‘Cross borders, cross pollinate’ — Rae Abileah says goodbye to Code Pink

Rae Abileah is leaving CODEPINK Women for Peace, and she signs off with the above video. At 30 years young, Abileah, who is Jewish America of Israeli descent, is already an icon; a household name in the American activist scene. As a passionate advocate for peace and justice, she’s courageous, gutsy, humble, enthusiastic, spiritual and a fantastically inspirational person.

It’s safe to assume Rae Abileah will not be fading into the woodwork. I spoke with Rae this morning. She says she’s planning on taking some time off and traveling for a while, she’d like to go back to Palestine. Naturally forthcoming and inquisitive, Rae added:

There’s many things I want to learn. I definitely want to learn Arabic so if anybody wants to teach me that would be awesome.

Bon Voyage Rae. Thank you for enriching our world through your leadership with Code Pink.

Update: Original headline cited Abileah’s advice of singing when you’re arrested; but it resulted in confusion and lots of comment.

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  1. ToivoS says:

    Boy did I misread that headline. Where I came from singing when arrested meant ratting out your comrades.

    • funny, that didn’t occur to me toivo. she means call as much attention to your cause while they’re dragging you away. open the ‘courageous’ link for an example of several protesters doing just that!

  2. Ms. Abileah is a very impressive young woman!

  3. Real Jew says:

    I am fluent in Arabic and also a great admirer of Rae Abileah. Phil, let me know if she’s interested in some lessons.

  4. Parity says:

    Webmaster: Can you do anything to prevent the SodaStream advertisement from appearing on the screen and obscuring part of Rae’s message?

    • no, that’s from youtube. but you can do something about it parity. on the top right hand side of the box is a little “x”. click it and the advertisement goes away.

  5. Mr.Islam says:

    hi I am an arabic tutor from Egypt if you love to have some lessons via Skype we can do one lesson for free then we go on from there

  6. Mr.Islam says:

    my Skype is: islammahmod

  7. i love the new title to the post.

  8. RoHa says:

    Lovely trumpet piece. Anyone we know?

    I like the Medea/media pun.

    And, when she says “cross-pollinate”, does she mean (gasp!) intermarriage?