice).

        So let’s get it right – if it doesn’t work it’s not that it didn’t have the moral legs to keep going. It’s that people have been inundated w/ the most vile racist and bigoted imagery of Arabs – mostly by Jewish intellectuals and European society on a whole.

        Jewish identity is too taboo to touch in Western society.

        People feel guilt, intimidation, etc. in speaking out against ‘the Jewish State’ because of the Jewish part.

        And compounded upon all this is that it’s part of our Establishment. Too much is counting against the Palestinians.

        The intellectual cowardice and laziness of most Americans will do in any population on this planet who is not favored by the Establishment.

        And yet – you’re not going to win, Zionist.

        Because the most extreme pressure points will eventually be reached. There will be one State eventually because the Palestinians will not surrender.

        These backwards, inferior , primitive, people – certainly not ‘chosen’ and certainly not a people who have suffered like ‘the Juice’ – are going to beat you and the rest of the Jewish fascist scum out there SIMPLY by surviving.

  7. Oscar says:

    MRW, I’ve appreciated your posts lately, especially the back-n-forth with carnas (“canard?”) and nomira in the comments section of the “In a Nutshell” article.

    The thing is, I have given up Starbucks coffee after reading about Howard Schultz contributions to the IDF. He’s not feeling the pain that much with me giving up my $3.85 a day latte habit.

    We need major institutions to institute BDS not just on Israeli companies, but AMERICAN companies. I’m talking Caterpillar, Motorola, defense companies that are part of our $3 billion taxpayer windfall to our “best friends in the region” who are systematically pulling a Pac-Man on a defenseless people.

    Who else should be on that list?

    • Tall order, Oscar. This is the short list of multinational companies that subsidize their Israeli operations or donate money directly to Israel, per this website, where more info is available on each:

      AOL Time Warner
      Apax Partners & Co Ltd
      Delta Galil
      Estée Lauder
      Johnson & Johnson
      Lewis Trust Group Ltd
      Marks & Spencer
      News Corporation
      Sara Lee
      The Limited Inc
      Home Depot
      Arsenal FC

      And here’s a graphic representation of some of the major brands involved.

    • syvanen says:

      This site

      link to buyisraelgoods.org

      lists products produced in Israel available in American stores.

    • syvanen says:

      This site duplicates much of what fc just posted but is different in some respects.
      link to home.pacbell.net

    • MRW says:

      Thanks, Oscar. I think the big cos like Cat and Motorola are listed for divestment, as in ‘dont buy these stocks’.

      But I was thinking the other day of the power of a postcard to some of the companies on former coMMenter and Syvanen’s lists telling them why you’re not buying their products. I have already stopped buying from some of the cos on the list; now I have to tell them.

      Ace Hardware is another one.

    • RE: “Who else should be on that list?”

      ALSO SEE:”San Francisco Chronicle Fires Reporter For Attending Peace Protest”, by Amy Goodman and Henry Norr, 04/24/03

      (excerpt of relevant portion)…NORR: …And then there was another thing last summer I wrote in my technology column. I wrote a column about a $2 billion dollar, state of the art, high-tech factory that Intel owns in Israel. I wrote about the history of the land that that factory is on and about the Palestinian villagers that were there before. It’s a complicated story, but it happens that that land was subject to some special legal agreement. There were just two villages but the Israeli government had signed a treaty, an international agreement, protecting the rights and property of the Palestinians who lived there back in 1948 for historical reasons. And then of course, almost immediately after they signed the agreement, they proceeded to do what they did elsewhere in Palestine: chase and terrorize the local residents out of their villages. They eventually converted that area into what they call an economic-development zone.

      Many years later, in the 90s, Intel happened to choose it as the site for this state-of-the-art fancy factory. So I wrote about that kind of as a metaphor perhaps, for Israel’s so-called first-world high-tech economy and the foundations it sits on. Needless to say I actually I got a tremendous amount of support. I was amazed. Most of the email I got about the column was supportive and appreciative. But the local pro-Israeli Zionist lobby was outraged and the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco, which is kind of the cheerleader coordinator for those forces apparently, was outraged and, I found out later because nobody at the Chronicle told me, but apparently they came and demanded an immediate meeting to object to my column…

      ENTIRE “DEMOCRACY NOW!” TRANSCRIPT – link to commondreams.org

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  9. Citizen says:

    Why is it I keep reading about wonderful American Jews who go fight, or fought, or supported the IDF, for Israel, and never of any who fight, fought for or supported the US military, for the USA? Is this a patriotic litmus test in reverse? Our US Supreme Court started making this SOP, and now this is custom and law. Uncle Sam is a pussy.

  10. Les says:

    Emmigration to Israel has long offered American Jews the opportunity to act out their white racist fantasies. Don’t forget their predecessors who were dismayed upon their arrival in Israel to discover that there was such a thing as “Schwartze Jews.”

    • Elliot says:

      Absolutely. It’s called “outsourcing racism.” Just like hazardous working conditions which are outlawed in Western countries but are AOK in anywhere else on the planet where they make the stuff we buy, so goes racism.
      Not cool in our backyard; but if you want to indulge in that vice, kindly move to Israel. We’ll pick up the tab for you.

  11. RE: “he didn’t want to investigate massacres in Africa, because that would involve having to confront a “giant Negro” with a machete. Racism and brutalized insensitivity… – WEIS(S)

    MY COMMENT: Well Philip, Caroline Glick is originally from Chicago, so what did you expect?

    A RELATED FACEBOOK GROUP – Richard J. Goldstone: Integrity Personified

    Category: Common Interest – Beliefs & Causes
    Description: A group for individuals who respect and admire Justice Goldstone.
    Privacy Type: Open: All content is public.
    192 members and growing

    LINK – link to facebook.com

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  13. jdfsau says:

    When it comes to boycotts, no company deserves it more than chip maker Intel.
    I just read this weekend that Intel has 6500 employees in Israel. This is a curious bit of information because Israel is a comparatively high cost place to do business. It would have been much cheaper for Intel to do both its research and manufacturing in either China or India, where there is easily enough engineering talent and sheer brainpower to make the chips but at a far lower cost.

    Instead, Intel’s decision to locate its factory in Israel must have been based almost entirely on non-economic concerns. This means of course that Intel is subsidizing its Israeli operations at the expense of both its American stockholders and potential American employees.

    Consider the fact that these 6500 employees are employed in a country with a population of just 7.3 million,which is less than three percent of the population of the USA, and you get an idea of just how big this subsidy is. (By comparison, Intel employs 48,000 people in the USA). Next time someone is driving around Silicon Valley and comes upon any of the many ex-Intel employees there who or either unemployed or underemployed making lattes at the local Starbucks, you might stop and tell them where a sizable number of their jobs seem to have disappeared to to. Not some third world country with very low wage rates, but to Israel, a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world. I think they will be standing there with their mouths’ wide open when this bit of information finally sinks in.

    The fact that Israel is even more notorious than China for outright technology theft is another reason to question the “curious” rationale behind Intel’s decision to locate their very expensive (multi billion dollar) chip foundries there.

  14. sky7i says:

    Wow, that was crass and stupid. I was also appalled by the bigotry in some of the other ‘skits’ they’ve done. Why does YouTube/Google permit this tripe, yet somehow find Blumenthal’s straightforward and honest video offensive enough to pull down??

  15. kapok says:

    That was painful. Strictly from Lamesville. Is this Jewish Humo(u)r Today!?