Rebranding the ‘New York Times’

Qalandiya Checkpoint, the Occupied Territories, Feb. 19, photo by Anees of Jerusalem
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  1. potsherd says:

    So true!

    Great photo!

  2. Chaos4700 says:

    I couldn’t have made the point more succinctly, myself.

  3. Larry says:

    An Inconvenient Truth.

  4. Rupa Shah says:

    Congratulations to the person whose idea it was to write this on the wall and imho, deserves “The Pulitzer Prize”……… journalism at its best.

  5. Chu says:

    Effective imagery.

    Link below to one hour interview with James James Traficant talks about his 7 1/2 years sentence in prison as a result of AIPAC and the Justice Department. 7 years in the can for helping John Demjanjuk.

    MP3 is slow, but worth listening to:
    link to

    • Citizen says:

      Imagine if the average American knew about the American Rachel Corrie as they do about Anne Frank. The NYT is no better than Streicher’s rag when it comes to the I-P situation.

      • Chu says:

        The Times is as disgusting as Tom Freedman and his folksy can-do attitude.

        ~The wall should have the faces of all Israeli Prime Ministers in a large mural, just like Mount Rushmore. Not carved into a mountain, but painted on a temporary concrete barrier. Below it they could have some of their inspiring quotes, like there’s no such thing as Palestinians.
        That way Palestinians can look in awe of the great Israeli leaders while they wait at checkpoints.

        • Avi says:

          Better yet, turn the wall into a memorial, like the Vietnam war memorial. Put the names of all the Palestinians killed by Israel since 1948 until today on that wall.
          Hopefully, Israel won’t have to extend the wall as far as Damascus to accommodate all the names.

        • Oscar says:

          If so, the names would be converted in the global hasbara spin as a tribute to “suicide bombers” who want to see Israel’s demise.

        • Chu says:

          great idea. You should submit that to a design competition.

  6. Israeli architecture is so awesome! Netanyahu has a degree in architecture from M.I.T, doesn’t he?

  7. sky7i says:

    Is that Bronner’s office on the right? Is that where he brought his son on Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day?

  8. VR says:

    Did you like that message on the wall? Now you also can send a message, by sponsoring writing on the wall –


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  9. VR says:

    Apparently it is difficult sending the message here, lets try it again –


  10. VR says:

    Here is a little more information for you via video, about “sending the message” –


  11. romal says:

    You will all love this one……so someone dissect it …if you can or tell me what is not true about it…

    • Chaos4700 says:

      …You do know that the most influential Jews in Israel (and the United States for that matter) are of European descent too, as “doctor” Duke kindly put it?

  12. MRW says:

    You wanna see Israeli Ugly? Read the comments in the NYT for their Op-Ed “Mission: Impossible — Dubai” about the killing there.
    link to

    • Avi says:

      Some delusional maroon wrote:

      What universe are all of these responses from? In case no one noticed, the US and Europe and constantly killing targets from the air in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc. In those cases, being done with bombs from airplanes or drones, there are many innocent civilians dying, while here only the specific target died. A target who was responsible for murdering several Israelis and for arranging weapons to be smuggled to Israel. Why are people surprised? Why aren’t they commending Israel for going to such troubles not to hurt innocent civilians.

      For Zionists, history starts whenever it suits them. It could be last week, an hour ago, or 2000 years ago. History is elastic, you see.

      • MRW says:

        Their logic of making all world actions equal as long as it involves an enemy no matter what the context can be turned back on them. Gaza as Holocaust. Where they hurt innocent civilians constantly and with malice aforethought.

        Israel isn’t a country; it has no defined borders; it’s a stealing state. To assume it’s equal to the US, or a continent of countries like Europe, or any of the European countries, is profound arrogance. Maybe when it grows a pair, and decides to exist as a real nation and not a Bialystock gangland clone addicted to bling, and starts to support itself instead of slobbing off the US tit, it can start making arguments worthy of being commended. Right now it’s a dangerous parasite, and it’s affecting our livelihood.

        • Citizen says:

          Another distinction is that Israel is the only state in the world that claims to represent a single people across the whole world, no matter where or when any of those people are born, bred, and grow up.

    • Avi says:

      Many of the responses are nauseating. I used to be able to stomach reading such warped, delusional writings. Not anymore. My well-being is more important.

      By the way, I doubt many of the posters on there are Israeli. The names and the writing seem North American.

      • MRW says:

        Well, Avi, there are quite a few locations given as Israel, which you cant get away with lying about on the NYT: they check your ISP addresses. And a few of the more in-your-face-and-fuck-you responses date-lined Israel sound like the screeching hyperbolic emails I get from Israel, courtesy of bcc violations by friends who should know better.

        At this point, I dont care. I had the same reaction as you. Delusional doesn’t begin to describe them.

    • Avi says:


      The article that was previously there was replaced by a different one.

      The article to which I had originally linked discussed how the identities of the British living in Israel was stolen through Ben-Gurion Airport. Airport police (immigration police) xeroxed the passports of the “victims” when the passports were taken for a moment into a closed room.

      • MRW says:

        Avi, the article you link to at 7:04 AM says British ministers believe the forged U.K. passports used by the team accused of assassinating Mabhouh were secretly copied at Ben-Gurion airport, the British daily telegraph reported earlier Sunday. Maybe this is an update with a glance at previously discovered info.

        Good article. Many here thought that this was going to blow over. I dont think so. Dubai is demanding answers from England. Germany, France, and Ireland, citing national security issues and personal safety for travelers. Very clever of Dubai to force these countries to explain who these people were.

        Israel is making a lot of blunders these days; in fact, these past three years. Didn’t it learn anything from watching the destruction of our country under Bush? Or didn’t it notice? I feel like the strident right-wing Israeli voices I hear today are echoes of the shit we heard here before 2007, when it was running wild. Now, of course, I am completely disheartened by political discourse in this country. I’ve been watching the Tea Party effort to copy Obama’s Precinct Strategy in my neck of the woods, for which they are claiming success against the Republican party. The profound lack of economic common sense and emotional appeal to hot button issues like immigration and the deficit (the ignorance is profound) is truly frightening.

        • Citizen says:

          Huh. The tea party movement is a symptom of average Americans knowing something is wrong, and that something abuses them; why blame them for their ignorance when the MSM gives them so little information? It’s like blaming
          average Germans because Goebbels gave them their radio and audio programs.

        • potsherd says:

          Israel has no grasp on the way the rest of the world thinks, that for example murderers are not highly admired.

        • MRW says:

          Citizen, google for Precinct Strategy And Jim Condit Jr. from Ohio. He is the creator of a ‘movement’ that wants to copy what Obama did to win. It’s an intelligent effort and has captured the Tea Partiers in a lot of districts; however, it is not copying what made Obama’s ground-up campaign work. Obama imposed emotional discipline on his volunteers and paid workers. They couldn’t make outrageous statements about opponents; he insisted even when he was polling at 20% in 2007 that the focus stay on a strict enactment of the precinct strategy to build the foundation and momentum.