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Adie Mormech is a human rights advocate based in the Gaza Strip.

Why prisoners’ sacrifice strikes such a chord in Palestinian life

What’s it like to spend ten years in prison and not recognize your daughter when you get out? This is typical of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel

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Gaza on the precipice

Adie Mormech writes from Gaza: Witnessing the merciless punishment of a defenceless and blameless people makes my heart heavy. Witnessing the human loss while governments and media sing for the perpetrator, makes my mind numb. It feels like you’re in no man’s land. Where dead kids don’t matter. Where it’s okay for people’s houses to fall in. Where every person living here can be executed and in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. Things matter, when most of the world’s humanity decides it should.

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Gaza, Now

Adie Mormech writes from besieged Gaza — “Outside you can make a difference. I’m asking you, because the Israeli army will not empathise with the people they are looking down on through their cockpit windows. Nor will their politicians. But you can empathise and you can act. The Israeli cabinet has approved the call-up of 75,000 reservists compared to the 10,000 reservists called up for the massacres during Cast Lead. There is not much time.”

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Mahmoud Sarsak and the end of Oslo-era normalization

Mahmoud Sarsak’s refusal to attend the Barcelona Vs Real Madrid Classico match is a historic act of non-normalisation against Israel. For the hero of the Palestinian national team who fought his way free from an Israeli prison throughout a 96 day hunger strike ordeal, this is an act that sends a message to all others faced with the same question, “to normalise or not to normalise”

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Beit Hanoun demonstration commemorates 2 years since the Gaza attacks as victims’ families mourn

A demonstration commemorating the beginning of “Operation Cast Lead” was held Tuesday in the Gazan city of Beit Hanoun. Families of victims were in attendance, as were 5 International Solidarity Movement activists. Two years have passed since the Israeli attacks … Continue reading

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International day of solidarity in Gaza greeted with Israeli bullets in Beit Hanoun

Live bullets were fired from snipers at an Erez control tower within a metre of demonstrators on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on Tuesday morning in Beit Hanoun, Northern Gaza. A German activist Vera Macht was … Continue reading

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91 year old, and his grandson, among three farm workers killed by Israeli shells in Gaza

When 91 year old Ibrahim Abu Sayed left his home near Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, yesterday morning, in order to check on his land and his animals which graze next to the remains of his former home, he took … Continue reading

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