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November 30 2010

117 Let Americans’ shift on gays in the military be a lesson for Israelis

11 International day of solidarity in Gaza greeted with Israeli bullets in Beit Hanoun

22 Maybe the internet hasn’t killed Israeli PR just yet

15 Searching for the ghost of Israeli democracy

26 U.S. State Department: Israel is not a tolerant society

1 Exclusive excerpt from Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between

0 Israeli troops arrest two boys in Hebron– 10 and 15

20 MSM stirs– Wilkerson tells Olbermann Israel can’t be ‘democratic and Jewish’

35 University of Toronto caught in controversy over anti-Zionist master’s thesis

77 Is ‘Peace Now’ friending settlers?

3 One American’s awakening
Louise Ross

1 ‘WaPo’ hired Rubin because the Iraq war gang needs to hang together or hang separately

3 Carol Chomsky memorial fund will serve ‘purposely wrecked society’ of Gaza and Nakba refugees in Lebanon

3 Gulf monarchs know enough to kiss the neocon ring
Jeffrey Blankfort

4 More WikiLeaks: Netanyahu took Obama seriously, for a little while

4 Solarz ‘attended to the needs of Israel’ (but for whom?)

0 Not conspiratorial, but peevish

10 Sullivan combats anti-Semitic smear by Goldberg

November 29 2010

29 Hearing what you want to hear from Arab leaders

23 Clinton ‘tore the fabric’ herself long before we ever heard of Wikileaks
Kathleen Galt

47 WikiLeaks docs expose Egyptian complicity with Israeli war crimes (again)

1 7-year-old assaulted, 15-year-old detained and father of 3 taken from home under cover of night

234 What would you do if . . .

13 Sedek review: The concrete steps needed to implement a vision

16 Sedek review: Stuck on the right of return

34 The (old) news from wikileaks so far – The US is Israel’s greatest enabler

7 Israeli protesters to the Cape Town Opera House: ‘We believe that today Tel Aviv is a kind of ‘Sun City”

4 French firm Veolia reported to drop out of E. Jerusalem rail project under int’l pressure

18 Wait, why is a Republican in Treasury making a policy pledge to a foreign country on behalf of Obama 11 days after the 2008 election?

8 Yehoshua: ‘I as a man of the left would support drastic transfer’ (expelling Palestinians)

36 A Chanukah prayer for Palestinian justice and dignity

2 Does Anthony Weiner believe that Muhammad al-Durrah’s killing was a ‘hoax’?

November 28 2010

68 Wexler told Israelis, American people will support attack on Iran if talks are tried and fail

5 The opening of an American mind: Chalmers Johnson

88 Wikileaks ‘Embassy cables’ are now breaking…

1 Egypt’s military dictatorship holds parliamentary elections
Ali Glenesk

4 The regrets of a war-party liberal

124 Yehoshua sanitizes

11 Emily Henochowicz lost an eye? No harm, no foul

18 U.N.: ‘The family has requested a tent as they have nowhere else to live’ (US: ‘What, me worry?’)

2 25 rendered homeless in latest Israeli demolition

14 JNF embarks on NY gaywashing

November 27 2010

67 Dershowitz is unreliable narrator

16 Americans are catching a clue, I tell you

66 NPR’s Holocaust obsession

7 Halper predicts collapse of P.A. in 2011, and ‘violence, chaos,’ and hope

2 Human Rights Watch blasts light Gaza sentences, Amnesty International blasts Bedouin village removal
Shadi Fadda

November 26 2010

126 This beats turkey and pumpkin pie

0 Neverending spectacle entails night raids, mosque demolition, child arrests/beatings, and sheep dung barred as fuel
Shadi Fadda

7 Mamas, dont let your boychicks grow up to be pundits

11 ‘NYT’ warns that US support for Israel may become ‘politicized’

40 God isn’t finished with me yet

15 ‘Washington Post’ columnist describes bald racism behind Israeli security

November 25 2010

16 Israel conducts ‘wave of demolitions,’ including destruction of mosque, across West Bank

153 When hope is lawful
Sara Nasrallah

7 Is new Washington Post blogger, Jennifer Rubin, a conservative or a neoconservative?

3 ‘Rabbi outcast,’ a biography of visionary anti-Zionist Elmer Berger, is coming to bookstores soon

November 24 2010

4 Israel holds entire family in detention–including 52 year old woman

40 Brooklyn-Jenin: The boycott Is legitimate for promoting peace

21 For killing 9 on the flotilla, Israel should apologize to…. Israel!

54 The Palestinian right of return is not for the US, Israel, or Israel’s supporters, to bargain away

14 Arava Institute claims to promote peace, but remains silent on justice

28 I start profiling
Peter Voskamp

10 Extremist group appropriates J Street slogan, ‘pro-Israel, pro-peace’

2 Let us not give thanks for xenophobia sweeping the country…

40 Give thanks to the community we are building

58 NY activists confront Hebron Fund director Yossi Baumol

November 23 2010

16 The establishment sees the (day)light

50 The Israelification of America

33 Congressional request for Pollard pardon just another example of putting Israel’s interests first

103 Do liberal zionists think that international law should be ignored because Israel will never adhere to it?

11 If you wear the ‘neoconservative burqa,’ you will never see the ‘root cause of Muslim antagonism to the U.S.’

11 Ging should have sidestepped the BDS question

0 IRS asked to revoke AIPAC’s tax exemption

70 Huffpo gives platform to Israel lobbyist’s claim based on 3000-year-old artifacts

3 Undercover men grab 10-year-old boy in East Jerusalem

9 ‘We are not in Israel’: Close encounters at the entrance to the Nokdim Settlement
The volunteers of the Harvesting Peace Project

48 Haaretz gets Partition wrong

5 Israeli forces raid Bil’in in the middle of the night to arrest the child of jailed activist leader

0 2 of 4 Harvard Rhodes Scholars have Hispanic background

7 A deal on settlements: are we being played?

26 Obama’s passivity

November 22 2010

16 The Knesset has killed the two state solution

17 The calm strength of a Palestinian woman
The volunteers of the Harvesting Peace Project

32 Bronner: ‘There aren’t many other places in the world where white people with guns tell brown people what to do’

7 ‘London Review of Books’ is unsurprisingly a target of the lobby
Muhammad Idrees Ahmad

0 Israeli authorities raze Araqib village for the seventh time

26 Israel’s ashkenazi elite, not Russian immigrants, are responsible for the country’s ever increasing racism

64 Lebanon, the endgame
Norman Finkelstein

86 Put it down and walk away?! (an exchange over BDS, and Israel, between 2 Jewish lawyers)
David Samel and Kathleen Peratis

11 Possibly meaningless, chapter 2 (Miami donor)

5 Possibly meaningless, Chapter 1 (Elliott Abrams’s inheritance)

0 Ahava uses ‘crazy pants logic’ to try and beat stolen-minerals rap

5 Judge Goldstone needs to report on the U.S.

2 Les Gelb asks Why in heavens name is Obama obeisant

November 21 2010

26 Inside the bubble
Norman Finkelstein

0 Ahmed Tibi says light sentence in human shield case demonstrates lesser value of Palestinian life

0 Palestinian journalist, 38, is released after 3 years in prison, without charges

34 I am Zionism’s mandatory object. So don’t I get to define it?

17 Israel wants its stealth bomber gift in writing because Obama administration ‘is not credible’

10 Amazing that this guy worked in the White House
Jeffrey Blankfort

22 A 91-year-old shepherd, killed alongside 29 of his 30 sheep in Gaza, was called a militant by IDF

3 Adjective sends two men to the mirror
James Abourezk and Jefferson Morley

4 Rosengarten reflects on the ‘insanity’ of the response to the Jewish boat to Gaza
Lillian Rosengarten

13 Thrill is gone, ‘JPost’ editor concedes, twixt US and Israel

2 Culture of impunity

November 20 2010

3 Mock checkpoint brings the experience of Palestinian students to Columbia University

176 Unfair to Chomsky

18 ‘End Military Aid to Israel’ message reaches thousands of Chicago commuters

61 Wait– we are giving who?? 20 F-35 stealth attack jets?? for what??
Virginia Tilley

2 Check out Laila El-Haddad’s new book Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between

10 Me and my Israeli cousin

4 Saturday morning cartoons

57 Seeing the elephant in front of you

8 Noah Feldman’s cruel pragmatism

4 Lobbying the lobby

12 Why did Saban and other Jewish donors give a man charged with espionage $670,000?

9 uh-oh

November 19 2010

6 88 more Palestinian homes slated to be demolished in Silwan

24 DePaul University suspends sales of Sabra hummus; other campuses to follow?

2 The Israeli military left it to settlers to monitor Palestinian farmers during the olive harvest
The volunteers of the Harvesting Peace Project

48 Helen Thomas get standing 0 from 500 as Sam Donaldson declares her the ‘best ever’
Jefferson Morley

2 Today in Bil’in

16 Khalidi and Mearsheimer offer qualified endorsements of Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions

9 Military industrial complex replaces Oedipus complex in psyche of proud Jew

30 This guy’s right about ‘chosen people’ hocus pocus

15 Quotation of the day

2 Video disproves settler hasbara and demonstrates how the settlements expand through intimidation

1 Protest is not only important for the action it takes, but also the model it presents

November 18 2010

91 Zionism, discrimination, and racist intent

19 No goyim need apply as experts at taxpayer-funded confab on Israel

5 One by one, Americans awaken

16 What young Israeli refused to do in Palestine, she acted out on 116th St

10 NSFW (unless you work at AIPAC)

2 Israel arrests 13 activists attempting to help Palestinian farmers access their land

3 Residents react to court allowing ‘Jewish only’ building in Jaffa: ‘The result of this decision is that it is legal and legitimate to build a settlement in the heart of the Ajami neighborhood’

23 Michael Bloomberg and New York’s Muslims: a lesson in how Israel courses through Jewish-Muslim relations

5 Hasan’s dilemma

8 Protesting the Hebron Fund, I remember a long afternoon at a segregated swimming hole
Seán O’Neill

9 J Street: ‘Right wing activists and donors regularly intimidate Jewish communal institutions’ re Israel

3 ‘I am strong. We resist’: An interview in the village of Jeb al Theeb
The volunteers of the Harvesting Peace Project

4 Israel’s answer for Gaza: If they haven’t bread, let them eat gravel

3 Sabra hummus owner drops support for IDF from its English-language website

20 The Return of Ghosts: Debating the rise of Geert Wilders and the far-right at the Nexus Symposium

6 The Anti-Defamation League should own up or pack up

November 17 2010

34 Will Miral be this generation’s Exodus?

63 Q: Does Chomsky feel Jewish responsibility for Israel’s crimes?

17 Tel Aviv dance club, November 2010

65 Some animals are more equal than others

37 Website publishes list/faces of Israeli officers as ‘retribution’ for Gaza onslaught

110 If anti-semitism justifies ethnic cleansing, then what does anti-Palestinianism justify?

3 Settler convicted of kidnapping and abusing Palestinian teen

25 J Street is shunned by Reform synagogue in Newton (amid talk of ‘donors’)

12 Breaking w/ Israel has helped Turkey in competition for Asian markets

12 Perry: Obama’s obeisance to Netanyahu is ‘dangerous’ and of a piece with Dogan’s unprotested killing and Kagan emulating an Israeli justice

7 NYT: alleged ‘nexus’ of global organ trading is… Israel

2 More on imprisoned Adeeb Abu Rahma, a ‘strong character’ in the nonviolent resistance movement

November 16 2010

14 Siegman and Walt both doubtful

59 After FBI came to his door in ’04, AIPAC staffer promptly called Israeli embassy

113 Slater says Jewish state is warranted by likelihood of recurrence of anti-Semitism
Jerome Slater

31 More Shabbos goy

0 Three Silwan youths are sentenced to house arrest– in neighboring towns

21 ‘Palestine, and the livin aint easy’–Israeli boycotters strike Tel Aviv opera

11 But what if the Palestinians are the victims?

30 The handshake on the White House lawn

52 In tribute to the ‘Young, Jewish, and Proud’

2 $17m Islamophobic push during 2008 campaign is tied to shadowy figure in Israel lobby

72 Hitchens says US is ‘Shabbos goy’ to Israel, and latest deal will just further dispossess Palestinians

7 Abraham Heschel’s silence re Israel is issue in new play

November 15 2010

58 Right-wing Israel advocacy group StandWithUs attacks Jewish Voice for Peace meeting with pepper spray

112 $3 billion in fighter jets to Israel: reward or bribe?

3 US government offers Israel $1-billion-a-month weapons deal for another temporary settlement freeze

13 Two Jewish groups at Columbia U regret to inform you that they can’t hear John Ging’s news from Gaza

6 Lesson from Japan: a review of John Dower’s Cultures of War: Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, 9-11, Iraq

9 Young rabbi told Jewish Federations that young Jews are walking away from their community over Israel

26 In any rational order, Lieberman would be a doorman

14 Foxman: American Jews should shut up about Israeli policy and fall into line

40 Fayyad plan: Eat, drink, go to the toilet and shut up

1 Milbank’s progress

14 new nickname

November 14 2010

9 Israeli settlers have started building 1,649 homes in the last two months

41 Protest the Hebron Fund this Tuesday as they head out to sea

9 Talk to Rep. Brian Baird before he leaves office in conference call sponsored by Ta’anit Tzedek – Jewish Fast For Gaza

41 Supporting the Other Israel Film Festival is not ‘good news’

12 The Goldbergian principle: People who hate Jews are anti-Semites, anti-Zionists are anti-Semites, thus anti-Semites who like Israel are just fine.

9 Foxman on Fox

29 Cantor pledges Republicans will stand with Israel against Obama (btw, Cantor is Jewish, does that matter?)

7 In Israel, ‘likeminded’ people just like to live in the same neighborhood, and town too

November 13 2010

4 In 2011, Israel plans to build 3,000 new Jewish homes in Jerusalem, and hopes to build 50,000 in the next decade

69 Can a mythic figure called ‘Doctor Delegitimizer’ save Israel’s image in the eyes of young American Jews?

25 The vaunted Jewish intellectual tradition, not– Federations General Assembly featured no criticism of Israeli policy

26 ‘NYT’ says Netanyahu is trespassing in our politics

1 Good news: Leading NY Jewish org sponsors ‘The Other Israel’ film festival

8 A kid throws a stone in East Jerusalem, and a village is locked down
Yuri Pines

19 They can’t contain themselves
Peter Voskamp

25 Lincoln overcame a belief in ethnic cleansing to imagine an interracial future (Notes on my racism, part 4)

November 12 2010

16 Today in Bil’in

17 Blogger Sheizaf would rather write about cinema, but he has been called to witness a great crime

0 Israeli military invades Palestinian village after settlers attack family

56 Brooklyn church crowd goes with the idealists on BDS
Rob Buchanan

46 A perspective on the Jewish Federation General Assembly from its only Palestinian attendee

12 Two-year-old girl dies from leukemia while waiting to leave Gaza for treatment

49 In Haaretz: Young Jews tell Bibi, “Israel is delegitimizing itself”

November 11 2010

111 Video shows Israeli soldiers celebrating the demolition of houses in Gaza

36 We would not have had to interrupt Netanyahu if the world listened to Palestinian voices

5 Israeli military threatens to raid West Bank secondary school unless they end commemoration of Yasser Arafat

32 Dana: ‘I ask myself if I would have the moral clarity to behave as the Palestinians do if I were in their situation’

13 An open letter to participants in the Arava Institute’s online event “With Earth and Each Other”

6 Now On Display: Israel’s Palestinians

29 Arizona State University students protest IDF speaker

9 Would Julius and Ethel be Zionists had they lived?

17 Oedipal issues also killed the two-state solution

November 10 2010

23 U.S. Justice Department prepares for the ominous expansion of law prohibiting ‘material support’ for terrorism

15 Bil’in invaded for the fourth time in three days

51 Why I disrupted Bibi’s speech – A response to Ben Sales at New Voices

6 Thinking of Rachel Corrie during the olive harvest in the Galilee

4 Israel carried out 35 attacks against Palestinians in East Jerusalem during October

38 The Mavi Marmara is set to hit the big screen in Turkey

112 My meeting with Henry Waxman

3 NYT implies Muslims are the hostile ‘other’

29 The fight has broken out inside the Jewish family

30 You’d have to give Chris Matthews sodium pentathol to find out why we invaded Iraq

1 When will Americans get this news from Israel?

4 Gordis says Israel is ‘reviled.’ Why?

3 Why we say Israel lobby and the New York Times in the same breath

November 9 2010

58 Jewish Values vs. Israeli Policies: Why five young Jews disrupted PM Netanyahu in New Orleans

12 Memo to NYT: fix your boilerplate

5 Sisyphus in the South Hebron hills

2 Gaza’s hospitals: Bring your own medicine

59 Wait– Zionist uses choke-hold on Netanyahu protester… a woman… in the USA?

3 De Gaulle/Arafat

5 Obama, they’re laughing at you

10 Night raid in Bil’in

84 Video of activists disrupting Netanyahu at Jewish Federations General Assembly

1 Ghada Karmi’s book explains better than any the political roots of Israel’s crisis, but if you need to hear it from a Jew, read Michel Warschawski’s

2 Blueprint Negev

2 The internet broke the third rail for Walt and Mearsheimer

1 Does Noah Feldman regard Giuliani, Pawlenty and Palin as peripheral figures?

November 8 2010

152 Five young Jews disrupt Netanyahu speech with call for new Jewish identity

8 My conversation with an Israeli leftist

31 Canadian lawmakers resurrect McCarthy in hearings that say criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism
Jillian Kestler-D’Amours

6 Israeli Supreme Court approves buildings for ‘Jews only’ in Jaffa

32 ‘Zionism and peace are incompatible’ — Israeli general’s son
Miko Peled

64 Noah’s arc

5 Gaza siege keeps graduate student from attending program in the US

8 Mike Pence takes part in a venerable Washington tradition

16 Who is this cat, our secretary of defense?

73 Schumer: settlements are meaningless, only a strong Israel lobby will bring peace

1 another cool boycott video, this one from Toronto

4 Liberal Manhattan Jewish school teams up with Oral Roberts University at AIPAC

1 Chronicle of Higher Ed: Ideas can’t circulate in occupation because teachers and students can’t

6 Victim
Lillian Rosengarten

November 7 2010

6 Goosebumps video links American sacrifices in civil rights struggle to Palestinian protesters’ travails

10 Obama’s political woes elicit advice from Israel (sans the usual middlemen)

8 ‘New Yorker’ connects Elvis Costello’s use of the word ‘nigger’ 30 years ago to his recent participation in boycott of Israel

2 Court docs show that the Israeli government sold property in East Jerusalem to settlers

53 Sen. Lindsey Graham says U.S. should ‘neuter’ Iran

17 My mother gave up her seat
Saleema Gul

73 Alienated affection: Israel relationship is costing the U.S. its alliance with Turkey
Gil Maguire

24 Half of Milgram’s subjects told him to take a hike, hallelujah

1 UK Foreign Ministry official says Gaza blockade is unbearable

November 6 2010

54 Jewish Federations acknowledge Israel’s ‘paradigm shift,’ then circle the wagons

14 It’s time to dismantle the PA

6 My breakfast with Zizek

11 ‘Let us out of the box’
Scott McConnell

7 Sheldon Adelson and Lester Crown, together again

21 Upper West Side synagogue and Brooklyn Jewish Center to commemorate extremist Kahane
Alex Kane

37 An appeal to Arabic-speakers

4 The audacity of dopes
Rick Congress

0 A scene from the boycott movement, 2010

4 Jeez louise: Freiburg, Germany, demands that Nakba exhibit with Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein requires… balance

2 What do Americans need to know? What is the Palestinian side of the story?

November 5 2010

18 The reunification of my parents

11 Brooklyn-Jenin: Wars of the Jews

0 Today in Bil’in

0 13-year-old Palestinian put under 5-month house arrest for maybe throwing some stones

49 The Battle of Nahr al-Barid: Iraq Comes to Lebanon – an excerpt from Nir Rosen’s new book Aftermath: Following the Bloodshed of America’s Wars in the Muslim World

2 Second ‘Jewish Perspective on BDS’ event taking place next week

4 Defending Jean-Luc Godard

8 My mixed loyalties
Yonah Fredman

18 Former AIPAC aide calls J Street fleas and liars

25 We don’t make this up. We wish we did, but we don’t

November 4 2010

118 Burston on the Jewishness of Israel

14 Feingold was fantastic, intelligent, courageous, independent and craven

37 A tale of two ghettos

21 The real Yitzhak Rabin

15 Neocons didn’t gain traction with Jewish voters. Hmmm

5 Thank you sir, may I have another humiliation? Israel blocks Qureia’s entry to Jordan

8 ‘Israeli Occupation Awareness Week’ comes to Brandeis

10 Bill Clinton slightly tweaks Netanyahu, goes on to say very little

8 If you will it . . .

9 No loyalty to apartheid

4 I had a mighty hard time, but I’m on my way, to Canaan land; and if you don’t go, please don’t hinder me

5 ‘Albuquerque Journal’ runs column by pro-Palestinian activist calling on Jewish groups to have open debate

10 It aint over till AIPAC is skiing in Utah, and other thoughts on the lobby from Lawrence Davidson

5 Lauren Booth: Conversion to Islam has made my life less materialistic

1 Sotomayor overcame poverty, and then elitist disdain, with stubbornness and cheer

4 As a therapist would say, you’re projecting

November 3 2010

17 UK Foreign Secretary meets with Palestinian activists, when will the US follow suit?

37 BREAKING NEWS: Benjamin Netanyahu retains control of U.S. Congress

8 Is Lev Leviev out of the settlement building business?

8 There are more than just Palestinian refugees in Israel

1 More Israeli child abuse… of Palestinian children

5 ADL seeks to submarine Gaza boat fundraiser at Rutgers

114 The crisis of the liberal Zionist

23 Obama betrayed the antiwar left

16 Laurence Tribe’s elitist values

November 2 2010

14 Israeli state violence and the value of Palestinian life

3 Ten years later, Palestinian citizens of Israel are still waiting for justice

25 If a stranger spews hateful rhetoric in the woods in Maine, and no one’s there to hear him…

17 UNRWA tells the story of Palestinian refugees in the new series ‘Peace starts here’

2 B’Tselem documents cruel treatment of Palestinians arrested at night and held in windowless, cramped cells with artificial light for days

16 The new Jewish upside-down world: intellectual who calls for equal rights is likened to KKK

59 How can you tell whether an American politician is running for president (of the United States)?

4 Help send Alex Kane to Israel/Palestine

37 Rabbi Gordis once gritted his teeth over discrimination at WASPy school– and now urges Palestinians to learn that lesson

4 Corries urge: Press Obama to end sales of Caterpillar bulldozers to Israel

8 Netanyahu says Israel will be in Jordan Valley forever

16 On the Sabbath, the rabbis pushed the Shock Doctrine

8 Haaretz: US brain scientist forced to give up her books and remove her bra before boarding El Al flight

14 More on the lousy public sculpture in Israel and its colonies

8 Say it ain’t so, Sarah

November 1 2010

3 Israeli construction boom across the West Bank, while settlers rampage in Nablus and Salfit

17 How many Israeli soldiers does it take to keep an elderly Palestinian woman from harvesting her olives?

21 Haneen Zoabi: Palestinians citizens of Israel are ‘struggling for a normal state . . . which is a state for all of its citizens, [in] which the Palestinians and the Israeli Jews can have full equality.’