Cognitive dissonance on NPR

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I’m confused. Yesterday evening, NPR scolded the Republican Party for being a party composed chiefly of white people:

[Robert] SIEGEL: Your article in The New Republic is titled not just “Why the GOP Is,” but why it “Will Continue to be the Party of White People.” This is a season of introspection among Republicans, we’re told, self-examination, what went wrong… And then you’re also saying that when you hear people speaking of ‘taking back the country,’ the country that they say we built, minority groups – who are part of the Obama majority – hear people .. [trying] to undo the reality of America today.

[SAM] TANENHAUS: That’s right. Yeah, as I say in the story, when they say take back America, they seem to mean take America back to some earlier, better time.

The very next report, by Larry Abramson on Women of the Wall, involved a female Jewish group that demands the right to pray wearing prayer shawls at the western wall in occupied East Jerusalem:

Anat Hoffman, the leader of Women of the Wall [says:] “Secular Israel, the democratic, Jewish state of Israel, has taken the keys to the holiest site of the Jewish people, and given it to one rabbi, who belongs to less than 8 percent of Israel’s population,” she says, referring to the country’s ultra-Orthodox Jews.

I really don’t understand how you can valorize the “democratic, Jewish” state of Israel right after you’ve done a piece saying that the Republicans are so evil for wanting to take us back to a white country.

Israel is 20 percent minority; that percentage doesn’t even count the 200,000 Palestinians who live in occupied East Jerusalem, where the NPR story was set; those Palestinians have second-class citizenship. And that doesn’t count the millions of Palestinians under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of getting lectured by Israelis about democracy.

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