Sanchez’s PR man said Palestinians have no claim to Jerusalem

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The other day this site mentioned Rick Sanchez’s kowtowing to the lobby in the aftermath of his on-air blow-up on CNN that sent him packing in October 2010. Sanchez hired a new PR guy by the name of Ronn Torossian, who, and here the original piece cited his Wikipedia entry, “is a big (right wing) Israel supporter who has handled Girls Gone Wild,” as well as various other far right-wing Israeli organizations.  

There’s more to the story.
Torossian, as spotlighted by a great article published in Haaretz in August of 2009, is also the main PR guy behind the contrived messaging that accompanies all Birthright Israel trips.  Interestingly, the article mentions that many Jews, when they found out Torossian was behind the Birthright Israel messaging machine, became deeply disturbed and there was actually an uproar.  

The article also mentions that Torossian founded an organization called “Yerushalayim Shelanu,” which in English means “Our Jerusalem.”  This organization works to push Arab Israelis out of Jerusalem, or, in other words, actively works to ethnically cleanse Jerusalem.  Indeed, in an April 2004 article published in The Forward, he had this to say: “The PLO or P.A., or whatever the gangsters call themselves today, have no place in Jerusalem. I feel the need to speak truth to power.” 
Even Jeffrey Goldberg, a former IDF prison guard and thus, no lefty, had this to say of Torossian in a blog he wrote in Oct. 2008: “It’s said of Ronn Torossian that he represents ‘right-wing’ Israeli politicians, but this description does not do his clients justice. ‘Right-wing’ is Bibi Netanyahu. Torossian represents the lunatic fringe…[A]t various points in his career, has more or less advocated the ethnic cleansing of Israel of its Arab citizens”
It’s worth mentioning that this issue has also been written about by Adam Horowitz here, but I thought a reminder was in order.  
The moral of the story?  As Israel becomes increasingly and terrifyingly right-wing with each passing day, it is naturally teaming up with those who represent this ideology to help them with “message control” to prevent “delegitimization” of Israel.  While this occurs, the Netanyahu-led Israeli government’s actions, with the complicity of the United States, are actually the sole cause of Israel’s delegitimization. The great Gideon Levy points this out astutely in his column today.  
The real key then, is educating the “great ambivalent middle” of (predominately) young American Jews, who are mostly liberals, whom John Mearsheimer referred to in his April 2010 “The Future of Palestine: Righteous Jews vs. the New Afrikaners” speech at the Palestine Center.  It must be made known that Israel has moved so far to the right in the past few decades that it naturally aligns with Torossian and many others of his ilk. Birthright trips, for certain, won’t tell them that.  
Mearsheimer correctly stated, “The critical question, however, is: what will happen to those Jews who comprise the great ambivalent middle once it is clear to them that Israel is a full-fledged apartheid state and that facts on the ground have made a two state solution impossible? Will they side with the new Afrikaners and defend apartheid Israel, or will they ally with the righteous Jews and call for making Greater Israel a true democracy? Or will they sit silently on the sidelines? I believe that most of the Jews in the great ambivalent middle will not defend apartheid Israel but will either keep quiet or side with the righteous Jews against the new Afrikaners, who will become increasingly marginalized over time. And once that happens, the lobby will be unable to provide cover for Israel’s racist policies toward the Palestinians in the way it has in the past.”
Men like Torrosian must be exposed.  The lobby’s legitimacy (but not yet its sway), slowly but surely, is being chipped away at.

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  1. Taxi
    January 6, 2011, 11:02 pm

    Why the heck does he spell his name with two ens?!!

    I really wanna know cuz there ain’t anything else even remotely interesting about this wound up hasbara robot.

    Besides, last time I commented on him I was censored by Phil & Co – might have had something to do with my mentioning loins and what kinda PR college Ron’n’ graduated from in the same sentence.

    • Chaos4700
      January 6, 2011, 11:11 pm

      Not much can be done about that last point you bring up, Taxi. Reminded of Huffington Post? I am.

      • Taxi
        January 7, 2011, 12:35 am

        Admittedly, chaos, I knew my censored turn-of-phrase might appall a prude or two but I thought I’d be flash and give it a shoe-shine shot anyhooz.

        I know they’ve tightened their mud-belts around here some and yeah it did give me a furious flashback or two to the HP days at the time, but I figured at least on Mondo you don’t get nowhere near as many muzzle-tasers dealt you (and the kids on this block are a lot smarter you gotta admit). The poetic trick here is to figure out ways to bend and weld your words USING the moderator’s restrictions. It’s like my triathlon friend says to me: There ain’t a wall in the world I can’t climb over – if I really wanna.

        As to Rich ‘n Ronn, well what more can I say but this:
        Hey Phil, this relentless, daily parade of new zionist grotesques is really quiet the ‘alternative’ spectacle. I look forward to (not really) the next several hundred thousand who will be named and shamed on this site.

        But be mindful: you do know that ‘they’ too have YOU in their sights, right Phil?

        Probably have files and ‘profile analysis’ meetings on every single blogger here allegedly ‘promoting’ the ‘de-legitimization’ of israel.

        Food for thought, n’est pas Mondoweissiennes?

  2. kalithea
    January 6, 2011, 11:29 pm

    This Torrosian is a real piece of work. He’s going to take Sanchez’ money and laugh all the way to the bank after he makes Sanchez crawl around and grovel for mercy from the Jewish community and then kicks him to the curb when he’s through with him. Sanchez should take a cue from Helen Thomas and come back swinging, although, given Thomas’s age she can afford not to have to grovel.

    As for this Torrosian character, nothing that some tar and a few feathers can’t fix.

  3. seafoid
    January 7, 2011, 5:08 am

    I remember back in 2003 on a trip to the West Bank seeing the components for the wall around Ar Ram checkpoint, between East Jerusalem and Ramallah. And on the base of one of the massive concrete structures which were laid side by side on the ground, a very enterprising Palestinian has spray painted in arabic the phrase “al quds lina” which means “East Jerusalem is ours”. And that said so much. Sure you can have your wall but this is our place too .

    Jerusalem for the Zionists is a zero sum game. Stupid. The holy city has been debased.

  4. Leper Colonialist
    January 7, 2011, 8:06 am

    Ronn Torossian, LMAO. A flack for a purveyor of low-rent, soft-core nonsensical psuedo-porn? Which was already trite and exhausted years before the first release. Is Joe Francis secretly a Likudist?

    That being so, when can we expect to see releases like “Gush Gone Wild,” “Bibi Blasts Beirut [and Amman, and Damascus, and Ridyah, and…,” or “MOSSAD Mommas,” or “Tzipi Over Tehran”?

    Torossian? Any relation to Yossarian from Catch-22?

    Oh, BTW, please note that you can’t spell “Torossian” without “SS.” That might unhinge him if it’s repeated often enough. If we get really lucky, and the gods are kind, we might provoke a public meltdown which can be captured for perpetuity if posted on YouTube.

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