Billboard calling for an end to aid to Israel prompts rage, and rally, in Houston

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Houston billboard

There’s going to be a ‘victory’ rally today in Houston to celebrate the accomplishment of raising funds for, and negotiating, the installation of a bright new Stop $30 Billion to Israel billboard. If you’re anywhere near Houston you might want to join the rally under the billboard: 9294 Richmond (west of Fondren). 2 PM. Take some photos of the crowd/action and send them along– we like videos of ordinary citizens making a difference* too.

Houston’s Stop $30 Billion to Israel billboard has hardly been up a week and already it’s stirring controversy. I.e., there may be some people at the gathering who don’t consider this billboard a victory.

Jewish Herald-Voice, sans byline, contains the usual smears without any supporting evidence:

A new anti-Israel propaganda campaign is polluting the streets of Houston……According to online records, the local nonprofit that purchased the billboard is registered to a longtime anti-Israel activist who politically identifies with the extreme left. This fellow, over the past several years, has helped organize various public demonstrations and other events across the city that routinely demonize Jews as Nazis, that perpetrate anti-Semitic blood libels and that single Israel out as an illegitimate, criminal state, whose lifeline is American tax dollars.


Our First Amendment guarantees the right of free speech, including the expression of opinions that any decent human being would deem abhorrent and that verifiable facts easily prove as deceitful lies…….Propaganda preys on ignorance and prejudice.

In an email exchange with me, Houston Co-organizer Bob Carter explained:

We expected a counter response to our billboard but not anything this vicious. However it is OK. The dialogue has started and the truth will prevail.
We know who we are and what our motives and methods are. We have a clear conscience and the motives and methods of the opposition are becoming very clear. Our group desires justice for the Palestinians. They should be as free as the Israelis. The U. S. should stop the financial support of 64 years of brutal oppression by Israel.
I cannot identify a single person among our group who would fit the description as outlined in the last 3 lines of the third paragraph of the article. Shame on the unidentified writer’s use the word Nazi. As I said, the motives and methods of some who oppose the billboard are becoming very clear…….He has a great imagination and that is being kind. What is blood-libel? Never heard of it.

It says something that whoever wrote this hit job did so anonymously. Sometimes anonymity is just a cloak for cowardice.

*(This post is dedicated to the memory of Todd Lindblom. A humble, giving, dedicated human rights activist and dear friend to many in Albuquerque, New Mexico whom I had the honor of meeting. His passing has deeply saddened and stunned the local community “Sweet sweet man. very quiet and soft spoken. hardly said a word. always showed up. always. every Saturday for six years on Tulane and Central.”  RIP Todd, you are surely missed.)

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  1. Citizen says:

    I urge all to respond to the lies about most of the the specifics of US aid to Israel in that Jewish rag. I did. It’s so easy.

  2. Avi_G. says:

    Our First Amendment guarantees the right of free speech, including the expression of opinions that any decent human being would deem abhorrent and that verifiable facts easily prove as deceitful lies…….Propaganda preys on ignorance and prejudice.

    Typical the-rules-don’t-apply-to-us rhetoric and hypocrisy. Where were these people when Pamela Geller was polluting the tunnels of the NY subway with her “abhorrent [...] and deceitful lies”?

    preys on ignorance and prejudice

    Like the typical Zionist, shooting and crying, shooting and ….Cry me a river.

  3. Blood libel? This particular anonymous person who can’t debate us on the merits is really scraping bottom to reach that far back…. Sigh. Charges of anti-Semitism to all criticism of the Israeli government’s human rights policies and record are so 20th century. They just don’t work anymore.

  4. Bumblebye says:

    Netanyahu’s profligacy and foolhardiness has wasted nearly $3bn of US taxpayer’s money!
    link to
    link to
    The warmonger *wasted* $3bn setting up his Iran attack plans.

    Maybe those in Houston who don’t like the ads should be told about this?

    • sardelapasti says:

      Bumblebye: “those in Houston who don’t like the ads” are probably praying that the money for war wasn’t wasted and that they will have their war of aggression, wasting much more for the greater glory of some City on some Hill.

  5. Les says:

    Is it a blood libel to blame those Jews who carry out and support the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the name of Judaism?

  6. seafoid says:

    “Extreme left”, “demonize Jews as Nazis”, “anti-Semitic blood libels” and “that single Israel out” are dog whistles to scare people into supporting the bots.

  7. These advertisements seem to me to be a good way to promote the Palestinian cause. I’m reminded of the ads that appeared in Britain some years ago which helped in the release of the Lebanon hostage John McCarthy.
    Can someone raise the funds to advertise the weekly summaries published by OCHA. The most recent report summary is:-

    Protection of Civilians Weekly Report | 9-15 January 2013

    Four Palestinian civilians, including a child, were killed by Israeli soldiers in various incidents across the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Settler attacks against two Palestinian villages in the Nablus area continued this week, undermining the physical security and livelihoods of the residents. 28 Palestinians were displaced following demolitions of their homes in Area C and East Jerusalem.

    That, together with the UN logo, ought to generate some interest, especially as it changes every week. But who’s got the money to do this?