Reverse peristalsis moment

Palin’s going to Israel.

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  1. Looks like a job for Max.

    • occupyresist says:

      Max: “Do you know who Benjamin Netanyahu is?”
      Palin: “Why, of course! I can actually see Israel from land in Alaska!”
      Max: “Well…..I’m not sure how that works, but do you know who he is?”
      Palin: “Listen, I understood your question the first time. God, the state of journalism today…I have a communications degree!”
      Max: “OK…”
      Palin: “Benjamin Yahoo is the Leader of the Free World!”
      Max: “Umm…”
      Palin: “Jerusalem is the Undivided Capital of the State of Israel!”
      Max: “So, do you know what the Nakba is?”
      Palin: “The Nak-what?”
      Max: “The Nakba. The ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948?”
      Palin: “Oh I heard of a book by that title, by that guy Orwoll!”
      Max: “It’s Orwell…and no, that’s a different book. You know what? Forget I asked (whisper: let’s wrap this up guys. My head’s starting to spin). So, will you be visiting the occupied territories?”
      Palin: “Occupied? Oh you mean those places with all those Pale-whatchyamacallem people? I don’t think so. I mean, those KHAMAS? CHAMAS? How do you pronounce it? Well, yeah those terrorists didn’t, like, refudiate that Ground Zero Mosque, which stabbed us in the heart all throughout the Real America.”
      Max: (What the hell have I gotten myself into?).
      Palin: “And like, they all danced on 9/11, so yeah, they’re all terrorists and they deserve what they get, throwing all those rockets on poor Israeli children! I say, don’t retreat! Reload!”

      • homingpigeon says:

        What will we do when reality matches parody?

        • What will we do when reality matches parody?

          I live in Wasilla, where we’re into our 2nd generation of that. We now export our fine products elsewhere.

        • RoHa says:

          That was parody?

        • occupyresist says:


          1) sell everything, and buy a piece of land in the middle of f***ing nowhere, under a different name.
          2) buy gold, and bury it 20 feet under.
          3) buy as many books, documentaries, etc as can be carried. Also, try and get your hands on ammo. Make sure you have what you need to sustain yourself.
          4) live completely off the grid, but check the net from time to time to see if all hell broke loose, if WWIII is over, if the Rapture backfired in Hagee’s face, or if some disease took its toll on humanity….

          At least that’s the plan in theory. Just waiting on Mondoweiss to give me ‘the signal’ that everything’s about to get FUBAR. Mondo commenters are welcome….except RW, sorry, not taking any risks with my or other people’s mental well-being and sanity.

          So…. anybody know how to hunt moose?

  2. Kathleen says:

    Max will have fun with this. Sarah setting up the ccchhhing she needs for her campaign. She will be cheered in Israel and booed in the U.S.

    Listening to Clinton’s press conference today about the tax deal. Over at Huff po. That man has such a grasp of the issues, and can explain in peasant folk terms. So good. Clinton mentions that he and Hillary will be speaking at the “Brooks/Saban” dinner tonight

    Unable to link. This Clinton Press conference is well worth the listen.
    Obama-Clinton Briefing: Former President Endorses Tax Cut Deal (VIDEO)

    Phil did you read that editorial by Friedman in the New York Times the other day? Another spin by one of the Iraq warmongers that the Wikileaks release are all about bad bad bad Iran and how the Arab leaders want the U.S. to attack Iran.

    Trying to persuade the public that it is not Israel who is pushing for a confrontation with Iran but Arab leaders who want it. Bait and switch bait and switch.


    • Kathleen says:

      oops I meant “booed in the U.K.”

    • Citizen says:

      As comic host of the recent USO tour, Kathie Griffin made a joke at Sarah Palin’s expense–and was roundly and loudly booed by the troops. (Yes, the same Kathie Griffin who stated in one of her early successful stand-up acts she knew on which side her bread was buttered, that she could get away with jeering at any group–except Jews. Drew belly laughs from the audience. That show is recycled on HBO Comedy Channel every so often.)
      Seems Sarah got to the troops first, beginning with those stationed at the time in Germany.

  3. Walid says:

    You Americans can’t be envied for your choice of politicians. Seems to be getting worse and worse with each passing year.

    • RoHa says:

      At this stage, I would like to say how much better our Australian politicians are, and what fine examples of statesmanship* and public service they present.

      I’d like to.



  4. Citizen says:

    You mean her two zionist handlers? They’ve come a long way since her VP candidate days. Imagine the insider jokes between them over the holidays.
    On the economy side, she copies Paul Ryan’s Roadmap. Wonder who wrote her Op-ed in the WSJ?

    • Citizen says:

      Sarah firmly believes we are in the End Times foreshadowed in 1948 by the birth of the state of Israel. She actully thinks she is carrying out God’s Will, same as
      her Israeli brethren. You can’t make this up: link to

      Rapture me up, Scottie.

    • Rebecca A. Mansour is editor-in-chief. Mansour is Lebanese-American. Back in 2009, in the month before Palin quit, I had a couple of long conversations with Rebecca. She’s a fascinating woman with no love for the Israelis, but a keen appreciation of how important Palin’s stances on issues concerning Israel are to Palin’s evangelical base, and to many PACs. The head of AIPAC in Alaska, David Gottstein, though a Democrat, has long been an ardent Palin supporter.

      Palin writes virtually none of her articles or facebook posts, and those few she does pen are then heavily edited to retain what her supporters regard as folksy charm. The middle-of-the-night tweets are another matter. Some, dating back to June 2009, have shown severe stress, on the verge of mental instability or late night drug abuse.

      For a recent article that gives examples of her real writing style I recommend this one:

      TIME journalist wins prize for being the most naive journalist ever – Also: Meet Sarah Palin, the “writer”

  5. Taxi says:

    Please let’s not discuss HER on Mondo.

    She ain’t ever gonna be president of the United States of America – she ain’t interested in the job, she just wants publicity-money money money money money!

    And she knows this.

    • Citizen says:

      Really? You sure? Support for her is growing amongst educated Jews in the USA–of course you know the reason. Her Ignorance is getting a make-over worthy of Tyra’s show–and the one Reagan got to kiss off that pro-Palestinian rights Carter is past precedent: link to

      • Potsherd2 says:

        In which case, Jews in the USA need a better education that teaches them to spot a phoney.

      • Antidote says:

        I honestly don’t think Palin can ultimately win a presidential election, although she may come close with proper GOP marketing and campaigning. She scares the hell out of sane or even half-sane Americans, and not only Americans, of course. No matter how weak or disappointing Obama may look to them at this point or over the next 2 yrs, nobody will question his intelligence and rationality, and prefer his infinitely cooler and classier style of delivery.

        The God and evangelical business is not in-your-face with Harper, and can’t be in the Canadian political and religious landscape. You can’t get around Quebec, where Catholics are still going strong. But many in Canada wonder what hides beneath Harper’s sober and pragmatic facade — and his obsession with Israel: Is it the Rapture? Different as their style and personalities may be, Harper and Palin may be on the same apocalyptic pages:

        link to

        Oh no! Look what comes up if you mix up the letters of their names:


      • Taxi says:

        It ain’t gonna happen, Citizen. The fiscal Republicans won’t allow it. They know she can’t do the job and they also know she’s incapable of uniting enough ‘undecided’ voters – she’s too controversial and hated by undecided men AND women, unlike the inoffensive charming Reagan (mannerism wise). Despite her high public profile, she simply is not capable of bringing in ENOUGH new voters – her maths doesn’t add up: she preaches ONLY to her own and to the converted. Behind closed doors, the old boys are still mad at her for being amateur and indulgent and going ‘rogue’ on them during the last leg of the election. They’re also still mad at Mcain for making the ‘rogue’ decision of picking her as running mate at the twelfth hour, plucking her out of her provincial obscurity and unleashing her anti-intellectual campaign against the whole of intellectual America, not just the republican elites.

        But Republicans being what they are, however, do use Palin like a mud ball to fling out at the democrats’ feet to slow down their stride.

        And your “educated Jews” use her to ‘educate’ know-nothing Americans about islam and terrorism – very useful for the “educated Jews” to sew the seeds of discord between the American people and anything and everything muslim and Arab.

        In other words, she’s just a tool: in every sense of the word :-)

        I know she sells headlines, but so did Paris Hilton.

        Hey waida minute! See what you got me doing, Citizen: you got me discussing HER! No! No! No! No! I won’t do it! Even though we’ve been cyber-friends for a while, Citizen – I categorically won’t do it!

        …. Unless a feverish inspiration takes a-holda me, of course… sometime in 2012.

  6. lobewyper says:

    Anybody still think she won’t seriously contend for the 2010 Republican nomination?

  7. Definition of PERISTALSIS
    : successive waves of involuntary contraction passing along the walls of a hollow muscular structure (as the esophagus or intestine) and forcing the contents onward
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  8. homingpigeon says:

    Can we imagine her with her finger on the nuclear button? Is it not enough that she is a threat to moose?

  9. Koshiro says:

    Maybe that problem will solve itself and she’ll go to Iran instead. They sound very similar.