4 Republican congresspeople ‘pledge’ to hold West Bank

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According to a rightwing Israeli news site, settler lobbyist David Ha’Ivri met with four Republican congresspeople and got them to “pledge” to support settlements in the West Bank (language is vague). The congresspeople include Nan Hayworth (I live in her district), Michael Grimm (he took a district in Staten Island/Brooklyn in the last election, and raised rightwing Jewish money to do so and has taken hardline positions on Israel), Allen West of Florida (who knocked off progressive-on-everything-but-Palestine Alan Grayson) and Pete Sessions of Texas. 

The trend reinforces the point that Republicans are drawing the line on the West Bank, they regard it as Israel.  And they surely have a financial interest in doing so.

Drawing the line on the Democratic side, Jeffrey Goldberg says this Republican trend is dangerous to Israel, because it must remain a Jewish-majority country. And he does the usual pinkwashing. He brags on Israel’s gay-pride parade and says Michelle Bachmann, who also supports the settlements, would be upset by that.

As if these American stances mean anything. Nothing will change…Especially because Goldberg says the left holds Israel “to an impossible standard of moral and political behavior.” Oh please.

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