Report: Viva Palestina humanitarian convoy to Gaza stopped by 2,000 Egyptian riot police

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This story is breaking right now. Similar to the recent Gaza Freedom March, the Egyptian government is not letting the Viva Palestina humanitarian convoy enter Gaza. Here is the latest from Viva Palestina:

Crisis in Egypt

Viva Palestina faced with 2,000 riot police in the port of Al-Arish!

To all friends of Palestine,

Our situation is now at a crisis point! Riot has broken out in the port of Al- Arish.

This late afternoon we were negotiating with a senior official from Cairo who left negotiations some two hours ago and did not return. Our negotiations with the official was regarding taking our aid vehicles into Gaza.

He left two hours ago and did not come back. Egyptian authorities called over 2,000 riot police who then moved towards our camp at the port.

We have now blocked the entrance to the port and we are now faced with riot police and water cannons and are determined to defend our vehicles and aid.

The Egyptian authorities have by their stubbornness and hostility towards the convoy, brought us to a crisis point.

We are now calling upon all friends of palestine to mount protests in person where possible, but by any means available to Egyptian representatives, consulates and Embassy’s and demand that the convoy are allowed a safe passage into Gaza tomorrow!

Kevin Ovenden Viva Palestina Convoy Leader

And here is a report from Press TV:

As with much breaking new, the best place for updates is twitter. Follow the #vivapalestina hashtag for the latest news.

Here’s an update from 6:21 pm Eastern Time from joti2gaza, a member of the convoy:

All quiet for now. Six arrested, lots of head wounds as cops started the rock throwing. One serious injury stretchered out.

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