What J Street is up to

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(Image: Joy from WA)
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(Image: J Street U)

Glad to see they’re keeping busy.

More (if you dare) at Memes for Middle East Peace.

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  1. a blah chick says:

    The Chuck Norris one did make me laugh.

  2. pabelmont says:

    My peace plan: Well, there will be a peace, a treaty, ratified by the populations and signed by the leaders. (Who ARE the Palestinians, anyhow, and how will they ALL ratify the treaty? Never mind, there’s a lot of time to work that one out!)

    So, the steps to a treaty.

    [1] Plan for a peace process resumption. (2013)
    [2] Peace process resumes. (2013)
    [3] Peace process flounders because Israel attacks Gaza again. (2014)
    [4] Peace process resumes. again. (2015)
    [5] Time goes by. (2020)
    [6] Palestinians hold elections for the PLO in a not very fair way. (2021)
    [7] Palestinians hold elections for the PLO in a better way. Hamas and the 50% of Palestinians living outside Israeli control are content with the elections. (2025)
    [8] Global Warming makes the Israeli/Palestinian (indeed the mid-east) water supply so fragile that people are moving away in droves. (2026)
    [9] USA admits Israeli Jews as citizens (Hispanics are still waiting).
    Historical Note: Had the USA admitted Jews in 1940s, there would be no Israel today. (2026)
    [10] I forget, what is this list about, anyhow? A piece of what? Is the glass half full or half empty. Of water, that is. (2027)
    [11] I’m still looking for that piece of paper. (Peace treaty). (2027-ad inf).

  3. Kathleen says:

    “what J Street is up to” trying to look like they were on the just side of history all of this time.

  4. Les says:

    “My Campus Polarization” = “worse than the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

    J Street’s scale of justice

    • Donald says:

      I thought they were joking, making fun of the campus defenders of Israel, but that could be me reading my own thoughts into the post. It’s sometimes hard to tell when people are being satirical on this subject.

  5. Inanna says:

    I love how there are people deluded enough to think that the possibility for 2 states is still possible after 20 years of talks that have gone nowhere except to ensure far less likelihood of a Palestinian state.

  6. yourstruly says:

    what jstreet is up to?

    won’t much matter?

    grand vistas ahead?


    now underway?