Romney runs from ‘neocon’ label– because Americans reject neoconservatism by more than 2 to 1!

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The Washington Post reports that Romney doesn’t want to be called a neocon, even though he’s mobbed up with neocons:

The Romney campaign does not dispute that Mitt Romney is a neoconservative, it just refuses to say the word neoconservative.

“His embrace of American values and interests and his call for American leadership abroad throughout this campaign is indicative of a philosophy of peace through strength,” Alex Wong, the campaign’s foreign policy director, said in an interview.

Pretty telling, huh. David Remnick’s salvo against neocons and their “gambits” seems to reflect US opinion. Americans dislike neoconservatism.

The proof is in this poll by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. By more than two to one, 67-32, Americans now believe the Iraq war was not worth it. Numbers that have increased dramatically in recent years. Hi-ho Bill Kristol! 

The Council asked about the entire neocon program: Will the war spread democracy in the Arab world? 68 to 28 No. Should we undertake unilateral military action against rogue states, 71 to 27 against. Has the Iraq war made us safer from terrorists? 69 to 20 against!

And most important, has the war worsened our relations with the Arab world? 70 to 27, Yes!

Ali Gharib has reported on the same poll’s overwhelming opposition to a strike on Iran. Wait till this comes up in the debates, and Romney starts tap-dancing.

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