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Brandon Davis is a rising senior at Princeton University, currently living in Bethlehem.

The divine rule of security in Hebron

Brandon Davis follows up on his post on arrests of internationals in Hebron: “The law in a place like Israeli-controlled Hebron (called “H2,” about 20% of the entire city of Al-Khalil/Hebron) is a string of legal and military policies that lack coherence or justification. Hebron – and the West Bank more broadly – might be governed by a Divine Law, but it’s not the 613 Commandments in the Torah. This theocratic state is ruled by the God of “Security,” and invoking his name overrides any other ethical, moral or legal values systems.”

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American citizens are detained in Hebron for wearing hijab on a ‘Jewish street’

The soldier told me to calm down. He told me that he was American, too – from Manhattan, no less, the same city listed as the birthplace on my U.S. passport. He told me I had the right to be there, “but the Arabs don’t.”
“They’re Americans,” I told him.

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Normalizing violence– a report from Nabi Saleh

972’s cover story on Saturday featured pleasant photos of children playing in a spring under the triumphant headline: “For first time, weekly protest in Nabi Saleh reaches destination: its own spring.” The story is brief, just four short paragraphs that … Continue reading

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