Teen puts SodaStream’s Superbowl Ad to shame

SodaStream builds seltzer-makers in occupied territory on the West Bank, but even as a global boycott campaign is gaining traction, the company is seeking to rebrand itself with a $4 million Superbowl ad-buy tomorrow– describing itself as “holistic and environmentally friendly“–when anyone who has studied the company knows this is absurd. The new ad will be blasting into over 100 million American homes after the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter.

SodaStream’s new message: its product “empowers consumers.” As CEO Daniel Birnbaum tells Business Week:

You’ll be sitting in your living room surrounded by dozens of bottles and cans, some of them trashed on the sofa, and then comes the ad for SodaStream, a little tiny brand that maybe you’ve never heard of, saying, “Wake up, America, there’s a smarter way! It’s magic!”

Little tiny Soda Stream? Smart? Magic?

Check out this fantastic little tiny homemade SodaStream Spoof Ad by Amal, produced by St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee. This teen puts SodaStream’s marketing to shame.

Watch the rest of the entries and vote for your favorite SodaStream Spoof Ad, then sign the Interfaith Boycott SodaStream petition.

From The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation:

Tweet! We have put together sample tweets to help with social media activism before and during the Super Bowl. Follow @US_Campaign on game day to get updates on hashtags to use. Make sure that when you are tweeting you include a link to either the SodaStream spoof ads (http://ow.ly/hluYk) or the petition (http://ow.ly/hlv3x).

Click on “Tweet now” to automatically tweet these sample tweets:

#SuperBowl If you love the bubbles, set them free. If you love freedom, boycott #SodaStream. Tweet now.
Help illegal settlements fizzle out. Boycott #SodaStream. #SB47. Tweet now.
Have you tried the oppression flavor of #SodaStream? Actually it comes in every bottle. #SodaStreamParty. Tweet now.
The #SodaStreamAd You Won’t See in the #SuperBowl #CBS. Tweet now.
Excited about #SuperBowl ads? You can watch them here! #SB47. Tweet now.

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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani
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  1. Mike_Konrad says:

    Soda Stream is so expensive.

    There is no cost savings to it.

    • Cliff says:

      Its made in the occupied Palestinian territories. SodaStream is an illegal and immoral enterprise.

    • MRW says:

      It’s like the face products Israel sells in the malls. Over-priced and fraudulent advertising. My niece paid over $600 for two jars of some miracle face cream. The majority of it was silicone, and available on Amazon for $28.

      • Accentitude says:

        Ahh yes, the all natural dead sea products. An annoying youthful Israeli rep at our mall kept trying to put a sample into the hands of my wife with a heavily accented “Free gift for you! Free gift for you!” The girl finally (and cleverly) backed off when my petite yet scary (when annoyed) wife finally turned around and told her that “the best gift you can give me is to get the hell out of Palestine and to stop stealing and selling its natural resources in shitty malls!” God, I love my wife.

  2. Colleen says:

    great job Amal!

  3. Makes me want a glass of soda water with a nice lemon slice.

  4. MLE says:

    I just had a Facebook argument about the soda stream. Ill send it along

  5. MRW says:

    You can buy an ordinary soda siphon for $40 on Amazon. No electricity. Green. Goes in the car, on camping. 60% cheaper than the cheapest SodaStream. 80% cheaper than their most expensive unit. Rob the goyim. And at least the fizzy replacements don’t have to be sent by a hazmat shipper, as SodaStream requires.

  6. Inanna says:

    What’s wrong with drinking water without bubbles?

  7. jimmy says:

    I posted this a couple days ago

    Why I’m Boycotting SodaStream

    Shalom Rav
    A Blog by Rabbi Brant Rosen

    Israel’s settlement juggernaut continues at full speed, creating apartheid conditions on the occupied West Bank while making a mockery of any hope of a two state solution. Since no nation or institution seems willing to hold Israel accountable, it seems to me the least any concerned citizen can do is to refuse to patronize companies that directly profit from this brutal and unjust occupation.

    link to rabbibrant.com

    and MRW said cbs dropped thier ad…

  8. jimmy says:

    “Wake up, America

    I should trade mark that saying as I have been posting it around the web for over a decade

  9. HarryLaw says:

    CEO of SodaStream Danial Birnbaum when told by a Swedish company Empire who imported these devices, that they did not want the SodaStream factory to remain in occupied territory, then when Birnbaum was asked to comment by National Swedish Radio, he said the Scandinavian markets will be sourced by “one of our other seven facilities other than the Mishor Edomin plant”, this is a lie, the plant at Mishor Edomin is the only plant which manufactures the carbonating device, apart from a few small components outsourced to China, over 90% of the product is manufactured in Palestine, some of the accessories such as the fruit flavors are produced in Israel proper, the device is not, and according to the rules of origin of the World Trade Organization and the European Unions rules of origin, the device comes from Palestine. See report on SodaStream by Who Profit’s here ..link to whoprofits.org

  10. dimadok says:

    Keep on barking at the wrong tree… In fact I insist on it.

  11. Citizen says:

    Hey, Coca-Cola, one of SodaStream’s big competitors, has a Superbowl ad on today (in case you will be watching the game, starting at 6:30 PM EST): link to mediaite.com

    How’t that ad for spreading the negative backward Arab stereotype to the American masses in the ultimate prime time TV?

    Imagine our neighborly Arab-American citizens sitting down to watch the Superbowl today–and this ad comes on. Think it might ruin the day’s family fun?

    Shall we notify the ADL?

  12. wow, amal’s little video is up to 3,223 views on youtube. let’s help it go viral because it is just that easy to make apartheid-less bubbles in your soda. that’s really how to “empower consumers,” away from corporate sponsorship of occupation.