Now Jennifer Rubin says that ‘J Street’ is anti-Semitic

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This is embarrassing. The Washington Post makes itself a platform for the disgusting assertion that J Street is an Israel-bashing group, and worse. Is The Washington Post for the endless illegal colonization? Is it a branch of the Israel lobby. Evidently. Jennifer Rubin’s column today. Note that Hannah Rosenthal is the head of the anti-anti-Semitism desk at the State Department.

First, J Street escorted Richard Goldstone around Capitol Hill, and now the Israel-bashing group puts out this: “J Street is speaking out against the Knesset’s approval of a commission of inquiry into Israeli human rights and civil society non-governmental organizations. We are deeply troubled by the increasing strands of racism, authoritarianism and McCarthyism emerging throughout Israel’s politics and society.” Why, that sounds like the demonization, delegitimization and double standards that Hannah Rosenthal would deplore.

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