I watch as Jewish settlements engulf East Jerusalem

I went strolling through occupied East Jerusalem around our neighboring settlement, Pisgat Zee’v, the other day…

The Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina is now surrounded by settlement construction. Neve Yaakov on the north now meets Pisgat Ze’ev on the east.


You can see the area of construction in this Google map:


And here is Beit Hanina:


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  1. pabelmont says:

    Urban sprawl is bad enough when people do it “to” themselves. As a method of oppression, it is awful.

    If Palestine were in Palestinian hands, I imagine there would be an even greater tendency to build new housing (to accommodate real return), but one would hope for better taste than Israel’s hill-top-removal system has usually shown.

  2. The boa strategy. Slow strangulation.

    • seafoid says:

      The boa will be constricted by the neighbours.
      Israel is a colonial fantasy that should have killed all the natives but it was 1948 and it was too late to do so and now the natives are on the way back.

  3. Kathleen says:

    And NPR’s Diane Rehm show as well as other MSM outlets will not touch this story and illegal activity. Not even a whisper

  4. Mndwss says:

    The world needs a real woman/man in the white compound to stop this madness.

    Not just a scared black mouse that can speak English.

    Someone with balls, spine and guts.

    Someone that can say stop your criminal actions. Instead of someone who is ‘a little concerned’ and keeps funding the criminals.

    It is terrifying that the next “leader of the free world” can be someone like Rick Perry…

  5. seafoid says:

    It all reminds me of the runup to the financial crisis.
    The US banks were regulated in a way that cramped their style so in order to grow they set up off balance sheet special purpose vehicles that didn’t appear on their accounts, that weren’t regulated and grew faster. In the same way the Palestinians are off balance sheet to Israel. they aren’t counted and they aren’t seen. Then along comes the crisis.

    In the case of the banks the special purpose vehicles suddenly had to be brought on balance sheet. Citibank almost collapsed and had to be bailed out.

    In September the world will recognise the Palestinians. What will Israel do and who will bail it out?

  6. Bumblebye says:

    And Harriet Sherwood makes it crystal clear what an absolute balls-up the Jerusalem Light Railway is!
    link to guardian.co.uk

    • richb says:

      This article has been amended to correct language inconsistent with Guardian editorial guidelines

      What’s that all about? In April I saw the stopped trains with the plastic-covered seats. It’s still not running?

      • Bumblebye says:

        I really don’t know, it wasn’t there when I linked. It must’ve had a complaint from some ziobot, the article’s lost a little of the gleefulness!

  7. POA says:

    Gee, maybe they need a good finish carpenter.

    That’d be one way I could get my tax money back that they’ve pissed away to Israel . ‘Cause its obvious these scumbags in DC, kissing Israeli ass, aren’t gonna give me a refund.

    I know we were promised there would be no taxation without representation here. But who the hell in DC promised the Israelis representation without taxation???

    • CigarGod says:

      Shortest distance between what you want and getting it:

      1. Going through legal process.
      2. Using the good old boy network.

      Pick one.