‘An Arab is the son of a prostitute, a Jew is a (blessed) soul’ — Jerusalem mob chants

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From Ofer Neiman, a short video of a mob in Jerusalem last night. I don’t know what occasioned this outburst (beyond the fact that such racism is the inevitable expression of fervent nationalism). From the facebook description by Avinoam Oltchik:

Jerusalem, night between 24-25 Feb 2013. Young Israeli youth looking for the next lynch victim while chanting “A jew is a soul, an arab is a son of a whore”, scattered by police. 0:08-0:10 : “Did you hear what they did to the Arab guy? they screwed him with beatings”

I’d rather not know what happened before they started running from Zion Square towards this direction nor what would have happen if they hadn’t been stopped. — ‎at ‎ירושלים‎.‎

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