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History will make us pay for this

Liz Rose on

“It’s like sleeping with a corpse,” Ilan Pappe said of the two-state solution, at the Israel Lobby and American Policy Conference this past Friday. “We should all attend the funeral and we can put this past us already.” Pappe’s remarks–which reflected the theme threaded throughout the day of looking directly into the dark times we are in–were in response to John Kerry’s 2014 statement that Israel must adopt the two-state solution or risk becoming an apartheid state. “It’s already dead,” Pappe said at his keynote address, given at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Liz Rose writes, “For this former Zionist turned anti-Zionist, the day was a refreshing batch of unapologetic anti-Israel lobby and anti-occupation speakers.”

Towards Better Ally-ship for Palestine: A letter to the US activist community

Eman Ghanayem on

Eman Ghanayem writes, “In light of the rapid growth in the Palestine activism community that is led, administered and predominated by non-Palestinians, the following is a letter of affirmations and requests made to address that community. This letter represents a Palestinian plea and critique that can henceforth improve the language used to address Palestine and Palestinian liberation movements and create better relationships between Palestinians and their allies.”

No room for Zionism in any movement for justice

Nada Elia on

A necessary and productive debate has been going on in US feminist circles following the International Women’s Strike on March 8, with its openly anti-colonial, pro-Palestine platform. In an Op-Ed, writer Emily Shire questioned whether there was room for Zionists in the feminist movement. This exchange is the latest chapter in a long conversation in activist circles around Palestine as a feminist issue. The question Shire should have asked is “Is there room for Zionists in any justice movement?” The answer is No.

A US veteran reflects on protesting alongside Palestinian human rights activists in Hebron

Matthew Hoh on

“I hadn’t been shot at in seven and a half years. In the week prior, some tear gas cans were fired by the Israeli army at my fellow Veterans For Peace members and me in the Palestinian town of Bil’in. But for a former tough guy Marine, that doesn’t count. Hebron was different.” Matthew Hoh from Veterans for Peace shares his experience during the annual Open Shuhada Street march in Hebron and the importance of grassroots Palestinian leaders like Issa Amro.

UN agency labels Israel ‘apartheid regime’– and Israel likens organization to Nazis

Allison Deger on

A United Nations agency today labeled Israel an “apartheid regime,” in a report where the country was said to be guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” of the “grave charge” of operating systematic discrimination and oppression against the Palestinian people.

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) who published the document, “Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian, People and the Question of Apartheid,”[PDF] is mandated to review Israeli aggressions.

Zionism and feminism are incompatible, leftwing voices say

Philip Weiss on

It used to be that PEP was a safe place: Progressive Except Palestine. But as progressives seek to build an anti-Trump coalition on the left, Zionism is coming under a lot of pressure, so far mostly among feminists.

Now is not the time to be intimidated by Israel’s activist travel ban

Emily Siegel on

Interfaith Peace-Builders Program Director Emily Siegel writes: The new law passed last week in the Israeli Knesset targets individuals active in Boycott Divestment and Sanctions campaigns against Israel. We see the principle goal of the legislation to be Israel’s attempt to intimidate activists not to travel; to not try and enter; not to see the realities on the ground that only strengthen the need for BDS and other forms of activism. Israel’s political and military establishment would be thrilled if activists in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for human rights stopped visiting Palestine. We should not give them that satisfaction.

No space for Zionism

Devyn Springer on

There is no space for Zionism in any movement which seeks to alleviate even an iota of oppression from marginalized people. There is no space, no room should be made, no platform to be held, for Zionism, which is diametrically opposed to intersectional feminism, both in theory and praxis.

Legal organizations condemn anti-BDS bills fast-tracked in New York Senate

Palestine Legal on

On March 8, three anti-BDS bills were fast-tracked out of committee and passed without debate by the New York State Senate. Palestine Legal and the Center for Constitutional Rights oppose the move saying: “These bills are blatantly unconstitutional attacks on First Amendment rights to protest and dissent. They resurrect widely-condemned tactics used to undermine democracy: creating McCarthyite blacklists, punishing dissent, attacking academic freedom, and cracking down on student organizing.”

BDS Movement: ‘Racism and racial discrimination is the antithesis of freedom, justice and equality’

Palestinian BDS National Committee on

BDS movement: The global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for freedom, justice and equality of the Palestinian people is an inclusive, nonviolent human rights movement that rejects all forms of racism and racial discrimination. The principles of the BDS movement call for proactive solidarity with oppressed communities worldwide and with all the victims of racist acts and rhetoric, as ours is a common cause.

Justin Trudeau’s choice

Carlos Latuff on

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is out of step with his own people when he opposes sanctions on Israel’s conduct. A cartoon by Carlos Latuff.

Rabbi Sacks endorses religious crimes in video against BDS

Michael Lesher on

In less than 10 minutes of a whiteboard video on BDS, eminent British Rabbi Jonathan Sacks manages to endorse apartheid on religious grounds, shred principles of international law in favor of religious violence, and to demonize an entire people — because they don’t happen to be Jews.

Israel and Palestine: Settler colonialism and academic freedom

Ilan Pappé on

Ilan Pappe: I call upon the German public and media to treat individuals who challenge zionist belief systems fairly, not only but especially within the academia. This entails the space to express their views and to engage in public debate without fearing to be smeared and degraded.

Palestinians in Hebron plead for international intervention to stop settler violence

Sheren Khalel on

Palestinian activists say life in Hebron has become unbearable, and that international intervention is the only hope to ease the daily tensions and violence carried out by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the city. “We are fighting a just cause, we are trying to end the occupation and get our human rights, our city, and our country back and bring the occupation government to justice for their illegal actions and crimes, but we need international support,” activist Farid al-Atrash tells Mondoweiss.

Campus wars

Nada Elia on

Activists for Palestinian rights have long known that our universities are overwhelmingly hostile environments where freedom of speech about, and critical inquiry into, Israel’s oppressive policies are heavily censored. Over the past few weeks, two separate and noteworthy incidents have illustrated this heavy-handed approach.

Saying ‘I Am Muslim, Too’ is not standing in solidarity with Muslims

Roqayah Chamseddine on

A recent rally in New York City sought to protest the Trump administration’s executive order targeting Muslim immigrants under the slogan ‘I Am Muslim, Too.’ Roqayah Chamseddine writes that the rally, and the popular Shepard Fairey image of a woman wearing a headscarf with a US flag design, may be doing more harm than good, “You don’t need to be Muslim to express solidarity, nor does resistance demand any attachment to nationalist mythology which turns Muslims into commodities only worth defending should they express the right amount of patriotism.”