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Anti-Zionist protest at LGBTQ conference was smeared as anti-Semitic

Dorgham Abusalim on
Protesters jam a hall outside reception for pro-Israel group at Creating Change, LGBTQ conference in Chicago, Jan. 23, photo by Andy Thayer of Gay Liberation Network

The press has tried to smear as “anti-Semites” hundreds of anti-Zionist protesters who opposed a pro-Israel event at the annual LGBTQ conference in late January, Creating Change. While the pro-Israel event should not have been canceled, even temporarily, the smear of the protesters does far more damage.

Israel’s left pushes back against rightwing ‘delegitimization’

Allison Deger on
Left-wing and right-wing Israelis outside of an event in Tel Aviv on Friday where 40 human rights groups protested the Knesset NGO transparency bill. (Photo: Allison Deger)

Old battles between Israel’s right and left are playing out inside of the government and on the streets of Tel Aviv, amid a Knesset discussion on sanctioning left-wing groups. The NGO transparency bill proposed last November by Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked would require organizations that receive funds from foreign donors to disclose the sources on materials presented to the government.

The irreconcilable differences of liberal Zionism

Nada Elia on
Northeastern chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine protesting censorship on campus. (Photo courtesy of Northeastern SJP)

Nada Elia says that when it comes to Palestine it is not bigots who attempt to shut down debate, but instead Israel’s liberal supporters. She believes that the impulse amongst otherwise rational people to shut down educational events and conversations stems from the fact that there is an essential dissonance at play when liberals embrace Zionism. Whichever way one looks at it, there are irreconcilable differences between the professed beliefs of liberals, and the quotidian acceptance of supremacy which Zionism hinges upon.

Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No! take credit for faux ‘NYT’ highlighting biased coverage on Israel/Palestine

Adam Horowitz on
The faux New York Times supplement being distributed in New York.

Yesterday a parody edition of the New York Times was handed out on the streets of New York City generating headlines around the world. Today, the New York chapter Jewish Voice for Peace and the organization Jews Say No! have claimed credit for the project. They say the paper was created to “point out how biased current reporting is on Israel and Palestine and to show what a paper that was fair and accurate could look like.”

Park Slope Food Coop puts up firewall against boycott of Israeli goods

Philip Weiss on
Workshop on boycott of Sodastream and other Israeli products by Park Slope Food Coop, Sunday at noon

Earlier this week, the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn held a general meeting at which it passed a measure to require a super-majority of 75 percent on resolutions to boycott products at the coop. The rule is aimed at holding back the forces that want to boycott Israeli goods.

Israeli group Ad Kan continues attacks on anti-occupation activists with ‘expose’ of Anarchists Against the Wall

Allison Deger on
Screenshot of Ad Kan's video report on Anarchists Against the Wall. (Video:  Ad Kan/Calgary United with Israel)

Two weeks ago a right-wing Israeli group called Ad Kan released an undercover video that claimed leftist Israeli activists were a driving force behind Palestinian violence. After the footage was aired on a major local news station three people were arrested on charges of conspiracy—one Palestinian and two Israelis. Now Ad Kan has released a second video, this time targeting the organization Anarchists Against the Wall as so-called “extremist Israeli activists” who “have a clear goal: to injure and kill IDF soldiers and police officers.”

Human Rights Watch calls for sanctions against Israel over settlements

Omar Barghouti on
The Israeli flag flying over Israeli settlements in the West Bank (Photo: Reuters)

Omar Barghouti writes, “Though Human Rights Watch does not endorse BDS or call for a boycott against Israel or companies profiting from its violations of international law, it actually calls for something quite radical: sanctions against Israel.”

Methodist divestment highlights Israel’s place in the world

Marc H. Ellis on
The Israeli flag flying over Israeli settlements in the West Bank (Photo: Reuters)

The Methodist decision to withdraw their investments from five major Israeli banks for their enablement – and profiteering – from the occupation of Palestinians is telling. Not only do they call out Israel for its transgressions, they add it to a list of “high-risk” areas that “demonstrate a prolonged and systematic pattern of human rights abuses.” It is the nations of the world they place Israel among that’s most explosive.

Palestinians stage sit-in to protest increased Israeli military control over Hebron

Kate on
Sit in protesting Israeli closure of Hebron's Old City. (Photo: Youth Against Settlements)

Palestinian activists are gathering in front of checkpoint 56 at the entrance to Shuhada Street in Hebron to stage a sit-in protest. The protest will be ongoing, continuing 24 hours a day. Youth Against Settlements member Issa Amro says: “The families are protesting because they want to live in peace and equality without checkpoints, closures, restrictions, and attacks by settlers and the military. We refuse to be registered as numbers and have our human rights violated just because we are Palestinian.”

Sick of Zionism’s stranglehold on Jewish culture? There is an alternative.

Geoffrey Jewdas on
(Screenshot: Jewdas)

A group of UK activists decided there needed to be an alternative to Birthright, a trip for people sick of Zionism’s stranglehold on Jewish culture. So last year they took a bunch of amazing people to Spain to learn about Jewish culture outside of Israel. They called it Birthwrong and it was pretty great. Watch a video about the trip.

Knesset anti-BDS meeting reveals Israeli fear of isolation

Omar Barghouti on
BDS protest in Montreal (Photo: Scott Weinstein)

Recent Israeli efforts to fight BDS smell of deep despair, which is giving rise to hopeless aggression, even worse bullying and patently irrational measures that can only help BDS to grow in the coming few years. Particularly noteworthy are reports on the Knesset’s anti-BDS caucus meeting which convey the universal sense in Israel of failure to stem the BDS movement’s growth and the admission that the impact of BDS may be growing beyond control.

Palestinian citizens of Israel hold the key — Zellner

Philip Weiss on
Dorothy Zellner

The best analogy of Israel to the civil rights struggle is the Palestinian citizens of Israel, 20 percent of the population of the so-called Jewish state who are not Jewish, says former civil rights worker Dorothy Zellner

The BDS Movement: A 2015 year in review

Palestinian BDS National Committee on
UN report cites BDS as key factor behind the 46% drop in foreign direct investment in Israel in 2014.

2015 was a landmark year for the BDS movement. Read a detailed round-up of BDS victories over the past 12 months.

‘A real Israeli doesn’t abandon his duty’

Mondoweiss Editors on
Yasmin Yablonko

Yasmin Yablonko, an Israeli who refused army service, describes the social pressure on those Jews who don’t want to sign up for mandatory service. Abandonment of duty is a source of great social shame.