‘Most moral’ army in the world is looking more and more like Bull Connor enforcing Jim Crow

Pepper spraying Palestinian activists
Pepper spraying Palestinian activists

The above picture of activists getting pepper-sprayed was posted by the Palestinian activist site AlQadiPal and retweeted by Joseph Dana. It was reportedly taken today at the new Palestinian “outpost,” Al Manatir, a group of tents set up near Burin outside Nablus. Israeli soldiers declared the area a closed military zone, in removing the demonstrators. 

The picture below is from the same new outpost. Showing “Israeli soldiers,” it appeared in Haaretz today, taken by AFP. “Haaretz Hasbara: In an otherwise straightforward article about the IDF incursion, along with settlers, into Burin today, the pic I have pasted below was the visual,” writes Mitchell Plitnick. “You know, because those awful Palestinians just keep beating up those poor IDF soldiers…”

Israel has lost
Haaretz photo from Burin village

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  1. W.Jones says:

    Ok, it’s a closed military zone, so Israeli settlers can be there.

    • Shingo says:

      Yeah, it’s a closed military zone, so Israeli settlements are being built.

      • Accentitude says:

        Nevermind that its in Nablus which is completely outside of Israel proper (whatever that means. I still haven’t seen the Israeli govt produce a map with real actual borderlines drawn on it)…in the West Bank…in Area A (Nablus city) and Area B (Burin)….under the jurisdiction….of the Palestinian National Authority….whom always seem to be absent when their citizens are getting the crap kicked out of them.

        All those soldiers on street corners holding AKs in downtown Nablus – I wonder do they even have clips in those guns or is it just for show?

  2. Mooser says:

    Phil (please excuse my unwarranted presumption) this must be a distressing and disheartening subject to write about. For a little light yet related comic relief, go here, a TPM article, and don’t neglect to look at the lists attached. It may not get you ROTF, but it’s good.

    And BTW, didn’t Israel surpass Bull Connor a long time ago, as far as methods go? Not that it isn’t a valid and good comparison, of course.
    But as I remember, Bull stuck mainly to his own jurisdiction

    • Philip Weiss says:

      Mooser I don’t understand the significance of the list of anti-gun organizations. Are you saying that the anti-Israel lobby isn’t nearly as widespread in the U.S.?
      Also I take your point re Bull Connor, but I think it helps Americans understand apartheid over there, in American terms,

      • Mooser says:

        “Also I take your point re Bull Connor, but I think it helps Americans understand apartheid over there, in American terms”

        Absolutely, but you know me, I had to elaborate a bit on it. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. I always want to gild the lolly.

        “the significance of the list of anti-gun organizations.”

        First off, are you accepting the NRA’s locution “anti-gun organisations” as a valid descriptor? But let it pass, like the pachyderm wearing my pajamas, it’s irrelevant.

        I found it very interesting that (whoops, hold on, I better check the link, who knows what I did) the American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, Anti-Defamation League, B`nai B`rith,
        Central Conference of American Rabbis, Jewish Labor Committee, National Council of Jewish Women, and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, are all listed as “anti-gun” by the NRA. Now I realise I mashed up a lot of organisations there, some of which may be purely devoted to American civics issues and public health, but I just find it interesting (okay, it’s really, really, dull up here!) that Zionist organisations can be perceived as “anti-gun”. (And I don’t know where every one of those “anti-gun” stands on Zionism)
        Mostly, I was surprised that the “Jewish” organisations listed had any point of interection with the NRA. But I’ll give those NRA guys this: The Jewish dominance of the media and influential position in American society doesn’t scare them!

        “Are you saying that the anti-Israel lobby isn’t nearly as widespread in the U.S.?

        Sorry, lost me there, did you mistype, Phil? But if there’s an “anti-Israel lobby” in the US I’d like to hear more about it!

        I don’t want to draw this OT, there was no comments yet, and I just thought it was interesting to think about those orgs. intersecting. And anbody critical of Israel has to look for allies wherever they can….although it’s hard to imagine ads for Bushmasters on Mondo.

        • MLE says:

          Lets make this list for the Israel lobby!!

        • Philip Weiss says:

          Thanks Mooser. Smart; I’m going to study that list afresh.

        • Mooser says:

          Thanks for your attention. I don’t know that it’s all that significant, but it just seems to be such an unlikely intersection of organisations. And it sure shows (unless every one of those orgs are all strictly Jewish public health advocates) the many facets those organisations show or the varying ways they are perceived. And there’s also lists, another list of individuals (which I wouldn’t even have a clue about, but you might) and corporations.
          Or maybe I just interest easy.

        • Ellen says:

          Moose, so the NRA Institute for Legislative Action has compiled a hit list of organizations, individuals and firms, including church and religious groups to go after. That list is like…..everyone. Am going to have to think about what that means.

          As for the Anti-Israel lobby? That’s a new one. What is their name? Where is their office?

        • Mooser says:

          “As for the Anti-Israel lobby? That’s a new one. What is their name? Where is their office?”

          I am pretty sure that “anti-Israel lobby” was simply a mis-type by Phil. He meant to say something else, but didn’t. So I’m letting it go.

        • Citizen says:

          @ Mooser

          Doesn’t seem an unlikely intersection of organizations to me, but hey, a Jew needs a gun in what that ptb & have been, have declared his homeland because there’s no dumb Irish cops or soldiers there to protect him. The Gun Lobby in Israel is the IDF. Jews don’t need guns in America to protect themselves as they’ve hired what they need, either via taxes or private security hires–that’s why the intersection. See? Hell’s bells, HMS devotes 98% of its protection funds to a single community, the Jewish community. Easy. Just a guess as to why that list appears on the American Gun Lobby’s list of competitors for hearts and minds and spare change.

        • Citizen says:

          @ Ellen
          I knew somebody besides sean compiled lists and thought they were important! Something more than wild extrapolation so the thing to do was to just say, “nothing here but anal illogic, move on.”

        • Mooser says:

          “Doesn’t seem an unlikely intersection of organizations to me, but hey, a Jew needs a gun in what that ptb & have been”

          As I understand it, the NRA is calling the Jewish organisations on the list “anti-gun”. You, of all people, should know how guns have their feelings hurt by anti-gun people. Why do you think so many of them are going off?

    • One difference is that Bull Connor was kicked out of office in 1963.

      • thetumta says:

        Don’t kid yourself “Jim Crow” was a walk in the park compared the most moral army in the world’s(and shin bet’s) behavior in Palestine. If Dr. King et. al. faced the IDF, Jim Crow would be alive and well today.

  3. ritzl says:

    Is the soldier on the left in the top photo actually smiling? I see teeth, anyway.

  4. Jeff Klein says:

    One World, Under Pepper Spray. . .
    Am I the only one to notice the eery similarity of the photo above to the infamous pepper spraying of Occupy students at UC Davis in November 2011?
    Check it out: link to encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com
    And a rundown of the event here: link to en.wikipedia.org

  5. eljay says:

    Hateful and immoral Zio-supremacist Occupation Forces at work.

    I know, I know: Even though Israel is as wonderfully awesome as America, thankfully its oppressive military forces aren’t as bad as those of Saudi Arabia.

  6. a blah chick says:

    But in Syria it’s even worse!!! There you get raped after being pepper-sprayed.

    Just getting a jump on the hasbarists.

  7. edwardm says:

    “Just getting a jump on the hasbarists.” Me too!

    Actually the pepper spray is a food item….

  8. Elliot says:

    Notice the status symbol red boots of the Israeli soldiers. These boots are the prerogative of the elite פaratroopers brigade. Other elite combat units get special berets and other such military insignia.
    And it’s all nonsense. To such extent as there is a threat to Israel, it is the U.S. which guarantees Israel’s safety in the Middle East.
    These IDF soldiers are needed, above and before all else, to enforce the occupation. They spend most of their “combat” time in the West Bank, Gaza, using their guns to terrorize and kill Palestinian civilians.

    I am proud of my family members in Israel who have dodged military service. The IDF is a shameful outfit.

    • Mooser says:

      “I am proud of my family members in Israel who have dodged military service.”

      Elliot, I like the cut of your tie! That’s the way to talk! As a draft-dodger and military deserter myself, I welcome them to the fraternity.

      • Citizen says:

        “Elliot, I like the cut of your tie! That’s the way to talk! As a draft-dodger and military deserter myself, I welcome them to the fraternity.:

        Yeah! Who needs soldiers, or cops even? Let them go find a decent job. That “Greatest Generation” stuff is hooey. It’s all clear as a bell, the cracked Liberty bell, even! Now it is, US army is a Hessian force. IDF? It thinks it’s not only “the most moral army in the world,” but hey, goes a long way on the resume in Israel. Not exactly like spitting at drafted troops when they come home, eh? Always good to not confuse oneself with a spittoon. I some families soldiering goes way back in the family, and in others, draft-dodging goes way back. See a flag, jump in to save it–or run fast away. Flag don’t care either way. It just as soon be a pair of panties.

        • Mooser says:

          “Yeah! Who needs soldiers, or cops even? Let them go find a decent job.”

          Bro’!! Citizen, I wouldn’t put it quite that extreme, but I’m glad to see we basically agree on this. Peace out, bro’ see you in the people’s park.

          Oh, BTW, got a cite for that spitting incident?

  9. seafoid says:

    “Most moral army in the world” was always nonsense. There is nothing moral about the State of Israel vis a vis the neighbours.

    link to haaretz.com

    “In December 2012, a Jerusalem court ruled to evict a Palestinian family from its Sheikh Jarrah home, where it had been living for decades, on March 1. The eviction suit, filed by the Justice Ministry’s Custodian General, was engineered entirely by far-right activists.
    The Shamasna family of Sheikh Jarrah is one of several Palestinian families to have been evicted in recent years using a similar method.
    The law enables Jews, but not Palestinians, to reclaim property they left behind enemy lines in 1948. A number of rightist NGOs have been acting vigorously in recent years to track down the Jewish heirs of properties in East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhoods and assist them in “releasing” the property, held in trust by the Custodian General. They then buy the property from the heirs or rent it to Jewish settlers.
    The Shamasna family home, like many others in the predominantly Palestinian neighborhood, was built on land that belonged to Jewish families who had fled to west Jerusalem during the War of Independence. This method has raised much protest from both Palestinians and Jerusalem peace activists.
    The Shamasna family – father Ayoob, 79, mother Fahima, their son, his wife and their six children – live in a tiny, shabby house that once belonged to Haim Ben Sulimani.
    Sulimani’s granddaughter, Ashira Bibi, filed the claim to evict the Shamasna family with the help of rightist activist Aryeh King, who was number four on Otzma Leyisrael’s ticket. Bibi was represented in the court hearing by attorney Avi Segal, from Yitzhak Mina’s law firm, which often represents rightist NGOs against Palestinians.”

    • seafoid, the end of that article is equally worthy. the court has already ruled in favor of the ‘heirs’ but that’s not good enough for the victors. they want the state to evict the Shamasna family. not so they won’t have to do it themselves, but to set precedence.

  10. dimadok says:

    So wait, the house is built on the land that belongs to Jews that fled, and there is a problem with the eviction of the illegal buildings ?

  11. a blah chick says:

    Ya know, I can almost feel sorry for those lads. The days of charging up Ammunition Hill to get medals are long gone. Now you will “glory” beating in the heads of college students, housewives and farmers. I’m not surprised that so many turn to domestic violence and eat their guns.