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October 31 2011

226 UNESCO votes to admit Palestine as a full member

75 How’s that for turnaround time? — US cuts off funding for UNESCO

48 If Sen. Ron Wyden wants to end arms sales to Bahrain for ‘violently suppressing peaceful civil dissent’, why not Israel?

11 Avigdor Lieberman’s PowerPoint for Diplomatic Success™

58 Netanyahu needs a history tutor — Can UNESCO experts help?

5 New report says Israeli home demolitions in East Jerusalem violate international law, may constitute a war crime
Zach Resnick

12 Ethical Oil?: The Canadian oil industry and the Israel connection

October 30 2011

12 Huwaida Arraf: ‘They have lies to spin; we have truths to tell’

145 A weekend of violence in Gaza

87 Lessons from the Other Occupiers: A critical engagement of #Occupy and J14

54 West’s 1% salivates over spoils of the Libyan 99%

October 29 2011

17 Refusing to die in silence: Palestinians resist settler violence during the olive harvest
Ben Lorber

27 The Israeli army shot at me and 3 Palestinian kids in Gaza today
Radhika S.

9 Israel to extend Ahmad Saadat’s solitary confinement, breaking agreement with Palestinian prisoners

8 Israel threatens to demolish passage to Al-Aqsa Mosque

67 2 reports say Israel may be preparing Iran attack

17 Where occupy and tea overlap

50 Romney promises to abdicate American foreign policy towards Israel . . . to Israel

October 28 2011

34 Tahrir tells Oakland– ‘Don’t afraid, go ahead’

40 Oktoberfest in Palestine

14 ‘NYT”s Gordon (who gave us Saddam’s ‘mushroom cloud’) relies on Israeli expert to interpret Saddam

57 Racism toward Arabs is what unifies the Zionist right, says JJ Goldberg, liberal Zionist

27 Palestine’s UNESCO bid to come up Monday (amid Simon Wiesenthal Center hypocrisy)

50 4-year-old Palestinian girl is rendered quadriplegic by Israeli military training in occupied West Bank

12 Palestine in Oakland– Scott Olsen and Tristan Anderson

18 Arab Spring at 9 months — Helena Cobban

120 ‘A historic forum:’ Sylvia Schwarz tells Minneapolis gathering that privileging Jews is racism
Sylvia Schwarz

14 Boston Zionists fail to excommunicate Vilkomerson and her call for ‘equality, respect’ and boycott

23 Romney’s adviser on Middle East has had a career boosted by Israel lobby

88 Reform Jews’ biennial will feature ultra-right, Sharansky and Kristol

October 27 2011

28 Occupy Oakland calls for general strike on November 2nd after police fracture Iraq War veteran’s skull

28 Grapel deal includes US F-16 sale to Egypt & Jordan’s King Abdullah reminds us he’s Israel’s only friend in region

47 The pro-Israel lobby courts influential African-Americans

18 US handwringing plea to Israel: building settlement units will only help Palestinian statehood bid

43 The lobby rescues its old warhorse from glue factory: Israel is a strategic asset

26 Strike Three? Bronner is violating the Times’ ethics code — again

97 Minneapolis panel pitting Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews gets no media attention
Sylvia Schwarz

147 Leading progressive magazine gives Palestinian solidarity the Swastika stamp

26 Lacking ‘legitimacy’ in its neighborhood, Israel is imploding — Sullivan

76 Breakthrough: ‘Ynet’ honestly seeks answer to question, How did American Jews get so rich?

October 26 2011

34 Bronner lets his hair down– will appear w/ Perle and Bolton on Iran-scare panel hosted by Islamophobic shop

13 Soviet-style ‘Foreign Affairs’ stages ‘debate’ on Israel between ’2 senior Israeli officials’ and ‘liberal American Zionist’

140 J Street presses division inside Jewish community, blaming neocons for leading ‘charge to war in Iraq’

35 Palestine in Oakland

48 Jennifer Rubin’s fast track to intolerance

161 Why Palestinian rights are not front and center for OWS meta-brand

28 Why did Steve Jobs not want to meet his Arab-American father?

October 25 2011

61 Testimony of an Israeli activist who was robbed and beaten by settlers while attempting to assist the olive harvest

16 Comrades in Cairo send solidarity, and advice, to Occupy Wall Street

22 Israeli effort to remove Bedouins from East Jerusalem is part of the plan to make two states impossible
Zach Resnick

42 Israeli police target Sheikh Jarrah store for hanging posters of Erdogan

3 DAM is touring the US – and needs your help to finish their 2nd album

10 Hamas achieves something the peace process could never deliver

13 Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin promotes a call for Palestinian genocide– Blumenthal

24 Bad Elliott

57 David Brooks propagandizes for Netanyahu– he has no partner for peace

36 Occupy Wall Street movement is making room for Palestinian issue
Ben Lorber

2 Human rights groups, architects, and planners study implementation of the right of return

10 The writing on the wall

27 Gelb’s 2007 analysis of Middle East policy proved dead wrong (on settlements, Palestinian state, neocons, Arab dictators)

37 Funded by Israel lobby, insider Werritty seems to have pushed Brits to allow Israeli arms sales

18 Psst– see Palestinian prisoners as human beings, worthy of the same sympathy as non-Palestinian prisoners

October 24 2011

110 ‘J Street’ urges Israel lobby group to sever ties with Elliott Abrams’s wife Rachel for ‘unhinged hate speech’ against Palestinians

8 Off the coast of Gaza
Radhika Sainath

48 World condemns Israel’s Jerusalem landgrab, while US says it is ‘within the frame of our policy concern’

26 ‘NYT’ features Amy Goodman and her antiwar record

52 The Global War on Halloween (fake head not included)

15 Israeli military and settlers interrupt olive harvest celebration in Hebron
Badia Dwaik

12 For neoconservatives, Israel is a foreign and domestic issue

2 The conditional freedom of Palestinian prisoners deported to Gaza

37 My wife forswears the groovy iPad forever

3 The unbearable absence of being: Palestinians and statehood
Idil Issa

29 The US has a ‘perfect record of abysmal failure’ with the peace process — it’s time for new leadership

18 Abunimah on why negotiations between Israel and Palestinian groups are unfair

18 Nationalism reduced religious tolerance in Middle East

2 Tahrir Square meets Occupy Wall Street

October 23 2011

73 As settlers disrupt olive harvest, Israeli officer declares: ‘I am the law, I am God.’
International Solidarity Movement, West Bank

95 Americans who support Palestinian cause must be willing to lose friends

15 What’s good for Gaza was not good enough for Shalit

October 22 2011

44 In anxious/nostalgic interview of Amos Oz, NPR’s Rob’t Siegel says Shalit was held ‘hostage’

90 Struggling for water in Gaza
Leila al-Najar and Ishraq Othman

21 The Real ‘Theater of the Absurd’: Netanyahu, Givat HaMatos and his endgame in Palestine
Ramzy Baroud

October 21 2011

11 As the two-state solution dies, what comes next?

207 Dying of schmaltz

16 Egyptian revolutionary cartoons (part 1)

116 ‘Neocon’ is suddenly a bad career move (and Rachel Abrams ain’t helping the Elliott Abrams brand)

57 Even Fayyad forecasts struggle for equal voting rights in I/P

94 Props for the amazing political space OWS created (but who is talking about Palestine?)

24 AJC and ADL urge Jewish community not to bicker, so that US politicians don’t waver in support for ‘the Jewish State’

October 20 2011

99 Muammar Gaddafi captured and killed in Sirte

66 Gary Ackerman blasts NYU divestment campaign, NYU students and faculty blast back

19 Connect the dots: In ’02, NYPD began training in Israel; 9 years later, spying against NYC Muslims exposed

19 ‘Atlantic’ expose on Rick Perry’s affinity for Israel ignores the H2Occupation of Palestine
Nima Shirazi

82 Palestinian citizens of Israel are second class citizens, even in the Prague airport
Ruth Bronstein

72 Pro-Israel donors are at the heart of Defence Ministry scandal in Britain

51 Feingold says Palestinian Authority doesn’t acknowledge Israel’s right to exist

11 ‘New York Times’ claims that ‘Fatah runs the West Bank’

67 Rachel Abrams says Palestinian children are ‘devils’ spawn’– while Israeli children play with Transformers and draw your heart strings

10 Homeland security and ‘control of the sidewalks’

7 Quotation of the day

1 UN: Israel cuts access to 85% of Gaza fishing waters

October 19 2011

44 A mother’s story: Om Fares
Shahd Abusalama

48 More creeping halacha

13 UNICEF pressures Israel on child detainees

44 Endangered Palestinian village gets int’l media attention– except from the U.S.

26 Netanyahu cuts his deals with Hamas, not Fatah, and here’s why

40 Blindered Blitzer likens Hamas to Al Qaeda… typical

203 Finkelstein thinks shift in young Jewish opinion means there will be 2 (viable) states. Mearsheimer doesn’t

10 ‘Occupy Boston’ takes on the the occupation of Palestine

19 Will ‘Occupy Wall Street’ give Jon Stewart political identity crisis?

October 18 2011

132 The US media reports: Gilad Shalit swapped for 1000 non-people (per Blumenthal)

94 ‘Washington Post’ headline: US must reevaluate aid to Israel

214 Release

64 Touring Palestine, you see… Jewish symbols everywhere

15 Ordinary citizens, making a difference

9 Those crazy Syrians

4 ‘Economist’ debate on peace process features… 2 Israelis

29 Feel the earth move– ‘The Forward’ proffers This-is-one-country idea to its readers

October 17 2011

19 Israeli High Court allows prisoner swap to go ahead; prisoners hunger strike suspended

25 Rep. Steve Israel’s anti-Israel, anti-Semitic record on Occupy Wall Street (which must be news to him)

13 The joyful theater of Tahrir

8 Now Israel is stealing Palestinian…. waste

15 Terrific young Israeli journalists are indispensable

21 Salama’s wife clings to fading hope
Shahd Abusalama

17 Erdogan dis’d Obama to his face– US is Israel’s ‘lawyer’

11 Rosengarten in Gaza: I was far more afraid of Israel than of Hamas

October 16 2011

47 Zuckerman turned on Obama over Israel. ‘WSJ’ refuses to say so

53 Is Occupy Wall Street anti-Semitic?

7 Palestinian activist serves 9-month Israeli ‘exile’ from his family, returns home to occupied E Jerusalem

78 Bill Kristol: ‘We need to hear’ that Obama has gone to war on Iran

21 Oren rationalizes Israel’s isolation (then rants about Abbas denying 4000 years of Jewish homeland)

12 Lionization of Edw Said at Boston Palestine Festival signals new moment of American Palestinian recognition

1 Mohammad Bouazizi is the reason why Occupy Wall Street is happening

October 15 2011

15 Catch the spirit– how Wall Street occupiers averted eviction

74 Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it, strike a pose, there’s nothing to it

1 The latest on the prisoner release

15 A Palestinian mayor explains how Israeli army starves his village of water

October 14 2011

85 Fat lady sings — Israel announces new E J’lem neighborhod called Givat Hamatos

29 ‘Commentary’ smear of Occupy Wall St. doesn’t bother to get basic facts right

20 In prisoner deal, Palestinian and Israeli right wings are working together– politically
Scott Roth

90 Neocon orgs seek to paint Wall St protests as anti-semitic

280 Boycott update: Champion fencer Sara Besbes stands down rather than plays Israeli

35 Occupy Wall Street not Palestine!
Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee

14 Barney Frank needs to answer the aid-to-Israel question

17 Iran hysteria: Senator Mark Kirk says ‘It’s Okay to take food from the mouths of’ innocent Iranians

1 Teachers (and students) in Hebron give lessons at Checkpoint 56

October 13 2011

174 Americans believe red herring– Iran is Enemy #1. Why?

59 Do we really need another ‘Gandhi’?

52 A mixture of feelings as prisoners near freedom
Shahd Abusalama

31 Burg, former Knesset speaker, endorses idea of one state from river to sea

11 ‘New York Review’ publishes Patricia Storace deconstructing David Grossman’s blindness

12 What do Jewish settlements look like?

6 Only 7 Republican congresspeople to visit Israel this month

9 Lupe Fiasco, member of the human race, takes his stand on Palestine

30 The social fabric

October 12 2011

41 ‘There’s a huge amount of anger’

4 UN: Israel ‘becoming more efficient in their demolitions, displacing ever growing numbers of Palestinians’

15 Lupe Fiasco performs with a Palestinian flag and Occupy Wall Street shirt at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards

5 Supporters around the world are fasting today in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike

18 No problem– Obama’s State Dep’t spokesperson is married to Romney’s neocon foreign policy adviser

5 Alex Odeh’s murder, 26 years ago, was an early sign of Southern California’s treatment of Palestinian dissent

16 Israeli embassy tried to get alarmist Iran question into 2008 presidential debate, then coordinated Gaza onslaught’s end with Team Obama

51 Fragile Egypt

October 11 2011

155 Some preliminary questions about the alleged Iranian terror plot
Jasmin Ramsey

188 Afternoon headlines

23 Irvine 11 conviction reveals double standard and bias
Amirah Mizrahi, Antonia House and Emily Ratner

51 Creeping halacha?

1 Palestinian school girls hospitalized after Israeli attack and Jordan Valley mosque demolished for the 3rd time this year

3 Palestinian bloggers called to join prisoner hunger strike

October 10 2011

13 Discussing Palestine at Occupy Boston

3 The impact of the Wall on Palestinian life

8 A Presbyterian take on divestment from the Israeli occupation
Nahida Halaby Gordon

8 The 99 percent in DC

5 Local Angel

132 Panic and shock sweep Cairo

October 9 2011

30 The Ninety-Nine Percent
Nima Shirazi

1 New York events for Aloni’s What Does a Jew Want?

130 In Cairo, we consecrate the freedom of religion

11 Palestinians have their own Gandhis and Kings
Pam Bailey

0 Israeli Navy fires at fishing boats in Gaza & Settlers attack Hebron… just another Saturday in Palestine

0 Protest encampments take root in Washington D.C.

October 8 2011

17 Jewish Federations drop JVP leader from ‘Heroes’ ballot without explanation

32 Muslim and Christian cemeteries desecrated in Jaffa on eve of Yom Kippur

134 In memoriam: Hanan Porat, an extremist by any other name

October 7 2011

66 Operation Enduring Failure: Ten years of war on Afghanistan

212 Kol Nidre in Cairo. Not

44 The Jewish-Palestinian book of life
Marc H. Ellis

7 The Boomerang Comes Home: Obama’s ‘death panel’ and the war on terror

0 Week against the Apartheid Wall, November 9 – 16

October 6 2011

105 What do a Jewish state and a Catholic table have in common?

40 Brutal eviction of Palestinian family in Jaffa caught on tape

10 AP: The NYPD spied on its anti-terror partners

28 Romney and Perry get chummy with the anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian crowd

75 A society coming apart at the seams: Settlers attack IDF in the West Bank

25 ‘That’s what democracy means’: Kristof makes the common sense argument for one state

78 Rambunctious reporters question US State Dept’s double standard on Syrian/Palestinian aspirations

15 In solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners
Shahd Abusalama

7 ‘It’s good to be Palestinian for a change,’ Sha’ath says– and suggests that Palestinians will push Goldstone Report

0 Israel arrests 16 Palestinians in protests following Galilee mosque burning; Shin Bet puts gag order on investigation

3 Congratulating Nobelist, Netanyahu continues to anoint himself king of the Jews

56 Report on the economic impact of the occupation ‘likely to be an under estimation of the true costs’

52 Yom Kippur fast in solidarity with political prisoners to take place at Occupy Wall Street this Friday

October 5 2011

47 As UNESCO moves toward Palestinian recognition, Congress threatens to cut funding

15 Esc and Ctrl: The Guardian investigates Israeli internet hasbara

32 Better days will come
Kawther AbuHani

37 Study finds Israeli occuption costs Palestinians $6.9 billion a year in lost commerce

20 Even in times of austerity, some spending is inviolable

4 Story of a land grab

October 4 2011

271 NYT reviewer: Small group of Bush advisers will take real reason for Iraq war to their (restless) graves

41 ‘Ready for a Tahrir moment?’ – Occupy Wall Street, the ‘Arab Spring’ and Israel/Palestine

18 Settlers run over two Palestinian sisters, if Palestinians did this their homes would be demolished by now

56 US aid to PA withheld over statehood bid, Hamas, and ‘failure to recognize Israel’s right to exist as Jewish State’

October 3 2011

102 Jewish terrorists strike again, this time in the Galilee

36 The new ‘internalized conflict’: Israeli settlers targeting Israeli activists w/ impunity

3 As Israeli violence spreads across Israel/Palestine, Shin Bet worries it will soon target law enforcement

1 Tunisian gov’t blocks Palestinian bloggers from Arab conference– why?

16 Behind aid-cut to Palestinian Authority, more than meets the eye

136 An American Jew who emigrated to Israel is asked if the end of the Jewish state would be a tragedy for her

90 The death throes of Greater Israel

22 Silverstein and McGovern ponder prospect of Israeli attack on Iran

October 2 2011

18 The jury is in – Times readers decide against Bronner

36 ‘Rocks Falling from the Sky’: Settlers attack Palestinians and internationals in Dura al-Kara
Juliana Irene Smith

22 Israel doubles rate of Palestinian home demolitions and plans to uproot 30,000 Bedouin. Clinton says Palestinians need to be more flexible.

8 Take notice D.C. – Panel of distinguished Arabs analyze the ‘Arab Spring’ at Harvard

October 1 2011

108 Anwar al-Awlaki’s extrajudicial murder

43 Khalidi reflects on the ‘Palestinians’ Next Move’ in The National Interest

39 US withholds $200 million from PA for punishment over statehood bid

0 Building the Wall in al-Walajah

14 Michele Bachmann says Obama ‘laid the table’ for the Arab Spring