Trump says Netanyahu is ‘terrific leader, great for Israel’

JTA reports on the electoral endorsement, says Trump’s daughter is married to a pro-Israel publisher, Jared Kushner.


The celebrity endorsements continue to roll in:


Here’s a video -

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  1. Tzombo says:

    Ok, I don’t see how Netanyahu can win the elections now…

  2. CitizenC says:

    Ami Kaufman at 972 has a different script for The Donald, one he has used on his reality show actually.

    link to

  3. talknic says:

    A) Donald wants to move into property development in the occupied territories?


    B) rehousing hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL Israeli settlers back in Israel?

  4. eljay says:

    Is Trump relevant in any way other than as a reality-show hairpiece?

  5. seafoid says:

    Mrs Trump looks dreadful after all her plastic surgery.

    link to

    So does Zionism. All fake and plastic Jewish

    • Mooser says:

      “All fake and plastic Jewish”

      Seafoid, you scare me a little. I know it’s not possible, but it’s like you’re looking right at my soul. All fake and plastic Jewish from a shoddy NY suburb. Bullseye! Well, thanks for giving me the perfect description for my Profile.

    • Citizen says:


      Joan Rivers says such stuff all the time.

      • piotr says:

        It reminds me Spaceballs, a movie with this “memorable quote”:

        Princess Vespa: I am Princess Vespa, daughter of Roland, King of the Druids.
        Lone Starr: Oh great. That’s all we needed. A Druish princess.
        Barf: Funny, she doesn’t look Druish.

        [It is later revealed that Vespa had a nose job. The director of the movie is Jewish.]

        I am actually very fond of West Asian beauties with noses that are a bit larger than European average. E.g. link to (Armenia if for noses what Nepal is for mountains).

  6. Edward Q says:

    As far as I am concerned the Zionists can have Trump.

  7. piotr says:

    In fact the link says that she did not have a plastic surgery. And she looks quite youthful, like a late teen who just got beaten up by her jealous boyfriend and covered it with heavy makeup.

  8. jimmy says:

    wow wow wow the hate at obama is astounding..

    I never hated Bush….thought he was kinda funny

    on the other hand…cheney…

    I was surprized people aat Huff po wish him well….I didnt

  9. MRW says:


    Wasn’t it Trump’s son-in-law Kushner who engineered you not working at his newly acquired New York Observer because you weren’t Jewish enough for him?
    Kushner famously got into Harvard only after his father donated $2-3 million to the university. I mean, he’s not an Aaron Swartz type, if you catch my drift. One of my Jewish friends in New York sneered that his acquisition of the NY Observer was a ‘typical synagogue sinecure arranged on a Friday night’.

  10. seafoid says:

    Trump doesn’t care about the ordinary Israeli Jews who will be the big losers when it all falls apart. He won’t be there when the Israel project goes up in smoke.

  11. Oh, Donald Trump knows a thing or two about bullying people off their land and out of their houses, cutting off their electricity and water. This is what he tried to do to local residents who had the effrontery to occupy land he coveted for his vanity golf course project:

    link to

    The man is a buffoon, but an unpleasant and bullying one, who has delusions of grandeur, entirely unsupported by any evidence. In an absurdist parallel to the Israelis he has burnished his credentials as a Scot in order to hound people out of the houses they have lived in for years, so that he can have uninterrupted views from his utterly artificially transplanted golf course.

  12. thetumta says:

    He must need a really huge loan this time ? How many Bankruptcies can he get through yet again? LVS can buy him out. Obama can own him. Definitely for sale, what a putz.


    P.S. I’m sort of surprised that anyone here or anywhere else for that matter cares what the Donald with bad hair and paid for Bimbos thinks? Does he think?

  13. Accentitude says:

    In Trump’s sad little world, this could all be a ploy to stick it to the man or in his case THE MAN. Ol’ Dronie McDrone himself, Obama. After all, he’s one of the only idiots who still believes that Obama is an illegal Kenyan immigrant with rich white benefactors that propped him up in Washington, and since Obama and Netanyahu have a contentious relationship….Hell, let’s support Netanyahu!

    Or perhaps Trump wants me to roll through the Jordan Valley in the not to distant future only to see the gleaming sickly presence of a Trump Casino and Resort on the Palestinian side of the Dead Sea. Being that he’s an opportunistic d-bag, that’s entirely possible.

  14. weindeb says:

    Trump at a Passover Seder: “Next year in Jerusalem and the entire West Bank!”

  15. braciole says:

    Why the fuss? He’s only doing what the Democratic Unionist Party does.

  16. Chu says:

    That Trump magic was passed on to Romney in an endorsement a few months ago. And look where it got him.

  17. Yeah, and he’s got much better hair as well.

  18. I hereby officially endorse Nutty Yahoo as a terrific leader and great for Israel['s demise]. By all means do elect him and encourage him to be even more flagrantly right-wing than he already is. In fact, encourage him to continue to rub the noses of US pols into the dirt even more publicly and even more often. Have him appear on public TV in the US demanding that even more aid be sent to Israel to fund his aggression on Palestine/Iran/Lebanon. Let there be more hungry people in the US to keep that funding going and growing.

    I am all for it.