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January 31 2013

169 Hagel offers himself as secretary of Israel’s defense

221 Friendly profile of Goldberg in ‘Washingtonian’ is a window on tribal power group

21 Students suffer as Israel denies Palestinian freedom of movement and education in the occupied territories

9 ‘Palestine Through Graphics’: Program teaches Palestinian youth to tell their story through graphic novels

42 Israeli strike on Syria followed violations of Lebanon’s airspace and movement of missile defense system to north

146 UN fact-finding mission: Israeli settlements violate intl law; Israel must ‘immediately initiate a process of withdrawal’; Governments and companies must ‘[terminate] their business interests in the settlements’

January 30 2013

23 Fast learner! Hagel’s 112 pages of advance answers contain one reference to Palestinians — firing rockets

6 From Islamophobic surveillance to ‘stop and frisk’: Organizers decry criminalization of their communities in NYC

1 See Iyad Burnat in DC, Feb. 3 & 4

8 Brooklyn College Poli Sci Dept: ‘On college campuses around the country and across the world, [BDS] is being discussed. Brooklyn College should be no different’

177 Brooklyn College BDS event appears likely to go forward (as JVP explains it is in no way anti-Semitic)

29 Bisharat in ‘NYT’: Taking Israel to The Hague would promote peace and uphold the integrity of international law

13 Fmr State Dep’t official who denounced Goldstone Report leapfrogs from Amnesty Int’l to prestige literary org PEN

3 Forces prevent Palestinians from bringing saplings into occupied village, Beit Iksa

35 Hagel described Palestinians as ‘chained’ and ‘caged,’ but ‘NYT’ can’t touch the issue

January 29 2013

14 Drone warfare panel brings home the civilian carnage U.S. policy produces around globe

39 Human rights orgs: Israeli obstruction of UN Human Rights Council shields Israel from accountability and undermines human rights

41 A story that even ‘hasbara’ cannot explain

2 NYC event tonight spotlights surveillance that has ‘burrowed deep’ into Muslims’ lives for 10 years

8 Yale prof gets DoD grant to teach soldiers ‘interviewing’ skills

64 Robust debate? Murdoch apologizes for London ‘Times’ cartoon of Netanyahu as bloody obstructionist
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

16 Dershowitz said to be trying to quash Brooklyn College role in BDS forum

49 A 21-year-old woman is killed, two brothers in their 70s beaten — and never accountability

January 28 2013

3 Legal initiative launched to fight back against harassment of Palestine solidarity activists

11 Obama in Tehran

134 Kentucky paper publishes piece describing Palestinians as ‘chosen people’

6 ‘Must-see’ documentary on occupation, ‘Budrus’ is now being live-streamed

4 Obama congratulates Netanyahu, but without enthusiasm

28 ‘The Nation’ publishes two critiques of Israel’s escapist political culture

25 The Fog of Occupation: An interview with Dror Moreh, director of ‘The Gatekeepers’

17 ‘Beitar will always remain pure’: Israeli soccer fans protest plan to sign Muslim players

9 Tonight in NYC — Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control with Medea Benjamin

8 ‘NYT’ praises ‘Gatekeepers’ as savior of Jewish democracy, overlooks ’5 Broken Cameras’

January 27 2013

38 Could the Israel lobby’s unending battle to stop Hagel hurt the lobby?

48 Anointed by Kristol, rising Middle East expert Rand Paul lectures Kerry

17 Last Israeli attack destroyed every pane of glass in Gaza –Shlomi Eldar

76 Israel admits giving contraceptive injections to Ethiopian immigrant women

January 26 2013

104 The latest existential threat to Israel? Those Russians the world was implored to free

44 Israeli election revealed ‘a total lack of political mobilization against’ the occupation

38 Election Day in Jerusalem: Deciding to vote, boycott or rebel

4 Yesterday in Bil’in

16 UN investigation to probe ‘unlawful killings’ by drones in Palestine, Pakistan and Yemen

January 25 2013

23 Hagel hearing set for next Thursday as Jewish Dems line up in support

69 On US television, Zuckerman, Ross and Remnick all refer to Israeli prime minister as ‘Bibi’ on first reference

21 ’5 Broken Cameras’ plays NY and Tulsa, ‘Gatekeepers’ makes NPR

5 Trend of unprovoked killing by Israeli military in the West Bank continues — Lubna Hanash, 22, dies after being shot in the head near Bethlehem

5 The only hope to upend the political landscape in Israel/Palestine — simultaneous uprisings between the river and the sea

January 24 2013

12 Truth in advertising: SodaStream ad attached to video showing Israelis arresting 18-month-old infant

50 ‘Israeli opposition network’ launches in US with call for democracy over there

103 ‘State of Palestine’ it is

21 Israel’s friends call on a man to save Israel who could never be elected there (Obama)

63 Don’t believe the (liberal Zionist) hype: Israel’s elections ratified the apartheid status quo

20 Video: CODEPINK activist interrupts Kerry confirmation hearing demanding end of US aid to Israel

8 Report from Beit Lahiya: Israel continues to break the ceasefire in Gaza

48 British conference kicks off campaign calling for apology and reparations for the Balfour declaration

January 23 2013

35 The status quo reigns — Lapid chooses Netanyahu over partnering with Palestinians

18 Anti-hunger group in New York under fire for ties to Israeli settlement builder

0 Ehud Barak proposes Separation Wall surround E1 to block Palestinian access

33 Full-Page Ad in ‘Roll Call’: 80,000 to President Obama—Hold Israel accountable, we have your back
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

6 Cornell partnership with military-linked Israeli school greeted by protests on first day of class

265 Millions disenfranchised in Israeli vote due solely to ethnicity and geography

83 More on ‘Israel and the nomination of Chuck Hagel’

20 Dan Rather says Israeli missile defense saved Palestinian lives in Gaza

6 Under cover of elections, settlers expand illegal colony on Nabi Saleh’s land

4 Lapid could help form new Netanyahu coalition, experts say

January 22 2013

67 Netanyahu out as PM?: Yair Lapid shocks Likud/Beiteinu in Israeli election

30 What is ‘the helicopter on the Saigon embassy roof moment’ for US and Israel?

1 ‘This is an act of refusal, a democratic rebellion’: 2,000 Israelis offer their vote to Palestinians living under occupation

15 MLK would have supported Palestinian protest movement — Mercury News

15 Roger Cohen, dreamer

9 Stolen books, stolen identity

29 What left? The rightwing bloc is over 100 Knesset seats — Derfner

49 When will liberal Zionists give up on their dream?

January 21 2013

21 Video: Naftali Bennett stands by party member who raised idea of destroying the Dome of the Rock

21 Lupe Fiasco removed from inauguration event after criticizing Obama

25 Palestinian ghettos, created by violence, have been Israeli plan since ’67 — Amira Hass

0 More houses, more olive trees — Israeli demolitions in villages from the Jordan to Bethlehem

14 BDS campaign enters mainstream discourse as St. Louis mayoral candidates take sides over city Veolia contract

January 20 2013

3 Palestinian Authority police use live fire inside of al-Amari refugee camp

59 Rights of return– first class and no-class

29 Racism thriving on the streets of Tel Aviv: ‘Out with the Africans’

9 ‘NYT”s Erlanger calls Gaza ‘Hamastan’

327 Israel and the nomination of Chuck Hagel

45 Israeli reporter admits suppressing images of ‘piles of bodies of civilians’ when Israel went ‘crazy’ in Gaza

7 Free speech?

8 Video: Israeli occupying forces arrest mother and her 18-month-old child near Hebron

January 19 2013

91 Naftali Bennett’s ‘more Jewish’ zealotry lulls the American media

24 Re-elect Netanyahu and you get international boycott, Livni warns

10 In Budrus, grief stings

29 Watch: Israeli-American on Bennett’s list for Knesset imagines blowing up Muslim holy site

17 No diversity: NPR’s ‘National Conversation’ on US-Israel future includes 5 Zionists, no Palestinians

January 18 2013

16 All the news that’s fit to print… 65 words

17 Neocons never go away–Marco Rubio hires Jamie Fly, ultra-hawk on Iran

20 The Hebron Hills — where Jews from ‘Lucifer’s Farm’ attack Palestinian shepherds to force them off their land

29 Bennett says Israel takes half its water from West Bank, as argument for annexation

21 Blowback, from Mali to Iran

3 California TV station features lengthy report on occupied village in Oscar-nominated film

1 Israel approves 198 new units near Hebron as settlement construction hits a 10-year high

120 The limits of liberal Zionism: ‘NYT’ columnist Roger Cohen misrepresents the Nakba and the right of return

57 Visualizing Palestine: Imagine if you were born at an Israeli checkpoint

January 17 2013

4 Palestinian villagers in South Hebron Hills win reprieve from threat of forcible expulsion

103 The reviews are in: ‘Zero Dark Thirty makes me hate muslims’

0 1/29: How Islamophobia is manifest, from Pam Geller to Stop and Frisk

14 State Dep’t spox Nuland condemns Palestinians’ village– but it’s not ‘appropriate’ to comment on Israeli expansion on Palestinian land

12 Jim Crow was complicated, too

4 Bab Shams (Gate of Sun)

1 Scathing report documents worst year of Israeli attacks on occupied Hebron

19 ‘Anti-Zionist chic’

26 The road to Jerusalem runs through Baghdad Tehran

13 From Newtown to Damascus

January 16 2013

8 Inauguration weekend in DC tell the White House — No blank check for Israel!

4 Create your own SodaStream Super Bowl ad spoof

33 Trump says Netanyahu is ‘terrific leader, great for Israel’

10 Jon Stewart can’t touch Roger Waters’s Palestinian work with a bargepole
Susie Kneedler and Phil Weiss

22 Fallows bridles at the use of the anti-Semitism bogy

9 Chicago youth message to OneVoice: ‘We will not work with you’

10 Neocons’ naked agenda (is shared by many Dems)

4 Samer Issawi is dying in jail as he is held without charge

16 Israel’s worldwide role in repression

3 Whose land? State Dep’t describes Bab al-Shams as ‘settlement’

0 Flouting Ban Ki-moon’s appeal, Israel demolishes homes in E. Jerusalem and Hebron

January 15 2013

28 Obama Goldberg’s liberal Zionist lament

133 Hagel prostrates himself before the lobby, gets votes

27 NPR story on Geo Wallace’s apology and redemption is message to Israeli racists

8 Palestinian teenager killed by the Israeli military near Budrus

147 Right wing crazies — Remnick brings the curtain down on Zionism

36 Rebranding the War on Terror for the age of Obama: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and the promotion of extra judicial killing

January 14 2013

19 Israel advocates with past ties to AIPAC are all over the smear Hagel campaign

19 Dershowitz’s back pages: Smearing Abourezk, justifying ‘intelligently employed’ Jewish political violence

30 ‘Fantastic’– MSNBC’s Hayes airs segment critical of Superbowl advertiser SodaStream for working in illegal West Bank settlement

39 Israel lobbyists say U.S. support transcends faith (even as Hagel courts most powerful Jewish senator)

11 Hold Israel accountable for aggression and war crimes in Gaza

89 ‘Beyond Tribal Loyalties’ — new volume spotlights awakenings of 25 Jewish activists

0 Israel violates Gaza ceasefire again, kills student near Jabalia refugee camp

16 How 20 tents rocked Israel: Palestinians take the fight to their occupiers in Bab al-Shams

January 13 2013

28 Netanyahu ordered eviction of Bab al-Shams

41 Lobby leans on Schumer to block Hagel– now that Ackerman, Berman, Frank, Weiner, Rothman and Lieberman are gone

10 Billboard calling for an end to aid to Israel prompts rage, and rally, in Houston

133 AP headline projects ‘Jewish state’s end’

3 Activists steadfast as Bab al-Shams violently evicted by Israeli soldiers – ‘We will not remain silent as Israel continues to build Jewish-only colonies on our land’

January 12 2013

18 On foot through the hills of E1 — Palestinians join Bab al-Shams protest village

5 Letter to my people in the village of Bab al-Shams

130 Casual slander of Hagel as anti-Semite puts Elliott Abrams on hot seat

75 The claim that ‘Jewish lobby’ is anti-Semitic term is cynical and hypocritical — Siegman

January 11 2013

25 ‘NYT’ (literally) erases the occupation from coverage of Bab al-Shams

51 Think Hagel represents meaningful change for US foreign policy? Think again.

160 Palestinians establish new village– Bab al-Shams, ‘Gate of the Sun’– in Occupied E1
Allison Deger and Annie Robbins

23 Sen. Kirk aide said to be point-man in campaign against Hagel

1 Excavation aimed at establishing Jewish claim to Jerusalem causes cave-in in occupied neighborhood

2 Vote now for G4S as the worst Corporation of the Year

2 Maryland state officials to speak at conference featuring anti-Muslim blogger Pam Geller

6 Skunk gas Israel pours on Palestinians has never been used against Jewish demonstrators — Irish Times, B’Tselem

January 10 2013

14 Inauguration rally will tell Obama: Condition aid to Israel on compliance with int’l law

14 Goldberg smears JVP after ‘NYT’ columnist mentions them for defending Hagel

38 ’5 Broken Cameras’ and ‘The Gatekeepers’ nominated for Best Documentary Oscar

13 Matthews revisits neocon ‘bomber boy’ saying Iraq war would be over in 2 months

3 ‘My family is living through hell’: Samer Issawi speaks from jail

52 ‘Birthright’ ecstasy in Jerusalem — Ziojuana, no occupation, lotta Jewish babies

57 Google and the eternal, undivided capital of the Jewish people

2 University of California students mobilize against California bill equating activism with anti-Semitism
University of California SJP Chapters

101 Where were Chuck Hagel and Bill Kristol in Vietnam era?

January 9 2013

17 Jim Crow in our time: ‘NYT’ credits Israeli poll that excludes 20% of population who aren’t Jewish

4 Stanley Jordan’s withdrawal, and the worldliness of jazz

64 In choosing Hagel, an antiwar president gets backup from the new Israel lobby

14 John Brennan, assassin

0 Palestinian seeking to visit her jailed brother is strip-searched, robbed and finally allowed to see him from afar

January 8 2013

36 ‘This is war propaganda, and you are the target’–latest anti-Muslim subway ads get another makeover

39 ‘Onion’ ‘joke’– Israel vows to use constitutional veto power over Hagel

5 Why Netanyahu put the brakes on his plan to build in E1

5 Rand Paul’s Israel trip funded by evangelical group that fosters hatred against gays

30 Israel lobbyist denies he called Jimmy Carter ‘anti-Semitic,’ then Al Jazeera host confronts him
Alex Kane and Phil Weiss

79 Wiesenthal Center calls leading German journalist ‘anti-Semite’ for criticizing Israel, then refuses to debate him

24 Why is Israel declaring the start of the Third Intifada?

10 Hagel is right, Israel must negotiate with Hamas — Slater

31 Neocon smear of Hagel ricochets around web before ‘Atlantic’ article strikes it down

January 7 2013

48 Elliott Abrams calls Chuck Hagel an anti-Semite

13 More than 700 rabbis, cantors and rabbinical students protest E1 construction

13 The education of Rand Paul

19 Changing PA’s name to ‘State of Palestine’ raises questions on where Gaza stands in PLO’s political vision

121 Obama taps Hagel with combative speech– following outreach to AIPAC

1 A message from Samer Issawi on the 164th day of his hunger strike

0 It’s not just in the occupied territories — Palestinians fear efforts to ‘Judaize’ Israeli city of Lod

1 Roots of Resistance: Memories of Nablus

35 Israeli pours putrid skunk gas over homes in occupied Palestine

January 6 2013

31 BDS– Lebanon style

39 Hagel opposition will likely be Republicans for Israel

60 Hagel looms — will AIPAC dare to take him on?

January 5 2013

77 Jews for Palestinian right of return

62 Only non-Jews can save Israel, Eldar says

40 Israel lobby doesn’t want Al Jazeera coming into ‘millions of American homes’

January 4 2013

208 Exchange on anti-Sephardi racism on the left

165 Multiple reports say Chuck Hagel to be Defense Secretary nominee

3 Roots of Resistance: Posters of the first intifada

2 Jordan Valley settlers farm private Palestinian land while owners are barred from entering

16 Israel’s poor, including ex-settlers, face cuts as state funds head to the West Bank

January 3 2013

5 Watchdog group sues CIA for information on collaboration with NYPD surveillance program

53 Hasbara fail: the ambassadors mutiny
Annie Robbins and Phil Weiss

2 2012: A banner year for the Israeli colonization of Jerusalem

3 Roots of Resistance: The intifada brought Palestine home

17 Will emancipated Sullivan take on Zionism hammer and tongs?

131 ‘Atlantic’ writer provides no evidence for allegation that Harvard professor is anti-Semitic

39 ‘It is a grave disservice to Israel and Jews to confuse criticism of Israel’s behavior with anti-Semitism’ — Richard Falk

January 2 2013

28 ‘Washington Post’ editorial says settlements don’t matter

21 The dead two-state dream remains alive in mainstream media

9 Consensus: Right wing govt minister says Israel is not a state of all its citizens; liberal Zionist icon calls for cantons to avoid bi-nationalism

34 The Establishment fights back (Hagel gets nod from Volcker, Hills, Wolfensohn, Crocker)

54 Abbas threatens to dissolve Oslo as protests rise over PA’s untenable financial situation

27 The coming divorce: US Reform Jewish orgs ignore memo from Jerusalem re Palestinian statehood

3 Settlers stage new year’s attack on West Bank village of Qusra

0 1,000 Palestinians forced from their homes for Israeli military exercise in the Jordan Valley

January 1 2013

67 Endless ‘debate over two-state solution’ is cover for the real story, annexation of West Bank

14 Bil’in protesters oppose a ‘horrible, horrible wrong’ — Michael Moore

35 Hagel’s purported rivals for Defense job, Flournoy and Carter, are neocon-friendly militarists